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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Luna & Lasers - Rachel Gottlieb

Luna & Lasers - Rachel Gottlieb

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kids were caught taunting animals that the buffalo zoo last Saturday with a laser. It was the same day that Luna fell sixteen feet into -- Luna the polar bear. Joining us on the WBA -- line this morning is racial -- of the public relations coordinator with the buffaloes who Rachel good morning. Good morning yeah how is it possible. That this laser may have caused -- is an accident. You know. We can't -- anything out but unfortunately we just don't have any witnesses ready now to collaborate and stories confirming that there were kids with them later pointers. Nearly an -- at the time of her -- We know the situation. At the zoo was described as quote you know some kids. With the laser pointer they wrote the reindeer exhibit. Not whoever was about reprimand of these kids are you saying it wasn't those who official. No we didn't have kids that work. Caught near -- -- every year exhibit and other than that men were approached by her security and asked to put the lid put on the way. And I I don't know if that they were after that they -- senior deploy an exhibit we just. We have we don't have witnesses who saw them at -- the polar bears but they were on the grounds that to. OK Rachel -- all the Serb hands moved you moved before this ever had an incident involving a visitor with a laser pointer other any signs of the zoo. Discouraging people from using every device like this there. We have had other incidents of kids that leave their point and then -- otherwise hunting animals that anytime we can't that we do ask them to -- put the they would appoint her -- up whatever they're doing. It's likely that in the future will be may require decided you're an official policy that prohibits lived appointment in the bill. Are you hoping and and even asking people who may have seen something Saturday -- to come forward with information. Yes definitely if anyone thought anything out of the ordinary that day that can -- figure out what happened in my seat belt that would be great. We've reached out to a few people who are actually coming to their FaceBook page saying there there are so we're hoping they can hear them something back from a witness. I think I heard you say yesterday that Luna has walked in this exhibit you know so close to that -- Maybe thousands of times. Thousands of times he's in -- he's been in there. Then last winter at those she was lacking and that led to even you know in the middle of winter when there is into the pipe on the election never on the -- so we're not sure is different about Saturday. And we're hoping that we can figure out what happens. We're gonna show you might admit though that it could be possibly even remotely possible. -- if some of these same kids came near the -- polar bear exhibit and point to -- is there at the mold. This -- could have been distracted she was walking and could have caused a default that -- possible. Oh yes it's definitely possible. While it's and and to send an awful thing that that that happened there and it just -- shows how dangerous these laser pointers can be. Exactly at how little do. She is doing well is in the country right now she's alert she's eating regularly. And she's even been able to lock all fours so we expect that she's gonna recover quite. Sandy beach wants to know -- you know visitors. Now we're trying to keep the area that you've been quiet. So that you didn't get excited and move around too much on the leg. Rachel we're glad you could join us with the updates thank you. Thank you very much Rachel -- does the public relations coordinator with the buffalo --

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