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9-3 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- how many did you hear John Kerry. The the sound -- for John -- secretary of state in the last newscast now I don't want this to be misinterpreted. I was I was -- straight I believe in the power of prayer. Believe in god and believe in religion not anti any of those things. But I found his comment would be. What's the word I'm looking for not so enlightening or maybe it isn't -- everything about it John Kerry said. For Hillary decried the the obvious to -- headings which we would world hours. But then he said. Four of -- of for the families of the hostages still being held. The -- in our prayers. Well that's nice as I said I believe in our prayer. But is that it. They're gonna pray for them that's it. You know I know that's powerful and sometimes miracles happen. But I -- you think if you wore her one of those. Hostages still held. You've probably seen the videos because they probably major look at these 20 prior hostages. That were held in the same situation you are and you saw their heads sawed off. And now you see the secretary. Of state. John Kerry right and -- the president. And and you get hope bear maybe they've worked something out may be of help as something's something's gonna is gonna happen and he says. We're going to pray for. What does that say what that state to you if you were the -- It wouldn't show me much hope. That the cavalry is going to ride to the rescue. It wouldn't show me much hope that they're going to do everything possible to avoid a third to be adding. It's just it's it's it's boilerplate stuff. That they always say you know when just before they executed criminal. In this case innocent people. So to me that was lacking. In what I was looking for for a statement so that's that's what they got at the United States gonna -- that's and I hope it works I'll put. To me him. As -- said don't misconstrue what I said I do believe in the power of prayer but I think you need more to witness. Today it's owed to pay it's been holding the longest. WB -- Mr. B it's cheaper Montero -- Be with you again you know we we take a look at it's a real eye opener. When we find out if Italy briefings come over and I. You do not need what is -- -- military -- eight. That information up. And I think we really happened how -- back in it in C. Then as -- see them mainstream. -- That is it was a Republican now -- network had not been impeached along time ago all this story that he would not -- basis. Looking at every single word coming out on his secured hit it pretty big. Which usually get that ought to -- Bright and I didn't that he opted to -- -- well over 400. Okay -- Are getting out there and raising money individual event. It's been it was made knows a few days ago. That he has been briefed on prices for over a year and and apparently nothing was done to prevent the sort of thing. But you know what it should be that we know it's not that that Rudy really good journalists from -- that broke that could yet -- the -- -- I can't remember her name anyways. Got worked -- both coming back. They are so scrutinized about their information. They're why it is not a -- They're why is it common sense and not because that there were actual debate that mainstream would run with it every night go look ox. Yeah they Fox's and as disseminating information but maybe not everybody wants to hear but I think they go out of their way because they know they've got a target painted on the back. Who do what you just said to make sure that what they get on the -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- you may a couple of caller there. Was between old. It's -- -- -- in good that we don't act is that it and he'd gotten. It where where law. You're not only -- -- complete bite to eat. Or at all pocket right now I. Would not that they -- So much into Barack Obama becoming an -- The market that call -- like you we don't know you know we're we don't know. Show me somebody is read anything he published in college apartment. It hard to find nothing yeah exactly. -- -- It is scary time up in Canada we have a lot of people that are much more aware of what's going on did -- percent of what. Running into get better because we don't like dirt. That are in the current indicated and candid about our because like I -- wait you know -- court that -- -- -- -- way up north. IGE a RO seven meanwhile. That it caucus and trot out and I -- appear. And don't forget there's a lot of people would probably repeat its degree sure all. Well thank thank you we've always we've always enjoyed our Canadian dollars and thanks you're always on -- -- again thank you very much. It's the kind of thing the year through our window it was referred to our to a mere window but he was referring to is. If you perceive this president as. Week. And if you perceive that you are very perceptive for a because he has OK if you perceive that you know you've got a couple of years before the new president takes over no matter who it is. And I can't thank the fact that we would elect somebody who will be more docile and he has. Basically he's he's -- he's out of action. He's sitting in the corner waiting for the game and I'm and that's that's the way it is so you gotta accelerate your timetable. If you wanna come here and cause problems as that is the ultimate goal of licenses to attack us on our own homeland. Now you got two years to do. So -- the clock is ticking. And by the way on what is at the week from tomorrow is the anniversary and yeah. -- their very big on symbolism. But so it's compressed into a two year period it's a bad combination. With a weak president. A combined new old target date of two years to get something done if you're terrorist. And the note I would no plan. And that -- talk show hosting as -- planets he is saying has no plan. In ads is standing up before your boss. And in this case your boss would be the American people. But take two year old level. Standing up before your boss and your boss says what are we gonna do about this and you sentinel. You have no job. Understand but the workers out on the floor wouldn't be. Applauding and saying how Smart you are a great job you're doing. When you have no plan. You've got enough people to help you make the plan. I mean maybe -- out a plan have you thought more about it. Maybe that plan doesn't come and build up is when they're on the third hole -- the got an easy putt. You know -- talk about or your driving around your golf cart waving and smiling. You get on Air Force One yet. Go bounding down the stairs you give a speech we have all kinds of smiling people behind you. Who probably have a damn cold always know what's what's going on. But that's what we. And we're stock went on for another two years. I'm asking you for the man who says he has no plan -- -- -- he has -- low. What is your plan military strikes last time we checked the -- bowl was 88%. Of -- -- listeners said you know the -- -- -- Is America in a period where we have no forward motion. From the David -- wished to a dead in the water. Going against the when we have no forward motion. Would rather be fear or love will be back at the office of his -- company very disturbing what's going on now. The image of a second American journalists these are not people. Wearing an American uniform is of people who -- journalists there to document what's going on. And the second beheading. And yeah we get the usual. Words from the president that's all it is his words I'm sure that. The people who make up ices are quivering in their -- over his words meanwhile what does these today. He says we we have no. -- Now let's hope he's lying -- does have a plan but. And that's though like when he said. It is not going to be any military action no matter what's going on and you -- Between Austin and Russia certainly -- threaten Russia like that but why does he feel a need. To tell the world all the things we want bill. Is there is there -- need to that. Can you imagine if this were -- boxing match. Before it starts -- I'm not going to Libya doing this or that or whatever I mean please just go about your business. Prepare something actually does some work about that. And then execute your plan and hopefully things get better but he's he's now he's going to build up a coalition. He's waiting and sewing -- I think he's working o'clock. I think it is though hoping that the clock runs out before it has to do anything. He's got two years left that's a long walk it's not a it's not the NBA Clark and -- -- that. So while he's doing that now he's going to put a coalition together. George Bush for a coalition together to going to wreck we understand. I don't think we have I access. That you need to coalition. But at least he's got some thought going into that but there again we gonna wait till somebody else gets them. He added we gonna wait till Wednesday mixture of people from different parts of the world so that everybody will be motivated as much as we are. It's pathetic Tony a couple of FaceBook and Google's. -- says let's send Obama over there to negotiate in apologize. Yeah I'll apologize it must be our fault. We're sorry that the the next of those two a journalist colleges such a problem -- your knife. Yet you talk about cowards. The guy with a knife wearing a hood. Execs doing person will win has no ability to. To go against -- game and throw a punch. There handcuffed. I think there and got their hands are behind there there -- back. In Orange jumpsuits kneeling while they hacked off they saw off. Their heads. Those are real real. A real real gutless wonders on Wednesday. The people died with dignity the other is standing there above the -- with a knife after having -- -- a -- their problem what -- -- and other employees. Christian says wake -- Europe in Asia and combined to level every area. They are known to hide in destroy every government known to harbor and fund these scum bags no sanctions no negotiation. There is no place for them in this world. I like that sounds good of a thank you let's go to -- man now in buffalo recommend here on WBN. Daddy are you but I haven't talked to you in awhile what's on your mind today. Well I don't they have almost from our radio whatever grip compared to -- Didn't Obama -- shopping like should -- the -- -- polish. Young wouldn't rush you know until he brought the more -- -- sure -- The cliche that -- He said that an OJ said he was gonna search for the murders of his ex wife and and the guy and I I'd take the same. Amano -- belief into each of those statements. But it what are surgery -- every golf course yup they can bag and if he's if he's playing golf this president might find them. Relentlessly. Pursuing people. I ask you are at all. What is -- going are and what -- between. The fourth graders in vacation. You know our. -- somebody. That actually born into crisis. Supposed to take from all of these I mean there's -- saying and that will be. It was incredible it was showing incredible weakness and and a by showing that anybody wants to do us harm is looking at this this is the time to do it especially in the next two years I think the next year's going to be very very perilous in this country. Because we got a guy asleep at the switch and keep in mind. The military can't start without them that's the key got to remember that now. We don't look at this now -- -- -- Oberto. Okay he added deal -- terrorist for Bober. Yeah I'll all the sudden we -- hostages again all the sudden they want to caught deal. Or -- becoming -- -- is not created more records and a war. I mean the military themselves said -- why would you do this for for him. Because most of them consider him a very much on the borderline Novo. Of not being worthy to have that done for him. But he was happy to do that but in this case we just heard John Kerry say. That the administration would pray for them though though the hostages that are still held. While that's very nice however I'd like to see so I'd like to see some more action on the ground by people who aren't god. -- -- -- -- -- When he said. -- -- -- -- Hearing on arm carry you know oh well -- -- you -- all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it is done tiger a man. And here total. Their partners that are mr. crumble Libya yes I did and where things going maybe -- -- buildings near you via. For me that's going on and also. For all right. While the. You got Iraqi ago -- you -- Ukraine got them Missouri got all these things where the president should be engaged. And where -- overseas okay thank you agree -- a -- about it. Yeah I mean there's all of these things -- -- fix means something. Imagery is important. It's important here and it's certainly important abroad. Of force somebody who looks like the -- he's got the world by the tail everything's going swimmingly. Those images don't don't coincide with two heads being removed from shoulders. They simply don't riding a golf cart doesn't cut it really doesn't and especially having your own photographers that the pictures and release them. Those were not renegade pictures that are paparazzi though White House pictures. -- and vote. Well he's so cool as thing one could only wish that. He was committed to the job I guess you like the thought of getting the job not the thought of doing the job will be back after this. But he's owes them -- problem it was written by Pittsburgh post gazette columnist David shrimp men. Says it all the headline world is changing fast and America's -- stock. The ultimate goal of licenses to attack the American homeland. And then he says. This is one of those moments. It's also one who's heavenly -- moments aware the United States is in irons stopped. Pointing directly into the wind having lost all had -- he's a rare referencing both of course but I think -- a metaphor is correct. We are we're stuck where are stuck right now at least not for another two years. Which start growth would go forward progress was stuck where the president does know what the hell he's doing or has no inflammation -- it. -- -- -- we just waited out to look at the clock expires the -- two years we get somebody in -- wants to do the job that's his run for. Ensco to David and lock forward David you're on WB again. Mortenson. -- comment on when your previous callers. I treatment I. You don't want me when I refer to him as more moral equivalence. The one that every time he mentions Ronald Reagan -- to follow it up by saying how he cut and run from Beirut. Yeah -- was -- out in the early eighties I believe that loading up truck with TNT. And suicide bombing yourself at this 72 virgins was a relatively new phenomenon to the United States. And just stand there and -- it again what you weaknesses exposed. You gotta be unity. I -- a lot of blame Reagan yeah -- yeah so Reagan got our data there and he he can't run by talent -- baby. What went CIA or whatever intelligence confirmed that I -- was behind it Reagan told -- maybe apart the I ran baby at the bottom of the ocean. They're fortunate -- goal line. That that's how we cut and run from Beirut we punish the people who did. Well we should be doing that now to go to. We should learn that lesson -- I don't know what is it that this game man but there isn't there's another one -- scream in my radio every time because -- -- and he -- My you know we have extremist -- I'm not laughing. Every single -- -- scream at -- ask them for example now. On the right. That -- she journalists. Yes that media that we know we got an opinion guy who putts but don't put your opinion guys now know after posing as journalists. Well you're right you've got -- nailed it. The difference between being a journalist and a talk show horses we get paid for our opinions. Are journalists is supposed to be reporting new -- and it's unbiased and unfiltered. -- let me disagreement here. Please. I believe. And I can back it up through every country that's going to help since Obama has gotten into office including costs. Starting with Egypt all the way through what I won't Gloria I didn't want before that -- and at that. You can't -- up has consistently and evidence an accident is not incompetent. Every single country that he's stuck his nose into was too -- sided with our enemies is tied in with the terrorists. Every single country and and when you look it's not like Libya or Syria or trying to get rid of the strong man that opened the door for the Muslim brotherhood -- -- -- just like eaten in Indonesia. He's done it in every single country. And he didn't I I can't claim forget that Limbaugh. Yeah I'm sorry -- you choose to disagree -- -- I don't I'm you know basis a regular basis when it comes to politics. I think it's huge in the wrong and what -- that you don't mean you know I mean in general. I mean the guy's a wizard is where it for reasons. And this is what he called the Limbaugh Arab. Obama on the golf course it's not his fault Obama is on vacation. It's Obama's point but fundraisers is not useful and when the crafted and he -- -- the nearest microphone. -- blue book yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- you know I can't even look at them anymore I mean it's it's it's that we have a president that we can't engage where. What ignorant people see him not his fault he's -- -- It was and is and has an alibi you're doing it on purpose he's not incompetent. He even let our country being inundated. I mean how can use. You like that you how can anybody say. They -- and and once he's the only thing for. Assembly he would fundamentally change the country -- we did he did he wasn't specific and nobody asked them. Well nobody asked them that would repeated on the -- yeah -- the only one who has won it he Sean Hannity that he was talking about people like Tony Rezko. And and now what did they don't know players. I just I just saw an interview -- meg and Kelly did a hell of an interview would meadow -- Bill Ayers. And here's the deal she asked him a question and he says is she attributed. Something to him and he says. I never said that that's absolutely not true and she says. It's in your book here it is it was in his. I don't remember a lot of what -- because I'm too busy drooling over make Intel is not if you want if you went law school in Albany and I live in a small town near Albany and -- kick myself why deny Iran and are in Albany. You know would -- about -- -- besides it was similar to she is brilliant and she prepares for interviews -- -- -- -- and you know that it's huge of a challenge something she says you had better come armed because she knows what she's talking about dad. Yeah yeah I hear ya gotta go out there thank you yeah. Making Kelli Shean tell Bill -- -- call Bill Ayers. Didn't believe any thing that she was saying and she had everything documented. That said you know that movie denied denied denied denied no matter what happens that's what he was doing. In the point is there a couple of times she just took him cleaners. Where she thought NRA and pointing out that what he's and then he denied saying. And his wife Bernadette Dorn has a much better and he is. Oh by the way there friends of the president that we mentioned that. So she's you better not mess with her she's more than a pretty -- she is brilliant and I La love. The -- she prepares that's the reason idea I'd like some people. Of the do those kind of -- is because they are ready others Larry kings of the world are not. And deviant even admitted he's never read anything or just goes their wings that. But when you get in a studio would have meg and Kelly you better be ready to rumble will be back depth of his region -- Tony a couple of Facebook's Miller director calls we have full banker calls a lot of Facebook's. Lot of interest in the subject -- -- says. Go golfing in let everyone be. Always know it is with plan but -- eliminate the scum bags after that now -- that's -- the last callers that. The places he was it's almost like he has an alibi. There was golf thing he was you know he was on the occasion. He did didn't see any venue wasn't part of that there is little blame him. So that that's an interesting. Directed there another place Verna says knew the area make it a parking lot there is no reasoning with these people well there I think you're right it's called civilization for a reason. If you think -- sawing off hacking off a person's head for any reason is civilized and you and I have a different dictionary. Let's go to Rambo gem gem here on WB again. Yeah how are they the he had mr. Roberts for dark I'd be doing any mr. Roberts in which they locked if it's too late to convert them. That we must exterminate them. They love app that lets give them that depth that they were so desperately want to but what they why aren't they want that -- so. They're like it. If they want those virgins we're gonna run out presume would go ahead. -- not be what the margins because like they elect the -- bad. The fat of the bat in the Bible god that you don't love me you love that that was what they got in another point I wanna make. I told clips meant that they after 9/11 happened and that the direct quote what I said at the clip. The holes are quite to -- -- quarter Shelby. No quarter shall be different. Stand by what I said I knew what was gonna get Kong doubt the best. There's no other way we -- exterminate Bambi or very exterminate -- I tend to agree -- you vacuum there's no way we're gonna sit down at a table and be civil about it if you like this. At the end of world awards show. Germany and those -- surrendered. And and sign something and and that ended that and we were more civilized and we had trials of course. Nuremberg. Four -- Floor things that it happens above and beyond in World War II oh. I can't see us ever sitting down at a table with a crisis I -- -- How how do you how do you get anywhere from be heading to people. How do you how do you is that as a starter in the conversation. There's no there's no justifying it. It because they aren't even militaristic -- word journalists. So there were members of the military they weren't out to kill -- merger they -- -- to report the nose and you decided that you would take him behead them. Hours ago from there. Let's go to a day and a -- buffalo -- on W via. -- -- -- -- One thing I can stand. Has there at that media and then reporting -- Obama hasn't been doing his job. For years. But look what he's accomplished. Over these years that he's been president. The federal government two years ago -- by two billion bullet. And got the juices are clearing out for CIA to -- the Syrian rebels. He traded one US soldier for -- -- leading terrorists. Our borders are completely -- No regulation on drone flying over the US airspace. Illegal aliens receiving more benefit than US citizens. So what I hear that. He's busy playing golf and fundraising while it should be defending our country I think who he really is working harder than most Americans. And look what he's accomplished stirred up Syria. Hamas will Muslim Brotherhood. Libyan -- Libya countries no longer. I -- Ukraine. Open their borders totally silent for a Republican Party and now it's only a matter -- for the -- a check or land. -- is that experience war over 150 year. While that's a pretty compelling argument that I wish you would would be before congress when there were having impeachment hearings but very well said thank you Dan thank you very much. Yeah -- if you think about like that. Because it's got to be one way or the other either has to be totally incompetent too damn lazy to do the job or he's focused all the time in this is a remember this guy who fell out of the sky we know I think a bottom while we hire only hired him to be president. I anybody to criticize them was it was seen as a dissident for no good reason. And it turns out that his fundamental change of America which he promises not exactly what we're expecting. When it comes to change we thought it would be more beneficial but apparently. It is to him but not necessarily and ideals. Hello can it's codes who fail and amorous failure on WB again. Real quick things that have got to be done we need a draft we need the -- ground. And we have to have President Obama stepped on the that Biden typical profile on the waiting. Or I got to step down an -- -- the eagle in there. You know and deal with these people I hate it but I wouldn't get like Hitler nobody thought it would do anything going with the because through -- in the tank. The wake up call it's too late and it's one. Obama has got it stepped up. Okay thank you very much you know as scary part about that last call is the fact that we would be rooting for Joseph Biden the takeover. It will be getting ready. I'm in that think about that have you given any thought that's only Joseph Biden. Unfortunately. I can't stop laughing every time I picture him. Sitting behind the cause violence and bass player while yes I mean there's a certain. He can be at times. Ingratiating. You know Eric -- goof ball. But I don't think I want him in the Oval Office anymore that I want Obama becomes crosses Dalton. You know I don't know if he's -- -- them basically when he was a senator he couldn't it was much harm. But now he's he's the last dog a lot of this stuff in Obama sends him out his preaching good word and but remember you we have hired him as a team and he got him as a team. I was doing a great job but this is the. -- You know when you face ignorance like that you're you're just wanna scream Napoleon era I don't have here. But I wanted to grow hair so I could pull out. Because when you guys can step right Ryan's got a lot of here as well Ryan's hair out I'll borrow. But as we said earlier in the show next time somebody says something that you know whole. Just repeating something they heard but at all so they can't even anyone document it. When they say something stupid. Obviously not paying any attention just -- floor. One example they won't be able to give you one example and -- conduct a conversation with them. It won't happen. We've become late today detached society it's basically eight. I don't wanna know what's going -- just make sure I get mine -- my goodies every month from the government. Don't be part of 10 whatever. And keep -- -- well these things are going on immigration is still circulating. He was supposed to talk about earlier than this but he's put it off a little bit so he got all of these things happening at once. Was it dumb writer Rob Reiner who came recently said that the Tea Party are terrorists he likened the Tea Party. I mean does he really even know what a terrorist is -- -- I'm sure he sees a lot of terrorism Beverly Hills you know that's the problem if you like somebody as a director or in his case an actor and a director. And don't believe that because they're -- directing or even -- acting. Good they're good and anything else that's a good example that about wraps it up and we'll see fuel. Tomorrow at 9 AM on who's ready at 930 that Libya.

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