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9-4 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sep 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We know -- if we're joined by the international community we can contain new -- shrank licenses sphere of influence. Its effectiveness its financing its military capabilities so the point where. It is a manageable problem. Those words of Obama and I'd like -- 001 number is associated would the word manageable. He is to -- headings manageable. One being heading manageable about a no B writings about no license. So we'd like to know while you watch how you feel regarding his statement about a manageable problem what you how you would consider. Something appropriately. A manageable in the situation. Also boots on the ground though last caller was excellent and we do commend his son. For his bravery. The caller spoke feels that so we can do it -- -- air power. And without boots on the ground but he he says I think something we all agree -- we must get rid of vices. But I I'm not a military strategist. But most of the military people and I've seen interviewed. Say that we can't do that without boots on the ground you're David dollar villas quote in the last newscast so I'll have to take -- word for -- know a lot more about it than I do I wish we could do it without putting boots on the ground but my question is. If that war the only way to do it. Do your favorite yup I do simply because if you don't do what they're gonna do it here. And here's the deal. If you don't do it right. I'm not just that it knee jerk if you don't -- right it's gonna cost you more people. Think about I don't wanna be trivial about this but think of it in regards to sports football season's starting trees and wonder people usually get hurt. When they're not going full speed when they kind of a live up that's when that's when they get hurt I think just putting your toe in the water. By dabbling in it -- we're more likely to get hurt and then realize that we have to have more of a commitment to it and by that time we've lost some of our people. And we don't wanna do that we want to minimize that. So you're I think you're better off going -- if you got the plan you got the information. And you think it's the problem that must be solved. Then you've got to go in and do it you can the solvent but don't dip your toe in it because then your putting even more people at risk. I give the president tea crisis grade. The Rasmussen poll which is just out says not good. 73%. Of those surveys say they're concerned about his policy of not having a strategy. And 47%. Say they're very concerned I don't know anybody who feels comfortable this right now. And I watch him think about terrorism and the example I gave you -- it doesn't have to be on a grand scale like 9/11 twenty dollars. It can be to people with two guns remember what happened in Washington and in Annandale Virginia area where you have the two snipers. Who were shooting at people on highways and and gas stations. It had it had the country very much afraid because you didn't know getting out of your cart would gas and if you're gonna get shot. And you didn't know where they were how many there were turns out there were true. And they got them both but imagine putting fifty people like that year. And they say they heard as many as 300 people here. That are willing to fight prices so the thought of putting fifty of them out there is. Terrifying to me remember how we reacted when it happened. And then throw in the fact of the news that we heard yesterday. Eleven or twelve airliners from Libya now missing I'm scared yeah. We should it be if for two reasons number one we're facing a threat. That is very real. And secondly and this is not just because I don't think Obama is that a good job on this bill or that bill which got the wrong guy in charge of the military. That really scares me because they heat routinely. Dismisses. Advice from people who have a lot more wisdom in areas that he doesn't. Because he's the president nanny cam that's the whole point usually. If your face -- really. Difficult situation. Imminent problem. And you are not up to speed on it because you're not a military person is just don't know you can read the briefings or whatever you will defer to those that do. This is not the kind of president -- the first to anybody for any. So I think we got the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time and he admits he has no strategy and thinks that he -- we have the right. Formula we can get. The -- this problem to become manageable. Not a good action I can tell you that right now go to frank and no wonder frank you're on WB -- You know -- -- really at all. It was a dollar. It is here it is it our way out of that. Why you're talking to other world leaders. And it's -- here's what it's like a bridge. And the end. He didn't -- But I hate. Legitimize -- -- and small. -- who grew -- what are called it. -- -- Well they're pretty yours. Manageable. Where it has to. People -- protected pretty deep under. By -- yeah I'll get a commodity. According to a -- air a little bit I don't know that anybody living in this world. Well look like Vista you bring up a good point is in that statement he mentions of of their financing and whatever tell you something. If indeed they have any success at all they're gonna get financing up the union has not going to be a problem. That's the way he looks that if we can choke off the money will choke -- up these are talking about a financial solution at the same time people's heads are being sawed off. And it doesn't seem like war on the same page with them. It and I'm not aware that there could pick for the second wake up that Americans. That that had their heads chopped off and now and I don't wait there and I knew that fertility. And or not you'd better Samari sword which doctor had not. These people are being sawed -- and not being thought out we're very sharp instrument. Now I don't know what that I think it's going back over there. What is not a pretty sight and -- they know. That same thing -- but no parole. All -- ten -- -- you know and Washington are hampered because you can't not know what these people. And then and ramadi because -- and handing money over these people. I -- predicting it would it would. There and Cheney ordered -- and the more Americans that are there and they're there there there are in the little equal or even in Europe quarterly there. Need help they're bigger they don't want that -- Their attitude and other nor are absolutely. And cultural -- on the cancer to say that we award you're going -- -- 100 power you'd get great. You're gonna are you that nothing standing your support for our -- people. -- and let them know that you weren't there in building up behind you. -- I think he's thinking like a college professor. Ideally will choke off the finances and they'll just give up because they don't have the proper financing are you kidding if you if you have success against America you know how much money is available to you. Absolutely he's. He's thinking the wrong thought process he really believes that those kind of solutions certainly long term financial boycotts or whatever have an effect but not with people are cutting the heads up your citizens thank you. That's a whole different ball game. They're not wearing three piece suits and bring Garrett is showing up where Avaya a briefcase. And discussing the financial ramifications. Will be heading. Got to get his act together man he really has the realize who he's dealing with the got to read the -- properly to these people seem like the kind of people that are. Are willing to sit down and have a radio a conversation a fruitful conversation about how we can resolve our differences they have doubts they wanted to tell us. So some realistic audio and you know it and you have the abilities opera I think it's your obligation to do it will be back after this. A manageable problem the president thinks a financial situation. Could could get it to be in manageable problem. We know this is his quote we know that we're joined by the international community we can continue to shrink. Ices severe of influence. As effectiveness as its financing. Its military capabilities to appoint. Where it is a manageable problems of their thinking if you squeeze off the money. Then the problem disappears or gets -- gets less severe. Now there's nothing wrong with that as as -- yes -- strategy but as the main strategy you've got to hope that they don't find new areas of financing. And what brings financing around. Success. Success. If it man if you if you do something other people like they're willing to pour money into. And jobs saying that crisis has so far out there but if they have success against America they're gonna find new avenues. Oh vote. A -- of sourcing for money. That'll make our heads spin and so I don't think that can be the main. The main plant and he says he has no plan. No plan he has no plan he does have a clue actually. And he thinks we can make this a manageable problem financially now I just saw a -- statistic that got my attention and -- For those of you think crisis is a couple of bad apples here and there hiding out Shaq every once in awhile. Other -- -- just a sauce says that it is estimated that ice as. Now controls in Iraq and Syria watch my -- 35000. Miles. 35000. Miles that's the estimate. And they are they are powerful they are well funded they have am -- they have the things they need to waged a war at somebody at some level. They have tanks. Just incredible and he's talking about will squeeze them financially sound man. -- this is the wrong guy in the wrong job at the wrong time. Let's go to to Tom in Orchard Park time here on WB -- Yeah the money -- make a comment on -- Snipers. The other two snipers. In and then I would like to tell -- that would to a vote they'll president. I that exactly what you said. During that time what if they did at fifty in in around 5050. Different cities you -- them. The that the city. And out of the -- said that there were amateurs because they were shooting out they have a hole in the trunk. What and -- -- -- thirty caliber and there are very -- -- that they've finally got caught them you heard that urban assault vehicle pullout that's public but we've got it. What if they were equipped with violence there are marvel press office you know what I'm saying -- must think about that yeah you. How long would it take I -- a couple of weeks or months to get go to amateur yeah that's true. How long would it take to get the above and then that they -- catch him say well listen to beat -- it caught you you leave it to the -- bullet for yourself. And dollar will be waiting with a seventy virgins for you when you have your opted and they just replaced with a more well if it could be it could. Definitely. It's good that it could put this country on hold and fear -- Forever and -- what I would do if I was the president. While these trying to come up with a plan. I would it'll light speed in the the aircraft carrier the George Bush wherever it is out there. Float around I'd get a life -- the fly boys out there and I say gentlemen this is your job. I want you to go out there and have fun. I want you to take every and -- to peak and Mosul and outlook that is they have. And I want you to take out every tank every company. Everything that they stole from my that your mission. Point 47. 24/7 you go out there. And you backed off every what -- there are shown pictures of these tanks doing doughnuts in the city squares that that they counter city. I mean they could just that they can -- -- Smithereens. As if they catch. A convoy movements from one city to another that there -- some of them are long distance. And it got hundreds of miles in the desert at -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- what they are and and and and that the cut oil -- pot could decimate our mile long convoy and about ten minutes. See this president doesn't have a taste for that kind of thing he's talking about financial strangulation. And they're cutting the heads up of our citizens. And he's the commander in chief what are up against it unless he has a change of heart analysts somebody in his inner circle and demand some. But that's a losing strategy and it's gonna cost us dearly unless we get our act together and get it together soon. Watch what happens if they cut that head up that British journalists you watch what happens then. Because of Britain is like we used to be. Who we would not let anybody hurt hurt our soldiers we we go after them and they have stayed. If they hurt they they cut that about that British journalists well you're gonna see you're gonna see them take take take control they will that -- take. There's you know and the people may be headed aren't even combatants they were journalists and edit the the bigger they weren't wearing a uniform or carrying a -- a rifled through doing them any harm they were just there to report what's going on. So that they have they just have a no qualms at all about doing whatever they have to do to achieve their ends and we got a we had a president who's fidgeting about this worrying about that but not doing anything about anything thank you and a meanwhile he's concerned about -- you know letting illegal aliens stay in the country. I guess is that as a state we're in right now. That's where it is we got a problem with Bruton and the Ukraine and we got a problem. -- here over there Israel's having a continuing problem and this president's playing golf. Waste time. But we're stuck with -- for two warriors let's hope that we can survive two more years let's hope -- comes to his senses and formulate a plan. And and executes the plan so we get out -- -- -- of these radicals radical -- in the word for. As I said the crawl I just -- said that ice -- controls in Iraq and Syria. 35000. Miles. Think about that is 3000 miles around the country. A one way to think about that will be back after this. I love the disclaimer amassed by Tony and as residents was not -- paid for by the candidate or any of its agents are friends or anybody here ever met in person. Actually this isn't even an announcement I think I love that I just love that it disclaims everything. We're back with the -- dominate and -- president has no plan at least that's what he says this is one of the cases where you hope he's lying. You know usually we don't want our presidents -- -- but if you're clueless. And without a planned life. -- okay. No I don't look at this. It is not funny at all we have seen to be headings of American citizens who are not combatants that would journalist. Apparently that's not enough because the president thinks if we go all -- -- -- squeeze up their financing we can get it to be quote a manageable problem. And I'd like to know how you would consider what what your definition of manageable would be if you the president. Is is one beheading manageable. To maybe it's a whole year maybe one month would be all right that's that's manageable doesn't go to to a month we're okay. Obviously I'm being very sarcastic. Boots on the ground nobody wants that but if you talk through the military people and the people that are being interviewed him. Radio television and the newspaper they seem to think that that's going to be a necessity. And so. I would say it will be my last choice if I had the option. But if it were the only choice I would do it I would regret doing it but I it's something that. It's paying -- an -- pay me later they wanna come here and as I said I told you that I just saw a number that astounded me. He claims that the or Iraq can and -- The -- crisis people controlled 35000. Miles so it's not just a local little campaign to a few people. And give big crisis -- to the president and nobody out terrorism with two people remember video of the people shooting at. Bystanders and cars and gas stations what they did can you imagine they say that there's an estimate that this 300 Americans here. Oh fight with a crisis imagine 300 of them. Around. An average of six the state. It would be chaotic. So I'm begging you gotta get rid of it as soon as you can because they wanna come here they said they wanna come here. And I tend to believe that they wanna come here let's go to lime -- which is mark. And you're on WBM mark thanks for calling. We -- you -- -- and what's going on good while I'll bet -- -- for -- opt out the Big Ten o'clock hour okay. -- talking about era well. -- and then on yet another -- over here -- Eric. -- we do not need to put boots on the ground I'm an old B 52 bombs have each model guys can -- That one he could -- -- -- -- -- you know but that probably not be all that appropriate term urban Greenblatt. On the beauty shop in the wrong. Number number. Yeah I don't. Here's I can tell you know aren't blew the save this country now. We want peace we don't want terrorism but I guarantee you the bleeding -- to say. Oh well we innocent people were were injured while guests want it to be glad their heads chopped off they were innocent to Goran. All right now now and that area of the world who basically have three and -- of -- Sunni Shia and the one that nobody talks about -- hobby. While hobby is about gorilla in the closet. OK -- you you don't become a well tell me if you're gonna go to throw mud packs quite a Saudi Arabia and I'd walk -- that is the most fundamental of all the Muslim -- That Saudi Arabia if you look at the lot. That are being funded you're the United States that all hopped. Saudi Arabian money. And the president wants the president thinks a financial situation like this would choke off their money and therefore -- office supplies and endure that way. That might be a secondary consideration but I don't I think that if they have success in terrorizing this country -- money will flow in from places like you just discussed. Quite well actually there have been talks about -- commander -- And Obama is doing exactly what you want a bill. -- like you know some people say that Obama -- incompetent and or lazy orbit -- you want Obama is a freaky genius. He's brilliant. So you say this is this is well preconceived -- and it's unfolding the way he envisioned that. Yeah or what -- rebuilt. The Iowa that's pretty sad thank you I know it doesn't think like a lot of other people -- and I think that's a good Butler -- That's that's one in the plus column. I got some people. At first because we've never had a president like him that that I that I know of he seems detached. He does not seem engaged. We had a call yesterday says well have you noticed that out anytime there's accountability. He is not accountable he's on the golf course in no about it he's on vacation he's Martha's Vineyard. He was not part of it obviously but he's a guy he's the man that box upstairs is Harry Truman and hasn't changed. The buck still stops there but. A very again to believe that it's a grand plan to take America to its knees is the most sinister. Position I can think of our. But I wish I could come up with -- an alternative to that because he certainly isn't doing many things. That would be countered that Tony is that the ultimate George minority all night whack job kind of theories that. All of this stuff going on where the world is falling apart. Is to -- is thought process through his plan into his liking eventually. I think you can make your case for almost any kind of conspiracy nowadays it just seems that everything is so out of hand. I honestly don't know what to believe anymore. I don't either because they limit number the amount of information out there first -- all wouldn't you love to have access to people who are active duty. In the military but they don't talk because of that as their commander in chief. But the retired people who are talking about. A cell line yesterday a four star general. I mean what do these are people who who know the military who say that we we can't sit on our hands we have to be active. And that the kind of plan the president has been no plan plan isn't gonna work for us. So what are what are we -- -- he's not -- take anybody's advice that looks like -- got his own. He's got a don't have big whatever idea you have imagined in a situation like this talking to financial advisors and not military advisors. Financial can be a secondary goal but I think it shouldn't be the primary one will take a break will be back after this. Which are about -- -- -- mania the president said that of weed choked them financially. We might get it to become a manageable. Problem. I have no problem -- -- financial strategy but that's going to be backed up where -- military strategy. So I would like to know what you would consider manageable. I can tell you one thing. It's already on manageable with two Americans be headed. I don't know what the magic number is for manageable I don't when he goes either but to me zero is the number. A boots on the ground nobody wants that low in the military said that that's about the only way out. 35000. Miles of Iraq in the Serbian controlled now. By crisis. And today -- publicly stated they wanted to come here. Give a crisis grade the president not getting a great great right now. As a matter of fact and Rasmussen 73% of those surveyed say they're concerned. About the fact that he doesn't strategy. 47% they're very concerned but I want to think about terrorism like this. You remember in 20020. Oh with a two snipers. Added seventeen people were dead seventeen. Ten injured and the country was frozen there was shooting people at gas stations and things like that. And it seemed like it was indiscriminate they were shooting at cars on through ways. And their country in nearly stood still that's with two people. Now I don't want anybody accused me of hey don't give them any ideas because believe me announce shorter ideas. But can you imagine a hundred people. How could you possibly protect. Every public gathering. Every school books. Every schoolyard. Every mall parking. Every highway. You couldn't do it be impossible. If you talk about turning this country upside down you don't need airliners going into skyscrapers. That's switches -- that's all you need. And so with terrorism. He got to make it quite clear that what we see yet when -- and it always is gonna destroy it and don't forget what starts this weekend. A football football yeah. And we you know there are certain places where weakened. Will we can control security but you don't have to have a VIP injured -- have problems just a child. Or just an average person just doing an average thing. So that's the kind of thing that would put fear into people's minds and if that happens. All hell breaks against a study of people yet very concerned about their children as a -- And very concerned about themselves and their relatives and that you're going to see some some things that we wish didn't take place by taking place. So we got nipped in the -- we can't wait. We got to get over there they've already decided not only to decapitate two Americans but to make a show. To put it on the Internet they don't -- television anymore. And forget television they just digitize what they were doing. Forget the newspaper that -- corporate a picture but the Internet while you can see at all catch. And because the Internet is -- their message gets out immediately. The vessel as I don't know how many have you seen these decapitation pictures. From what I have read they are grizzly. And it is not clean it is not like you've seen them the Henry the eighth. Movies this is not am Boylan. They'd pull ahead back. They take the ninth and they saw a hand off. And the reason I'm being so graphic is I want you not think of it as a guillotine type execution. Swift. Done over note this is this -- And anybody that would do anything like that isn't even a human being a bullet that's what that's how they operate. So one case -- got one group saying let's just solve ahead. Off of people who live in this country and in the other of the presently country's financial situation would make it a please. -- in a movie the godfather. When the government wanted to replace the considerably -- Tom because he said you're not a wartime considered leader. Well we need awards I'm considered -- even though we don't really want war. -- if it's thrust upon us we have to defend ourselves. And we have to make sure that we go back to lose the thought that you know that's gonna sit there and -- whom via. You're gonna have a lot of problems. You gotta get out there it's there and deal with the user American citizens these are people from our country I was so nosed kid. Growing up. Negative any foreign land injured an American would be held the day. And apparently that's old fashioned now. It's old fashioned because there's a manageable number there's more I guess maybe if you looked in the white house budget. Under a collateral damage you might find a couple of bee headings there. Because I guess I guess that's acceptable says it isn't it must behaviors were not doing -- about it. Now I'm not you know a wartime kind of guy I wish we never had to do it but realistically if we want to survive. As a nation I think we've got to take care of ourselves -- prosper you know we need a mindset of Israel. Who knows that from the very first time they ever took a breath as a nation they're neighbors wanted them off the face of the earth. And so they have to think about self defense all of the time. That's always going to be because that's the world we're living in now. That you think ice this cares about your children. You think any these terrorists through Tony and I were talking anybody that would strap a bomb. Onto their own children for any belief whether it's a religious or political. Wouldn't think twice -- killing your children. -- seem like guns are trying to scare anybody it's just the -- a reality check. If they don't if if they think it's worth sacrificing their children for their cause and there's about. Many terrorists hide among the civilian population and you have to kill civilians there -- we get them that's part of it theory if they -- into. To let their fellow civilians die in their own children died I don't care you and they don't care about your kids either. Their religion wants Christians that. And they don't want they don't want us. Two it's it's just -- I'll be allowed to have the -- -- we have now so they wanna come over here that's a girl it's not a gas they said that many times they wanna come here. Some of them are already here. 803 on on 301806169236. The start time there will be.

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