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9-3 Beach and Company Hour 1

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello what is being the governor announced that it needs and I'll tell you what I'll tell you I. I don't care about Iraq I don't care about Libya. I don't care about you leave Ukraine I don't care about Missouri and all I care about is. His Bon Jovi back in that group our reasoning I mean in the important stuff has to be mentioned first. -- I really here. Yes that is the region governor have said -- Tony explained it to me -- Ted -- Television station this morning a -- lead story. The fact that it it it went all of this stuff going on in the world. I believe was that Bon Jovi is rumored to still be in the group who back held cares at this point really I. Think you know from what I understand that this is good news because it puts a cap. Essentially I'm the -- Ronald bidders as to what they can bid on the bills so hopefully put grew will be on how the dam and gain control partying well. Albert Booker -- -- -- anyway yeah no no matter whether Bon Jovi is part of a deal or not and trumpet is trumps and the final three but. -- Yeah -- vote on the -- we wanna know how serious Trump's -- it is. But basically will find out but that's a starting its growing stale loans the bank yeah. Make the bids make that decision yet on what it did it over -- -- -- I've seen countries overtaken and shorter times than this. It is a big company and guess what they're making a statute to my favorite athletes. He was at least one he was. Doing what he did. And that is a Joseph Frazier always loved Joseph Frazier later -- he turned out to be a little incoherent too many blows them ahead but he was a warrior poet was an absolute -- that he did not take a backward step. And in 1971. He beat Mohammed Ali. I'll tell you I was. I was at the theater for that. There's 3002 of the -- 2999. Rooting for Ali. One rooting for Frazier -- me the -- and I kept quiet yeah. -- place where you wanted to say about the smoke show. I I just liked his you know -- -- wet balls so low -- goal for and I like that attitude. But later on -- he became a little problematic and is thinking especially regarding -- with Parkinson's disease and things like that. But they jumped the original sculptor it's video says is being. Finish it's a nine foot -- they know a cast that later but. A by Steven line. One of the problems they had in this day and making the statue is the original -- died. Which is very problematic. They get very little done after they -- And then they ran into some of funding problems but they seem to have that settled and as we says Steve lane is going to finish it. In the coming months it's going to be installed live -- sports stadiums. Our next spreading so that's good Philadelphia. -- of those smoke and Joseph and guided to I want my favorite fighters actually. Wisdom was no better time period for heavyweight boxing then suddenly -- when you had. Frazier Foreman and Ali -- big big time all of them and look at how they change you know Foreman. When Foreman was fighting he was not the Teddy bear UC with a George Foreman Grill no he was Nancy was nasty and tough. It was his hand yeah okay god permits that I. One fighting was calling for HBO. Every -- a crowd I think it was at the garden I'm Madison square I didn't like video results and they started writing. And some people are coming toward the announcing team now what fool approaches George Foreman in an angry manner. And they'll -- was there and there was a merchant and -- a merger was there. And Foreman says I wouldn't be doormat if I -- you remember. If you kept going -- nuts because you're not gonna you're not gonna win that I don't wanna get hit by former -- there was grave error in the slogan goes great records -- was great that's a true. You know about a good fight. Marciano against those smoke and -- 'cause there's some very similar yeah. I'm neither one of them ever took a step back a Marciano. And it is grip 49 and and nothing any any he fought everybody there was the fight. My guess is Marciano would've won based on his -- Is -- -- -- there was ever a part -- may be Tyson. Could rival his punching pol Nawaz a lot of power and it's drama of Massachusetts and I always -- forma. And that he was a real true American story. The loser in the stories I've heard about him is when he would fight in if you put your arms up try to block it you know you absolutely break your blood vessels in your arm. Because he's hitting you so hard his tough guy now he he wasn't responsible for a hole was fighting at that time. And several of the fighters that he fought. They had big names have already past their prime but I wasn't his fault the -- was what he was we was only came in at five but it was great. Rocky a Rocky Marciano and there's certainly smoke in Joseph Frazier. Right now boxing's in kind of lol lol I think I huge I got a slot guy does not much going on right now we're boxing. As far as I'm concerned I think this mixed martial arts is overtaking in in popularity me out you're probably right because you see a lot more for your. -- -- it is because everything any good fight is going to be pay per view yeah that's the point. You think it gives it away -- It's like it's like them mom are showing via. That tape delay of the bills. Starring last week who cares who wants to watch it right what kind of a masochistic you'd have to be crazy to watch what was happening and why would you wanna watch it after it's -- -- you who watch stuff that you know the outcome -- -- did do -- watch football games and I've seen before just to pick up on things that they're doing just technique wound up like I'm now watching it for the all com. I'm watching -- for football while some. -- -- you know -- you hope for a different outcome you hope returns are better than you remembered it but enough about my honeymoon. Greg who can go to that remote region company under -- thirty WB. Tony is master control today and still -- -- still going over solidly a new computers expect idiosyncrasies but he's not worried. Backup job just got a job as a bellboy at Erin andrews' hotel. As a good job you have to look at that little people. All. There's another eyeball. And I think he's good as well as a joke or funny right but I view it check into hotel if you look through the people I -- -- to see if it's working yup and I'm thinking. You know in the movies. That when the bad guys -- there that one person will be at the people but there will be others you can't see. You and equity after -- Right now for the as a mule on ice -- solution. Which should be probably almost all of you. I'm here is that we have a 75 dollars and advocate for European facial. At some solutions and one in the -- that's the place via. General country -- rules apply those illusions is float him a mainstream waves though look looks great on the outside feel great on the inside. Six or 9875. And random caller. If you're nice to Ryan he may give you these smooth solution says Iran I'd love official. And and reaction from -- -- You way to break in and -- Our ideas -- talking about today we're talking about the fact that that's all the president's doing is talking. Words -- words you know on the Kia Kia -- at CNET words words words no action. The bottom line is who is believing this rhetoric we have a second be heading. Of the US citizen. And mine that mindset. Of us against terrorists every once in awhile we have to remember. What kind of peace did these people are remember after 9/11 when we had the suspects that we brought them to get ball. Okay well Guantanamo. Is in Cuba and it's ninety miles from Miami. Now we had suspects there that that we had to interrogate one hue and cry from our population. These for suspected terrorists. Do they have air conditioning. You remember. It's only a conditioning. I recall that we never -- if people in Miami have air conditioning especially the seniors exactly but we -- about. Is a terror suspects having -- commissioning. Now -- on the side of the coin and you look at prices they'd just be headed at least two people we know that they've posted videos of so big headed people who'll suspected terrorists user analyst. These two journalists tool by. By their very nature are not supposed to be combatants. They were captured and executed being forced to read. So ma piece of paper that obviously they -- right. And they actually. Be headed to people who were not you know military not people who were out to kill them just people who were allowed to report what's going on so that's the difference between us and them we should never confuse. The two and meanwhile media briefing yesterday went on despite the fact that his mother had depleted. It's terrorists after the first be having hopefully he's not not have the same papers on and of course these bees that -- -- in every poll grooming -- they're gonna do what they're doing that's that. Meanwhile the president. The of the United States allegedly the most powerful job in the world. Admits that he has no plan. Now if you don't have a plan I think it's best to keep it to yourself. But I think he knows he has no plan I don't think he has a clue. As to why he is doing in its words words words I heard some audio he surprised that -- overseas for -- Nebraska is not too long ago. In the same words the same words but not backed up by anything. It's a joke in the world mean potent bitch slaps -- monitoring a regular basis and now some hooded. Piece of garbage. -- that masquerades as a human being. Also while bitch slaps him in the video. I'm saying this is what you get for one to go today in Iraq. But meanwhile the president of the United States. This is just battling on -- no action and no plan. Now on our go to our web alternate Tony if you would. Because. -- -- -- Of that America is war weary and probably are -- -- -- we'd like to not have vote. Are people in harm's way and I'm not. Spilled their blood and our treasurer as well. But the bottom line is people apparently have more gumption. And apparently have more pride if that's the correct term. But and being bitch slapped by it is human -- garbage. And so the question today the question first known him and give me results as we've been running this whole law and he. It says that the WB and US military strike against the ice -- militants. In Syria. Okay and services our audience know what they say. The united singing and just to refresh bunker or refreshing at the moment do you want our European facial. Actually not bad idea let's go with 230 to say yes that's 88%. -- -- 12% saying so it's 88%. Yes. But the president is tone deaf -- -- George saying he's gonna do what he's gonna do is not gonna do is knock -- do they also conveniently and on. -- -- Let's say cutting down on the number of of people in the armed forces that's good timing isn't welcome. Now so your your banking does this president know what the hell he's doing. And the answer to most of this stuff I'm afraid is -- And with the mid term elections right around the corner he hasn't done -- -- -- noteworthy and all that hasn't pitted one person against another. Hasn't is -- decried the fact we have we don't have enough diversity. Or enough equity. In our income distribution. That's what he's all about he's he doesn't care what position the American. Upon the American about public is put in. He doesn't care how others think of us. Obviously -- low -- would you vote of places. Overseas as far as our relationships with them Israel c'mon I mean really. Oh -- on a staunch allies you know we're on denies -- them I'd I'd I'd I don't think we're getting any respect at all now respect isn't. Earned by the end of a gun but you can only take so much when just like Billy Jack you suddenly have to retaliate now I'm Noah. I'm not a believer in retaliation just for the sake of it but it's dangerous there was talk all over. Yesterday after the be heading. That they're coming here. They're coming here. Now one has to happen. Who does somebody has after being shot down at the mall in Washington before before the president takes this thing seriously. And you know as I said he gets bitch slapped by potent delegates bitch slapped by a pilot human garbage twice it would just sitting there. Saying harsh words harsh words are not gonna bother them. And that's always come back when asked the president has no plan. He's like a deer in the headlights do you have a plan what would you do would military strikes me there. And -- the government wrote a commentary. That is still hitting. And it fits like a glove on this question on news radio I'm thirty WB yet. You know overseas I think oil where housing. The respect that we once had now you've you often have to decide would you rather be feared. Or respected. OK I I would always take I'd rather be feared because in that fewer things happen. The original like when your fear respected people take things for granted. It's nice to be respected but I think in some cases this is better to be feared. Because it's like the Cold War that's what that was all about is about fear that if you did something the other side would do something worse would be in the world so that's that and that -- that kind of played out during the whole course of the Cold War article war. And I think that's basically the same thing now. Because keep in mind. In this commentary by David shrimp man from the Pittsburgh post gazette. The the banner says of the ultimate goal of licenses is to attack the American homeland. And then I was watching some people -- last night on television gonna back that up. And to think -- bowl beginning and they really are and -- of the more in arts that the president is the more inept that the president is. The mark that he doesn't want to know or hear about it are doing heavy lift it the more likely they are to accelerate that timetable. Because let's face it if your goal is to get. To the American homeland and cause a terroristic acts you know that you gotta do it within the next two years. While President Obama is still in office because god help us I think we've learned our lesson we wouldn't I don't think we would hire another guy like that. Or another woman. Soviet via timetables accelerated. If if they want to be sure to get it in under somebody who they can absolutely. Count on being. With a tepid response with few exceptions. Then it would be him. So that that -- kind of dangerous here is this -- a couple of clips from this article by David treatment and that would get the calls to Israel particles that. President Obama has taken criticism. For vacationing as crisis gathered in Iraq Libya Ukraine and Missouri. Which is stroke it seem like he was a fiddling while Rome was burning. For the past several months the west has been powerless to start to stop the flow of Clintonism. Which acknowledges the danger of employing. He is a fast sciele metaphor name was. Nonetheless as menacing similarities to the -- in 1933 to 1939 prewar attributes. And appetites of that liberalism so this is David Truman's one view from the post gazette now here's -- gets. And when I read this. It shields me. And I could hardly wait to pass it on you for those of you who didn't read it. It's a nautical terms of a lot of voters here and so he uses some nautical terms here but boy does he describe America right now. He set amid all this the country is hopelessly in irons. A nautical condition that occurs according to the official Coast Guard dogs though -- handbook. Is when a boat. Quote is stopped. Pointing directly into the wind having lost all headway. He says this is one of those moments it's also one of those heavenly -- moments when the United States is -- irons stopped. Pointing directly into the wind. Having lost. All headway. And that's it. You've seen you've seen photos of that. Trying to go against the when Bob -- her own son about it. It's and that's what it is is like where dead in the water is another expression that -- should -- -- fits that. We have the engines. But the engines aren't going anywhere okay we're kind of like going against the the current and when not moving forward I think that's where America is right now. I think we've lost respect from world leaders. I think goes it's it would lost respect and pride at home. He's managed to point one group against another group it's been his. His presidency has been an utmost disaster. And anybody who pretends it isn't is it not paying attention as the nicest thing against. But I think that analogy of dead in the water pointing against the wind making no headway do you think that that describes estimates. -- absolutely you know and I use it and a simpler terms when you were kid toughest kid on the block nobody messed with. And when he laid down the law you kind of went along with that there was structured there was and order a pecking order sort of speak you didn't get out of line. Now we don't want our commander in chief whether we voted for him or not. And whether we like him or not or whether he's any good or not we don't want to see our commander in chief bitch slapped. By punks around the world on a regular basis. That's just the way it is I mean he may not be much but he's always got these hours. And so where are going to stand by and say we don't like to see. There's a reason. Why we've always been the most powerful nation on earth and the reason should continue. So nobody screws Lewis but I feel so vulnerable now I think of Bermuda could attack doesn't end -- probably wouldn't doing about it. The worst part about as the left does not understand. That the combed by yard -- you can't -- Biden is forgotten by yacht with crisis with terrorists yeah. Try singing -- by -- put that sound track under the video of the two bee headings so far. Where and I want you to know this isn't like what you -- have you not seen the videos. This -- from what we read because I've not I don't care to watch them but this is not the clean. Guillotine type of beheading. They -- guys the guys on his knees they poem -- setting him back in combat by the hair and they saw. His head off with a knife. I want to think about that at that doesn't give you goose bumps. You unit. A new -- A card to get into the human race. They saw it's not clean it's not fast it's not easy. So and these are two of our journalists. And what happens nothing the president announces. He has no plan. The president probably had a better plan going to Martha's Vineyard. Then he does and trying to take on world terrorist some asking you the president was no plan. The deer in the headlights approach a do you have a plan. Is America. Right now enduring no forward motion were dead in the water we're stuck we're not moving forward. Would you rather be -- -- industrial Montreal wanted on this excellence -- 96. -- at 930 when we return we'll discuss with you go to line one misses -- -- and Lancaster John you're on WB -- I a 100% or like people in the middle Easter. Backing its century that the technology -- thinking it's not everybody that. Sort of general in order. Why they're not allowed the revolution that we I mean that are dark ages and trees saves and whatever William Wallace joining -- like -- sudden. They have to be exactly about what we work and it it seems like most that was it's economically because you look at the problem. Areas that we have in -- in the city or to try later. Or not -- not like Mexico or this property is there's always problems and it seems like that you don't have people. Earlier on Orchard Park check up each other lists and shut the well they're their economic situation is that true and it's doesn't seem like there. -- any of much were bad people we had our civil war and so. Well if you recall there was the area machete attack actually assorted snack and a from bridges TV that would happen to be an Orchard Park I wish I know the answer to that says simply because first of all there is. There's natural resources -- and so some countries that happened have oil on the sand Aurilia hit the jackpot lucked out it's -- -- -- what kind of government they get what kind of government they demand. Now at the all clear it would get this thing like they're bad people you know there's people in Detroit that. Ever really Batman and they're not doing things and -- it. Well there's a bears say determines our civilization. I think as as the world evolved we became more civilized as we got better -- knowing how to deal with the world around us. A we demanded more out but some some civilizations -- there a trail behind I wish I knew the answer. We only get better when I'm -- I guess ultimately would we be better deliver. Aid to countries and education more than delivering the military well -- first -- I think money anyway. -- -- First of all we have spent trillions of dollars in all kinds of aid. Whether it's education whether it's food or whatever. A money alone doesn't solve but a good example would be Haiti we spend billions in Haiti after their big natural disaster and if you went down and I'll probably be exact same as it was before. Well and water sixers saw a lot of seeks its own level we cannot be responsible for lifting every nation up. In the world because some descend on the money they don't use it for the right purposes anyway some you send the goods and they suddenly disappear they don't get to the people. We are we don't have a world government and I think our larger doses of very very generous but we can't though we Kampala -- by their bootstraps. And I think we can. I think is dangerous thinking it's like. Don't get intimately how come we have so little and how -- somebody else has so much that's that's that's the Obama. Of spot. That's the thought process there but the the example is I mean it's the Bible. I don't give biblical. Where are Christ handed out calling if I'm not mistaken that was a survey wants not serving -- reading once when I was in church. And then came back later to see what people had done what. That's a very general reading some people made them grow some people made them disappear. Some people had the exact same I think it's the same thing live. With countries. You demand more from your government you demand less. -- corruption in the government have a better chance of getting further ahead. It -- it certainly helps if you have natural resources. It also -- that you have the ingenuity of creative people who want a better country. But remember we're not all on the same page and don't think we are anybody thinks that hasn't done much traveling have you. Because there's lots of things be heading I mean c'mon let's get serious. What can you imagine anybody proposing a bill. That we behead somebody for any reason at all well for -- I would -- more civilized but sometimes I think. In my own uncivilized. Mind. They take advantage of that they realize that yeah how we're going to worried that the terrorist elderly get -- don't have air conditioning. Here's what they care about let's cut his head off and maybe they'll stop bombing Iraq. Maybe they'll stop using -- military's a military people in Iraq that's of a thing aren't you gonna acquaint us with them I don't think so. And anybody tries to is is trying for that perfect world which doesn't exist. It doesn't exist look even within a household. How many times have you seen within our house sold. Where they have the same mother in the same father. But you've got a Sega two Brothers. For example they don't turn out the same. One's very successful. And beloved by the community that -- in jail. Other how does that work now that I've used the -- juries as an example I want. -- one works where they respected broadcaster. A football. And the others don't. But what I'm saying is you cannot. Take every person on the planet by the hand and make their lives better. There there again that's got -- goes to that. The bedrock of feeling that I have is that didn't give people an opportunity but they really have to do it themselves. And that's that that's one of the -- that of my feelings of why am a conservative as one of things I believe it. Well in the -- to go to our last -- that's all about thinking with feelings you're not they -- it's all about feelings you know -- buy out there hoping like I said before you can't in the world -- not like that. No it doesn't -- there if you if you look people take advantage I think of walking softly and carry a big stick. Now it's a good idea to have the big stick but if everybody knows that you are never going to use the big stick. What good -- -- it's appearances only. And of Barack Obama to me. God he okayed permission to get Osama -- And you so what at what cost -- that's a no brainer. But the bottom line is he seems inert. It seems like. He doesn't want to bother with -- meanwhile the public display. Of of those two -- headings that we've had the last couple weeks and challenging the president of the United States. Now I'm not saying we should take everything personally and just react knee jerk but what I am saying is we're losing it. We're losing it ever is that David Sherman says. It's one of those heavenly -- moments when the United States is in irons stopped. Pointed directly into the wind having lost all headway. Do you really look at America as moving forward right now. As have we been doing that during the Obama administration. No we haven't been we've been so concerned with -- -- side issues. That there when we've lost track of the big picture the big picture is they could make a reality show. The president of the United States gets bitch slap. By piles of human. Debris. And he seems to be okay -- -- He says he says nasty words not nasty -- harsh and strong words -- not backed up with anything. He's a paper tiger will be back after this.

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