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  1. "The American Side" Makes TV Debut - Tim Clark


    Mon, 1 Aug 2016


    tim clark found at 0:27, 3:37

    of which was a film around here. Let's talk about it was Tim Clark with Tim's with the buffalo Niagara film commission former assistant to social B Demille. And before that he used to feed the MGM Liam. I believe that's true but you forgot the part where I was assistant to Randy bush over and Orleans county. Well that's true too I'm sorry about that sorry I missed it okay this film most of which was shoulder on here buffalo Niagara Falls . Is gonna be on Netflix now next. He actually did starting today and that's. Netflix and then tomorrow it's available on dvd
    years ago. They shot all over you know buffalo and and done Niagara Falls and of course lock for a that the caves there and the canal area. And you know this sort of the fruits of their labor is now going to be CN CNN Netflix starting today and you know on dvds Terri tomorrow. Okay good news Tim we appreciate your time this morning Tim Clark of the buffalo Niagara film commission. Great to talk you guys see it don't.
  2. Trump/Clinton Presidential Run Begins In Earnest - ABC's Steve Roberts


    Mon, 1 Aug 2016


    hillary clinton found at 0:10, 0:58, 2:09

    at. I wanna get to a few things Steve but first there's new polling out. On the presidential race following the Democratic Convention Hillary Clinton has a bump in a new CBS news poll she is up. 46 to 39%. They're calling it a four point. Bounce
    that there as the year campaign began you have to say that Hillary Clinton is the favorite not just because of the national poll. But if you look at the polls in the key swing states particularly in the mid western states like Pennsylvania Ohio. Michigan Wisconsin that Donald Trump have to win to have any kind of chance he has to similar lead in most of the polls most instances. If David Donald Trump now embroiled in those flap for the mom and out of those Muslim American soldier who died saving. The lives of his
    be important because it plays into that. Well I think is the strongest argument Hillary Clinton had. Which isn't to say to voters really can you imagine Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Not as a reality TV star not a from novelty not as a celebrity. But can you imagine
  3. Trump On the Defensive - ABC's Brad Mielke


    Mon, 1 Aug 2016


    brad miller found at 4:23

    polling following the Democratic Convention looks like CBS polling that showing that Hillary Clinton is getting a bounce. But that was expected rain. Yeah and she got a four point bouncy according to this poll Donald Trump got a two point bounced. Of course her bounces more recent so to come down nothing too earth shattering here especially. When he compared to when you compare it to Hillary Clinton's husband bill he got thirteen point bounce coming out of the 1992 convention. Nothing has really changed that much accordent this poll except is interestingly. Hillary Clinton . Had 67% of it is a 67% support from Bernie Sanders voters going in the convention. That number now 73% so at least she helped herself with the Bernie bros. Vary her interest and stuff ABC news correspondent Brad Miller okay joining us on the race for the White House.


  1. Dave Levinthal on Trump, Spicer, etc


    Tue, 24 Jan 2017


    iraq war found at 1:32

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