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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Focus on ISIS - David Bellavia; Pt IV

Focus on ISIS - David Bellavia; Pt IV

Sep 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Decorated Iraq War veteran David bella -- is with us. We're talking about the threat presented by crisis the Islamic state group in Syria and Iraq. David all morning you've been saying that that military action is basically necessary and inevitable here. Now I know you with the battle of Fallujah I know -- and a lot of the people you're with sacrificed a lot and saw a lot. Fallujah has since fallen how much of your desire to go back in there. Is because of any regret that all the progress all the gains everything we did there. -- existing. You know why I don't I don't look at it that way I look at it like my children. I don't want them to fight this fight. And the battle plan that we had ten years ago in Fallujah was flawed. And we have to get back to why we fight wars in World War II. You you don't fight to stalemate. The idea that we can we we've tried for ten years lost blood and treasure trying to create democracies and trying to get people understand this. It's time that we fight solely to protect the American people and our interest and the reality is right now that you have a group of people. That are using. Terrain to plot American. Bloodshed to to the plot terrorist attacks on our homeland but we can't allow that to happen under any circumstance we cannot allow. You know these groups -- to run unmolested. Then let's talk more about remark -- -- a little earlier this -- scary that this quote war this fight is coming into the hole. I mean did the oh we all know the -- of the border situation how porous it is. We don't have any idea of what's coming across we had two warnings over the Labor Day weekend that they did these attacks were imminent. Now we're hearing tons of chatter out of the city Cold War is which. Has a cartel. That has opened dialogue with people. In the region that are our friends of -- terrorist states. And we know that their desire is to to hit us in in the home and I think that's a cocktail in a recipe for disaster. I still don't understand why we don't have any sort of protection. To guard up. But again you know this is a president who says that the military doesn't have a strategy. We have a strategy it would -- -- Toronto. We have a strategy right now to take out Winnipeg if we need to people sit in the Pentagon that's all they do is come up with pop -- little green men came out of my sink. The Pentagon has a strategy that. It might not be a strategy the president likes. But again this president. The narcissistic and chief has to put everything on him he he doesn't want like the answers he's getting from his panic which are telling him Mr. President. It's time to lace them up. And and go to war one about the argument that military action would inflame our enemies and they are what what more are -- -- say there already and they are pretty inflamed I mean if if our enemy was hemorrhoids I think were in the surgical state at this point what more. If what you want him there there be heading people. Children are walking around on FaceBook and mr. Graham with. With the heads in their hands argument number two the bee headings are baiting us trying to draw us into Vietnam. Look at the Vietnam conflict if if we want to make those comparisons. We could say that. You know -- we fought Vietnam they are being sponsored by the Russian state right. The Russians the money with we have an enemy that was constantly given funds we have that now. If you're serious about taking Americans off oil. The time to have done that. Was five years ago every time we're taking oil from the Middle East were fueling this cal state. This government led by religious extremists and I tell you that they want those oil wells they're gonna keep on. And the squeeze Turkey they're gonna squeeze Lebanon and until they get more money. And we are cutting our defense budget at the same time it makes us OK after all the fighting and you say -- -- really want uses oil the oil that's in Northern Iraq. I mean. Once the fighting subsides could we be looking at a political settlement. Absolutely legislator I think we see the same thing right now the -- and it. There once you've eliminated the radical elements of the Taliban and you can sit down and say look you want your little. You like your tribal areas here in the tribal areas wanna raise your opium that's great. Don't get it in the in the cities keep it out of here there are many deals that we can make. With once the radicals have been eliminated but you have 101000. Man army right now. By the way using an American tanks using the -- equipment that we gave to the Iraqis. This is a real and present danger and it must be you have until now mentioned Afghanistan most of our discussion has obviously -- the Middle East but there's a linkage. I think there's a linkage in the sense of what not to do to ignore our region letting go. If you look just put it this way at 9/11 occurred. Yesterday and you were to look at the different regions why should you go to war should -- the lessons learned from Afghanistan and the lessons learned from Iraq. What you were doing in crisis is not rebuilding a government your doctor and disarm the military you're gonna kill them. This is not the mission that we had in 2003 -- We took a government we week you know try to put in a new government we separate European Parliament we. Got involved in tribal and regional issues. This is about killing bad guys our military is horrible creating governments -- pretty bad person of economies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The last attack on our homeland came from. An American citizen who was radicalized in country. This is a problem that were seen but again. If you're not confronting this threat across the globe. You know there there's the problem we have John there's a romance to -- With that they're able to tell the stories of going up to the mountain sharing a meal it's it's become part of a young Arabs growth in demand -- We need to remind them that she is about misery. Hunger cold and death. And once that generation learns you know it's not cool to go into another country and kill their citizens once the romances taken out Jihad. That's when a generation that realizes hey we get along -- Jews and Christians David thanks for joining us this morning and stuff thank you. David -- via director decorated Iraq War veteran and an occasional talks are almost here at WB yen.

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