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9-3 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back live region governor. I'm sandy beach and the president has promised justice well Woolsey. No timeline of course it's funny how he's let's lets the world know something's been on others. Does not have a plan according the president -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- what is -- what is your thought. While military strikes that seems to be thought of most of our listeners 88%. Said on the WB a web poll. The military strikes would be in order. Is America kind of stock would -- forward motion. David Shrum and Robert commentary from the Pittsburgh post gazette. He said amid all this disease talking about how the president has been criticized for being asleep at the switch. On Iraq Libya Ukraine Missouri just a whole long list of things. I set amid all this country is hopelessly in irons a nautical condition. That occurs according to be official Coast Guard auxiliary handbook when a boat is stopped. Pointing directly into the wind having lost all headway. It's one of those heavenly -- moments when the United States is in the irons stopped. Pointing directly into the wind. Having lost all -- And I I think that is sole. -- sank regarding a what is happening to America right now. -- -- we're stuck for two warriors in this -- And we're not going anywhere but meanwhile he's getting slapped on a regular basis by the scum of the earth and I don't know what's going on behind the scenes but not much -- them and how much is happening. I don't wanna be reactionary Ellerbe knee jerk but the bottom line is it's more than just him it's the whole country. We're slipping into disrespect slipping into people don't I don't think buses and windows have. Now maybe that's an important to you but it's important may because if they think of view as a decisive country that will protect its own. Then there are less likely to do things. That are going to cause even bigger problems just like the Cold War that's the reason we got through the Cold War. Let's go to Fred Lewis and fragile on WB again. A I'd I'd I'd like to say first saw that. You're. Topic this morning is a really difficult. Complex. -- issue. But I'd I believe personally that he is hey muzzle. And part of that and has something to do where he's indecisive. Always always said he was a Christian and I have no reason to believe. That that is controlled or go ahead. And RA. But regarding. I think the military. If I lose I agree with the military you. Response. I really believe it saying it's time for the military to go and do stuff without him. Well they really can't they really cat he's the commander in chief that's the problem if we if we if you were impeached or something every different what. This Angel well you hate you I'm not disagreeing with -- on that but what I'm saying is the military -- proceed. Under the laws of this country because he is the commander in chief. In other. He's he's he's he's all bad he -- all bad. That there are times when the American people. Should disregard -- saying laws as far as I'm open. Well let me tell you something if there were another country. Cause some other country they would've already overthrown him with some kind of a -- Budget that is what where a body we got to stick with -- -- and if they're bad unless we go through the proper procedures which. If their call for that's what we have to do because he's a very inept leader thank you very much you know later at all as far as I'm concerned. But the camp via suggesting the military go ahead. Despite him. I mean the military has had bad the president's before aren't that Brawley a bad president in the future. But that's the one that's the one cat you know on -- out of the bag is the military acting unilaterally can have that is just simply can't. But if you if you think about. The American public right now. When they do all these surveys. And -- respect who don't respect congress it's a terrible number or Greg awful. It's like in single digits of love doing a good job or being respected. The president's getting every every with every -- getting worse and worse and worse he's on a downward spin. The only group that I have respect on a large bases and has headed for sometime is the military. Because we see them as a disciplined group and a lead to grope a committed group. Although I'm sure they have their politics they're not allowed to a spousal marlin uniform basically so they kind of keep it to themselves but how would you like to be. One of those generals or admirals there are people in the top rungs of the military. Having a discussion about your commander in chief and a private setting. One would guess. And it's only guess that they're not too happy about this because when he gets bitch -- -- -- bitch slap to. We know we have the best military in the world -- we have the most authority it militarily in the world but. Is there you know he wants to keep downgrading and downgrading them making them less and less and -- And the more he does of that. Combined -- a -- letting people step all over us that's a bad combination. He got a perfect storm for America. Not being anything like you grew up with -- or I grew up with just being another second class a third class banana republic. Minus the bananas. 830930180669. -- music star and I'm thirty -- Diane and see what -- things before the break and -- on WB haven't I. Hey you kind of glad that we -- and food -- I bet that the government -- You know. -- -- they don't really reckless statement now what doubt. You have to look at how bad pit box and look at Fannie Mae and how much I. Imprudent I don't perhaps they don't treatment went to -- Well look at Saudi or -- we talk about. Being down. Rational reasonable you're right they're loaded with money they don't treat their women right at all and they're kind of like stuck in a former AG even though they have all that money. The money doesn't -- you know they do it. They live like playing -- -- I remember -- to -- out that the dot -- -- -- -- that the money you know and then other people living in -- and an innovative work being part of ice without. Look at -- saying we ended up dragging him out of a hole in the ground he went from what you just described multi palaces. Billions of dollars hidden away. And we had to pull him out of a hole in the ground so that that gives you an idea of -- progressive some of these countries. I have I think I believe I do that as did. Well -- Obama being the -- that I'm -- -- in those. -- I believe I have never -- to put that we didn't stay at a that's a hundred yet. Well maybe we need to pay an immigrant god -- -- of likely stay in Germany and we stay in -- re cowards. Career never believed because their own thing -- it's gonna stabilize the Middle East and then we cut. Yeah so -- all the crap that the people. Well we've been an South Korea on the rim border for a row. Since the fifties and we still have a large force there it seems like. I wish we could just wave a magic wand and suddenly bring a modern ago. Keep their women like cabins they wanna treat certain group like cabbage and no you know I -- I'd get -- -- Just the way they think you know what they did -- little competitive added that the Pope had somebody at -- deadlock in elk and a. Now they've they've been they've been on the play soccer with people's heads -- sends us I'm. As you say. No women need to and then next thing I can come up. We need to look for a man I met mr. arms -- him and not and they didn't come into. I'm betting that. And now -- -- -- yeah. He's singular minded keep in mind. But he knows and every Israeli leader knows that the their neighbors want them off the face of the earth so are you going to be ever vigilant that we have more. We have more room in this country for ineptitude and often shows up in the form of the White House thank you. Right now we have the most inept president ever seen and it's getting it's not getting it already is embarrassing. Will be back but -- I am by the way am I am because he's cool. Or give a fist bump to his wife. You know that kind of stuff as a stand by meanwhile will lose all standing that we have in the world. It's taken all of these years about this country -- ago. A shorter time period it is that is going downhill in Lahore will be back after I mentioned this at the beginning of the show. What we talk about civilization. And civilized. When no when we rounded up terror suspects after 9/11 we brought him down at gitmo which is in. Guantanamo naval base which is part of Cuba. Ninety miles from from Florida and ninety miles that's it's about same -- from here to Erie Pennsylvania. What happened what happened some of our own population. Was concerned and spoke out because they wanted to make sure that these terrorists suspects. Had air conditioning. I'd be making that out. Now you flat a flat out fast forward to this. And now we've got terrorists who obviously. Are terrorists because they're making videos and showing terroristic acts. Their reaction. To non combatants. To two journalists or not there to shoot them kill them running -- they're there to document what's going on. They cut their heads off. So you think that might be a little difference in civilization between us and ices and keep in mind prices is a there are out there as a matter of fact in the same article by David Sherman. Said the good noses that ices his isolated with several of the of other reviled groves. Taking up opposition but alas not arms against against them. Hamas the Muslim Brotherhood Hezbollah and al-Qaeda. So they don't like them any more than we like them. -- with an on going up against them so as far as I'm concerned terrorism is terrorism. This is not a yeah you know put on the gloves kind of thing. They're cutting the heads off of our citizens it's time for the president to concentrate on his job. And I always thought as a child foolishly and innocently. That if you harmed an American overseas it would be really really a bad thing to do. That we would retaliate. And there was always that strength of the stronger you are the less chance that something's gonna happen. But what he's doing with the president's doing he showing repeated weakness. And you show week weakness is not to be confused with compassion. To people overseas people overseas might see compassion as weakness and what do you do when you see weakness if you're in the terrorism business you strike. -- much time they have before we come to our senses and elect another president because of term limits we got to a year's -- Two years so anything that they wanted to do because ices is made their statement that they want to be here in the American homeland. Yeah I wanna be in Cheektowaga they wanna -- and Boulder, Colorado they wanna be here. We don't wanna be fighting them door to door. And they have money. And they have they have weapons. And the last thing we need is for them to achieve a foothold in America meanwhile the president playing golf. And he says some harsh words every once in awhile. And just takes it easy aggressive. Let's go to our allies in west Seneca. Ally Iran WB again. I standing in that world. Yeah really is not about zones -- do you wanna you know -- through all of. That they they keep coming command minded president Harry Truman -- -- They'll pop up here and it must've been a horrible decision for him to make. To -- the to the war. If you don't like it they can we can't -- of apples and the -- gutter rat and -- and what do you do with the -- apple that you now get. Them. The only unfortunate thing is now. -- and it is very difficult situation. It's almost like -- a no win win situation. All you retaliate. And then you could open up another. Can alarmed. Well I'll tell you one thing this -- is not winning any friends even in the terrorist community you know I have a feeling that. -- ever the end of what was the godfather tool. Well while the christening was going on they were taking out all the enemies of Michael Corleone. I think that this has to be a coordinated effort. To go after them big time I don't think there'll be retaliation. From any other members even in the terrorist community. Because they are so bad that if we managed to get enough Intel. And get the rights plan the right timing and everything we could take them all lot of ones I think that would via a service to humanity and would also show -- bit. You know we don't all think like combed by area. That we suddenly. Think that and -- for and I is appropriate when are gonna cut their heads awful we're gonna make sure that they don't do that anymore. Well I hope we do it and it but I don't see who's got the courage to do. Not this president that's the problem oh you know what if you see the military most military that you see on TV or whatever are retired. Because I don't think they take too kindly to active military. Criticizing but look at the military they've been around situations like this their whole lives. There their. And then they -- don't -- seem like war hawks like they're out for blood or they have a blood loss. But they understand the weaker you appear the more likely you are soon going to I have to go -- and -- these people it's easier to going now. And cut them off at the knees while while there's still growing as opposed to waiting tiller here in America. And I agree with the insanity. There have been people in recent kind began. Mr. President we ever enjoy via management here -- -- com. A lot of people -- around with a really colored glasses act. In its well. That that is really exists it's kind of face reality. Yeah I really is I'm tired of -- the people who are we paying for others across look others have opportunities to and they they have the ability to think. Many of them have natural resource is that whatever. But I don't know if we get in the brain of somebody who's willing to cut somebody's head off that isn't even in our uniform. There that they're not even military. Cut their heads off who the hell wants to have compassion for them. -- -- -- -- -- -- he'll be. Cutting off another human being. And you know what -- adult you don't have to imagine that there are two videos out there that not only doing it they're proud of -- got to run good blood -- numbers though. Goodbyes. Each government -- -- Yeah you got through measures -- -- videos of their very proud of it and you know what they do before the cutters that jobs they bitch slap the president. These piles of human garbage. Well how much as we don't put up what -- back there. As you can always go via a web page if you'd like to just jot down your thoughts and that we we chose them. Randomly. Two it's a will be -- your thinking back Tony we have a lot of right now wanted to give us double FaceBook polls. Let's go to Patricia who sat. Can have a plan when you condone the killing of Christians and Americans king Barry is the enemy with in. He doesn't have a planet as a truckload I mean really the most inept president I've ever seen it makes Jimmy Carter oh look like you know old Ronald Reagan. Another please. Stephen says you spend one trillion dollars a year for the best military in the world. Give the order to your generals to destroy them. I'm I view on that one absolutely. First of all forget about anything except destroying them. Assembly because I don't I don't think either of the two will be headed journalist and any kind of trial. And he kind of representation. They were told to put on an orange jumpsuit kneel in front of the executioner. Who very brave -- wearing a hood and has a knife. And while you read a prepared statement when you're done he will not cut your hand off he will saw your head off. So you bleeding hearts out there I want to think about what kind of justice those -- journalists got that and get any. And I think that you go in there you get the best in you got you going there -- your best people and go for. Aluminum just take a ride out I don't think there's any other way to do it I don't think they'll be any any tears shed even by other terrorist groups. You talk about inhumane it doesn't get any worse than this think about it like that. If you're standing up in front of firing squad you know united gonna hear the sound of those the rifles. But somebody hacks. Your head off. And if you've seen it that's what they do they don't they -- off basically. It's not clean so I'm Marie Antoinette style its act act act until -- had balls. Tell what kind of -- like a compassionate we're supposed to have for those beasts. I say get it done instead of of the harsh words about -- deeds. My friend on in Pennsylvania -- on WB yeah. They've -- long standing are you today. I am I'm good I'm I'm always good drug deal what do you think about the president's inaction on this this stuff including Libya adding. Well let's put it this way. What is President Obama waiting for anyway. If you waiting for heads to roll in the continental United States before it gets real serious about these terrorists. They wanna come here they're that's their stated goal they want to invade this country. They have a couple of dozen tanks I don't think they're becoming one of them but they have money they have support and and they have no conscience so that's a bad combination for us. It's certainly it is for a at all anybody who thinks they are not already here in this country. It's crazy -- -- there this year. -- absolutely they're worried about the European and a in North American them passports of people coming into an already here in sleeper cells. Absolutely that they are. So -- Obama's response in my opinion that it be heading to James Foley was I might be heading to pick. Golf course again that to me is what he's been that active attitude. You know what you what it's these nuts you know he's supposed to be -- bright guy. He's not Smart enough to recognize the image that portrays. With the leader on the gulf all of a golf course five minutes after his announcement and keep remind those weren't. Dastardly paparazzi. Those photographs were sent out they were made and sent out by the White House. That's exactly what they came from. And and it is indeed the images that is is beyond. Anything I can mention I mean is disgusting. Well he seems pretty pretty comfortable knowing the fact that there's a gazillion. People we're looking after his welfare I don't know how comfortable you feel if you were and one of those countries overseas as a journalist however. Yeah you're right about that. I I would say he kid as much about you and me in the rest of us that it is those people care about them. -- you know it my impression of him is this. He knows he's not going to get his dream of turning America into a socialist state he's only got a couple years left. He's just riding it out get on the airplane. Make a speech here and there -- It's basically he's phoning it in and this is not the time because we've got. Too many things going on all over the all over the world that the president asleep at switch. They're that bright I would everything else is that this morning's. All right Don -- on what they noticed that should be remembered years ago when they used -- the pictures of wanted dead or alive -- the post office -- this and all of a sudden don't show anymore out. I think we guys that putting pictures somebody's terrorists up there. What would the a depiction that debt wanted dead not alive and then maybe we'd get somewhere. It would work you know why wouldn't work because of the people who would complain about that saying that where where where unfavorably targeting this group of people. I mean it's so pathetic right now. I have a bad guys -- bad guy column out and let's deal with them instead of hiding the finals thanks thank you -- good -- in mind. That's what's there were best friends since third grade remembered go to the post -- it was down there and -- wasn't your uncle. Or something like Batman yeah you don't you don't see a much anymore. Well we we've become kinder gentler nation. I'm just really really concerned with the vibes he's putting out. That. People who would do us harm people who would want to do us harm. Are seeing a target of opportunity now it's going to close in perhaps two years so that's gonna compress the time frame for them. Which means that any time from now until the new president takes over. Could be a very dangerous period in our in our history of our country. We'll take a break and we will return with Beijing company under is -- at 930 WB. -- weeks ago -- he. When I read this article by David insurer admin. From the Pittsburgh post gazette. Published in the -- buffalo knows the last two paragraphs chilled me really really did. He talks in the beginning of this piece saying the president has been criticized for vacationing. As crises gather in Iraq Libya Ukraine Missouri. That he says the past several months the west is powerless to stop the flow of Clintonism. Which had knowledge the danger of employing of this kind of attitude or so ago when you give people opportunity and they wanted to do it they'll take advantage of that opportunity. But now he gets of the stuff that made me -- Amid all of this the country is hopelessly in irons. That's a nautical condition that occurs according to the official Coast Guard auxiliary handbook when a vote is stopped. Pointed directly into the wind and having lost all -- It's also one of those have memorable moments when the United States is in irons stopped. Pointing directly into the -- having lost all -- it took all of these years to build momentum. That we have built in this country and our position on the world. And it's taken what six years for Barack Obama practically stop and in its tracks that's that's that's the legacy he makes me sick. Let me just tell you this. When I -- television commentators. And I know that -- just trying to be report fax or you know leads in the right direction as far as the logical is concerned. When they talk about how this is going to affect his legacy. Legacy. -- know what the hell kind of legacy this -- The legacy of any inept person in the United States. President of the United States is that the legacy we want. Because he certainly is inevitably -- any legacy as being effective in the Oval Office that's not going to happen. But that seems to be a concern for journalists what kind of legacy failure. Failure. Is his legacy. Hear what frightens me is that we have people citizens of this country fellow countrymen who believe Barack Obama is doing a great job and that the problem is congress as a -- I see it time to time we get beat -- I think he's doing a great. Amazing. You know when comedians send people out on the street and ask questions -- see how dome some of the population can be. They'll make a statement that they've heard that they -- urged -- OK if you asked them to give you one example they can't do it. So all they can do is say something they've heard but they can't give you one example. And remember how many times we've challenged listeners hear -- say so and -- going to have -- argument example. And they can't. They can't that's what it is and you see that there is a disconnect. Between the American people and that the information flow. Some are super informed. And some aren't informed at all apparently don't wannabe. They're probably not listening to talk radio against -- They just going about blindly about their business and -- and a body in motion tends to stay in motion. You know I think he's doing a good job really. Human example of that. I don't know it's just unbelievable. Ruling. Let's -- -- who lives in its stance and always has an opinion in Rochester on WB and Stan. And then -- I'm. Years ago we should have made it. I can -- and -- show that he gave it to all the countries of the world right now I got three things that you bring up. For a great he's original direction. But if you look back at 9/11. -- categorically state -- the -- to protect. The wreck -- -- Who picked it because -- articulate. That's how he's going to play. That's your opinion that they did it because -- page article. Let go one further if I would I had president Harry Truman was president at that time. Capital of North Korea and capital that -- would have been pot holes but could we would have played -- anyways. Then he would have caught up in the -- and everybody else he can you break -- window given the low. Well just remember this when Harry Truman decided to drop the bombs were already at war. And -- in the and the feeling was if we have to attack the Japanese mainland. They're going to fight fiercely and at that time the thought was we could -- a million people since then some people that dispute that number but the number would have been steep so he did that. To end a war. Not and and wasn't about to start with that but he had the balls to -- This this president wouldn't do it. I was bound and hopefully can you know I'm actually. You know probably the biggest problems -- Why do you think Iran what are -- to ram but the hostages go as soon as Ronald Reagan took the oath of office they didn't go all the time Jimmy Carter was there why. Because they saw weakness. They did not wanna take the same chance was Ronald Reagan and so we got the hostages back I mean. When you perceived weakness and you wanted to do bad things that's when you do. You bring up Reagan when you know the Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon 241 Marines were killed by a bomber. What did Reagan do he -- Lauren polo like OK okay. Well you can cite any examples you want from history I guess we can pick and chose but the bottom line is he if you -- president of the United States. Well we do is we put -- charge to make decisions. And you have a you have a lot of leeway we have a lot of authority. If you don't wanna make decisions you shouldn't run for the office if you are now he's saying. No weapon the next day we as a whole or Rhode Island -- He's. Well what he's saying is you have to wait for coalition -- which by the way may I remind you stand is what judge George Bush said he waited for the coalition before the Iraq I'd I might want to remind you one that. But that's what this -- that's what this president is saying now. Well what do we have to wait until a coalition of of members of different nations get but he added I don't think so. Right now there's only two Americans don't give a scoreboard. Wide world to be headings let's say we got two Americans in there well you know as soon as we get some Middle Eastern heads. And some other European hands. Maybe a Canadian head here and there. And will draw everybody into a coalition will try and well let's have a sit down and discuss at. Meanwhile we have the ability to do it for some reason -- enough. He says where war worry of course. Of course we are. But that was his way of laying the ground work for not doing anything. It was him for making up the excuse for not doing anything I'm not a war hawk. I don't wanna see American bloodshed anywhere. But I especially. Don't wanna see American blood was somebody not wearing a uniform wearing an orange jumpsuit and having his head cut off. There are certain rules of humanity. Even in warfare. And that they don't care about that they really truly ago. Maybe it's gonna take another attack on our soil before people finally wake up. If they wake up if I wake up I I don't have a lot of confidence. Think about it like this one way or attacked at Pearl Harbor. What happened. The recruiting stations were flooded with people who went there to Wear the uniform to sign up to fight for our country. Right now I don't get the impression that people even know what's going on. I mean it's a few people even know what's going on and and they got just easy sound bites. These are comedians set out. -- via a report address questions and one other people's fox noses is biased. And the sizzle will -- me an example. Couldn't come up with a one example. Not won the trophy is fox does occasionally drives me nuts because they got to have some moron on the other side to balance that you're gonna get the same old app. But the bottom line is when somebody says something to you like that just ask them for an example. And you'll find out they don't have any MT MD. I'd love to be playing poker aware of them. You called -- betcha gonna go home real rich. We'll be back after this was reaching.

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