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9-4 Beach and Company Hour 1

Sep 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello is -- governor -- there's no computer system you know I. Because -- -- so much stuff that we can go home early. I mean normally we would do a full three hour show. Nine in their own but now they cut off the end they got up the middle of the beginning dozens are going at the moment 1130 today so I. This disaster -- smooth as silk I'm telling you. That's the big test this stuff out like -- labs some. Where before they just throw it on the air or in regards this there is that this is that where in the are indeed department now basically yeah so you the beginning in my jingles my favorite part. Really like that at the end and show you know the part about Elvis has left the building that's my favorite through and candidate them. In 888 both of them so that's that. -- will do the best we can -- hobble along because we are human beings we are not machines. Now today -- you know some kids were already in school reported a -- today is a major day for back to school. And it's changed so much on back to school day. Now let's say if you went through the same thing I went through Tony where especially with kids on their first day at school. Now keep in mind on my first day of school my -- said today is your first day at school. Wait at the end of the driveway and the bus will pick you up. And when the bus leaves you laugh it's at the end of driveway come in the house is pretty simple wasn't like that for you -- we walked you walk while we had a buses and school was a soap -- all uphill both wins therefore does not in the -- -- So it was. When I would schooled now. A couple of years ago. For some reason I had to come into the station early. Even -- -- doing the afternoon shift and I made the mistake of getting behind a school bus and I think it was like the first day at school. -- I found out is that simple way to the end of the driveway thing doesn't work anymore. What happens is it's turned into a major player in the -- It's like the kids are being shipped off to Afghanistan. Is because OK you got our first target apparently walking the kid out there. Think that would be enough right am -- out and up he got to invite some other people over because it's the first fiscal. I gotta take pictures the busses and here -- a state pictures -- take pictures we did the aunts the uncles the neighbors here -- ago are you nervous little Johnny get your lunch -- whatever group. And then that wasn't enough I am pretty zone. They brought in singers and dancers and a video crew and lights. I have it would be singing and dancing -- lights of the skull does isn't -- about right after -- measure we'll have a snack. And then they would have a nap time before the bus actually arrive and then. There it is it's yellow it's got to diesel engine and it's heading here are now the heartbeat start low man school is really within my grass now. And now comes a dramatic part mom throws herself in front of the door so. A fiscal bus so that little Johnny or little Angel don't have to get on it. The blast at the bus driver luckily has security wedeman -- mom to the curb. While they grab the kids screaming and crying and mom gets in a car and caused the bus this whole. To make sure that not only a junior got off the bus but he goes into the right Rome. I saw and and checks it out at lunchtime. It's that time and make sure that Johnny has a snack and then on the way home. -- no singers -- dancers. Who. Yes we've got a fabulous clothes that they show actual videos being edited Martin Scorsese is is is brought into it to shoot the video. All because it's the first day at school. So today is the first day of school for a lot of kids but just get on the Boston goal there let's not big deal. I thought it was going to be late today I was coming up Robinson. And unfortunately behind a boss off just as you described it the month the cameras. Or one Q and after enough okay you get on the bus click click OK next want apps written a column and I go to war. That is something the one thing mom may teach and that may teach junior the alphabet. Colors. Maybe can read but one thing they can't teach him his speed. Kids move in super slow motion ever notice that getting on the buses is almost like a pack and -- movie. Wall. Step one laws. That do and we are behind the bus waiting to try to get to work. And now the kid has to choose a seat. And the driver doesn't start the bus until the kid is sitting down it's like up. Agent it's like event and -- try and keep a more reasonable. And it comes about square pictures like black okay bye have fun learn something like I'm game but boy it's about overprotective. It's it's there yeah I think yeah Ivica I think mom would take the -- back in the woman PSP. Which -- fun to watch -- today. Yeah so I I learned my lesson by lesson is I'll never follow a school bus on the first day of school again. Wow wow wow wow. The last dollar and you see that's an important lesson. So if you're behind the buzz when they get a school that this is why kids are different than us. Where he got out of school and I would says state efforts step on the ground after the bus I was like shocked Mike cannon. Because like I had to take off my school clothes and put on my. My play clothes so I did that and I could hardly wait to get in my house and changed his -- over for the day and out of my friends right. Not now it was kids getting of the bus now. It's like they've been drugged or some excellent well. Ritalin may be some but but it's like law -- And it's low. I would think they'd be anxious to get back home but -- -- not brought in -- and then -- us is now. I mean we have the thing about safety and we do okay. It used to be that the school bus would just stop lights. And that's good governor ego there's not suggesting lawlessness here and they went to that arm that comes -- wall. So -- can't walk and then what do they have a camera for the armed agent that handsome and not always. We got a camera and occasional black and in some jurisdictions a machine gun is being put in there's moderate and -- retire not yet. There's a sniper up on the roof just in case you get too close with a Gatling -- Guys. It's all it's inevitable are setting into the -- and sending them to school. It's it's you know I I -- stick up for the parents it's very difficult. It because it's difficult for me today yeah knicks started today and you know that. Of course I don't have to drop -- did it by it's still it's. They got a picture hasn't famously lunch lunch box. Crayons. Switch blade and yet it's Niagara Falls. Into. You -- it is his weapon they have this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As of Thursday and pick -- Byron brown Broderick's got into the streets and -- you imagine efforts they Byron brown went to school. Almighty so prim -- -- agreeable sue gun yes plus side though couldn't really sharp looking guy and and cools you hit it. Some day you'll be mayor Byron but today got to go to school. And I will be back remote beach company under his -- 930 WB him. It is -- governor yes just as I got through having a little fun ridiculing. First day of school. Post -- first day at school picture Tony Caligiuri but your wife yes she's guilty is that of her resident neck and neck because it was her right I don't she will not let me posted -- of -- -- but his just a legitimate and a snapshot or is it applied via a video clip. Now it's just a snapshot of him by the entrance to the school as he's getting ready to go no surround sound doing now no no answers no no core choreographer now know -- where there's there's no fireworks no -- Bob balloons for the -- though no clouds no mind nothing apology and while that's pretty normal. Yeah that's pretty pretty boring with the I have some tickets giveaway to see Tom Petty and our breakers now here's the deal. I was supposed to do a -- yesterday and I did not do it because they did not have the information. So now I haven't so employed to prayer okay Ryan to prepare. To be up to callers that he chooses. To see Tom -- of our breakers. This Sunday at Darian lake performing arts center value 75 dollars courtesy of live nation general content rules apply win tickets to see Tom Petty. As they take the stage once again a Darien -- I hope they bring back. The tickets are on sale allied nation -- got -- company. And I -- now that I used to be honest we have a lot of good stuff on on YouTube with Tom Petty museum in person. So we'll give way to -- tickets today call us now. Meanwhile I love this kind of story. Is the kind of story though it doesn't make national meadows because it is. Pro -- But it happened in Orchard Park it's in our backyard have a couple days ago. A homeowner arm and he is and his son held to the suspects. Burglary at gunpoint early march Monday morning here's the deal police say two suspects both from the Lancaster. Decided. Our rob anybody Lancaster let's go to Orchard Park. And they were trying to break into the home at 1:12. AM Monday the Orchard Park police got a call from the homeowner on transit road. Saying to a man dressed in dark clothing we're trying to break into his house. Police say they received a second call from a homeowner saying that he and his son were holding the two suspects at gunpoint. A raid array. Police say that they're Jacob or -- alive yes. Eighteen and and the Anthony while Renault 22 wheels and a letter to -- the home. When the homeowner and his son heard the suspects and confront them while surprise. You're climbing up the land. So I got you down will be looking at a shotguns there and yet the -- They have been charged with -- attempted burglary criminal mischief and unlawful possession of marijuana. And so that's that. And they are very very lucky that they got off the latter in one piece that's all I'm saying and those someday these clowns. If they ever get out of jail -- going to -- walking up the wrong -- at the wrong time in the wrong house. And they're gonna take equipped quick trip to the ground so they they should be very thankful that they held limit. At bay until the police -- which is what you should do if you can. Joan Rivers. -- is some. Linda put in a private Roman being made comfortable and looks very different difficult for her -- she's taken off life support. And we'll keep you informed of her daughters of my mother's been moved out of intensive care. And to a private room she's being kept comfortable while the last time I saw a sincere but the last summer -- perform. Was on Don Imus is sure a couple of weeks ago -- she was hysterical. She is she's so funny absolutely not politically correct but very very funny. And -- -- which the best for although it's a very difficult situation. And Graham Nash Vince Gill Emmylou Harris paying tribute to the Everly Brothers next month. The rock and roll hall of fame announced that the Peter Asher Shelby land. And and others. Will be in the place square state dinner Playhouse state square theater in Cleveland. Phil Everly died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. And his brother Don is alive and will be there so that's -- -- Brothers. Certainly. One of the biggest acts in the beginning a rock and roll and certainly a one of the best duets ever sound really. Really good collective Obama's yes I do is -- when we played them actually beer really enjoying a lot of people. If Europe of 3 am -- I just. I haven't Everly Brothers a documentary. It for -- didn't get along great. Most of the time. And remember. One -- slam the guitar down and walked off stage in -- may date and -- -- -- like ten years and got back but they always had that magic harmony. Much like the Fiji's where you have the perfect bland and the Beach Boys. Perfect blend of voices and they they -- -- -- and always worm and until until now agreed to a I when we come back real -- to talk about we hope you got your kid off to first day at school and can hardly wait for part two of the pageant when they get home. But there will be back after the break hopefully he looks like -- 930 we are WBE. Aggravating to have a name something happen to me yesterday that -- say. It's hard to -- me I -- I can say I was at the a pizza plant. In enjoying a fine luncheon conversation. And the launch numbers visual over -- started walking through the parking lot to get in my vehicle. And as I'm walking by this Rome a woman comes out. And says sandy beach so yes I am she says I want to zoom in favor she said we meaning whoever's behind that door. We would love to have a chance of sale would you would you mind dropping it and sure and it's -- -- -- there's like thirty or forty women in there. And I'm telling its -- way it was just like The Beatles that chase stadium. He says yes. Guests of all my god it's him could be heard. And I -- pose for pictures with some I let them touch them on my garment that's got -- -- I am Tony very friendly and approachable you out. That's the problem. Too many people know my voice in my face now I can't make calls saying what you -- -- -- -- Utah and I don't locked out of that but it was nice to see those ladies that beats the plant yesterday -- all wish you all the best they were a lot of fans obviously there was. It there's a reason -- in the -- things that struggle it's because I'm approachable in my -- you and anybody -- -- -- -- I'd like to challenge him to IQ test yes that's all I'm saying you bring people together I do. -- nobody brings people ago -- really you know Humpty dump a -- together except an awful all into a thousand reasons but I as just would have walked by him on would be. That's an interesting and new name is the garden that night school and -- -- And the girls they were called dumping him when it didn't amongst them that they want something -- government and -- have a lawyer thank god. It's a it's a giveaway. At 644 minutes of ivory random caller will be chosen by Ryan to -- and telemundo. -- embargo about a 75 dollars that they advocate for a European. Facial. And that's it's -- solutions that is general -- -- rules apply. Smooth solutions look at a main straightaway is though look great on the outside feel great on the inside. With the European facials and I've done an official jokes for the week. So we will move on and and begin the show. I here's what's going on as you know the ongoing problem and concern about crisis. And not only do we have that concern that would be enough to fill the plate. But we also have a concern about our willingness and ability not a not the ability as much as the willingness. To address the problem foursquare and and get on women and Adam -- goes. The public does not have a great deal. Mostly support for the president as a matter of fact president Obama's. Recent. Surveyed. From the Rasmussen poll 73%. Of those surveyed say they're concerned that the United States does not have a strategy. For crisis 47%. Said they were very concerned aren't about his policy for handling. A what's going on. With a crisis. And also one thing that was very troubling I think. Is -- one sentence in his last press conference. Quote we know that if we're joined by the international community. We can continue to shrink. Licenses licenses fear of in a spear of influence and effectiveness. In financing. It's military capabilities to the point where it is a here's the important part manageable. Problem. So what he's saying is if we get this stuff done. We can make it a manageable. Problem. Now I'm just I'm just wondering what that means because to me when somebody describes a manageable. Problem. It's like the I don't know the general manager of the vegetable and fruit markets saying you know some of these things go bad before we can sell home. It's about a point 2% but that's a manageable problem. Or RG last year we have a thousand employees and we lost to. That's a manageable problem there you know it's it would it's within our grasp that we can deal with -- I'd like to know when you're talking about bee headings. Which seemed to be the focal point of what we're talking about. What is a manageable. Number of bee headings. Is one a manageable. Number and certainly not for the person that lost their head. Or the of people that love that person or the people that that are related -- went to school -- Or work colleagues of that person that's not manageable. So it seemed to me like it was a business class at Harvard -- on the president addressing it terroristic problem. So describing it as manageable I'd like that what the hell he means by manageable some may. A manageable problem is did this they all explorer made an off the face severe. That's -- -- that is more manageable. But I think there's any number would be a manageable number is beyond me so I'd like to know though with the crisis situation. -- what would you consider a manageable. Problem well how could you say at what point would you say. Okay ices is bare but -- managing it. I don't I don't think any. Any number is acceptable not one senator one minus two right now. And I don't -- -- minus three or minus four. I think that -- what we've what's already happened as happened we have to deal wouldn't. There's nothing we can change about that we can certainly change other things and I think we should get so it. Now the question is this and I've seen a lot of people talking about this. Lot of ex military people talking about this and they're not necessarily warhawks they don't necessarily. We want to -- No 11 more bloodshed but they say that the only way we're going to be able to do what we'd love to be able to do it. Surgically. And without spilling any of our blood by doing it to go with. We have airpower things like that. Where we generally with the exception of occasionally. Don't don't suffer casualties. But most military people say no it's if you're going to take care of this properly. It's got to be done -- boots on the ground and nobody wants to hear that. Nobody wants to hear that but that that's what the military people are saying. And the military people. And the idea that the people who gather the intelligence we need in order to proceed militarily. Seem to be of the same mind that this is this is the way it has to be dealt and it's not going to be easy it's not going to be short we would like it to be easy we'd like to be short. But I'm asking. If that's the only. Avenue. Boots on the ground would you support that. Because of -- choices this is a group. Whose goal is to come to the United States and don't think for a minute they haven't been here already and are here now. Their goal is to come here it's -- stated goal. They're calling -- the United States -- it to be headings and and public video on bitch slapping the president of the United States. It is not going to go away and tell you that because we're not gonna pay ransom for India and -- of those people held captive. A so it's going to be a continuing thing so the choices are if indeed. The fact is true that we need boots on the ground to eradicated it here the choices we don't put boots on the ground. And they -- they are here or they come here and we're gonna have to deal with this for a long time on our own soil -- our own people. Or are we put boots on the ground as distasteful as that is. We don't wanna doable we have to do and get it done. To me believe me both summit -- will be my last choice. But if it were the only choice I would support it if somebody can come up with a better choice I'll probably support that but so far haven't heard that. And also. I want you to give the president a -- crisis grade on this people are not happy though with what he's always just gave you the Rasmussen. 73%. And and I want to think about this as far as terrorism is concerned. After nine on 9/11 OK after the terrible tragedy down there over 3000 people lost. You remember how to cool people kept the United States in frozen terror you remember that. It was a two people that had rifles and we're shooting randomly at cars around the Washington DC Virginia area. It got so bad that people after they put gasoline in their tank would actually zigzags. When I'm making this effort you remember. Zig -- into the gas station to pay for the gas. I remember that remember people were ducking down as they were putting gas in their tank with two people. To all people. There's a plane involved no hijacking involvement Obama I don't know bombs in your shorts are in your. In your shoes this is to be able with two rifles. Okay that's what they did can you imagine. Fifty people -- About a hundred people can you imagine that. I mean it would you talk about terror that would be big time terror because they -- be spread out all over nobody would know what's going to happen next. Now that you either deal with a head on. And and move forward on that when you sit back and wait for that. Wait for that now maybe the president is comfortable being bitch slap but I don't think the countries. And so why I would suggest that we we move forward -- this after we get the best intelligence we can gather. And have the right reparations I don't think we have a choice. So my questions ice as a manageable problem what is manageable that's what the president's looking for I don't know what manageable would be. Certainly no no more bee headings would be manageable for me. Boots on the ground your favorite if it's the only way. Arguments crisis grades of the president and I wanted to give some thought about those tool people hold in the country hostage. With a rifle Leach it's amazing what they did in 0309301806169236. 930. The basic questions are regarding I says what is a. Manageable. Problem. It's -- added that sounds like a business class of Harvard instead of a target about human beings. Is a manageable problem a couple of bee headings a year. Are any bee headings that available or not. To make it a problem. I would just like to know what he meant by a manageable problem also boots on the ground nobody seems to want -- we've been told we're war -- and I think we are. But the military people whom I trust a lot more than politicians. Seemed to think that if we rarely wanna get serious about vices we gonna have boots on the ground. And I don't know I say that it would be my last choice -- to vote if it were the only choice I would. I would support obviously we've got to get rid of this because they wanna come here and some of them are already your bro. I get a crisis great -- the president apparently not too many people are gonna give him a gold star because. 73%. Of the new Rasmussen poll surveyed said they were concerned. That the United States does not have a strategy. 47%. Say they were very concerned. Now I don't know what the president intended to gain by saying he had no strategy. He had no plan. I mean really if you don't have any planned keep it to yourself. Because other people judging by you know what's happened in the past probably -- there's so met Jack have a plan. That they think you have a plan. Then you don't have a plan. Maybe you're trying to tricked them by lying and saying you don't have a plan when you really have a plan but that's way too advance for this administration. And let's go to bill in Buffalo Bill you're on WB yeah. I've built -- hello I'm fine I give us your thoughts. Outside and I might Obama became -- hear from people might call on Wednesday that I'm old -- Political humor part. I -- it was a marine at nineteen years old spent six years in the military. Served three tours in Iraq. Well describe -- -- at banking. Or to treat that looking -- -- thank you formed its return street or arts one silver star yet where. So technology we're -- it. He has student Amy commendation medals would be propeller he has a total 22 -- stretched. I am very very proud of them and I'm more proud of the marine and met at nineteen because we are hoping it there's some -- of Paul moment -- character quicker kids. I met these kids that lost arms -- heads caved in and the austere and -- -- it. You're gonna put boots on the ground your -- -- In the words of Ralph Peters and lieutenant colonel world leaders he integrate them -- You have to destroy these people you epic is ready and eager to kill every one of them are his words particularly lovable. And when you kill the last one of its Scopes. And might sound very very much that's that that's -- these people have little kids. Since way back NG system. They are totally. They've they've been at war and attack. If we put boots on the ground in federal court. Kids my kids. All of middle -- fairly. And you know expect over their -- You put them over there risking their lights went like this deflated as the war that's why you have whistles. That's why he's at the type of arm to get that's why you have a mini music and sit in the water and fired big -- -- swipe at the airport and brought the you don't put boots on the ground for these people you'll be ready -- if you don't. Boots on the ground. You're gonna -- bleeding heart liberal that -- are crying. All we gotta get our troops home. And when we get our troops on and they're gonna sit back -- that we get it rained down delegate riddled with animal and in the meantime. What you're gonna do. The certificate -- at the present I got total disrespect for but I believe an important tool withdrawals. If the left as upset with immune to grow. When you think it's going to be like a. Oh absolutely well first of all even though you said you weren't looking for any thing congratulations. And good. A heroism that your son has shown and we wish him all the best. The only problem I have is that the military people I'm seeing being interviewed. Are said that even though -- don't. Like the idea boots on the ground either they seem to think that is the only solution thank you for your call bill and and the best off aggressive you have them thank you. We'll be back what more would be huge government under Israeli and I'm thirty to be via.

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