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Bauerle with Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard

Thu, 4 Apr 2013

6 minutes

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Okay all this well you know you speak of the devil and and and he walks. Two undefeated -- -- over at bear. Here that I that we need in this bag. Online outlets. Surf -- -- -- this. WB at. I sheriff Howard I just I can't believe it because I just as I was talking about your powered. Just -- that was bringing this up this Colorado thing I said we gotta find out -- sure Tim Howard stands on this we know he's on our side. When it comes to New York say. In the Colorado. The state legislature. Is approving a a bill. That would give the feds law enforcement power overriding. The sheriff's well too. And force executive orders. And dictates from the federal government. Needless to say. This I believe is an unwarranted and unconstitutional. Under the tenth amendment meddling. If it comes to pass by the beds in the of -- of these sovereign state of Colorado. This administration I would not put it past the administration. Under Barack Obama. I would not put it past the administration to. Issue an executive order. My question do you use. Will you go on record. As you have against New York -- As being opposed to enforcing. Federal. Gun laws that are unconstitutional. On -- that's easy meaning you can't you and you can't do something you believe. Is unconstitutional. -- you gotta go back to the to the sixties and seventies and talk about constitutional objectors. Once they were truly. Objectors and not just trying to avoid on their responsibilities are conscientious objectors and I'm sorry excuse me thank -- thanks for -- Yeah it can't do I mean it's like seeing if you have any more whole moral character at all and we trying. To select people from law enforcement that have happened if you believe this is wrong you can't do. If you acknowledge that you believed it was wrong in menu then didn't do it from. I just couldn't envisioning going to court singing you know this is wrong -- you did it anyway it's like saying it to him how could you. Admit to that but on the question is what what do you do and nifty do you do you -- do you. On the do you wait to be terminated I mean if you can't. Mean we we it's like if you don't believe you can take -- -- -- -- you shouldn't be in law enforcement because that's one of your job so elated I mean to. Again that's an individual choice do you then resign. -- because I'm not going to do this or do you say. I he won't do this I shouldn't do this. And if you want to farming. Rome bring and a. Now the legislation in Colorado. Would apparently. Give the veterans are uniformed Secret Service and other federal agents the authority to arrest sheriffs who said that they would not enforce federal laws. Now on the -- what -- flip. Was image -- of kill Americans share -- pile in in Arizona yes that was being threatened. With the rest by the federal government because he was enforcing. Federal law so now. An -- -- -- and we're gonna have. -- federal people arresting state officials because they won't enforce federal -- Netflix thing now. Tiger talk about a slippery slope but but we've -- for years. And we're getting further and further out of national talent that's for certain but the better rip everybody be paying attention this is that we've been saying it's not just about. Gone this is about to -- the constitution. -- -- -- problem individual. All rights in in our liberty. So sheriff's now. Yeah the -- bill. Is SB. Thirteen dash 013. And it grant's Secret Service limited peace officer authority in the state of Colorado. It enables the federal law enforcement people to. Supersede the local shirts which in my view is it is pars I remember. Is unprecedented. For the feds to do this outside of the reconstruction. Era. Maybe somebody who's an expert in law enforcement and correct me if I'm wrong but this is a tactic that I just only. Remember. The the constitution talked about separating and -- -- the federal to state that -- to stay in the national federal federal powers. In -- were watering this down. Then this we don't have individual states we are. Just what came to the United States because there's no such thing any race -- states this is just one big. Federal government. On which would. Kind of -- morning's including. Our legislators. Are locally that a -- doesn't matter what we doing in in -- -- all what he's gonna do and it doesn't matter what we do want Albany. Com or getting your counted because Washington's going to do while Washington wants to do it's like he'd heed the warning and pay attention. Many rounds in your iron right now more than ten and it'll literally will be excellent all right sheriff Tim Howard again I want to express my profound. Thanks to you. We're sticking up for the Second Amendment to the constitution. I gotta say I'm becoming less and less trust full of law enforcement daily. And I I hate to say it after fifty years of being an ardent supporter of law enforcement. But you are one of the good guys who recognizes our constitution trumps all thank you. You sheriff. Tim -- of Erie county.

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