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9-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of what it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- hope Tom hourly. Guess what day it is. Guess what day it is it is and it's livestock and I know you can hear me it's local happy it's content Tom hourly. On news radio 930 ball. WB. Page doctor its -- and traded at 930 WBE. And that. It is out Wednesday that I guess it means it is a hot day and -- -- don't want to thank you very much for all of the calls all the emails all the FaceBook stuff but yesterday. I cannot yet go into details on this and I'm talking about the LB and gun shop and Joseph Colombo. I cannot go into details. And I say this delicately. I -- we've made a difference. I hear we've made a difference. And there's so much more I would like to say but I can't. And please understand I'm in a very unique set of circumstances at this point in my life so I really have to be careful with what I sent. But we made a difference. That's all I'm going to -- And folks if there's one thing. And drove the ball. And his lackeys in the New York State Police. Can't state it. It's pub list city. When they try a start. Like they pulled an Albion last week. Where you had a trooper saying. I'm just following orders. They -- is stent. The media attention. Because I'm just a big mouth with a microphone. By the way there's another big mouth with a microphone at Albany heard it was Melanie burns. And she got screwed. By the station where she was working because management they're did -- balls. And basically political favors. And pressure was used Melanie burns was thrown off the year. I'm still here. -- -- I'm here and I have this platform. I will fight Cuomo I will fight the ask cancers of the New York State Police brass. I will fight the troopers. Who say I'm just following all -- -- like your grandfather fought Hitler's SS. And the essay in World War II. Because I don't care you have to understand something I don't clear. I mean I care so much but this isn't about me I don't hear what happens to me. All be fine. I don't care. And I will continue. To tell you the truth about what's really happening in this state for as long as I am able to do so. All I ask. Is that you have my back in all I will ask. Is that you recognize. There are prices to be paid for everything in life. I want you to just remember I said. There are prices to be paid for everything. In life. And that's all I can say at this point. Folks they hate media coverage. They hate being caught with their hands in the freedom jar. They hate being caught with their pants around her ankles -- went to the constitution. What a certain judge give it a local park. They can't stand it. And we new album. And believe me. They know. Who and whom they can and cannot be yes. And my BS detector folks. Is a finally tuned instrument. And I don't want anybody thank him the ball. So well. Always against the cops now. Folks. My sustenance. Has -- Those active people on the job. Who feed the information. And those retired people who know a lot of people on the job who feed the information. And folks you need to know something. And they just be Sanders. And they just one guy tell me there's. You have to understand. That essentially. There is a political civil war. Within the ranks of the state police and other police agencies in this state over and -- six. It is a political. Civil war. Are. And -- are troopers out here who are oath keepers and constitution followers. But ultimately folks. Don't -- end up in Plattsburgh. As people own trooper Bob Ehrlich nobody wants -- Nobody wants old for which you think you wanna be set there. Unless your from there. And the brass of the state police now there -- union rules but bay can always the screwed around where they can always with you when they control your health benefits your pay your pension benefits everything like that. Can can -- charges against you they want to. Soul it's a big game and you have to understand the stakes are absolutely enormous. -- I have the great advantage of not giving a damn about my own personal situation. OK I don't hear. And therefore I will continue to keep you updated on this story. But the bottom liners. Without going of the details. We made a difference they can't stand the light of day. The light of day is a great disinfectant. To those who wish to spread their -- -- old corruption. Throughout the state. To achieve total. Aristocratic. Like power and hegemony over your freedom and over the people of their state. -- there's another group of people in this world. Who would like to have absolute control over everything and everybody. And those people are called Islam fascists. They've been known by various -- al-Qaeda. Beisel. Ice it's. What they represent. Is an ideology. Bet is evil. Barbaric. Uncivilized. And an ideology that has to be wiped from the face of the earth. I never thought I would -- there's. But I've given -- a great deal of thought. Ladies and gentlemen. We have a technological. Advantage few other countries there. Despite Obama's best effort to gut the military and the CIA -- patriots. And he has by the way. Michael Savage you know I heard severance and that last night that -- I'm sure he talks to some of the same people where some of the same kinds of people with whom I speak he knows this stuff. When he talks about the military being -- the patriots he is spot on when he talks about the CIA. Being heard a -- he spot well. In fact a lot of the people from the agency wants this any it was a -- did quit the agency. Because they were genuinely scared of what Obama might do to them based on what they did under George W Bush's watch. And this might -- some review. But the people at the agency who did the grunt work not the -- they put on TV but the people of whom you'll never hear. They did some things that. Probably violated some laws. But you know what. Bush basically set not in so many words look. There is danger in the United States you where to find that danger and you work to do what has to be done to get rid of that danger. He understood that the enemy was the Islamic fascist. Not to -- hey. Folks to understand. That this Obama administration. Do you understand folks this is not Michael Savage. It's not some crazy. Talk show host and buffalo Sampras. Okay this is fat it is document double. Do you realize folks that's it. Obama took office West Point. And military strategist when they have looked at civil insurrection in the United States and domestic terrorism they have not talked. About his -- fascism. They've not talked about al-Qaeda ice this title or whatever you wanna call this much -- how ports. You know what their version of a terrorist is rough Thompson. That's their version of a terrorist you know their version of a terrorist as Dennis don't Leino that's their version of a terrorist. You know their version of a terrorist as Carl Paladino. The Obama administration views people on the right. As terrorists. And the real terrorists as simply misunderstood. And created by well George W. Bush look folks I'm not a fan of the bush dynasty don't misunderstand. But the one thing bush did do. That I gotta respect. 90% of the way anyway. He understood where the real threat to Merkel wants. And after 9/11 we did not have a successful. Major terror attack on American sort. There were numerous attacks that were attempted and four field. I have talked about those on previous programs I've done. There was a major terror attack that was diverted about two or three years after 9/11 which would have probably collapse this country's economy. Involving suitcase nuclear weapons. And there are some people listening to the right now know exactly what I'm talking about. Because you you know damn well what I know what I'm talking about -- gonna show what Doug Hagman as I mentioned yesterday we were able to -- we each got work. It was eight the month of July. And I wanna say it was all four or 05 somewhere in -- could adultery. Steve -- -- -- and I from independent sources. Got word that the night before. We almost lost three American cities now define lost I don't know. I was always led to believe that they were suitcase nukes and or dirty nukes. Our military specifically. -- the ports. Successfully located. Three. Nuclear weapons we're supposed to go off in the United States. Two of them were defused the third they dropped into the ocean and if you look at the news stories from that time first of all we tried -- the seismic data. And guess what we found out that the day of the event and for that one day the seismic data had been a race. And if you look at news stories from that air -- and whip up. My old files you'll see a major fish kill in the Atlantic Ocean. Where the fish washed up a few days after the -- went off in the ocean. Now I realize it's so you think I'm crazy. And I realize you're asking prove what you say. All I can tell you is we have done shows right -- show a decade ago. With -- Hagman we tracked the story back as far as we could and then we hit a wall. We couldn't go any further nobody would tell us anything. Were we used. To see what the American public response would be to that kind of news and it was all fabrication. I doubt. Because. Our sources. Were in the know what they were independently of one another the people who told me to people who told Steve Quayle the people who told Edmund. There was no way to connect all those people. We know. And then we were on the phone with -- each other -- Steve and myself and worse each other hey did you hear what I just heard yeah. So. The bottom line here just to bring this up to a conclusion is. George Bush. I would never ever ever ever ever vote for member of the bush family again for any office whatsoever you should know I wouldn't. Dynastic things bother me anywhere but. When it came to protecting the homeland. George Bush -- yet. And folks if I would have told you on September 12 201. That there would not be a major successful terror attack on the homeland. During the rest of the Bush Administration how many if you would have believed. Not because I didn't believe I thought for sure there are going to be other successful attacks their work you know wider war. Because president George W. Bush unlike Obama got it. He knew the enemy and he gave the agency people what they needed I eat protection to do what they had to do. In the United States to make sure that the people were gonna kill us. Didn't get the chance. Now we have a president in office. Who is a disgrace. I have to and folks I'm not an Obama fan. I never have been an Obama fan if you wanna call me racist go ahead I don't here. There's that canard I think. I think -- the he is. Dangerous. And folks. I have to credit some of you who saw this before I do. Because I always like to believe. Although sometimes I come authors -- alive. And more cynical than maybe it really I always like to believe that people have the best intentions in mind. Some of you understood before I did Obama is not incompetent. He is doing exactly what he thinks needs to be done. You got it before I did congratulations to you because you got this clown. I can't you saw this man as the danger he is to the United States before idea. I always wanted to believe that now an American president would never want America to fail. Over the past half a year or so I've come to the realization you guys were right. All of you call my showed -- say Obama is not a competent. He wants the United States to fail he wants United States destroyed because this is his world view. At the United States as the source -- the cause of all evil in the world -- -- only we'd go the way the world would be paradise. You were right I was wrong congratulations. Now. This is not a question of over compensating. For past bad mistakes. But I have to ask you guys question. And the question is what would you do right now you -- president of the United States. You have seen two Americans. Have their heads sawed off. By this. Is -- fascists. With a British accent. You have a decision to make I know what I would do. I find it distasteful. But it must be done. Every option is on the table I have already selected by option. Here's a hit -- involves mushroom call outs. I want your calls -- 030930. And radiation by the way start I'm thirty is free on a cell phone. 180616. WB and you -- president of the United States. I assists and I sold. By the way we made those organizations. You know you think Ben Ghazi doesn't tight end to this you're you're an idiot sorry but you are. We basically gave these. Savages. The weapons are now using to kill Christians and other Muslims. Well done Barack but I session on what does it really matter -- -- walker -- some Americans. Really matter at this point. Ben Ghazi figures very prominently into this. I'll never believe who just four Americans died and does. 803 on -- thirty WB. Gates hourly news radio I'm thirty WV yen -- -- 333 judge does it master control and I want to emphasize any mistake you here is not to I'm sure it's our equipment -- -- John push the buttons but it's just not respond. John -- get married. -- important buttons and you get more response you're wanted. Anyway. There really wasn't -- OK let's -- You have president of the United States what do you do with ice all ices and al-Qaeda. Ladies and gentlemen I hit the -- but it has to be sent. The world is a dangerous place but -- like a really bad neighborhood okay. And in a real bad neighborhood push -- get pushed around constantly. You. Go to prison for the first time. That old guard in The Sopranos got out. And tried to get back into the game. And relatives local June's house talk -- the June and Tony and Bobby about his first day in prison. I picked their biggest. -- is black this guy. Should have left. -- Well I hate to say it but that's what you have to do in this world on the world stage. Always only understand. Brute force. Just like the prisoner in The Sopranos. Only understood brute force. It sent a message to everybody in the prison and I realize it's a fictional shell. But I've certainly heard stories like this from the real world where that's what people. They go to prison they know what prisons reputation is so the first thing they do is they'll just cold -- somebody. Even if it's a sucker punch 'cause it basically says this guy's not stay away from him. And ladies and gentlemen. I don't wanna see boots on the ground in Afghanistan. I don't wanna see war without end in Iraq. -- Tell me why. There is no reason why. We should have boots on the ground in Iraq we have something called technologies. Ask the Chinese -- they've got most of ours they -- I'm sorry Bill Clinton gave it to but we have technology. -- don't. When you have an infestation of ants in your home. Do you go and pick each and every individual and and put it outside. Now. You call exterminator. Bit started it comes in and he uses chemical weapons to kill as many as possible that wants. Because that's how you deal with an infestation. Of pants yet kill them as many as you can at once. You don't take out one at a time. The idea let's put boots on the ground to go door to door pop up no. Pelosi another drop of American blood spilled over there. We have tactical nuclear weapons. But top. Folks. Wanna get a little history lesson. You don't realize you're not. That more people died when the army air corps who we used to call -- airport the army air corps. And our allies bond Europe more people died in carpet bombing of Germany. Indicted in Hiroshima and Nagasaki together right you know that. You'll also probably don't know this more people buy it in Japan I think Tokyo well with conventional bombing. Then died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And for those who don't know Hiroshima Nagasaki sounds vaguely familiar well I know you went to the American school so our best -- UN. Hiroshima was the first use of the atomic bomb in worker. Nagasaki was the second use of the atomic bomb in warfare. Those two bombs together didn't come close to telling the number of people conventional bombing killed in World War II. Did it was it sent a message. And the message to the imperial Japanese government in August of 1945. Was real simple. Hey here's what we have as a weapon. We're gonna keep usually these bastards until we hold only -- -- is your country. You guys get a surrendering yet. And -- beholden a couple of weeks there was a surrender ceremony on the deck of the Missouri. It was a Missouri. Using the a bomb. Sent a message to Japan. We eight screwing around. We're done with this war. We're not gonna send our guys into an invasion of your sacred homeland. We're simply got to use the eight bomb on city after city after some won't kill millions if we have to. But we will utterly destroy you before weeks we waste another American like try to fight to on the ground. Two atomic bombs is what it took four told Joseph. And Harry he told was a puppet. We're told Joseph in the imperial Japanese government and the war party in charge of it to say we're done we give up we can't fight this. Two atomic bombs that killed fewer people -- carpet bombing with conventional weapons in Japan alone. Ladies and gentlemen we have the technological. Advantage. We're talking about. A group that controls. Large swathes. I'll be rock right now. And Syria I might there. At -- group by the way we are through Ben -- -- this all highest together do you not get theirs. -- adopt -- don't trust the Republican Party to tell you the truth about this because they wouldn't know the truth we kicked him in the gas. We made this terrorist group possible. You didn't hear of crisis I -- until went. -- ready to start hearing about. OK after Ben -- which came first and -- -- crisis. We made these groups. Not the first time a foreign policy has gone back passwords against the United States. We have seen the enemy. We have seen the video. Actually the videos. Ladies and gentlemen. In the real world but what I set up the real world be a bad neighborhood. You wanna send the message we are crazy bastards. You do not -- with us. At this point if I president of the United States I would authorize the use of 21 for each hostage that was murdered. Tactical nuclear weapons against crisis or eyes still held territory. In Iraq. With a very strong message. We have a lot more where these came from. You cut the crap you do it now. They take another hostage. We send ten tactical nukes into their areas. Doesn't -- -- -- you know what it's a shame innocent people by the September 11 as well publisher ward Churchill. Innocent people unfortunately always died in bombing. And I can speak. In some respects. Second hand about this because my great grandmother's hometown was a place called Ohio LeBron in Germany HE RIL like Kyle Hitler -- -- BE RO NN -- In the Second World War my great grandmother's hometown was pretty much analyzed by conventional carpet bombing. Had she gone back to Ohio LeBron after the Second World War she would not have recognized it because nothing was there any more. That she -- recognized. Whether you die in a nuclear attack. Or a conventional bombing attack really doesn't met at bat what difference does it make. What it sends the message to our attribute that the message it sends to these people is we are -- -- around. We're done witness. You like be heading the two guys. In my best Leslie child voice from a hangover. Copy -- Is like a glove bit just. That's what I would do. Basically you tell these bastards where crazier than you are. Oh yeah we've got better toys and you've got any questions. 8030930. Start on thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen -- freak everybody out. You do know that whole bunch of airliners haven't taken from Libya right big airliners. What's amazing is the Islamic fascists palm pilots who could actually -- the planes. We knew that they could fly into buildings couldn't get away. Maybe cold little higher. By the way. Folks the law is an ass. Dickens said. Charles dickens'. -- you know today in court in buffalo. Al Gore's lawyers in court argued over whether -- well Lynn -- was crushed to adapt. Part of -- In the crash at thirty for a seven. How about. What do Friday. -- Or let's go to Bob in cast today get a WBM hello. You don't serve. I'm good I'm gonna find out you know I. I have no idea what to watch is set well I probably would start would carpet bombing them for like five or ten days. That for every one that every person every -- vacant and murder. But what but why would you talk about why would you do that because carpet bombing didn't -- World War II with Japan. And the only thing at the world to work to Germany was taken the capital Berlin which the Russians enjoy laughter. Well it would probably offend Obama left to. We carpet bomb. They'll work we're talking about what offends Obama. We're talking about how to deal with -- -- licensed and al-Qaeda and this is bubble -- savagery which will kill Muslims Christians Jews anybody who doesn't see things their way both of -- -- police and delete and -- from FaceBook page behead. You don't have to be killed in that unfortunate they're training their children to kill bill. So you can't get sympathy for that group. -- Would never I would never pressure and I mean. -- -- them a year once famously said I'll paraphrase a peace will come to the Middle East when they love their children more than they -- hours. Law. Well up -- if I just let -- I think the nuclear thing would be dot net way and I think I I like your idea I have to admit. Well again Bob it is. It sends the message. Okay. Really be heading try these on for size. You don't mess with us and by the way I'm crazy enough to order their use. Well wolf -- for president. All right thank you very much by the way I do I do insist upon the enabling act passed shortly after my election I just wanna be dictator for years now don't go away. And I'll I'll raise dental floss somewhere thank you know three on 930. I never thought I would say it is and by the way don't count on this president to do the right thing because this president. He has more sympathy. For these groups that he does for the Tea Party. -- you sit at the guy we have a White House right now. Is probably closer and ideology. To the Islamic fascists who saw people's heads up that he -- to Ross Thompson. Or Carl Paladino that's -- That is disturbing to -- And he is the most I don't he now he. Did he the golf course -- -- -- make a statement. Famously during his vacation. He was so. I. It's passed. It's it's a par programs. And a two and its leaders on the golf course -- -- it up. Even the mainstream media was aghast. If folks you guys again and to keep Sanders. Peres when I'm right I like to say that when I'm wrong and men and -- would bit too. You guys were right about Obama. He's not incompetent he wants the United States on its knees he wants the United States -- paper tiger he wants the United States over. He thinks -- the problem in the world. And he cats and Michael Savage by the way you can hear him and the one. I talked about this before Michael's a Smart guy on a Smart guy I read stuff he reads stuff I have sources he has sources. Last night when he talked about our military being deep ball. And patriots being fired from command positions he's absolutely right when he talked about the agency being the bald he's apps he was absolutely right. I got the same info years ago. -- savaged as well. So you can call a lunatic that's fine by me. And I have differences with Michael but he's absolutely spot done when he talks about our military and our CIA this president. Took the -- on him. And instead of Jihad is -- being. Seen as America's security threat. The key part is seen as America's security threat. And there remind people that cap the whole poll is a lot closer to Barack Obama. And Nancy Pelosi. And Brian Higgins mentality that I'll ever be. She -- vote is lieutenant governor. All right and AccuWeather -- And by the way is rigged -- that Obama get special treatment as a student at US schools by claiming he was a foreign student -- doubt about that I mean I don't get expressed that because that people call you crazy burger but. Why are school records by the way. I'm so proud of myself for at least not voting for this guy out of some sense of white guilt because I don't really evident. They're partly cloudy tonight. I have -- deal good is -- late night fog in the southern -- 61 below tomorrow partly sunny. Warm in the afternoon the high of 84 degrees. Right now. Well. It's 78 at news radio 930 WB and judge your resume a great job at master control folks have I told you what he's dealing with right now technologically. You would want to give him a big cares because basically he's been right now John is it technical help. And somehow he's maintained his composure. I've dropped a few F bombs John has maintained his composure there is but not a huge John. Well not. I'd drop -- John were were not on the year we're neighbors here's James on WB and James not. 08. I called you -- -- week told I'm looking for great at the -- are you know -- -- to -- up -- Loni in her. By hearing him today. All the lawsuits out we are all hard and two dogs but already we're talking about and and admitted being. That you're talking about this -- goblet our radio the thing that even broke back at the opening. First of all Obama. You know weapons. To al-Qaeda. In Libya the same guy. In weaponry gave him he'll learn got a. OK nobody accepted stipulated to go -- Being. Freedom fighters who supposedly we're getting GAAP. By far the award approval later and you -- respect our during -- old we gave him to McCain in the the -- people didn't know weapons. One of -- We started our. And that reduces this is not exactly breaking route I talked about this earlier the -- William man. And I don't want. Everybody. Mark weren't familiar and were a bit -- all the -- -- don't -- Where -- -- -- and why didn't the mark and world clinician about a this government. IA had to -- our caller he used language that I personally don't quite effective in the least but tender little ears out there might have been offended by students are you can't use that word on the radio. I wish you cut but I don't on the FCC. It is -- if the -- acted. In -- swear words folks that's how good I am with the light which are right it is at 355. It's the apology. -- -- that a new swear word I call it ideology and suddenly I feel intellectually vital but you can't say those things on here you captors have. Unfortunately. -- Is the phone number you -- president of the United States what your plan for dealing with the Islamic fascist scum bags who by the way kill Muslims they kill Christians and Jews and over one billion Muslims in the world yesterday killed nobody. Just again I like the point that out. -- Like people in my grandmother's hometown a pile my great grandmother's hometown a pile LeBron. When you allow a guy like where to take power in your country work your neighborhood. What do you expect is gonna happen to. If you remain mute well evil thrives. You're gonna be victimized. When the hand of righteous justice finally pushes the button and. Opened huge.

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