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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>WBEN's Dave Debo Goes Back to School As Well

WBEN's Dave Debo Goes Back to School As Well

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The next round of kids are off to school this morning WB -- de -- is following nominees with us this morning Dave where he would then and wary now. The morning started out at the sweet home district -- their bus garage round 6 this morning that's when the drivers started to arrive. Around town some of the other districts that are today opening for the first time Clarence and Lancaster. Those were the ones that I managed to drive round -- -- right about now coming up at 8 o'clock is when the bell rings most of the kids should probably be. In their schools or at least on the way by now. But -- certainly talented different day out on the roads not only with more buses and traffic but -- at the end of the driveway a lot of kids and parents standing around as well. One -- all the drivers as sweet home telling you this morning. I asked the nice and you're looking forward to act and they laughed a little bit. And says actually they are they did acknowledge that the first day is a little bit different obviously little -- some cases with new routes around the area. They also seem to think that the kids aren't the same obviously on the first day. But they've laughed about it is that we're professionals we can handle it's not it's not like it's a real harder tough day but certainly a different day at least from the driver's perspective. Now in buffalo we know the kids to go back until tomorrow but tickets are up again this morning outside buffalo public schools. Did you talk with interim superintendent Donald -- about this what does he say about the chances of the teachers' contract. He's a little list less optimistic that'll happen immediately. In the letter and the instructions that union president Fillmore remorse set out to. The teachers that are picketing he said that they he thinks the contract could be relatively soon but they still have about a week or so pressure. Ogilvy was a little more reserved about it he says well first things first we have to look at this fact -- report. A mediator has gone through what both sides want and in the next two weeks or so they should come up with the basis for. Negotiation. An idea of what things they agree on what things they're really far part on. That fact -- report -- kick start the process. That's due in about two weeks -- -- talk to Ogilvie about it he said well eventually yeah we will get things settled here but. It's not going to be an automatic quick process especially if the negotiations the really hard core back and forth don't start. For another two weeks and other reports out and then they have to go through as I said that that the really tough lifting trying to counteract. Has everyone pretty much agreeing ability of city of buffalo and able to public school area that. No -- -- a look at the teachers may be asked to make some concessions they're needed. I think so I have talked to several of the school board members both those that were recently elected this year for the first time. And some wore on it and past years. And -- seems to be. I daresay that consensus but certainly a growing thought that. They would be willing. To give teachers in the buffalo district race in exchange for. Flexibility and things like longer school day or even class sizes or longer school year. -- class sizes and money are two of the things that the picketers are talking about so those appear to maybe be some of the issues that. There are likely that -- to keep them far part. But. From the board's perspective from the superintendent's perspective. They want flexibility. And are willing to maybe give them a raise and a new contract first time in ten years and ordered yet. Okay Dave who will listen for your next report thanks for joining us. WB and -- deep well.

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