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9-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I did -- Karen and her parents. Whether he'll run for president. I got hit in the head with a rock. What woke up that I've made my announcement about it. And then that goes through wage. Tom hourly from here qualified to figure it. We talked about elevated -- how they -- Where probably it's live it's -- that -- -- them. I think he's great I think he's a real winner Casey of RU -- -- protection on news radio 930 W. I've got kids -- -- over -- -- thirty WBE. And the it all. There's a reason. It's ours landed at the BL I SRI just think -- what's the answer cards for our cards against humanity if you played that game. And I'm surprised I mentioned -- a couple of times of the year and I'm surprised at the number -- hourly listeners who are fans of cards against humanity. All I can say is if you're easily offended a huge dimensions of grandmother others. The cards against humanity if mr. Beilin says it must be good and operative thing. No all. No I don't know that's the evil -- with the six at the humor okay that's evil times except a -- over adult stuff okay. It's one of the funniest things I've ever encountered it I just discovered recently. And I can only say one word. Pixelated. It is that ten minutes after four at news -- -- at 930 WB BMR had something that is not what you saw somebody's head off and we have seen the terrorist scum bag that allows is that we're about one out now sawing the heads off of two. American journalists. The guy yesterday was a -- likely he would -- Israeli citizenship -- I'm not mistaken. The other guy was a Christian. And it doesn't matter because they couldn't. -- See these guys don't care. You know most of us just band and delete from FaceBook. Idiots we don't like. All the time. Ice this -- al-Qaeda. -- -- get a little. Doesn't matter what you are -- -- here's the other thing too. Did you up after they first be heading. To the terrorists. The -- terrorist said that. I can't even do a good British accent -- I can't -- Liverpool accent. And I have to be kind of in the mood to do were British accent. For inflation for in the mood. Yes exactly -- to thank -- so away. Yep yep yep parts that sort of -- -- what I was saying is. What I was saying is. You cannot. Argue with evil you cannot negotiate with evil do you think it's a coincidence. Oddly enough ice since I saw an al-Qaeda and is -- fascists you know they can turn on televisions as well and they can turn on -- Do you think that they didn't know. That this president traded five dangerous terrorists. For one that deserter. The search for whom cost at least two brave American soldiers their lives in Afghanistan. Do you think that they didn't know. Like forgive me I can't watch every major media outlet every single day 24/7 as anybody brought up the fact. At all. That. Obama traded five terrorists 41. American deserter. And now we wonder why -- -- debt and they can actually negotiate with the United States over hostages. Does anybody not see the connection there. Folks. I don't like war I don't like violence on the very nonviolent person. Extremely. Nonviolent. At soldiers. I would just assume walk away than fight. There are two reasons for that which are located. I would much rather walk away. It's just easier. Let's litigation. But when you're challenged. And there is no walking away. -- You fight to kill. -- to say that again when you're challenged and there is no walking away. You approach it like to editorial combat until one of -- his debt. And I'm talking about. The metaphor of the real world and world politics. Okay. Don't expect anybody listening who's gonna ever find themselves in the middle of a deserted town where nobody else's around there's been working cell phone. But that's the world nobody else is around there's no working cell phone tower it's you against evil. And we've seen the evil of crisis iso and al-Qaeda. By the way we did help make those groups call it was spot. Obama did Hillary Clinton do it then does this all ties together folks. I don't have the time to get into. Just do -- homework too little common sense taken what do you think these guys got their weapons do you think they -- able to take over a large large lots of rock. With sling shots. Anyway. Folks. Let's use some common cents. You have a hole. You notice carpenter ant crawling in your life winner in the bet that there -- cheese. Killer -- them. Next later taken about two carpenter ants are frolicking upon your naughty bits. You start to become concerned. You call it started this extra come in and one by one escort the -- outside. To the end version of Guantanamo Bay well. Fixed it comes there says okay chemical weapons in our way. And yet take out the masts. The United States must a take out the nests -- do so in such a way as to tell the people and crisis -- and al-Qaeda. You'll have left with us for the last time. And you are messing around with some crazy hope. Some crazy people. We will go nuclear Iran. And they don't remind you folks of the historical precedents. We killed more people the army air corps in the second world war in Japan with conventional. Bombing. Then did the -- bombs. But the -- bomb with such a dramatic statement. You know what we're done -- screwed around. We will we will itemize your entire freaking country. Within two bombs they surrendered. And tojo eventually was tenth. And we let the you're -- keep his job because he was it like the Dalai Lama of Japan to spiritual leader whatever. But the longer the short of the folks. We're dealing with crazy bastards we have to be crazier than they are and willing to be crazier than they are the world is a dangerous. This -- of a place. And yet can't pussy foot around. Shoots and talk and missiles. Mrs. I'm not talking ICBM's. I'm talking about strategic. Nuclear weapons. That will essentially analyze everything within about a half mile to a mile radius. We know where these people are we know their headquarters are. -- -- wants. Broke twice. Every subsequent American hostage it has hurt take it or kill your -- ten times each. And you tell the Russians and the Chinese backed off. Say. That's a problem. Our current president because he wants the United States to fail. I think he intentionally has portrayed this image of course that's also his personality of a weak leader. Lot of airport and laughs and Obama in his dreams you know that right you know that when when somebody says have about Obama to Vladimir Putin Putin probably lapses ass off. So potent gets. I take the senate. But wooten. Regressive Communist years. He understands the way to deal with Muslim terrorists. To kill them first. Folks. I'll say this there's a delicate way to -- Do you think. Bet the Muslim terrorists around Scioscia just backed off for the Olympics. Do you think they said truce are gonna mess up the Olympics in Sochi. You think of lot of important. And his intelligence forces did not proactively. Take those people out. That's what they did. There might have been others involved who knows. But so she was terrorist free. Because who know you strike first before they strike you. And that's the secret of the Sochi Olympics. There -- grave concerns about terrorists at the Olympics. But there -- any attacks there -- any attacks because the known terror suspects were taken out before they can do anything. I would like no I'm obviously just delusional -- let's go to. -- In Lancaster a WB and Jim your president of the United States what do you do. First -- -- first president of the United States. The 31 desire to hear your personal port to commit typical. Typical of told decisions. You have belong hold an office. I agree with everything you should read your earnings into an advocate. Of the terrorist. I would it will probably move difficulty or he was -- commitment. Okay are. Innocent people. Innocent people have been dying since what are we community began furthermore. When -- planes. Were going to throw her Twin Towers. In -- pentagon. Did the government know that they were they were heading. I am confident. That we will put old planes down which innocent people Americans. So innocent people dying design all the. You mean on September 11 2001 correct I'm still not convinced the Pennsylvania crash wasn't shot down. Well my point simply just. It would over the little political little -- to particularly though. Absolutely because it's not -- -- it down by right would you sacrifice the few for the sake of the many it's axiomatic we're. In its tragic you don't wanna be one of those few. I -- and if what if we weren't you were okay if people have problems with -- whatever your bases or police goggles -- with you. In accountability in the next port. In -- this just may not make any sense you lead the waters. Well to make a lot of sense to me. It takes good people. Who are real -- -- To do what is necessary. So with very good people and continuing doing good work. Let me just tell you a bloody war criminal named William Tecumseh Sherman and the march to the C. The reason he was not tried as a war criminal at the end of the civil wars because he was on the winning side. But he won the war you know thank you very much a magical tip thing with Lincoln by the way. Folks history's always with written by the winners. Home. And he's you look folks I argue I get back to my thesis. The world is like a really bad neighborhood let me ask you question would you rather portray yourself as -- -- Where -- some may go to the world. I'd be some may go to the world don't mess with this guy he's off let's go to traffic right now the guy who's always all the air. Here is Allan Harris. And AccuWeather tonight that might see some late fog in the southern tier so if you're driving down their look out for dear. Overnight low 61 tomorrow partly sunny very warm in the afternoon 84 the high. Right now it's a 78 -- news radio 930 WB yet. By the way if you all saw any of the kids who may have used a laser pointer to get. The polar bear lunatic tumble into the moat at the zoo. If you know who. The children are who thought that was funny. Would you please call the buffalo zoo. And report that all the buffalo police and give names. All I know you hate to snitch on some. But what kind of sick bastard or you to allow that we think it's funny to have a polar better break his leg. -- like -- or broke your leg. Are gonna crowbar. It's 422 -- news radio 930 WB EN. Let's go to but I prefer an -- Well the dollar and to launch story you don't wanna -- here is John in east a -- on WB Ian hi John. Pay you don't sound I'm crazy -- you. I don't think. -- in. Our president of the United States has served in the military. It certainly the acting. -- -- -- strategic air command thank you very much for your service on our minutemen are I think I do a -- there I heard that about your. Now. There's two choices I. I make and tonight. Some 8000. Troop. Are. Or what. They. -- support. Number -- you'll watch. That -- over. To my question. Why use troops why why should we spell another drop of American blood in Iraq we've sacrificed 4000 men and women. To Iraq now it is time to say you know what these people cannot be reasoned with the only thing the crew is what the exterminator does in your basement he takes out the entire -- Why -- -- troops and we don't have 50000 special forces. -- Now they're up. Against we have to do some calculation but you keep him. Keep it low and go out and I know what that means. To the -- That we had to do turn it into a parking and a story. I would turn the entire region into a parking lot I would at first make a statement with the tactical nukes is opposed to the ICB and you guys used at the keys for. And why I I've been down later in this silos I would civil engineering. I didn't. They're unbelievable. Well I got a bit I also have of seeing those installations but they were at the activated once after the Cold War -- -- Arizona but I could've been really on mushrooms or something. Anyway welcome alleged call thanks very much. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB yeah you know what even if you don't kill them all. You have got to convince them -- willing to kill the mall. There's a difference here folks. Right now this country is -- and dangling. And Obama wants it that way and you guys call it before I got. Obama really does not like amber. And he's doing his damage to try to destroy unconvinced of you guys have convinced me. I used to think you lunatics. I actually now I believe you were right I was wrong. -- to believe the best. But. When you -- administration. That would think that Carl Paladino and Rus Thompson represented a greater threat to the United States and the guy saw on the journalists -- off. I think we've got a problem. Here. You drove all of the fans that got home. And work full round and I. He had this done he. Yes Lee Greenwood I'm proud to be an American and song I'm sure Barack Obama listens to every day and Erica pretty sure it's his own personal anthem. Anyway it's up hourly news radio 930 WB yen up you have seen the beheading videos. World. Com I've seen more beheading videos in my life that I really care to tell you about and there are -- some of them are staged I can tell. Others are the real deal and these people I can -- people their barbaric. And the all the way to deal with barbarians. Is. By being a Barbara. And if I -- president. I would absolutely. Positively. Give the order yesterday. To tactical nuclear weapons. Fired into two separate targets known to be ice is or I -- strongholds. I would let go one TB. An issue a statement in English with Arabic subtitles. Beheading question mark. How you like those mushroom clouds bitches. Don't mess with us. -- Folks. It's. Didn't teach him Harvard's school but JFK school government you have to problem. With Tony egg -- in church. I like ignorance -- it Rogers a place for intellectuals again it. Along the way people forget that in the real world might makes right. And in the real world sometimes it's a good thing to be perceived. As so all crazy. You don't want people should quit here or people don't -- mess with you because they think cheese. If this guys Wellington -- Iraq. And kill all the thousands of people because they told what America. Is this country we wanna screw up here's the answer all. -- will create future generations of terrorists they'll be offended. Is there anything that does and -- -- they're offended by everything including other moms who don't see islamists they do. And again. I have Muslim listeners I have Muslim parents. And they get the distinction that I draw. Between Muslims. And is -- fascists. Big difference. Unfortunately. Here's the problem. And it got to hit the go back to repeat stuff. But it's RIA I guess I I want to dinner demonstrate here that my own family's history. I do not hold a grudge against the American air force formerly known as the army air corps. Because of a Second World War between the brits and the Americans. They leveled -- regret my great grandmother's hometown a pile brought Germany. At a lot of innocent people got killed and just -- You allowed tyrants to warn you and those pirates make decisions in your name. You know what happens. Always that's always well. If you think LeBron was you've every heard a higher a broad public hop aboard the firestorm. Is done the firestorm. Firestorm Tom what are you talking about -- -- nuclear weapons are bad they are horrible. They can kill a lot of people. But if you ever want to see some really gory images. Look up hub -- get its Philippine it's -- Hamburg like ever New York -- -- firestorm. The weather conditions when we carpet bombed an incendiary bomb to the -- and into the early bond helped a word. Were such that a literal firestorm. Erupted over homework and Dresden. Hundreds of thousands of people died with conventional bombing. It's still didn't -- Remember folks in the case in Germany. World War -- in in Europe. Ended. Because the armies of the allies including the Soviets. Who lost 100 billion people in World War II -- Basically converged on Berlin and the Russians got their first -- golf and his brave red army I gotta give the red army credit. -- red army by the way it played by the up up mark -- of our queen is very rules. -- Saw what the Nazis had done. The same thing that the Germans when they came back excellent touch. It really is. They -- socialists. World War II ended because Hitler killed himself there was no successor to the national Socialist Party. Germany was utterly crushed. In defeat. And it was over. Japan -- what have gone on and on and on had it not been for the Abrams. If you're just joining us you might be surprised to know more people died in conventional bombing of Japan. By the United States. The indicted in the two atomic bomb -- -- and Nagasaki. But these statements made in this is the important point folks that statement made by Truman. With Hiroshima and Nagasaki was. Guess what. You either stop the BS. -- and the war. Or we will do this to every one of your cities until there is not a single living Japanese person on the face of the planet. You know what that means. BP it 5000 for flat screen let's go to. -- in Jamestown at WBE LIJ. Yasser. The -- and this is a corporate decision again. A -- nuclear weapons is not going to be good for the economy the world economy and a in effect the stock market you know. And not a practical level I mean higher real mostly everything you say you know it. But this time I'm home I think it's a tough call I mean I. What's what's so tough about it. The U you don't OK you understand let me what you think and crisis attack -- -- about trying to be a jerk and I respect -- -- I respect your opinion and you solid it's sincere dark. But let's just let's logically follow this through. Do you think crisis and ice all. And this guy with the stored. -- tonight do you think they wanna stop at the borders of the United States what do you think their ultimate goal is that you tell me what that would do with the economy. That the possibility you know -- tornado it does that's also possible. But that's been -- -- Highly probable. I great you know that's -- but again -- -- I'm thinking ahead -- five steps they're not they're not gonna keep it anywhere they third goal -- they have announced their goal was to have the Islamic state flag over the White House course with the -- we haven't charged -- they might as well. But that's another story altogether. Actually he's not an idiot I keep saying that he's doing exactly what he wanted to do right but what do you think that would do. To the stock market if the United States if the United States. It might be a short term falloff in a lot of people might be pissed off that this but I guarantee is something. We'd be respected and not -- I'd rather be respected and feared. Then be little on the world approach. Have everything you're saying is true the only thing is -- residuals of the Falwell where that cloud even you know. I guess you don't look pinpoint nukes they did -- ten -- nukes and on a much smaller scale and somebody is really. Arab wars you know we we I saw footage and it melted -- it -- I don't -- remember that it was weird. Actually I adult because I'd have never seen any evidence that Israel used any all right all right and appoint a new. Either I use I don't know we use -- but I heard about it. I saw some pictures but. On let me know you can melt steel with -- -- we saw what happened -- jet fuel. Right aren't sure enough -- -- just -- steel melts does not mean that we knew it was an adult. The other leveling your pocket well we're just out -- word these particles in the gulf and and that it is somebody off down the road noise a drought win you know. And -- Chinese and Rutgers is looking for reasons. It helped to get involved. And -- also well see the beautiful park the beautiful part about the buy -- plan is it sends a message to Russia and China you think we're paper tiger -- think we don't have balls anymore. -- sorry about the fallout couldn't be helped pardon our dust. But who's got that even even other than Obama who has got intestinal fortitude to do is that. You do. Well -- I'm sorry but you know -- -- potent. I respect Vladimir Putin as a man help a lot more -- I'll -- -- ever respect Barack Obama YouTube because whatever gluten has what he considers to be the best interest of his country at heart. Obama does not. I agree wholeheartedly and I would I would I would tell you what they what I would do I would give a heads up to potent and the Chinese leadership say guys we don't have a choice here and between your -- -- in China and you're Chechens in Russia. You can publicly call -- bastards but you know we're doing the right thing and I think we could probably get them to quietly acquiesced because the Russians -- whole issue with Islam or -- in Chechnya and the Chinese have the workers people are laughing right now no they're not it's not what you think -- -- it is you -- white people try to -- black now that was a 1982. Term in ten more. But -- the intention is another thing like is that they they place more importance on other things then. And I think this -- is maybe a part of the other plan knows that the underground once you know and. -- dissension you you're kinda lost either one. All -- talk about you be human if you open the story stick Wal-Mart something else other issues seem to be more important politically. Then this issue you I'm not sure exactly how you phrased it. And I talked about Cuomo at first but I've kind of separated the show topics I'm not advocating new. Yet. Don't buy that and I may at some point. But that I might be labeled domestic terrorist and be put in between now. A camp thank you outlook I'm glad you called -- like a sincere guy. But folks there's ways to do things in this world and the ways not to do things in this world. And if president hourly would be. I wouldn't call. I would say a lot of -- prudent and the Chinese leadership we're gonna have a secret meeting meet me in a whole -- Look you've got a problem with these bastards we've got our problems with these bastards. This has to be done. We understand the publicly -- -- -- condemn -- but privately here's what we're doing -- here's what we're gonna do it and by the -- will wait for rain -- will make -- with our -- machines. To cut down on the fallout but -- got to take care -- -- now all of -- are in the same war against Islamic fascist. Let them bitch and moan publicly put on their show privately they're going to be backing -- up. That's the real world and I'm sorry it's how it works. I know this stuff. It's 444 WB -- 803 only thirty let's go to Jack in cold limit on WB EM hello Jeff. I'm you are on fire. -- Well out spontaneous human combustion does have its advantages. What would you do if you -- president -- with this latest video 8030930. I sure as hell wouldn't be doing with what mr. Obama would be doing it probably -- Doing what mr. Putin -- to. In it it was reverse order my wife SP the other outcome never terrorized rush out and do that it -- it was -- and -- annihilate. The Chechens the Chechens are the Russian equivalent of crisis and sisal and the Russians have no quarter with those bastards either. And I don't we all looked -- I. I don't mean all checked -- so if you are from Chechnya -- your Muslim look at pissed off at me you know there's a faction of Chechen Muslims who were bastards. Beyond that I think the you're in the stock market mighty Google all -- America so I'm also not actually. You know -- -- something and actually out there -- words. You know it's it's a shame that we you right now are being -- around. Like they're like a sheet and it's obvious that either world leaders are looking at certain you know where we -- now and. The message out John Kelly. And I forgot what it was Marc Steiner sandy beach today who they're talking about John Kerry our secretary of state. We're praying for -- We know what you -- I'm sorry I don't mean to be little anybody's paper present one hand and -- in the other and see what fills up first. Record and hardly original but I'd. -- -- Pomp and -- the fact of the matter news this administration projects. Weakness do you think for a minute Russia would be doing in Ukraine what it is doing. If you perceive the United States is having any kind of incredible man as commander in chief. I guarantee you -- the laughs and Obama it when he -- that night. When he's around this other fellow Communist KGB people. And I'm sure they know the full story about Obama being a fraud anyway and you know going to school support and student and giving the advantages of it. They probably are laughing their asses off every night. And how the American people. Got fooled by white guilt in the voting for a guy who sometimes he's economists sometimes he's a Muslim sometimes he pretends to be a Christian. I mean if Barack Obama is like over to midlife crisis or he just doesn't know we used like -- Opel which you're running for congress. Kathy oracle a moderate if you've got to go to Washington if you think. Just the lockstep with the Democrat party and now look at the local turns out to beat that left the marks. I -- an error message to the progressives of New York State I mean it's free said the get to that point your life and not know who you war. It says even -- ever -- that think that it we even tried to do something about this and get Obama out of office that you know we border what were we don't tighten. Yeah now. I have often thought about them but Dan Quayle was George Bush's insurance policy. But that's another story -- also often wondered about the assassination attempt on Reagan but I Blanco there now. Thanks very much and glad you called. You know the Republican establishment didn't want Reagan as president right. And you know that they Hinckley family in the bush -- never you can look at it yourself at your you can drive yourself crazy worried about the stuff. Live your life enjoy your life. The crises are gonna happen. -- -- say this isn't even like a crisis crisis. -- the fact that two Americans got killed is not a crisis the fact that a terrorist group. Is willing to kill Muslims Christians Jews and anybody else in eight barbaric way. Is basically raising a generation. Of little terrorists. That is -- security -- The fact that airliners are now missing from Libya is a security threat. -- but a witness sorry folks would you have an infection you lancet I'm a big believer in that. 8030930. Yes I would send two. Tactical nuclear weapons. Two known. Areas of ice is -- iso control. And today. Any questions. About our balls. Mohammed. 449 at WB. AccuWeather reports -- -- it it'll be clear to partly cloudy some light fog in the southern -- 61. And then that tomorrow partly sunny it'll be very warm in the afternoon 84. News radio 930 W would be the end I'll be on a Bender on Friday so what David Sylvia I think you're sitting in for me on Friday. Baltimore is my birthday and I think I'm gonna do some rep probate things tomorrow night. Would you like videos and FaceBook. Maybe. Maybe. You know what I call rookies if you end -- on the floor. All right let's get back to the calls -- news -- -- pitch black art -- news radio at 930 WPP. And here it is sorry. Here's frank frank welcome Michelle. They thought well I I've been historical perspective your brain. Defector the so called good war. True in the firebombing. It. It bet that not a brilliant I -- there. And pampered well. You go to Italy abolished it. Opinion myself although there are that that he. I want this to have been the potential home with -- that struck. But I saw it on -- That didn't -- all. And -- are. Olympic and -- are -- only counterproductive. It through and ordered a nuclear and conventional. They're awkward -- -- you'd be mad at all. I deal nuclear territory. -- -- -- -- Okay but for it here's my counter argument to that and by the way my counter argument -- -- -- time for your rebuttal. But I'll put two on hold to after the news break vacation wanna come back at me but here's my take on carpet bombing with conventional weapons did not end World War II in Europe it did not end of World War II in the Pacific. Only conquering the territory. And Hitler's death ended the war with Germany. And only the eight bombs stopped. The war with Japan carpet -- did not bring those worst to. I want your response your rebuttal but I can't figure right now and be here with you so -- -- -- hold. I just don't want to thank him some kind of cowardly.

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