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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Focus on ISIS - David Bellavia; Pt III

Focus on ISIS - David Bellavia; Pt III

Sep 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This morning we've been talking about how the Obama administration has been handling of the threat from the radical Islamic group by issues in Iraq. -- Syria aren't studio guest is Iraq War veteran highly decorated veteran David bill via. And David you know you mentioned a term just a few minutes ago Kalla fate. Now it's it's a term that frankly. A few months back I have to look up. But we've been hearing about crisis now we're hearing about I shall and I you mentioned -- faith. These are very strange terms too many Americans are probably a lot of our listeners explain them. It's it's a belief and an ideology what these guys are trying to essentially do there's. There's a clerk is Saudi Arabia the believes in the management of savagery. All right in and it's sort of like the sons two of of radical Jihad. Where you. Basically. The western ideology is a week. And there's there's that element of truth to this in the fact that we've shy away easily we don't like CP headings we don't like. We you know we're gonna drive away from bodies on the street if we can. -- were raised oh and these guys wanna be as savage as possible because they believe. That the best way to convert. The the non believer which is christianity in and Jews and everyone else. It's -- to basically make them submit to power and they want to try and return. A ruler luckily I tell exactly which is -- Islamic state. And if you go back to the Ottoman Empire and you look at it really when the Ottoman Empire fell that area was Northern Iraq into Syria. That swept down and eleven on so as they look back at the glory days of Islam they're going back to a sort of map that looks like the -- and. His -- about history that David there there are people over there that say. We need to go back to the time before World War I even. The idea that that Britain and the United States and the rest the world and it carved up all of these countries -- -- what have you if we have one unified state. They've been I want to fight against each other when there I -- on the return. But you know I look at these people like you know we have Amish people and we have you know Amish people in our communities said to have different beliefs than we do. That difference is is that we allowed them the freedom. To worship and to have their beliefs and the agreement is. You don't hurt our people we won't hurt your people that we can be neighbors and community. When you have a group that are literally you know they wanna party like it's 1659. What how the hell do you negotiate with that. You you're looking at the glory days of something that is you can have a mirror in a Wahabi hall. You can't live your life. And -- it was at that time frame of Mohammed. And the great irony of course is that there's drugs that are coming into these communities that these guys are drinking before they blow themselves up. They visit prostitute than 9/11 hijackers were out of strip club. You know twelve hours before they -- you know died in Jihad so the the duplicity is just overwhelming. But they don't deserve to die because -- consistent. They are going to kill us. They want to kill us we have an open border in the self. We have. Daily messages that come in and talk about the next American city this is not a matter of do what president what congressman wants to be in power. After you know another city board and ever so briefly you what's today's date do you have fears about September 11. Well I think that you know in 2012 we saw Libya go down and big policy I think girl they'll always be some sort of attack of September 11 but -- much worried about. Every day after that. Because this fight is coming to the home and we have warnings from homeland security and Texas to the Mexican government and Juarez. These cartels are equal opportunities and they don't mind taken jihadist money.

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