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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo Curling Club "Rocking" Downtown - Danielle Buchbinder & Doug Swift

Buffalo Curling Club "Rocking" Downtown - Danielle Buchbinder & Doug Swift

Nov 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More on buffalo river works there close opening against the street and the buffalo. River and we got that swift here is one of the partners also joining us this morning's Daniel book binder with the buffalo curling club. I'm Daniel let me start with fuel and a sense segment how big it is curling in buffalo. It's going to be bigger than I think most people realize back in March we held some events thanks to river work. And we had 400 people come on out with hardly any publicity so it and we got lots of calls and emails coming in already with people excited to come on out and try. You know as sounds like it's taking off really short run do you have a lot of faith that is good news have a lot of lasting power. I thank you especially because of the Olympic sport and so even if it did taper down after a few years it has the Olympics and then just kind of reversed all that energy again that police he had other clubs too. Well until river works where did trailers play. It's the closest places over the border in megaphone. Or on our side of the border you could collapse Rochester curling club in place though nowhere was really close but anybody who loved it here hips travel to go get it. OK if the public wants to come and watch. Were they go with a plea deal. Well as they come on down to ever work after November 24 we're gonna start picking up some events and I'm sure double talk more about them you know what's to come after that. That that will be staying late November 24 on Monday Tuesday Wednesday evenings people can kind of take a peek at it. It Doug swift is here from buffalo river works and Doug you're a week away from all the news ranks and you threat that they're thirty payment for curling. They are there aren't there ready to go by the end of the day will be practicing on the base and getting the kinks out when and where and working and where the next few. Next few days and what are your what's your hope with with the current aspect of this moment we hear reports is a lot of different things to different people but one of the things we've heard on more than anything else is people's excitement about that if the opportunity to try curling. I've talked million people every day who say they can't wait to try it out or that they've they've done in the past but they haven't wanted to make the trip and it wasn't convenient for them. And you know so we're here we're party number of people are talking about putting these together and knew we gonna series tournaments. Over the over the year we're. We're gonna be adding more programming related to currently as we go along. People know how to get to harbors under the delegate to canals ready and her group the elder harbor. We keep throwing that term a lot of them. Rubber words right but exactly where is that other people get well it's right in between canal side and the outer harbor. So if you get there it's not hard to Vietnam Michigan avenue because straight down Michigan and you go over the bridge. Over the over the buffalo river. And you make your first left and we're right there and as you approach you see the Labatt blue six pack you can't miss it it's like a beacon. And eventually that even in that night that's going to be lit up so people the policy written. And to sort of follow the six. Doug will there be opened skate times. There will be yes we hit we haven't fully developed especially where were for working through. All of those details now there will be times we will be publishing. Those times and sending notices out of people will know when there's time there's there's going to be hockey league play. And prosecuted to. The series of pond hockey league's. That will lead up to the on the map pond hockey tournament so it's a chance to repeat the plays. Pond hockey which is little. Two smaller rink. Faster. In it the more people out there. And and join ins are practicing up for the hopefully so what you're saying there's no more waiting and hoping that the harbor will free is no no we are now we have guaranteed price. We we got it done last year. Just by the skin of our teeth with barely. In the facility then was very limited. We've been in well after the constructionist they have this past year we've ever pavilion roof thing you know that is covering the two sheets of vice. But it is opens they open their open sided so it's going to be real buffalo winter experience. People and give people a chance to be out there and and the great views of the river and downtown and our industrial neighbors it's great it's incredible experience you can cite them. You've got to be excited. Just with Harvard center opening with so much going on a canal side to be just a part of a so yes time via. Absolutely no the we've been you know threatening communication with the folks from canal side and harbors and we're working together. We're going to be developing in programming schedules around each other's events. We religious scene everybody which has added value in critical mass of of entertainment and and great things to do before wintertime verses summertime it's only your bases are covered. Yeah we really spent a lot of time focusing on and then make you never works. Viable in the winter the summertime it's not going to be difficult if people down on the waterfront we've got great voting. Destinations. You know with public docs right in front of and our facility. Great hang outs bays great summertime activities there winter it is people anonymous manner we think of going to the waterfront but they haven't. That's changing. With canal side with their rings opening up on the on the canals Harbour Centre in their ranks and and ours. You know it's just in their morrow within five and walking distance of its hands is still be a whole new experience yeah yeah there's an awful really well could I go out there and you know offer couches and and if you're not skier personal border you're not a hockey player you can come out and pearl anybody can curl. Well that's exciting Doug thanks for coming in this morning a pleasure thanks for having great to see you in. Danielle thank you for your time to good luck with a curling club. Well thank you so much out of this and Danielle book binder with buffalo curling club ducks lefties a partner at buffalo river works.

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