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9-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. The player. Israel is strong provisions. By the Obama -- and it's just it was starting to hear from. And so many historians and people see this -- this woman -- brightest presidents one of the most definitely had perhaps in our lifetime. Tom -- -- LA that's it for the Jonas Brothers. Quick -- week after. Only time it's live these locals that it's so -- addressing. Hey guys you're not what do work. But the dogs you know who let the dog that. Who brought to start. -- news radio 930 double. But yeah sure now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he cannot be serious all the time and I told you guys a gazillion times if I hit the politics every day. I would quit I would do something else I don't have to do politics every. But you need to laugh. And -- hangover movies 12 and three. Just freak him a letter it is I just discovered -- the last six months or so and I keep watching them and watching them and just laughing. Because you have to have moments of brain dead comedy. They like if you have friends I don't have any friends but if I had friends I would play cards against humanity with them. It is probably the violist game in the worst possible case imaginable but it's also hilariously funny and it's -- Anyway but I don't have any difference it's eleven minutes after five at news radio I'm thirty WB EM OK gang yesterday. That they what we're gonna. Home. Let me just -- that it that it did it to do -- with Steve on line one. Was at the guy that I want it -- before I give you update and yesterday show which was huge. Jock I wanna go back to Steve -- Grand Island because as Steve you talked about carpet bombing. Racist strongholds in Iraq which is where you wanna do which is a lot of -- Did somebody -- to -- me geography questions I don't think you'll make it on the year because if indeed they basically run like recorders will be rocked those are their strongholds. Carpet bombing did not stop the Germans from. Continuing World War II Japanese from continuing World War II in the Pacific while working as Beisel. Yes very amounts are an incalculable and other. I my colleague about. This morning I start -- 2 o'clock in the morning I was in the fox radio and satellite and I believe it it'd be more enjoyment -- in the morning shall start and they were interviewing a retired happily retired colonel. From the army reservist and you're talking about what was going what. You know that they're adding that all -- kind of thing and basically had a conversation. Was coming to an end and they were gonna go to commercial but he says it done. Basically that. You know get ready they're comment they're going to be -- civil and that we are at Defcon -- And that was like while and then the interviewer what kind of shot and any kind of stumbled in what the commercial. And then they you know they replay additional alt a -- kind of thing. And every time they replay an interview they caught up the January that we are we here at death count we need to do so. How does that answer my question. Not to be stupid but. I'm I want to nuke. And I'm talking about giant nukes are talking about strategic battlefield nuclear weapons to send a message. Oh yeah absolutely -- -- one quarter percent you know. How many more -- we're gonna take off. Well we haven't taken of anybody's had -- a butter knife as far as I'm aware of but the operative word word here being as far as I'm aware of but is par is milking it again duking it sends a message to world. It sends a message to the Islam or fascist people it's of the message to to the French it sends a message to the Russians and the Chinese. We are not the paper tiger you think we are and you know what. We're a little bit -- being pushed around. And when people get pushed into a corner and they feel like dig out of napoleonic complex they've got to prove something they tend to overreact so don't strollers. Well apartment the president doesn't react to any of these things these these these comparable thing you know he's -- Eddie he doesn't. Shall any emotion. And -- and he's worried about. He's a social oh I'm sorry I'd I'd forgive -- maybe you didn't hear it because he's a sociopath. Do you realize how psychologically abnormal there's too tall too to go to do a news conference or after an issue a statement after the first we had. And B -- Emotional. And so our hearts are with the public than a minute later. Yuck it up on a golf course that is abnormal that is aberrant psychological behavior. It is an that you wonder like you know what what you're probably -- AF. Older presidency all -- men and and you know the famous presidents of this world Eisenhower thought -- would be out you think they would react. A bit. Let's take Abraham Lincoln and frankly Abraham Lincoln before you read about Abraham Lincoln -- there is to dislike about Abraham Lincoln. But at least I will give credit to Abraham Lincoln percent. He. Even -- I think he was wrong. Abraham Lincoln new rule the country was at war and wanted a general who was willing. Tough fight he was more of a war president in many ways than any other American presidents in history even James Fox poll of the Mexican American war. But leak them. His army to fight. Technically he was commander in chief at one point it got so upset he asked general McClelland hey look at you could use the army come up what sometime. -- -- And I love your show and I love all your history in Gettysburg -- -- -- you do a great job and I don't think people really appreciate what great radio we have an awful. Well yes city beaches outstanding from night to new in the -- the bastard into a rock from three to seven but thanks for the thought. I think I've -- thank you remind our. Right it is under is having fun -- data showed that it was great I heard. I heard a lot of it after eleven or so ago I'd finally woke up. Little late night. Now was it a -- late night it was one of those nights where. Hey eight. Let me wake up every hour on the hour the like really. Is this what the rest of light is going to be like seriously. Really this guys is this is just look at what they and -- the you know the fingers there's nothing today. Well that would psychologically I think it's well established but. That's another story and I believe. It's seventeen minutes after five at WB the end. He who laughs last he who -- just remember those words now before I see. Before I get back to should we milk I -- and crisis and by the way through to after the guys questions to save myself -- heart -- here. -- look at a map. And look all -- producer is look at a map of Iraq Syria and see where the ice is controlled areas are. You pick one of those areas with a high concentration. Of my leaders or military equipment and you knew it. Did you pick another one and you knew it so let's not make this more complex and complicated that it -- custody. And for those who don't know we -- have battlefield nuclear weapons not. Every weapon is gonna be like the bikini. -- asked you've seen from the 1940s or fifties you know the giant H bomb with a huge you know boiling public water legally that fish died. But today you know there are smaller versions. -- They sent a message that's the four I can't stress this enough they send a message all you're going to be hat we're going to new. And were willing to go there we are willing to cross the nuclear line. Because you people. Have made it clear. That they will be waging attacks in the United States but. Folks I have been to state and clear. As a -- in talk about the difference between Muslims and Islamic fascist but I have to tell my dear friends and -- end of the Muslim community. If you guys do not start being more active and outspoken. Against the cancer in your religion. Bubba. Is not -- to differentiate as I have if all hell breaks lose because of a fellow -- Doing an act of terror in the United States. And I hate to say it but people are gonna just look at you at say -- Muslim -- Muslim you must be like there are. Dot. And I I hope. A and I pray it does not come to -- is I've always told you mob violence is horrible it's on ethical and it is uncivilized and it's barbaric. But to my Muslim friends and I have Muslim friends and they noticed. I of people were Christians but they're Muslim family members prepared at least. All eyes we need you to start speaking out against this. Because if there is a bad terror attack in the US. I cannot guarantee. That some people. Are gonna are are are gonna act like idiots against all Muslims -- it would be so stupid. And it's so preventable. You've got to be proactive and speaking out against this -- cents. And not just you know you with passion. Not just words but with -- and with -- -- Because again. I assure you. If a if an attack is severe enough. You'll see vigilante mobs in the streets and is not gonna be pretty. And it's happened before in American history and it can happen again in American history I do not endorse that I don't encourage it I think it's boats. I've always said that about any and all mob violence. So -- try to be proactive here. Because I don't wanna see the innocent Muslim -- Because Billy Bob and I know on stereotyping. Thinks that all Muslims are the same because I know you're not a billion Muslims into -- -- in person. And AccuWeather four. Or heard the rest of today utterly clear to partly cloudy some late five in the southern tier overnight low 61. And tomorrow partly sunny and warm afternoon 84. Hole at 78 degrees Jon Sharon is doing a great job. -- -- Only is this -- new job for you and you have a lot of new responsibilities but in addition to new responsibilities. You also have equipment pictured there I mean a whole new program which by the way. Has some serious bugs. Is has been installed and John has learned a new job with -- an entirely new system and John great job. I mean Bieber what do master report but you are doing okay for you mean I gotta make allowances and -- charges is -- call screening. -- always good to see you my friend. Right gates for reasons I don't understand. Is not being allowed -- to bond with John Sherman they got him work and see the show which makes no sense the city should be the one with the -- I love you -- -- But I need my team to be built I need John and Ryan to be lovers. Keep score on this show -- -- I'm kidding you know they repeat got to see anybody get the good guys usually worked out this workstation with their friends -- pay WGR -- blog march open those guys. Whom we all love and -- now. Real quickly folks and I don't wanna monopolize the half hour. We did the show yesterday. On Cuomo is New York State Police guy going -- to the -- gun shop and telling the co owner Joseph Colombo. I'm just following orders. Give me the list we need the list of everybody who's bought an eight ar fifteen for you. Because we're gonna go after you under and -- say. Guess what. I have it on very. Good authority. Our show yesterday. And yes I'm gonna take credit for my bringing light to this story. Here's a quote from a maturity. I think you might have heard this guy's name before. But here's a quote. -- Your broadcast yesterday shook the state all the way to Albany and they are feeling the heat and a quote. Right now the president law firm. Is talking with the DA and Orleans county. To make sure that none have you. On that list of people who bought -- -- From the all LB and gun shop. Are prosecuted. Under and -- say there are some other breaking developments. Which I don't feel comfortable releasing yet. But the bottom line is folks. You know cockroach. And a place -- cockroaches I have mail house and a new Newport -- for eternal light on the cockroaches scatter. And folks. Here's the deal. This state. IE. Andrew corrupt criminal Cuomo. And the political but cancers in the New York State Police which by the way is not all state troopers you guys over. But they want to. And when this nonsense happens. When I start pound in the drums guess what happens. You guys get mobilized. And on Tony's. They don't like to. And they don't like me. And I we're that like a badge of honor. There's so much more to this that I can't get into. But folks. You know what -- care. And to try to talk to Jim president. In just a little bit for more information. On what happened as a result of our show yesterday ultimately -- mentioned something to GO Arnold. I love -- Arnold and if she was the first to break the story I did not have the scoop geoghan. So if I. I thought I had the -- if GM had the scoop I would like to personally and professionally apologize to G Arnold for you wrote basically taking credit for a story I did not brick. I publicized that I thought I broke it. But GR. Believe me I don't need to steal anybody's under. And if I stole -- my heartfelt professional and personal apologies I don't need to steal other people scoops. To prove myself. It haven't you or scoop it you were scoop gonna buy did you a disservice. In all seriousness I am heartily sorry and I'm man enough to apologize and admit that you have to scoop and he really hit its all good. If I hope you'll forgive me and I know you were up by 26 news radio 930 WB. Everybody. 55 and who do not have this album and anybody at all. No 535 news radio nine -- -- and Tom. That was actually before breakfast in America I know when you got -- in America you -- crime of the century. Are right it is up 535 and is ready at 930 WB a little Supertramp playa. Anyway we're talking about the arm just just a -- use -- bit of audio -- I have been calling John -- to do all the long decides he's gonna -- that John. Geez. Could -- please let me know what is gonna go to the after. I'd like to get a halt -- something. Anyway. Which you we're talking about I'd say this I -- al-Qaeda whatever you wanna call these barbarians. Folks. The only way. To deal with that you don't negotiate with them. You can't reason with them any more than you can reason with a rabid raccoon that stumbling around your neighborhood at 8 o'clock last night like last night. In my neighborhood you can't. I don't know it was wrapped. But anyway you you can't. Deal with these people in a normal rational way OK. Somebody once said. Well. If somebody isn't afraid to die than I -- but the only answer is you give them their wish. And folks the United States is viewed as the weak country right now. And it. People of the United States with George W. Bush hated the United States. And boy has Barack Obama made it a lot better as they. I mean he wakes up 1 morning he doesn't do any thing -- it's a Nobel Peace Prize that's quite an accomplishment. And -- flies to Norway to get it flies right back. -- The lions laid down what the lambs after Obama was elected and everybody in the world love America America America medical company everybody. Of course not. Because -- leopard does not change its spots -- tiger does not change its stripes this is ground we have covered before. Is -- well fascist terrorists. Will kill. Everybody. Including Muslims who do not see the world -- away. Now we're paying attention ice is now because two journalists were brutally beat added now there's -- -- well deity would be a little more civilized. But. Because there were two American journalists. Folks this is the same attitude. That the Taliban ahead in Afghanistan. This is the same attitude the Ayatollah -- if Iran had. Where they hang people for being homosexuals. In Iran. And they don't even give them the long drop that make him strangled with the these are uncivilized. Barbarians. Uncivilized. Barbarians. Cannot be reasoned with. If I were president of the United States. I would authorize the immediate. Use. Two or tactical nuclear weapons battlefield nuclear weapons. One for each dead Americans. To any show crisis I saw al-Qaeda guess what we got your message here's -- -- they give you wanna be -- -- -- -- -- You're -- Collins. That's what I would do. You send a message that we're not a paper tiger. And that we can be just as barbaric Wednesday and play by those rules anymore. Not gonna go to Guantanamo Bay. Kelly yet and we're gonna feed YouTube mr. -- pigs and you can spend eternity has aged couple. We got to do this folks I'm sorry it's the way of the world. You can't reason or rationally discuss things with a drunk person an insane person or an Islamic fascist you can't do. Kill them and send a message and by the way the nice thing is when you send the message would nuclear weapons. The person on the receiving end it is an electorate thank you note but you also. Said the message to the rest of the world just what. Would have taken this crap anymore if you thought we are -- guess again. We have the technology we will use the technology -- don't need to deploy Americans to a rock. Odyssey boots on the ground in Iraq because much of a -- and -- What do we want we want ice as an -- and al-Qaeda debt that's what we want we want to occupy Iraq you want Iraq is our 51 state. But it is sure what why these -- fifty. First -- get -- Obama. But -- -- -- fiftieth state -- -- we have 57 according to the most intelligent man has ever been the White House -- well. -- don't he did say that folks I didn't just pull out of my arts. Obama did say the United States have -- all 57 states you know he said that. And if you've never heard that I assure you if George Bush it said that it would have been on Saturday Night Live each and every week. Because all Republicans are stupid all Democrats are the smartest guys in women in the room after all they give us obamacare. That's been a rousing success. So. What would you do. You are president of the United States what do you do I -- To strategic battlefield -- Some of you who served in the military way back when might remember a certain I think this is a major sergeant of the US army sergeant major. Another sergeant majors in the British share certain major sergeant. Store queens yes majors put an unfortunate name to have an American military in the fifties Stewart queen's still queen. Anyway I can see this trading fell one battlefield atomic war. In nuclear explosions over the last few years. The army has learned much about the response of the individual soldier. Although the special needs imposed by economic conditions. The need for the wide dispersion of forces. For instance the structure of a combat force in the field. Has been developed to provide a mobility. And a fluidity that troops in warfare. Have never happened before. This -- you and it is called upon atomic York. -- I'm trained to meet the demands of warfare. On an atomic battlefield. Today the big picture camera swings to the -- labs and they are better rock and about. And if you go to my FaceBook page by the -- you'll see. The old style old school atomic cannon and what it could do. Today we have much better more precise delivery systems for these weapons and again folks it sends a message. Carpet bombing did when World War II which Japan or Germany for that. The -- bonded with Japan. The -- bomb sends a message that nothing else cents. We are willing to go bigger. And we will. Kill all of it we have to. Make no mistake about it folks ice as -- al-Qaeda want to attack the United States in the -- -- and -- this anniversary coming up. September 11 to -- the third. I realized that that was a long time ago and at this point what difference does -- but still like kind of remember people jumping from those towers. Here is. Jeremy in slider Germany Europe president of the United States what do you do. First thing I do is -- rather the Fiat currency in the -- Second thing there's pull all our troops. You -- at that the United States. What do you do with spices and -- all try that one more time. Well their problem sir would be taken care of in itself. Current period is I don't patients -- is David Hamburg Iowa. Tom what I would do about president elect. They like I was defeated and I couldn't take it anymore I would take all of you know goodwill gesture -- people from gitmo and send them back. But on the way there inspect every won't -- Motorola and let him off the plane atomic have a nice day. And they're like you're not gonna let you know pretty much try to automatically -- suffering going on a lecture on our edges of the last. The only problem is one of Ebola gets back into this country when -- cousins sneak over in the United States through the Mexican border which by the way is going to be how the next terrorist given the United States are gonna cross into the Obama -- you know -- -- right. Well we can clean it up with a -- afterwards. Well that we'd be talking about the mainland but OK so. Able assert all the people and get -- While. You would infected with Ebola and send them home. That's. I -- the way effect but it is that but you know it's almost too subtle. -- you can almost plausibly have the liability -- I think. I don't mind that dead terrorist. I don't mind that. But but it's come up I don't buy the dead terrorist okay. But the biggest part of why I'm saying this is it sends a message to the world to. That we are not to be messed with and that we will go bigger and you cut this crap out now. -- All right let me nothing set that he really nothing says we've got to -- demands like a mushroom -- nothing says it like it. Here is -- It will thrilled -- thirty start at 3180616. WB Ian. Here's Dennis RWB and got us hello. All right and I called on the first play caller. I was the president. I do I want to -- you for all that I agree with big your basic premises -- how to handle this. But. You know that we -- -- -- regressive liberal President Obama I would I would basically handled the situation. Justice he's doing now. We -- because there's. He basically as we're trying to create and form the United States with its current form the US. From being in imperialistic. War hungry or libertarian type of a front street in two more access. So which is well actually speak with the Liberal Democratic Party. And using Obama just an error on the topic if you will. They're basically doing nothing more than trying to downgrade and eliminate our -- I would have thought to were crazy I you know talk about it would've thought you're crazy probably -- recently as six months ago but the tragedy is. I know you are right and I'd honestly agree with everybody who called and that I used to say you guys are nuts I honestly agree with you now Obama wants America destroyed the and everything you just set he regards America as the source and the -- of every -- and evil in the world and this is payback time. And I think get a -- I I really think Obama does in fact hate America I just don't know any other way to say it. Actually right in the problem that we we have -- -- propaganda machine. With -- Kyoto accord on its. Including from people like George Soros. And there he'd torn completely standards along with it. He's got now or you know wouldn't. -- Las Vegas but. The people didn't in the in Italy and it would be secure he's got on the backing him up. By the way here OK time out -- there's a lot of rich Jews in Hollywood out of me to break the news to anybody but is what I have never understood. Why. Tom did you say every -- was rich yes that's exactly what I set. I can -- I could not understand why Hollywood Jews would fund a Democrat president who hates Israel. It doesn't make any sense to me -- and I support Israel more than the president of the United States to all the Hollywood Jews at all. Not all the money but -- to make some considerable. Political donations I don't. I don't hear. It really is an enigma to me. But you're the bug them all about it now and nothing more than doubled in where were executed with Syria at all the other -- who can. He'd already sent the message failed. There is concern of -- in the United States and hurting too cool. So I put the society. And -- member of the money from the military and the putting all the programs. And I mean. And the Smart -- and that the Democratic Party so Smart so much smarter than the Republicans. And yet they're 34 steps at -- and the Republicans. And everything that they do. I got news for -- -- is the Republicans aren't even in the same game. Oh they are even though there any game that's a problem. I don't I just don't understand why these -- competed that went. Well -- -- you don't occurred in my life I put into a long time and I and I believe. But you're right that there's still there's something for them once to transition -- place. You're always for the power. Well I'm trying to figure out what rob mystery and I was doing that we talked about this yesterday but I'm trying to figure that out and IE are gonna tell you -- I hope. I get some one on one time with him soon. Well I tell you I think it's because he's got a little we tried that incident with Christie and critiquing -- that I'm not there really -- a -- You may have gotten the word from the Republican Party that you don't just call your chips will take here you'll -- -- but right now. Don't rock the -- so much. You know what I. As much as I want to say boy that does does that make any sense. Went again -- Reno was out of pocket yesterday preparing as far as I don't moss was not. That one I wrote to the moss campaign people I said. This issues happening right now this is a gift wrapped sound byte for your guy I was told. Well sure of -- be in buffalo on Thursday. And I told -- I had to tell this incompetent. -- At at a loss campaign speed kills what's wrong with you people. You can expect -- think you can forget that could look technically important and certain. What do we know what -- -- supposedly what's what's happened opposite party the United States. We don't have an opposition party in the United States I have an opposition party you know what I didn't look I just blew right through break I was so riveted by your conversation I totally forgot a break. Thank you for the call you rock. Thank you very much if I would get -- and I was can be too nervous pocket you're on the pole and. -- all your cool it's it's you know what it's like talking to a friend. A friend who Michael Savage you would hang up my -- at a moment's notice and turn -- -- elected government with -- -- -- like talking to a friend thanks we're about to let you call. Would agree to go into surgery or at all. Completely gone on in -- and that I think it could be that wouldn't -- -- is -- true. And I -- and I'm on the right time I wish to pull out of my but I can't thank you for the call at eleven.

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