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  1. Don't Get Taken By Ticket Traders - Peggy Penders


    Wed, 2 Sep 2015


    paul mccartney found at 0:10, 2:14

    Let's welcome our next guest it's Peggy Penders with the buffalo Better Business Bureau . Hi Peggy. Good morning we are you talking about the sold out Paul McCartney concert Paul McCartney fans were shot out of getting tickets. Forests October 22 event of first Niagara center. Because everything was done on the computer. Center was sold out in a matter of less than five minutes it was a pre sell a week ago who knows how many tickets were sold. Then people bought them on their computers. Do all these disappointed fans have any recourse. To the Better Business Bureau do anything for them. While they actually do it every course we know NAFTA are going to be ticket brokers that are going to be selling tickets. That's a third party opportunity. Line which. In anyone it's considering a purchase they're absolutely need to check out their company with the Better Business Bureau we don't that we had. You know thousands of complaints we get problem with the Rolling Stone concert in our area. But
    is our race. Our guest is Peggy pounders with the local Better Business Bureau we're talking about always disappointed Paul McCartney fans. Who could not buy tickets for goes accountable sold out so fast Peggy. Some of the folks who bought tickets during
  2. Manhunt For Police Killers - WGN Reporter Ryan Burrow


    Wed, 2 Sep 2015


    active arm found at 2:08

    the won't help if you know actively. I explored but on the boy scout group and the figure it is early in this but in this car. We also heard I think he was too. Retired sound. Yeah yeah yeah or why don't retired. Yeah. Or active arm under a little bit longer lawmakers thought. And it could make them their personnel and that he had read all of this
  3. Pot vs Cigarettes: No Winner - Jody Altman


    Wed, 2 Sep 2015


    medicine chest found at 3:36

    drug of choice is this something that found in mom and dad's medicine chest . Absolutely absolutely the majority of racquet on the campus right now. Are addicted to heroin and they don't start out that it


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