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Identifying ISIS - Mike Lyons

Sep 4, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

President Obama has a big agenda today at the NATO summit in -- among the items they're kicking around there. What to do about ice -- the Islamic state militants in Syria and Iraq. We're gonna talk a lot more about that in the next hour or so let's kick it off with. CBS news military consultant major Mike Lyons thanks for joining us. And why not just say. Let them fight walk away US shouldn't be involved here. Yeah that's a great idea because some ways there's some some on the economics I think. That I did this and al-Qaeda ruled that -- fight each other that they world. Possibly implode. Debt crisis -- cannot maintained. It's pace in the moment in the cat inside of Iraq and and is suited to challenge we have that was that they take hostages and they try to poke at. With what they're doing it we've got to do something and to get help possibly -- the market is writing the president does not want to get involved anymore than what he's doing besides he -- support. But just a real chance and that happened that is that I stood implode just -- to confront. You know -- you mentioned al-Qaeda which allows me to move wanna like questions had for you up a little bit here -- -- you don't understand right now that al-Qaeda is taking a backseat to all of this right now while. Prices seems to below the power monger. That's right I think Q would that I think about al-Qaeda is gonna react just because they're not. Necessarily happy being you know they're not -- that Jihad superpower that they once thought that the world. It's -- there's actually a war taking place inside this and Muslim community inside this Jihad community. And I don't think I'm an awful hard he's gonna sit back and and -- to a very well also. You could see this as civil war happening not only between -- state that between these -- terrorist organization to create them accounts. Especially now within the recent packet inside Somalia that group also Bob now. Would you lose their leader could now realign themselves with either al-Qaeda work. All the prices so -- that that the politics internalized of these terrorist organizations is still really need to be worked out. Give me some ice this one no one who are they want to they want and are they worse or at least more extreme than al-Qaeda. They are they've been around for about four years they were an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Iraq and they work. Individuals first fighting in Syria when you're civil war broke out there. Mostly came from -- They were and disenchanted. Assume these individuals. Led by dissident leader Al Bandar he couldn't. As the president and has come under the charisma to have joined. Most most mr. hunt together. And since then they've kind of combine both terrorist tactics on the ground with the conventional tactics it. They recognize that the former Republican -- officers they're well trained in conventions and tactics. And it combined you know from a military perspective you know mobility shock surprise all the -- couldn't be classically in. Conventional warfare and combine that with this terrorist operation that -- just it's off the charts when it comes to. How bad this. We're talking -- -- -- Serbia's military consultant major mark -- Mike the beheading of the two American journalists that recently when we hear US intelligence. Is looking carefully at these prices videos and listening to about self proclaimed -- -- -- Who supposedly speaks for the British accent can any clues be found here that could -- goes to where the stuff happened. It is because we can there in the metadata. Studio because it's in today's world of digital footprints now on the it and it was awful lot of what's called digital Dustin. In other things that are in the are simply gonna take that part. And and try to piece in altogether. I think the fact that that they recognize that individuals from the south part of -- so to speak you know. Is that solution to the level of English speakers that are involved with this miscalculate with this sense terrorist organization. You know do they can't attract them this person -- to personalize it and -- -- that individual who's. Wanted to bring him to justice we've got to understand this is not looking -- from the Justice Department knows they're having. This situation it likely means to combat war and I think would then shift toward that mentality of well we're not gonna. On the source and that person again not to get captured on the I think this is a situation of combat. Along those lines real quickly you're you've been a commander over there desert shield and desert storm. You know the region do we need boots on the ground to do anything with us. Boots on the ground would show commitment and I think that we could put boots on the ground there and not necessarily have been deployed but I think other countries which states we have 2500 troops. In the northern part of Iraq that was somewhat of -- reserve as. This coalition was built up I think that's likely -- reality that's not as large troop formation. But the but the bottom -- and you put troops in the arena you know that there is a commitment there I think that would go a long way out it's gonna happen anytime soon. But it's likely within a couple of years should that situation -- I don't think that would be the worst thing in the world. All right major Mike Lyons thanks for joining us -- -- CBS news military analyst.

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