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  1. New Hampshire Primary View - CBS Correspondent Barry Bagnato


    Mon, 8 Feb 2016


    president obama found at 1:56

    be on prepared kept. Slipping into that stump speech on not on President Obama and just playing in the Christie's. I'm in the other side of things so we heard it's Bernie Sanders country that's what we keep hearing all throughout the entire process here edit. Any signs of that changing Hillary Clinton new numbers may be in favor fur is it's still firmly Sanders a loose. It still seems firmly Sanders race to lose that the that some polls are indicating that that that Hillary Clinton is closing the gap a little bit but she's got. It's a bigger problem and the fact that Sanders has just from next door Vermont sure you know his populist message plays well in both of these states. But she has got a deep problem especially with young voters who are gravitating to to sanders' campaign he's bringing energy of the campaign. There are a lot of negatives associated with Hillary Clinton . There are still a lot of problems the democratic voters have with terror her ties to to Wall Street she claimed that that. That even though she takes money from Wall Street firms super pac. But she's never been bound by it by any of that that. That she's not under the Wall Street influenced a lot of voters aren't convinced by that and that this race for the democratic nomination as a group gonna go
  2. Previewing New Hampshire's Primary - Jeff Kuhner


    Mon, 8 Feb 2016


    hillary clinton found at 2:31

    stuff. Is it anyway it affected the fifth is it anyway affecting. Hillary Clinton if it turn out too bad it's gonna benefit Hillary. Well I got to cut you we're poised now former blizzard at church started at least in my area but partly an hour ago we're gonna get about what this though. It's got a blanket near amber and Massachusetts Iraqi driving up to New Hampshire rapper burn it here. And it's gonna hit parts of literature pretty hard. So we'll see how much it gonna affect turnout I can tell you that were absolute certainty New Hampshire is Bernie Sanders country. And I find it stunning because if you remember in 2008. After Hillary lost or bomber Iowa it was New Hampshire that came through for her big. And I hope to get her campaign moving again chipper actually ought but it was New Hampshire debris will likely to work campaign in 1990 true. Where and Bill Clinton when he allegations of his womanizing and Gennifer Flowers were first exposed. It was it was nurtured him I'm finished Currie came back saying the little on the comeback kid. So New Hampshire was always very good ground for the Clinton is no longer good ground. Many polls are senators up by double digit. Some even come America as much as one we like point. Everywhere you go in New Hampshire actually Bernie Sanders soaring everywhere. And I got to say that talking to a lot of Democrats on the ground and like it's surprising. Younger Democrats. Younger women Democrat. I do not like Hillary Clinton . Because she's a liar they think she's untrustworthy. They can't believe that she has aided and abetted serial sexual predator like Bill
  3. Final Super Ad Thoughts; Faves - Duane Bombard; Pt III


    Mon, 8 Feb 2016


    alec baldwin dan marino found at 4:20

    spot. But it's also an opportunity for them to to use this Super Bowl ads just like every other advertising. And that's the Braswell and Anthony Catholic general. There are some violent and anti. Well and T is a national. That they pay local rates they don't pay internationally. I I cannot imagine that anybody and you know the of the local advertisers pay the same rates again I'm I'm I'm not familiar with what they pay but I do think that it's it's probably a more. More traditional rate than than with super roll over rates are a lot of people like that. Amazon's spot Alec Baldwin Dan Marino was that one to your favorites that you like the showcase. A new products. I I I did like it I saw a lot of different versions it's it's a little difficult for me to remember which ones were Internet versions and which are. It's really hard to go wrong with Alec Baldwin and a well written spot. He's so funny and and you know he he really comes across in in a very sarcastic


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