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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Focus on ISIS - David Bellavia; Pt II

Focus on ISIS - David Bellavia; Pt II

Sep 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's turn again Dorian studio guest Iraq War veteran and highly decorated David -- via David thank you for coming in this morning you know. We talked briefly just a few minutes ago. You mentioned the US and its allies will not defeat biases. Without putting boots on the ground we've looked at all these surveys we've mentioned. And all of them say Americans don't mind advisors on the ground but not soldiers. With guns. For a cause of many Americans do not fully. Understand. Well what's gonna happen here. We have 300. That we know of 300 American citizens that are fighting in this global. Armies of Islamist aggression okay the one thing that ice -- has given us and we should be thankful for. Is that ice this is an army. It's not al-Qaeda al-Qaeda was never a nation state it was sort of a club of you know it was like a subway franchise of terror. I -- is. An army and we can argue now that there -- nation state congress can declare war on them instead of this amorphous war on terror exactly how it can be -- now now that we can take the onus off the president. And congress and Chris Collins and our elected officials can get together and say you know what we're not gonna make mistakes Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's debate this let's let's see if this is worthy of American interest and declare war and crisis the the -- fate. From Syria to Iraq and you then go to destroy them. But in light of the public's I don't know SF position but maybe reluctance to go to war after everything that they've had for the past decade. Isn't there the other side of the coin to look at here the idea that. The FBI can be involved in the investigation the idea that the Justice Department can handle these people rather than again troops. Well let's talk about a Justice Department and our and our intelligence agencies first ball. These 300 people that are involved in doubt Jihad in places. These guys are traveling back and forth from the American mainland. Two that's the second American adjusted exploded in Syria literally. That's not definitive term be detonated himself this guy went home and leave. Met his parents saw his girlfriend and then went back to Syria and committed suicide NG. So why is it that we're not able to attractive guy at the airport he's being paid a salary by the -- military. He is coming home opener on and all the social networking about what he's making videos kisses his mom goodbye and blows himself up. Well I mean we're tracking all I thought that's what attaches in my email box of the of the entire point. So our Justice Department is ready for prime time when it comes to fighting this threat. If they can't control Americans from joining the fight probably gonna protect Americans for in a broad. Visiting their there aunts and uncles from a terrorist attack in David. The rise of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria and then we don't know worked on the north as we talked earlier about it possibly hitting and allow them. Next which as we told a possibility. How -- the Islamic state gets so big. Without being noticed until old and Italy were taking over Iraq this is that the million dollar question it is so frustrating when you hear people like. You know national correspondent so called military expert who's running away from this. These guys if they wanted Baghdad John they have Baghdad. They don't care about Baghdad they want one thing and one thing oil revenue. That's why they're in Northern Iraq that's why they're going to be in lab and on because Lebanon is the path leading Israel. These guys wanna kill they want to destroy our religious. Symbols this is the one hot this is the equivalent of these are Sunnis. That would be equivalent of a Protestants and Catholics need to be killed. Why because they're they're not real Christians. And we need to kill the Catholics we got to destroy the relics we have. These ice is boys wanna go and a Mecca they wanna kill. And history anyone who has sort of commercialized. Or or made moderate the religion of Islam but -- most people become aware of them and their philosophy. Do you think that there is sentiment for war I do I absolutely do when you start to see the true images when -- tell you. These journalists that are being beheaded. In this area they represented the only eyes and ears that we have. -- Obama decided that he didn't feel scared of forces agreement was necessary. We pulled all of our intelligence out. Understand this administration has -- ninety days ago. Was saying that oh by god the leader crisis was running around Afghanistan with Zarqawi fighting together. Don't know anything about this we have no intelligence. Because our last. You know our our last. -- that we were getting was 2011. So we're out of out of the out of the woods when it comes and tells us what we do know. Is that you right now. The president -- state you can show out places by saying any country that -- -- them you are -- and knocked his Diet Coke sanctioning. Of the eleven Russians that drink too much vodka they are real sanctioned. You go after their oil revenue -- the biggest buyer of basis oil is right now. It's this -- average. In Syria. A shot. Is buying oil from basis well races is trying to take out a shot. And then we could possibly with airstrikes in the supporting us it's not like it because of what he's doing it was a bumpy and we're hoping that all of this is gonna take care it's obviously have been a tumor on your -- a tumor on your brain and -- you know what. Maybe the brain in the -- to -- financial. And I'll be okay. You can you can have that belief but the probability says you're gonna and a guy.

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