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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Back To School - Cheektowaga Superintendent Dennis Kane

Back To School - Cheektowaga Superintendent Dennis Kane

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- we open up the WB analog line and welcome Dennis K and mr. king and his superintendent of the Cheektowaga central school district. A mister -- good morning. Good morning you know we know that the students most of them anyway are gonna be popping in the class for the first time since they left before their summer vacation. Not so for people like you and good teachers how much corporation goes into the beginning of a new school years. Our -- and -- significant preparation in get ready with transportation and getting buildings -- You know getting buildings cleaned and enforce wax those types of things and a lot of a lot of professional development occurs during the summer teachers preparing for. You know things says implementing. The common core and lead the modules circle would become of course there's so -- it was a gruesome. And Dennis some people wonder why why some school districts opened yesterday for the first time some today some tomorrow why it's not more uniform. It doesn't come from the state is and it. Right it's it's it depends upon what your country with two teachers states in terms of fraud. We we do -- so we can get to professional development days prior to the opening of school. So that we don't have to occur during the school year. You know we know that Gucci to -- under those among the biggest -- school districts around here sir how many teachers how many students. Were we have about 300 teachers I'm sorry we have 200 plus teachers about three -- -- -- step. About 2100 students. 2100 hey what's for lunch today you know I don't know I didn't dwell too well how -- school lunches have changed. And you know with these nutrition standards. Will be but I guess the best except the canoe uses his pizza. Pizza comes. I don't know whole -- -- whole wheat -- stand up. The hospital contained sugar so that it doesn't taste the same as the pizza you're used to getting their commercial place. Have you been getting a lot of complaints from students about the healthy choices mr. -- Actually the -- I -- are are kind of the opposite -- to mortality. -- yeah you know kids are it's a pretty. Are pretty attuned to. To help than -- and do you know. Wanting to be in good shape and stuff and and and cute kids understand the importance of that. Do the the differences of kids who buy purses who bring their lunch. Well that's a big it's a big difference for our school district. This year because our elementary school -- alternative school. Our -- qualified for for total pre launch. So. So in those schools those kids will will now have to pay column but no matter what it comes to -- And our middle high school remain ha. You know -- posted -- -- Okay most -- by. How much is luncheon has it changed since last year. Blanche is a dollar sixty hasn't changed mr. McCain was sort of the bargain compared to Houston district sound nearly. We're down near the bottom in terms scratched. Yeah I think we signed three dollars and some districts for lunch this year so a dollar sixty you're you're doing pretty well there. One more quick question before we let you go sir how many students seniors from last year -- in college pitcher now. Roughly. I did my best gases is eighty plus percent. But that's hard to -- right now I mean you would have to know where actually. You know people had intentions are going. But do they walk in the -- the first -- out of school. Share content still happening or -- that you're really into. Personally -- Everybody persona -- who Douglas thank you for joining us this morning nice to chat with you good luck today. Okay thank you very much Dennis -- superintendent of the Cheektowaga central school district.

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