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9-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I consignment. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do to -- Com hourly and -- must be within 200 feet of the school. We're -- cheese and its life. It's local proof that this guy it's Tom hourly ask another question for me get this month this isn't the real seasons knows it wouldn't. -- -- Now -- them on news radio 930. Here to tell you about an awesome place called new horizons. It does -- Boston W. And it has -- under Israeli you might wanna make him aware of what's gonna happen. It is about hourly news ready at 930 WBE and the let me make you aware of what they're getting away right now all deal like Tom -- In fact in the music industry -- Betty I just celebrated his -- -- burglar and well and announced that little secret but Tom Petty is. I have tickets. I have tickets I was expecting these figures but I repair tickets right now. To -- Tom Petty and the heart breakers so -- September 7 that's this Sunday at Darien lake performing arts center value 75 dollars courtesy of live nation general contest rules apply it -- And I will take color line at 64498756449875. Worked trauma petty -- gets a -- company but. I only shows if I'm. Stupid enough to pay big money -- the good seats heroes are few people like enough to wanna see in concert. I could seize the lead every week. And B -- haven't. Police haven't. -- -- -- -- You know folks wanna get an update on a story we covered extensively. Yesterday. And I don't know if G Arnold I broke this story I would never folks you know me well enough if I would I ever intentionally. Try to say I had to scoop. If I knew I didn't have the scoop now. And I know -- Arnold knows me well enough. To know that I would never intentionally do that so she had the story first this year the story first and more power to we did however. Bang the -- mightily. Over a situation and Albion involving. Governor Cuomo is that New York so called safe act. And an organization which frankly used to be held in very high repute by law abiding citizens of this state. But. I want to the New York State Police especially your PB -- understand your support of this thug ball ball. An NY -- failure to come up against it. You have no idea the kind of prestige you have lost on the street. Long haired scum bag you know mushroom eating pot smoking Coke snorting scum products. But with law up biting people used to be your best friends and your biggest supporters. Congratulations state police by being in a bunch of political ask -- at least a lot of your brass. I you've lost a lot of the people who used to really respect you and organization so well done keep given the union yeah. -- -- that your union just endorsed mark resigning today. So your left wing state police PBA -- up. Let's go to gym coach present and right now Jane is transmitted. And full disclosure James tribesman in the tribal law firm. I have retained them as my attorneys in certain legal matters which I can't get in zero. But -- it. But anyway Jim retrenchment is -- with -- -- news radio 930 WB Ian for an update on the LB and situation gem my understanding. Is. That. I guess some people in powerful positions are upset at a talk show host in buffalo for banging the drum. About the state police going into the LB and gun store and they're talking to Joseph Colombo and saying I am just following all its. Yeah. You raise a lot of you raised a lot what you say you raised a lot of awareness crossed the date all the way to all the there are people that are really really expect that this front page news. And we we we're in negotiations now with the state police. And with the we district attorney in -- count. So you're. They've People's Court where you'd people -- really don't bring their hands over. Over the fact that they stepped younger you know what once again. In trying to. Trying to get some innocent person -- the people. Well do it file criminal charges against them. Well we we have seen and what people expected with and why say. But we saw up. Bet at Cuomo's direction. The unscrupulous. Ass kissing politically oriented members of the state police tried finding pretexts to -- are the people of New York were all familiar with the lowest case. And David Lewis temporarily lost his guns because at one point in his like what he needed counseling for something he may have been on medication. And I'm thinking to myself how many cops why no war on prozac -- well -- Trent or fill in blank here. And border they opening up a can of worms then the state police lied -- -- all of that was -- the David Lewis about whom we were interested and they totally backtracked and frankly was an embarrassment to the superintendent of state police wanted to resign by the way. -- What the people Jim I'm -- -- -- a monologue. If you can't expect that with NYC people like mark resolve the put it into effect who voted for this abortion along with Tim Kennedy. Yeah it's. I don't know what they expected that day they have with the you mentioned David bush. There's a chilling effect on anybody who suffers from any form of anxiety or temporary mental. Anguished. -- go to either counselor or earlier psychologist. In the heat assistant. Quite frankly people won't do it. A lot of veterans like guys I know from my Iraq and Afghanistan not that I was there I don't wanna go falsely give that impression but people I know who served. They have been on medication and they've been having counseling. And guess right. They have guns and they're well trained and you know not one of them is gone and shooting spree. Right that's that's that's the case and it's just it's just unfortunate there's. Not so called who's been not put in the bullseye few -- So you are negotiating right now as far as the story we talked about yesterday with the Orleans county district attorney what are you able to tell us about that. And wider to present law firm is negotiating with the Orleans county DA what is the issue. Well the issue is. Everybody in the various police agencies are interpreting. The same effect in and they see that. There is no order let's say he. Logical way of interpreting the law. There is little guidance from anybody. So they can go it and say well this particular. Firearm is not comply it. And if you don't do such and such and we are liable to come and -- the would the storm troopers and that they can't take all your guns and on your records and and identify the people that purchase these firearms and so forth so. Yeah that's what's happening people are interpreting the laws as they. -- -- -- -- What are the most infamous statements. Joseph Colombo the owner of the -- gunshot. One of the most infamous statements made by this trooper is you know they were gonna come -- year with a full swat team raid but because I knew you I -- I prefer to talk to you first. Really our swat team raid. Are -- other I mean what are they smoke and in Albany the state police headquarters what's wrong with these people they used so well respected and highly regarded and -- I don't know about you I know a lot of people you would never in a million years have called an anti police anti law enforcement. But it basically now regard the state police is nothing but -- budget formal -- Well you know it's it's unfortunate that the state police and it comes down alma media. Already. A level. Would regard as their. Team in the community. And who believe me. This negotiation in the city of includes the clear violation. Of the fourteenth amendment equal protection. Under the law. It is just violated because. An individual police officer or trooper can go into a gun store and say. This feature is not. Not a lot out under the strict act or this preacher and other features that'll under the exact what it's not declined in the law. It is not defined in the law. Therefore anybody can interpret it any way they want and that is a violation of the fourteenth amendment equal protection. So. People. I can't I can't. You know bring them -- loud enough. People's freedoms are being. You know violated and the daily routine basis. Law -- I tell you Jim sometimes and you're more primitive -- -- a lot of people I sometimes have difficulty believing what I'm seeing and experiencing in the United States of America. It's just it's incredible the constitution means nothing to a lot of these people and ordinary citizens that are wake up. You wake up. Yeah -- and I -- echo everything Jim just said. -- all. The state police the trooper or the investigator. From the narcotics unit who was nice enough to not bring in the entire swat team for big kick -- raid at the Albion gun shop. He demanded. That the gunshot turn over the list of over 300 purchasers of the AR fifteen. Bat and because his family attorney said well they're just gonna get -- anyway you might as well. If people are on that list what does the Orleans county DA or the state attorney general Eric -- marched Letterman gonna -- -- before I reach any agreement with the state or agreed district attorney in LB. I want every person on that list can be held -- harmless. I -- every person who purchased. One of those fire around could be held safe harmless I want my client he'll be in the drugstore. Could be held -- harmless. He did not violate the law. But he he called up the state police. And asked them and told them what the features work on fire. And they said it would. They act. Comply. He did everything in his power to make sure that what he was selling -- -- against the complete opposite flight from -- state police directly. And I guess your view we would say if you're an attorney Julie gonna put on hold for a second you're an attorney one might say hey he did his due diligence the owner of the gunshot to hold -- because I just wanna finish updating this story. And that not walk away from it because it is another example of the tyranny which is encroaching upon. Those of us in America who still give a -- damn about the constitution right now is your market home safely Alan Harris. And that tomorrow's forecast partly sunny very warm in the afternoon in the high 84. And right now it's 78 degrees at WB yeah I'll be working tomorrow. And then tomorrow night I'll be engaged in great to watch Hillary and rivalry and I will let you working on Friday capability is going to be sitting in for me. On Friday. Because. The greats. Parties are gonna have tomorrow night and it will be. It'll be like the Roman times and on and sent. Let's get back to Jim trends but with the president law firm James tries but who's represented that Albion gun shop with the state police. Tried you know laying down the Jack boots and that we shine the light of day. On the radio on this story and they basically retreated tails between their legs. You know there's a lesson in here -- also for anybody who has to deal with the police especially over gun issues these days and it is this. Lawyer up immediately. Yeah absolutely. You can't you can't deal with CEO of this state. Without being represented because you'll. Would say this but I think they'll pull the rug out from the every time you try to go and Roger. Representative so yes lawyer up. And don't concentrate. Now how are we going to make sure how you going to make sure work. Bet the state police do not abuse. This information at the guns -- were basically. Handed over to. The state trooper because had -- not done so a war would that have been issued. Well what we're going to do what we're going to do is we want a written agreement signed off by the states. And by the district attorney in media and Orleans county. And then once they sign off -- I agree to -- good terms that the that they you know right up. And that we agree true. Everybody has to sign off on. Yeah you don't want to signed off on that everybody's going to be culture -- harmless there will be no criminal charges filed and so forth and so on. Then and only then will we have an agreement and will have me yeah but formal legal agreement that I won't trust. That the state will abide by its contract with a mix without. But the larger issue is New York safe. Anyway I look at it infringes upon the rights granted to us by the Second Amendment in writing. And I don't know what part of shall not be infringed they don't understand. I don't either right you know as you -- where you're fighting. What kind of attracted to our state court and them and one federal court. And those those those cases are still coming up guys in the future one and comer in the country I believe. And another one coming up they're not in January. So we. We're we're fighting it as best we can you know oracle one law firm and -- ones you know voice out there in the U crying in the wilderness sweet. More people more. More people to root -- such did you come and you've done everything your power. And I -- their we need we come. More people vote correct schools out of office and we need people to change this law because unfortunately. Too many innocent people are being. Well I have a big mouth and a microphone and I know there are people in Albany who are particularly fond of majors. Normally. -- -- James we will talk bravery soon and a hope to see you very very soon. Here. Are able talked -- Are all right gesture has been with -- present law firm and again. Jim inexorable friends they also professionally are representing the in a certain situation. And I don't get any special consideration for the -- or anything like that again my goal as a professional is to avoid -- impropriety but the appearance of impropriety so I want you to know that I do every business relationship with them for which I just like anybody else. Probably more 626 news radio 930 WB. Gary Carter junior. I always feel guilty talking over Gary's lyrics but unfortunately unfortunately on -- -- -- usually do and involves lot of talk at. Is -- a news radio 930 WBM. We have a little thinking of the Mark Ellis for a little clicking lots of talking. It's movies anyway -- like the anti media but it worked in the media I don't hang out a lot of media people folks honest to god I really don't. And -- to relieve the difference. Anyway we're talking about I want to thank the president's further update. By the way on the Albion situation. And ladies and gentlemen I have to tell you something. Had it not been for you guys taken a story giving it up all the gun ports on the Internet and social media. I don't think this they would've backed off. But the stay especially now in this political season. They can't stand. Cuomo looking like a tyrant or the state police look at like a -- Jack booted thoughts. I don't know why they -- it this -- Did they not realize that Albion is. Real easy email. To buffalo to Williams felt. That that the -- was gonna catch went to the story. I've dedicated to getting this law overthrown. In a dedicated calling up security wherever it raises its head. In this idea was inculcated in me at a very young age. On my grandmother who came from Germany in 1923 wood Brothers were Nazis. Opposed that before no big secret. History's made by all kinds of people including people in European human -- that's in confederate you also might have to Nazis or red army soldiers in your -- They're responsible for about. To background. But. Freedom and liberty are very important -- constitution is vital to me. Because about the constitution. Were just another two bit banana republic. And it is relevant to its gonna be relevant. And I shut up about it in English I ain't gonna shut up about kind of English. But. I don't think that threatens for a their time. On others and you guys forget the word out. Because folks are gonna tell you there's more of us than there are of them. Are right. And as I culture. I don't want to hate and on every state trooper. I gotta I gotta be clear it's like I have to do the disclaimer about Muslim vs Islamic fascist because I hate it when innocent Muslims get beat up because as an ass in the crisis or -- Because I'm not now with that that's not cool by. You have to understand folks. I pulled to this at the beginning of the show when I'm gonna get back through what would you do with crisis Beisel terrorists if you -- president but. They're news what can best be described as a civil war within the New York State Police right now. Because in law enforcement you know breaking news watch Serpico sometimes it's always it's always been here. There is a political aspect to law enforcement. The state police are an executive branch of New York State government. The commissioner of state police is appointed by whomever happens to be the governor and in this case it's Andrew the thug criminal -- So he got to choose his chief of state police. Now you've got your state police union the PBA which I know this sounds counter intuitive it's a left wing union. I know you're thinking but cops are supposed to be right -- candidates now it's a left wing union they just endorsed resolve the today LL. And folks not every trooper. Is down with and why safe. And not every trooper is going to just follow orders I do notion troopers who if push comes to shove they will resign her position. And I believe when they say that that they actually will. And if you do see a trooper in trouble on the road please help the trooper. Okay. Don't assume. That he or she is automatically against you or a Jack booted -- don't make that assumption. Because right now. You have to understand. Especially if people just put on the job three or four years. Your people bit on the job eighteen years who call the shots. There the brass. And if you haven't been on the job at long don't find a way if they wanna find a way to station U and east Jesus New York. Work in mid nights for the rest your career they'll do they'll find a way to do. They have enormous power over you if your trooper. I know that there are union contracts show -- contract we can't be violated her stretched. And I'll show you somebody who lacks imagination. So. Just got to be clear year. I'm pro law enforcement when cops are following the constitution. But when I see a situation where law enforcement is being used as tools. By -- corrupt governor. Who is a mental patient and -- say that -- all due respect to mental patients. I see a real issue with that. And when I see ass kissing taking precedence over the constitutional enforcement of the law. And what our founding father's sacrifice for us and we're all those men we celebrated on. I'm not gonna allow that. I refuse to -- -- it's not in. It just isn't in. And there's so much more than I'd like to say and I can't and that's the problem. But for now just let me just leave it -- a leave it at that. Don't assume that every trooper is an ass kisser for -- -- they're not. But they also have to watch it because they don't wanna be asked people alone you know what I'm saying. Are rescinded its battery you know talking. You look at inflation -- -- and the -- try to make news right. You gotta be careful like any other job you can always express your opinions freely. But -- if I'm driving home from work today. And I see some guy fight -- trooper on the young when I will get out of my car I will say what I have to say to let the cop know that I speak cop. And I will help which report I'll do that every single time. Every single time and I -- You what you should do in that situation depends on your background. -- right. I know what I do and I know how to do. But. I can't even begin to tell you what a controversy there is within the ranks. And I can't even explain to you have a state police there have been politicized by Cuomo. More so than any other administration except maybe his father's. And they really. He talked about cut an organization that is lost a lot of luster. Sticking with a criminal like Andrew Cuomo. And if you are trooper who's on the side of the constitution you know what I'm talking about not a few guys you know that. But that's that's -- used to be a pretty proud thing. You know you -- just pretty sharp spiffy uniforms. And it's still should be proud thing. But because -- your union. And it's left wing leadership and Andrew Cuomo. You really you're you're agency has pissed off a lot of people were not people you can dismiss as all of they just don't like cops. Now YouTube alienating your base of support. And you've got to hold your union accountable for that guys and ladies. Let's get back to the calls on WB yet here is Brian in buffalo -- your president of the United States what do you do with the terrorists who cut heads off of journalists. Offer for the first -- it was not people sort like Tuesday. It was well Larry went. And and you rapper and part of our. The whole you know calculate. Which would report magazines and -- -- be too busy with her and actually shook off guard. Well I don't know that hustler and Playboy would be the way to go I was thinking perhaps sheep -- today. Perhaps. You can go weekly might be better alternative. Whoever will vote second it was absolutely. Or later this. Well I don't know -- take orders. Yeah I do actually we're not going there OK anyway. It's against I would ask. Any com. -- all super why is it okay who treat them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then. You look accurate. And what's that haven't yet but I tell them what you know. -- -- -- That's something like maybe this is TMI. And maybe I shouldn't be saying this right now but I never understood the whole seven to virgin think either. Because you give me OK -- got about Gilligan's Island there's an eighteen year old and a 45 year old I will take a 45 year old everyday. What that it. Look I'd like for big within -- -- -- But the. You talk you intellectual leader he truck it's I'm sorry I have to iPad though. Between important I think what Mary swing. By yet another to Hubert. Well -- reached -- -- I'm glad. But then it between 35 report they're getting word of the only current figure between the rule. So that's the best part about getting married women with those are kind of -- going to -- an idea. Shed. But -- -- that -- -- I would like -- what now what's up with the -- to -- -- important that it. You know what that's an excellent excellent point and honestly. I think you're getting into perhaps a cultural gulf that I don't think we could ever understand. And then in the last singers that I would it you know in buffalo is that was greater. An influx of -- -- bodies. I don't upgrade of a sparkle Celtic -- -- -- adult our program. What they would do leaders they would -- upper. Shoulder ankle portrait. To me aren't you stand up 'cause -- you're like one of the funniest people with who have spoken today. Our Brian -- I don't know what you do for a living but I like you. It's not a man crush -- it's a light. Like -- -- if this was FaceBook I would ripple like button on this call. It was an excellent call you sick bastard Bryant thank you very much. All right there's a guy who probably plays cards against humanity and that is very well. Hard against humanity all of that from my grandchildren -- you don't like the time I talked about clerks and a funny movie it was I got a call on Monday morning from an angry -- think. I read it Clark -- my grandchildren you know that -- Maybe I pulled it wasn't for kits. Boy. Hey try not to like playing -- when -- in the parking lot let's go to. A break on news radio 930 WV and that way can take more calls between the end of this break and the and the program on news radio 930 WB and with John Sherman master control and peak chargers at -- call screening duties. Two and a great job -- I think charges I think of the Cargill grain elevators I was as a cargo. Sorry Pete don't you. All right buy -- had WBZ -- however -- is something we got into yesterday. Because I said that I broke the story of the albeit gun store yesterday and a few people said no you didn't G Arnold did in the Niagara Falls reporter. And the last thing I -- do -- take credit for something if I did not do it and I certainly would never deliberately say that it it something I didn't do. G Arnold has called them with the Niagara Falls reporter. And because she's -- I wanted to get around here. G thanks for calling in wet -- didn't look if if I said but I scooped the story when I didn't and you did -- am really sorry I hope you'll accept my apology. I didn't even know that I thought about content something unrelated. Well well. We have well actually there that the guys will give you my cell phone numbers in comic. This APEC. There is they -- their account and Orleans county. A couple weeks ago. A bit not a good and an acquaintance of mine is. Tire company and and he's going to be in court tomorrow additionally Concord at 6 o'clock and we're trying to get as many -- dates back. You know supporters there or him. Well before rush to judgment I would certainly like more information on the facts and circumstances of his case says he retained legal counsel -- Is that the president firm. And he is unable to work with panic -- our local to him actually. Okay yeah I did recommend that you know. Well I would like more information. And others try to get your cell phone number I mean if case things don't work out the other Arab woman reporter well -- and I'm sorry. When did you break the story -- And I'm just the world's worst personal and but because I. I was on the -- three I heard about the story late yesterday morning and -- forget to put it on FaceBook but if I basically I'm trying to tell you is if I said that I scooped it which I did it but if I didn't really scoop it and you did I don't swim in that crap I have no need I would never ever ever ever. I'm steal your thunder. OK I mean I wouldn't even do that the -- side -- -- Alan Bergman and have the decency to apologize because I'm a bigger man and they are. Now that doesn't matter at all lamenting the good stories out there at the Florida and take it that you look out there at the end up and help these guys out. Which is why when you are elected to go to Albany. You will basically pick up the torch and make sure NYC is overturned. All the drama. And I hope that they vote -- -- and I'm so glad that your getting back and active campaigning you have no idea. You and I hope that they know that I'll be the strongest advocate -- they affect the credit situation let them. I am thrilled. That you say that. -- -- Thank you -- sending the information you have I'll give -- my I don't know if you've got -- hit by a cellphone number but you can send it to me my work email Thomas WB and dot com but I do get hundreds of Russian brides every day who want me according to the spam Internet so you're gonna get tied up and a lot of spam between those those in the and the Thai lady boy is it's it's a toss up. But thank you very much -- glad you called -- Think you know our idea aren't and other safe back cases and Orleans county. Let's go to. Don and for don't you -- what do we do about terrorists. In ices and Beisel. We hang up on them that shows them. Here is Steve in Amherst hello. Take -- I don't excellent. Good what I would like to do if I was president I'd go warmup all the beat fifty to get have already called panic gitmo get the terrorists. Kite each -- a tool to Obama gold would have bomb the crap out of them and then finish off the job -- a couple of new from a cup would be too. OK but if a tree falls in the wilderness and nobody's around does -- make -- noise. If a terrorist is tied to a bomb and it explodes. In crisis held territory but nobody knows does it matter. But nobody gets one less -- pressure off the planet. I you know what I eight bit then who would President Obama trade for one American deserter. And what kind of -- yes. Who can't because that would tie Obama right the first one if I could. Well no that's that you can't say that that's a wrong thing at the wrong thing to say and in no way shape or form can ever possibly condone anything even remotely like that yes and it all sincerity and I do accept your apology on behalf of my show. And any ramifications -- -- come from that thank your for the call yet we don't do that and undershirt. We don't I don't like the man I don't -- let's put it this way. I wouldn't wish I would wish ill and Andrew well. I mean. That's just like a total last resort thing to me and it doesn't matter my political thinking whatsoever. Let's go to Paul and go one to Paula got thirty seconds ago. And I can agree it every angle area there and because if we knew that deployed blue chip maker yeah. Soldiers heading -- Barry is that we actually didn't know. I'm Bob I think a chemical attack. Would pretty much -- women children and mental side that you kill off if you kill a father of the children and the golf that. And they're going to -- reluctant against. No so it's like you -- I am a disabled that you don't you don't need anyone alive can carry a weapon against duke. Yelled eight amen. I think dubbed the god father in godfather to. Don cheat you learned that lesson by letting Antonio and believe me he was able to escape and then come back and do win the godfather. Of Sicily. As he set and his patio at his state. When he sticks in my for the stomach. All right. Everything you need to learn as in the movies folks thanks to John Sherman thanks to the charges it's probably know yourself. Yeah.

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