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  1. 2am County Bar Closing Class For Public Hearing - Tom Loughran


    Wed, 7 Oct 2015


    erie county found at 0:02, 1:19, 4:57

    We open up our live line now welcome a member of the Erie county legislature. It's Tom Locke rung of Amherst he is a bar owner in the town and is also called for a public hearing. On the a controversial issue that's been floating now for a couple of months. The closing bars and Erie county had to him instilled a forum. Tom good morning thank you for joining us. Okay what's what prompted you to than the original meshing loses because. Once county clerk you're Chris Jacobs first brought forward the Sunday a couple of months ago. There just was not a lot of support from
    a resolution. Two. Tend to the FLA requesting. A change in the closing time . Okay you just mentioned you do those in response to a pulled out of the toy taken that they wishes and former listeners. The there was a recent poll of likely voters and Erie county and 69%. Of the people questioned supported the changes are right. I'm that's correct it probably isn't. I you know I didn't come in my colleagues were he had some concern about the poll. So. In the over the years you know I've been doing this for 37 years. Over over readers I'm I've heard prone Congo about. Close the current. We'll town is a bar owner . How much business do you do between two and 4 AM and how has that changed over the years. You know it
    chatting with you thanks for all the information. Okay that's sort of Erie county legislator Tom Locke from his remember she is also vulnerable bar on main street in Williams will. And we're talking about the
  2. Pegula Interview: "Big Plans" - CBS News Correspondent Jeff Glor


    Wed, 7 Oct 2015


    buffalo bills found at 5:22, 6:36

    that might have been a reference to. A downtown stadium for the Buffalo Bills or some other form of development did you talk to them about that they say anything. I. Sense that to me that
    lot of energy here are those a lot of optimism about our Buffalo Bills so cautious. Optimism of egos are too until now. What about the Buffalo Sabres used. Even you have to be excited about what this team could could do this year we Jack cycle on the others.


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