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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Rochester Policeman Killed - Cristina Domingues

Rochester Policeman Killed - Cristina Domingues

Sep 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to Rochester New York. All the WB in live line is Christina Dominguez. Christina is a reporter for Time Warner Cable news and Rochester and she's been covering the shooting death. Although police officer last night Christiane good morning and thank you for your time this morning. Oh we're doing fine until our listeners what you know about the -- this all began. And -- what we know from art from our elections department. And the shape and tonight we are right and hit it. Means. -- Open and what it up and then -- packaging can -- -- later I caught it and they surged overnight and can invite you often hear. At the I really. I felt I thought all shot. All right let me. Are -- not releasing. The opposite me. And I. -- you dealt with your right here. -- He. Loved. At lunch or golf -- to realize how much the still very much on opposite like a lot of it would -- -- here are -- -- out and I skillet to see is still warning wondered their own. And and and so the big -- got you know -- Chip on their -- and -- stops. Coming up on the -- term but knowing what's going on it's not and neighbor here in the area -- captured while they're still closed off. And people -- trying to really wrap your mind around what happened here. What have police said -- released about the shooter. About the issue that we we know very little what we know what they're wearing -- is that he is a -- cool picture. Recently. It released from prison -- information coming to a sort of at this point police last night along with the mayor -- bluntly -- at a very green. I'll press conference early last I didn't overnight and early morning hours I'm really is very little information at this point. And again -- trying to protect you in the Stanley at the opera search maybe not all of them at that point yet you'll find. -- it's our understanding of two those police officers the first officer to be shot and killed in the line of duty in Russia certainly well over fifty years. Yeah that's right it's really we have not seen this year we had opposite shot we. Trial were convicted -- in arching one officer -- it -- that first light of in depth in in decades. And in fact it was eight clergy. Pastor here -- part of the clergy response team. All I'm networks along with a much police department and they -- Our ministers and how. Our churches in the area. Who respond to team and they typically respond to eat out family members -- this isn't how I can work out. She'll wrap it in the trauma at all really expert and number here today is pastor weren't. Here to speak to the officer at the Al. Who are elite warning a lot of one of their own and telling him that what he say it that you know while -- -- well. -- I'm saying he thought it really been up and tell him right now they're ordering it and I'm just trying to do their job at this point. The good Christian -- one more quick question do you anticipate a news conference from the police. Or any city officials later on this morning to explain knowledge. We do and that we we're not sure but I had obviously. Still so many questions -- here or you're not possibly there could be something in the works with they're much -- police she. Possibly the district attorney under your locality and not sure I've always tried that could be but expect -- for sure later today. OK Christina thank you for the update we appreciate this. Welcome Christina dumbing us reporter for Time Warner Cable news in Rochester she's been covering the shooting death of that police officer all night long.

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