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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>What Next In the ISIS Crisis? - Mike Lyons

What Next In the ISIS Crisis? - Mike Lyons

Sep 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

President Obama says Americans will not be intimidated by the horrific violence of Islamic state militants after the beheading of a second US journalist. Obama says justice will be served following the release of a video of freelance reporter -- south life being killed by the militant group in Syria. The video comes just two weeks after another video showing the beheading of another US reporter James Foley. Joining us on the WB a lifeline this morning Mike Lyons CBS news military analyst and retired army major. Mike good morning. Good point is an experiment where does this go from here. While the president gave an indication with the latest comments and that is that Iraq I think from strategy perspective we can focus on the crisis inside of Iraq helped by the Iraqi Government. -- crisis from its homeland at this point help our ally there. The -- up to focus on Syria at some point but the for the short term if we step up some of the military operations more airstrikes over. Iraq to destroy the equipment that I just had to take with their capability of waging war I think that'd -- start. Major do we have any idea how many Americans including journalists. Are missing out there and liable to be next to those places victims. Yeah they're -- is considerable amount. That they have in terms of what they can do they can do this for the next you know 45 months once a week. And it's a situation where if they don't have someone they kid and these people are easily kidnapped they can -- Hostages they can buy their way into this situation so it's it's just horrific situation. On all levels which is well governments have got to get involved and try to prevent just. And I believe the number is below fifteen but again it's still to the point where discontent can continue to happen -- for a few months. Is there a strategy and the last week you know we heard from the president that there wasn't a strategy now the comments this morning. To think is the objective clear. Well the -- strategy in Iraq it's only been humanitarian efforts in complying with protection. Americans and critical Iraqi infrastructure. And his comments were specifically towards Syria which he doesn't have a strategy for which is difficult because. To say we're going to attack Iranian -- -- not a strategy. I think that the the past few into the Pentagon's been working on courses of action for the president. Where he can outline desperate but again -- -- increases the strategy to say -- detection devices from Iraq. Then that would open up more military options inside Iraq to assist the Iraqi Government and then we're still gonna have to deal with -- -- -- But that would give us a little more footing with regard -- attacks inside Iraq's. You know the president has been taking your real political beating for saying that that there was no strategy to deal with the officials militants -- Mike. In a football coaches do this all the time must be honest. I mean do we really believe this country doesn't have a strategy the president of surrounded by top military people. Yeah that's right I thought he'd kind of threw the military and the possible that the proposed trade teach young. The military has multiple different plans he just doesn't go to like any of those options. Which in most cases include sending US ground troops at least to the region. To reinforce and back up the situation room in the military works on contingency plans. They -- the film stays in there's so many different things. They haven't quite ever -- the combined arms and fighting air naval and and ground force together. By the president right now -- want to focus on the air strikes but that anybody in the military knows it's gonna take -- army. I can reject crisis especially if they decide to go to ground and so hysteria. The air strikes don't seem to be enough will there be ground troops us as well. I don't think districts are not -- -- 120 airstrikes to date against what has been an incredible amount of equipment that's been stolen by. Crisis that is not enough we can go after them more go after this equipment to kick up a lot of dust from the desert we know exactly. Where they are and I think we've got to go more on the offensive. The question is whether the president will do that or not. Major we're glad you could join us this morning thank you I -- Major Mike -- CBS news military analyst.

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