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9-4 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sep 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back where Villa beach and company and there's a report today senior aide to -- -- leader they don't name a leader has been killed in an air strike a solo. I'm sure get more information on that later in the day court's stay right here and is rated 930. Crisis a manageable problem. The reason I use the word is what I think manageable I'm thinking how much from goes bad before they can sell it at the fruits Stan. Manageable I'm thinking how many employees you lose during the course of a year now lost two employees we have a thousand -- so that's manageable. Manageable I don't think of in terms of human. Life if I or they have a hospital. I would not say well we had fourteen people died in our hospital last that's manageable. Well that's not we don't talk about human beings is being manageable. You do the best job you can to make the number zero but the president said. We know that we're joined by the international community we can continue to shrink. -- let's see the sphere of influence that's the way he describes that okay the crisis. Via sphere of influence in financing its military capabilities to the point where it's a manageable. Problem so what he's saying has. Yeah you need guns and he bombs -- tension in missiles though all the various things of the elements of war they all cost money. If we can shrink the money pot. Then it'll be manageable. About what he's not saying is but that's with a consideration that icicles of funds dried up there's no guarantee that's gonna happen. Is it's not there's no -- -- that's gonna happen at all. If you're successful against Veoh has suddenly. Magically. More funding appears. -- wanna know how you feel about boots on the ground so we knew we wanted to and but we all want it and with air strikes where no planes -- laws no people lost. Except the enemy but that's not realistic really truly hasn't. Many military people including David -- via. Decorated war veteran who's on this morning with Johnson who would know John was there but Dave was there not looking at all like Susan ever mixed gave up was Susan -- -- I don't think so. But he said that it's going to require boots on the ground. And this president does not have a plan policies lying to us and as I said it's the only time in history I can remember that I am hoping the president's line. Meanwhile you talk about terrorism to people can terrorize the country let alone. Planes flying in the skyscrapers. Remember in 200217. Dead ten injured with two people. So you can imagine -- suddenly they put fifty people out there. How are they going to do it Holliday possibly going to control back kind of a situation. We've got to be vigilant. Going to be going to be strong -- going to be intelligent. Pardon -- going to be intelligent. And we've got to have a plan. Let's go to who's next rich and buffalo richer on WB in. Progress thanks for holding -- -- of patients what it up towards the. I I believe totally in what. Color previously is that. This is a very Smart man he didn't get to where he is today just might be an -- community organizer. Him and the people that up put him where he is. Who. Probably noticed that he was one heck of a speaker could captivate a lot of people and that he was perfect he was black he was charisma he had at all. He was a guided to separate agenda they are doing exactly what they want to do and how they wanna do -- everything. Let me ask you this I first saw as you know I'm no fan of Obama's. I am I don't think we're going in the right direction. But what do you think his end game is to make this more social social. A socialist country or what what is is that game. I don't think we have a black and as -- United States I think we have an error has -- president United States. I think if you look exactly what this man is still on he is undermining everything that we've ever done with their -- back airlines. He used to get it in -- back he's Odom underneath the bus. They get for the Kurds two months ago he was gonna give weapons for the Kurds. It still hasn't given weapons for the -- they have second -- weapons from Russia. He is just drag its feet. And and I believe I believe that. -- asked what they're looking for and that way it gives them the opportunity declare martial law again I believe this man has an agenda as far beyond what we can ever appearance. Well that's -- that's one point of view oil and I was a I wish I could think that it was totally out of whack but I don't I don't know how much of it is true but I know he's he in my mind he's not looking out for our best interest thank you. I you know I don't know how much of that. It's true. We can't know. But all we can judge John. All we know is what we know here's what we do know he's a lousy president if you're using contemporary terms org or terms they could be used. For previous presidents of how they govern. He's a lousy role model as far as that's concerned. But like the last caller said maybe he's a superb president for what he wants to accomplish because I don't like this Eric Holder. Eric Holder the attorney general he and and Barack Obama are are joined at the hip. And how many times have we seen things where normally the Department of Justice. -- -- the attorney general would prosecute. Or appoint a special prosecutor. Or do something like that it has been done. It's just an in your face we're gonna drag it out as long as it takes we don't care go to the Supreme Court will probably ignore that too. And we don't need -- think in congress I mean this is a president. Who has said that. That he has a ten. In the as a telephone. And he can do the governing without the help of congress of congress is -- -- -- -- the same thing with immigration now. That's on the burner he was supposed to made an announcement already but he's also he's also on record as saying good if they don't do something. That he's going to unilaterally. So he is taking on these things which. If you if you have a a conscious and think he's just a bad president you wonder why he's doing it. But if you believe in the last caller on the one a couple of callers before that. No this is his plan this is what he's doing. And this is what he wants he wants confusion he wants chaos he wants like he wants that no respect at all for the authorities. I if you think about it they've accomplished a lot of that. The only the only group we have continually had high high respect for is a military. And keep in mind who's in charge of the military. Not any general you can name not any admiral you can name not the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff don't know he is. He has how that much stick come across somebody a decorated. Veteran when they see him. As their boss will be back after this and is reaching -- let's go back to -- calls. Lot of people holding a long time let's go to dam and LeRoy Daniel on WB again. In the morning our ideas aren't that great girl while -- -- that it will greet you at ease ways that. In complete yes yeah there's nothing in and -- -- written on the ground I wish we didn't get to Britain -- and -- we do. Start at the these these these people cycle. They bring the ability of the point. Our local or I opt out shabbat I -- al-Qaeda -- a whole lot -- That there -- state I there'll -- it did you grapple there. And doubt that the that their real like that they're not super girl. Yes it isn't like you we take care one little wire wildfire that's at Melvin as a continuing threat we have to be. Thinking along that line and putting them out as they show up and maybe even before visual. Well there's one point that nobody brought up and I don't wanna get sidetracked out of but I think at the people up. All -- that and in articles out saying Obama doesn't and it so happened that that's. The other thing is that. The -- of one or allowed to -- that it's Hillary Clinton. She couldn't and it looked app that what it is and it's Thursday it and it it up -- -- air might be the cult of Hillary that circle. Well look at -- I mean just says as opposed thing on the Internet those bee headings. The talk about besides losing. He a human beings who happen to be Americans these -- about the embarrassment of of letting -- and -- happen we're supposed to be the strongest military nation in the world we certainly didn't act like it after been Ghazi. Well and at any at all or -- -- -- all of does an excellent is that ever -- John Kerry I think you. John -- -- lonely and helpless in the situation -- stop Jimmy turner. Well yesterday John Kerry said. Four of those families. Who have of people that are being held hostage. Where praying for you. Now I'm not about putting some of of the power -- -- it is absolutely real but let's work let's hope that there's more than that as a response from the government. Because as I said yesterday fuel. Words were sitting in in our captivity. And you heard US secretary of states that were praying for you that tells me that that's all you can expect from this government. It right and that. There it goes up -- -- you know pop at you what. And but that's why it's bad air Biden and Hillary all because it is going to be able to swap foreign policy and select the. Well you know via the worst this goes the worse -- is for her simply because she's tied -- so much of Obama Islam she can try and separate herself from here -- but not everywhere. And that can -- in the next presidential election thank you for calling appreciated. Yeah outlook you know what these days Tony we should do our show. I'm being serious. As to whether Obama is the most in competent person we've ever had as president. Or the most genius. Because it will depend on what you think his motivations are as to how do you judge that. If you judge by contemporary standards of of what presidents have been in the past. He's a disaster. If you judge by somebody who managed to get into the highest position we have to offer. -- agenda in his pocket and accomplices like Eric Holder. Then he's a genius and I I I don't know I think I really don't know if he's that bad or bad good. That's a good one I think. I think that he's just that bad because I'm gonna go with the contemporary mingle with. Sizing them -- purses on the president's. Because is difficult to really get inside his head for us to really know is -- facts and go whether that this was his -- and I. The one thing that did it seems -- clamp onto a few people have a not a lot. Is the fact that he took an oath of office to uphold the laws to enforce the laws and uphold the constitution. And hey we know he's not enforcing laws we know that you just look at immigration laws and that's that. And he doesn't care about the constitution and when guys as I have a a telephone. And I have a patent. And I don't need congress well that isn't the way that it's was originally setup that's supposed to be equal. Equal partners. Numbered and he doesn't look at like that. Any -- we got anybody first of -- we wouldn't get many people call in and say that he's a genius or even stick up for him unless they would call then. No laws congress is a match yesterday it's all kind of a surprise they're stopping it you mean racist white Republicans that are. Trying job and that's how they positioned it. What amazes me now we would assume that most of our audience is not enthralled we have Barack Obama but certainly some Lamar. Why isn't -- practically nobody is standing up and say you know what. What he's doing now regarding I citizen of things that the other things you know with -- The Ukraine deal and go with the Israel whatever he's a good job nobody's nobody's standing up for him. Because it doesn't matter to the left all of they're gonna do is they're gonna play a -- our Ronald Reagan and he did this strategy George dub -- he did this in it did just get embarrassed then what else are of -- -- past presidents do they're gonna ignore or would Obama is to win -- How we had one of those calls him today let's go to Peter. In buffalo Peter you're on WB again. I don't -- the the reason Obama. A player. Is because. A planned openings -- under liberal ideology. It it goes against liberalism. That's why there's no plan I'm so sick of theory. Every camera stationed -- -- were it. Not consider being boots on the ground. It is crazy that the Olivia is liberal propaganda. Well he definitely possession -- as how many size of recent he has he said. We are war weary well that's kind of thing you don't want your enemies to -- even if it's true. -- but that's your liberal propaganda blog I'm I was reinforce your point but let anybody in the military. Ago that's what they're trying to do that's -- war that commercial purpose. Plus they understand that if you wait. Too long big going to be less effective because the other is -- -- more organized whatever and you can't go and half -- you -- going to win. And that's that otherwise you're going to suffer more casualties. I understand that a good thing and that's what there's no plan on notice that you -- what you have to use every resource that there's. Boots on the ground it is the resource like going to look I -- With one arm tied behind your back. I don't disagree with -- view on anything you've said the reason people start the conversation when we don't want boots on the ground. Unless it's the only alternative is we don't want to agreed to dead soldiers coming back. From the battleground we'd rather do it if we could. With other remains some things can be done with just other means but maybe this isn't something like that. Well I thought it blew it here and obviously nobody wants that it out here the primary vote out every single conversation start with that. Instead of looking what is it required to if. What does it take to do the job absolutely. The military knows what it takes to do the job. But I have a feeling this guy this president doesn't listen to anybody thank you. He doesn't he just goes about his business. I mean -- this contempt for everything ever see a press conference Arafat. -- -- when I get there. I don't wanna interrupt my golf game. I'm on -- vacation. Other people take more vacation and I do. All of those things and he's being positioned as detached. If you believe he's -- he's a genius then you believe that. But if you don't he's the worst president we are proceeding will be back after this yeah. -- Beijing company name. And that's had a lot of postings today and so we'd like to take a sampling from -- FaceBook RG Amir a couple of examples. Let's start with Mary who says it means he hasn't got a clue. That or he doesn't really care about innocent Americans been be headed in other atrocities. You know you're you're really don't know which one to root for. Do you root for the incompetent boob that's pretending to be the president of the United States already from a guy you think has a hidden agenda. Four red dismantling what we've always cherished. That is a tough choice if -- bet that that that could be another show Tony know which one do you root for. I think you -- for incompetence because you always make it better but if he disassembled that it's gonna beat governor put back together going in the. Darren says what a joke how much of the people of this country gonna take before he gets put out of office. Time to -- how -- America you social experiment gone wrong is gonna get us killed. Well I think that's a that's correct. And there's going to be a point where the racist argument is just not going to hold water it just simply isn't. Because -- now -- it's been six years keep in mind. -- now any time somebody disagreed with the president there's only one reason couldn't be there is not a good idea. Are he's not doing the right thing it's only because your racist that's it so you are determined. There and if these two term president for eight years you're going to be against everything he said because -- races -- the -- -- get the job in the first place. While bat is getting old tired and worn out. He's got to step up he has to step up and show that he is a president that cares for good welfare of the country not trying to dismantle one more please go back. -- -- -- Rick says his buddies he helped supply in train them better prepare for them America no doubt there are cells here now people. Well I'll tell you idea I don't disagree that there are people here already and -- we said remember what two people did. At the the beltway snipers in 2000 and who left seventeen dead. And it's an injured but it also left the country paralyzed. People were changing their roots to work people were putting gas in their car. While ducked under cover putting gas in their car and zigzagging. In through the in severe gas station to pay for the gas that was the result of two people. We caught them and they paid the price but. What if they put fifty people there. -- hundred. Or 300. They say there about 300 nobody knows exactly of course. What would happen we would be in the grips of terrorism. Now I think -- we have to start getting our act together we can't be fighting everybody. On every inch of the planet all of the same time but the longer he drags its feet without a planned. -- works -- going to be -- is not going to suddenly get better because he didn't act on its owner. Let's go to Kevin and -- and Kevin here on WB yeah. Sunday I am sorry to say this but it will have to take something bad happened. Before we have just we cup -- become. About reactor this seems to be if you don't like that -- -- -- after the station sure. Back and from England and turning them. What are Obama is due to weak keys that -- marriage in this situation. The official familiar exceed what -- -- succeed where we're. Like -- Yeah ally Chris Collins a six okay right or execution that we apple there won't chided on the job in being as corporate tool now. Okay cool calm and I think it's now. One thing. A little boy -- -- -- out of the outsider former polish. That I see that Morse president most of them are worn the uniform. There the exception of Jimmy cots and on what it's easy to have a certain type of person who became president. And where we have 8% of the population 8%. Well -- seat in congress but yet. Don't know what. On oh is doing there and include and everybody outside the what if -- -- Unfortunately. We you know something -- -- an -- that happened people would become you know you know. Aren't true. Well just remember -- he was in office a minute and a half when he got the Nobel Peace Prize. He didn't earn it there was no reason to -- to him maybe he thinks he has to grow into it it's like giving -- I sure as the gifts -- hoping the person grows into it. Maybe he feels that that's going to be his legacy. That he's going to be bigger than just an American president he's going to be a universally. Admired person on the globe because of his a I have spots but he won't be admired here I can tell you that. Or don't know he definitely would you know what pageant when you order it would seem that problem that that that that that I -- it's. A tight. Has will and -- democracy thing. I and I agree with him which you know what these people are so. -- in the Wall Street approach. Our R&B album politically correct -- -- he knows we're on attrition. It's really seems instead of that we -- and what you know that. BP -- -- now because you're according ice it's an outright and all those people that seem afraid so it's going to be in the. Yeah area and you know like if if we go ball slow wall which we should do I think. There are people and our country gonna stand up and say you know innocents were lost. Because they infiltrate themselves among the civilian population and and there will be casualties is no way not to have that. Because that's all that's their only focus of their their focus is not on. The good and long term welfare of this country it's on that some -- minutia did they have air conditioning in in. Get mole for the terrorist suspects remember that was a legitimate -- question that was being -- I couldn't believe it then I don't believe it now but that's always some people think. Yeah that's quite sure seriously Cameron Obama and there are risks of these so -- socialist who are. Who graduate in -- city featured economic and will always right now they all think this treatment that's why we all in this mess right now or we put them back in office. And we put a Peter price people elections such consequence. You got that right to have thank you thank you very much and you know this is -- really realize how bad she is not very happy. About this for a lot of reasons but especially since Hillary Clinton. Is is not going to be disassociated. With a lot of what Barack Obama. Has rot. She was his secretary of state remember they had a bitter campaign but that it was -- -- moment bill was brought in and and heads of four of the torch to be past that her. She's gonna spend her whole campaign trying to disassociate yourself -- this. And that's and so that's that the deeper this goes the -- it -- for her but she's the least of our problems right now our problems. Are concerned people being beheaded. Will be back with more Beijing company under Israeli and I'm thirty WBN. -- more calls and -- this is Tammy in north -- on the -- Iran WB yeah. -- standing and call you because I haven't heard any or many women on your solids content Colin and speak up. And it didn't object then girlfriend and I talk about every time we get together. On US -- except about my father is not one more word I would don't mean anything to them. Not want how to put -- on the ground we need to bomb them into dot all of them. Concern that many. Jim Foley and -- Fatah. The man debt crisis they had that they were innocent people -- know. I would hope that Israel would stand without you know I've talked about so and Israelis that says that. And I hope the Great Britain with and without ice decide the next when they're going to be habits from. And Great Britain. I think that yeah this is designed to get serious we can bottle anymore. If you're right I don't think there's any chance of sitting down at a table. And having a civilized conversation about our differences that's not what this is about these are not those kind of people. If I could give the residents of the White House the negative grade I would he is absolutely useless and unwilling to live up to the oath that he worked out. And actually left I was watching the newest and I was thinking if I could put -- uncle Joseph Biden in his place. I -- it. And that kind of -- -- split like that on the -- and he said he will if we could stop are we will follow you to think it's how. And that's kind of the first sign of anyone having to find that the lighthouse that I've seen in a long time. And unfortunately what he met -- the gates of hell where the doors going into the Oval Office. Thank examining. -- -- -- Yeah I think I think she's right I I don't think there's any sitting down and saying you know how do we resolve our differences. And we can provide educational opportunities. Are. A better farming and that none of that stuff goes these are people who are bent on destruction for whatever reason their -- their bet that's it. But at least we know they're committed to it and they show a commitment that we don't show. We don't seem to be willing under some circumstances to defend ourselves for some reason we're willing. To be bitch slapped and I don't like it and I don't think it's a matter of pride I think it's a matter of security that we don't allow. Because there's there's no point at all. In having him being the target of a lot of vote people in the world as we are terrorists if you're not willing to defend and so what we have to convince them is -- coming after us and be the last report coming after but this president doesn't have the guts for that. If I missed anything of any of the country or or leaders of countries. A that are predominantly Muslim have come out and condemned these he had he's condemn crisis. In all these other groups in and on offer their support and help -- finding. These PU goodness that I know because that we both missed that if we if if if they set it we both missed. Other point is this everybody will point out yeah there are extremists okay. But it would be nice to know that you don't OK and you're willing to back it up with support real support. -- not just notched his words but that's what it's all about it's all about words. Except for the fact that we have two guys whose heads were caught off. I mean this is just not acceptable under any circumstances. In this is -- week a lot of our way to make sure that people who have gone through the criminal justice system and happen to be in a state that allows a bill allows them to be executed. We make sure they have the best lawyers. We don't execute them if there if they -- cold. We really don't. If you got a cold and you're going to be executed they wanna executed -- get better record never quite figure that out to be honest -- we don't wanna kill you until you feel better. That that escapes me back concept this entry but here we are so they got so many people anti death penalty. You know get the candles out there. Well those people when these two people got them -- she anybody with candles. I didn't either. I didn't either there anti death penalty. For -- is gone through our criminal justice system given the best legal advice possible but an odd to be heard from or seen when it comes from overseas. Because that's different -- understand. -- and the fanatics that do this sort of stuff are not about to care about you or your lifestyle or your children or anything else. We've said before these terrorist groups if they're willing to strap a bomb under their own kid. Two to -- points. They're willing to strap a bomb on your kid. And that maybe you're not ready of that happened meanwhile we got our president. It's either a genius or the worst. Person in the -- and their opposites. In prison that we've ever seen that I've ever seen in national. Another one from your Tony on -- So let's go to Brian says the comments here so far range from stupid too insane. Manageable is an awful word unless the goal is to protect access to oil markets with a minimal combat against crisis. Well -- for those of you didn't inherit. And I heard others mentioned this is so I heard the word manageable. That's the wrong word for this kind of thing that's a business word is that. You know have people with steel from historical shrinkage. Shrinkage is 1% that's manageable. OK because there -- other places in my dream. We have a thousand employees lost to last year -- It's manageable. Manageable he is not a word you would describe. When you're talking about be heading of your citizens. Zero is manageable zero not one not two certainly zero. And the president while he stood at the elect turn mid term. Barely containing himself until he changes into his golf clothes says how terrible -- was but I got me off I'm gone five minutes later. Literally. He was in a golf cart he'd changed his shirt is a golf cart driving himself waving and smiling. And those who saw that I'm thinking all those Republicans looked to try to make him look bad none all those pictures came. From the Oval Office they came from the White House. So now all of a sudden you've got to figure out. What motivation. From this guy that's in that office well -- -- aids issue of it and are going to intimidate him. He's just lost some citizens of -- and never gonna vote for anybody in the rest of their lives and had their heads cut off -- is playing golf because he knows. That you are not going to intimidate them. Boy if that's the interpretation there there are way off base. So it's you know the optics are bad there's no plan. No plan at all policies lying was the last time your rooted for president to be lying you've got to hope he's -- he's line. If I hope we when he says we have no plan that he is lying through his teeth. That gives us some comfort. Because then we may hope and pray when they get on -- -- that the president actually has a plan. Imagine that he how many people around the president on a regular basis to help them formulate a plan. Maybe he was still maybe this this morning just hours that expires -- new wells. Actually if anybody could use new balls I think will be the president. If he had -- in the first place. That's another story for tomorrow maybe on the radio and I'm thirty WB and that wraps it up go by.

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