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9/2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A friend's house couple weeks ago look at the refrigerator because three people refrigerator baggage that they put up I'll reiterate them. They got when they bought at caesar's palace in -- at a picture of Alan from anger over. Hi my name is Alan and I bought a giraffe. Am I gonna fly out to Las Vegas and stay at caesar's palace just selected by the refrigerator magnet that says that at caesar's palace. I enjoyed branded comedy and I make no apology for -- rat race is also funny. And Vegas vacation is there and forever and I'd -- than we do -- -- rat race is funny Rowan Atkinson -- what we have here. -- Johns sure is give me a look. I could get -- again. Tonight. There do you have any idea mechanic checks I had to -- a lot of rich we had anything. I am a law. You are -- forty year old up forty. In my 42 year old son living at home parents or his -- 611 that is ready at 930 WB CNN. All right gang obviously the national story today. News the be heading. Another American by the Islamic fascist crisis group. I also remind you that today one billion Muslims of the world did not kill anybody. And again it's look look at the example of look at the example of gun owners you know one owner actually -- idiot. And the rest of us have to bear the consequence of the that the best analogy. I can draw at the same time I. Would really like to hear some voices of moderation. From the Muslim world you and that is a source of concern to me and I don't mind saying that. That I suppose is bigger here -- there for right now because. -- Thompson is where is not just to bring up to speed we started off today talking with Joseph Colombo. Who -- owns. The gun store in Albion New York. Basically he's been harassed right now by almost state police I am just like all. It's said the troop we we heard that report Gerber didn't work out too well for Eldridge -- Went giving it went on government but anyway to work out too well for those people but. It what's really disturbing is this guy goes to the gun store tells Colombo yeah. -- Narcotics with the state police we have been put in charge of enforcing -- safe and oh yeah we were gonna do swat raid on you. But I said that I knew -- so I just come talk to you. What kind of crap is that the that there were gonna to a swap rate and a guy at a gun shop really. So I don't like your I'm sorry I get real sect of people who constantly tell me. Bat. The police need to be basically like the military more in America let's say the cops need to be outgunned don't get me wrong. But just to Willy Nilly go win a swap rate what just to show a big year on B is seriously yet you know to whip it out considered -- to us via whatever. Anyway. He has been told that he's violating the safe -- the state police demanded and got a list of the people who bought the -- fifteens. Which mr. Colombo said were compliant. With NYC if the staple he had to get the list -- attorney said if you don't in the list that -- come back in two seconds with a war for the list. Which I find reprehensible that bothers me deeply well it. He's the guy had no choice he acted on the advice of his lawyers like and understand that but now all but that was a family lawyer but now up Colombo and the -- gun -- -- represented by the -- in law -- we spoke with -- president earlier and all the information about this folks is on the FaceBook page might work based brokerage -- the only -- -- have -- -- -- to one -- -- in the tuxedo. And it's -- by the way and that all over quickly I just wanna. I point out that people were expecting a Steely Dan review on the air today I saw the -- -- toga and Sunday night. And I did a very extensive review on my FaceBook page you can check it out here's the good news if you saw them at the casino and -- -- that to see them at Saratoga. The best show was at the casino they didn't sound at the top of their game at Saratoga number one number 20 despite what I heard over the years. I retire the audio quality the sound quality the acoustics at the -- took -- performing arts that are are not that good. The acoustics at the Seneca Niagara casino much better and I could tell even the sound guy. After the concert he was pissed and he was pissed because it was a tough show two -- sound work for him. And Donald Fagan a group this is my quick review. He's a guy that. If he's related demand behind Steely Dan million and a Becker but. His voice he -- he looked tired all the guys -- -- even the younger guys it's a grueling two hour. But I have never seen Fagan like fall in love with a crowd like he did at Saratoga. Almost every song was standing ovation and Fagan and I he was -- I can tell he was genuinely awestruck. By the love and he really did feed on it. There off for a few days now before we hit the road again but anyway it do -- I'm glad I'm glad to have been here. And to -- ridiculous amount of money for him. And proceeds -- -- all right and by the way the funny thing is. You have no idea how many people. Wanted to -- -- Wallace. They thought I was. Rock star rusty is I mean you get that'll totally alien what you would do you address the -- it was smoke that's the kind of stuff and you know obviously got rocks are a little while Ross Thompson. Do you really don't you I can you tell you how many people think I looked just like Tom morally that's the shorter version. I itself. I don't Astoria and other rally at Niagara square now I wanted to shoot some things out -- you and I want if you're listening to us right now when you're sick of all ball and you wanna see this criminal thug thrown out of his ass in November. Number one. You have responsibility register to vote make sure every one of your friends registers to vote and make sure everybody votes now to mr. -- Reno. Try to act like your interest. And I got a -- he had the opportunity today as did Boston on the shelf five minutes to talk about what's happening in Albion. They should have been all over like white on rice flicked a fly down -- and they were not. And you have got this was a gift wrapped sound -- opportunity -- Renault and -- both blew their media our military at their campaign people. April they're terrible they're doing a horrible job. -- Reno needs to focus. On areas he can win and in which he can get a big turn out translation upstate. Heavily -- counties he's got a call up all ball on corruption he's got to make New York safe. The issue that is deep passion point issue in this race for whatever reason corruption has not caught -- And he's also gonna talk about the economy and the doldrums and the ridiculous nature of the ball. And this you know advertising come to New York for tax breaks that current businesses are paying for so competition can move him at less in taxes it's ridiculous. So -- -- advice do you have for. -- and try to raid on the rally but I wanna see -- you know win but I don't understand his campaign strategy. Well if it was every year to have a perfect agenda -- run on. One that it would inspire all people at five era people would fire up the base to get -- -- -- vote this is the year. Booking number one starting with SA. And then it. Those commercials like I got a call my I got a brother lives in Florida aren't you want it live in Tennessee now is living in Florida. He follows -- tax free states around and he called a he called me up any goes. This is a joke right as what are you talking nobody goes to commercials for New York a new in New York on the New York you know what -- our money. That was federal money they came into New York State that was supposed to be -- -- hurricane victims. -- sandy are being used to promote New York State around the state and around the country. You've got to use that -- against him and meanwhile hundreds of people still that hole because under our keys -- Down on Long Island and down on them was. Rocky point. Does such letters to the agricultural personally wrote a check for that buffalo billion. Yeah and I I I hear that mentality out there and I want to screen every camera here of a job. And how many jobs he's thirty jobs that are being created to break it down to find out -- -- point two million dollars for job. I mean it it's nothing but farce our rate -- -- here -- my best advice to -- real when -- started out months ago. And it's something like what we did with Paladino. How to Paladino. Win the election of the primary all the Lazio we started with small Tea Party groups and 912 organizations. We worked our way out there was basic Carl and I -- for our ports to speak to a group the twenty minutes and turn around a drive 33 and a four hours back the ball low again. He needs to do that he needs to get await the Republican acts that are running his campaign I'm probably gonna get jumped on because of exactly what I'm saying now the you want a winning strategy this is a winning strategy. A right you start out you go see these groups. With the seat that he goes he -- -- go go to every gun club you possibly can across New York State in upstate you get. The people involved -- get them fired up. Before you don't what you gonna go from having twenty people at a meeting. 202030500000. He knows what's gonna happen a Cuomo then you'll really have to Wear a diaper. Or at because that's what we'll start happened in the momentum will continue to roll but how much time do we have before the election two months. All right so what he's gonna do what he has to do it now so little taste of it is gonna become an up this Saturday and the Sunday well I. Again everything you have said everything I said earlier I have communicated to mr. history -- -- and I have to tell that. His campaign and not contacting this show today over New York safe I cannot believe it because. George Pataki beat Mario Cuomo for a couple of reasons and I will get -- those reasons presently but first. Let's go to traffic and I'll take your telephone calls as well at 8030 lead thirty but first house -- drive home go to -- Alan Harris. And as far as AccuWeather goes to receive some rain right now end overnight low 61. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day sunshine -- less humid 79 right now 73 newsreel I'm thirty W -- So attention to do -- -- but -- Thompson was here and it's gonna -- into unanticipated. On radio and -- and good radio. George Pataki won because today Mario Cuomo's shelf life had expired and that's huge in politics but. The biggest reason I think George Pataki beat Mario Cuomo. Is that George Pataki's strategy was use the Latin heat that will be -- here and everywhere George Pataki every day his campaign was putting out faxes the -- -- yet -- -- -- -- every single day hey George Pataki is available to talk to your talk -- live about. And every single day you that he aggressively sought the free media anything. And that's what you gotta take up especially at the point a look at it almost got 35 million lost. A right mastering I don't know how much -- get -- -- a million I really don't know how much money he's got. Once again go back to where we were with Paladino. We would driving OK and it's so much from got to refer because it's first time I really had to edit he and -- hand in everything is gonna. -- was talking to radio stations that we as we were driving or he was constantly on the fault. If he wasn't using his -- using quotas or use in my iPhone because the batteries -- Are you calling talking to local group. If your goal went out some area like Esther -- comes here winters ago he -- the Republican headquarters to meet the Republicans down. On the way here he needs to be calling up local TV local radio you know when Polly. Our c'mon this stuff that's got to happen you've got to below recap. Going to Republican headquarters in meeting elected Republicans not and you elected state. He sent rob mystery nobody mill -- 2 PM saying here's what's happening details are my FaceBook page give me five minutes right. And your response should have any children all over ice it can't email manager shouldn't at all I sent an email to losses people. I said I got an issue regular New York safe give me five minutes with moss you know the response was well sure of moss will be in buffalo on Thursday. And my response was pretty. Pissed off was like. I said speed kills in politics up -- you have to be on top viewed immediately after react -- away. And you've got to get something all the rest of the media can quote you on it and what a better way than have an asylum a SoundBite. On on WB yeah I mean -- biblical everywhere well at least my best listening audience which is only augmented by the brilliance of -- -- He's a while the biggest food. Do you think about this a right if the only statement that Esther -- it was gonna make a ball this -- -- -- -- is on your shell. That's sound bite to be played in the media everywhere if they played their cards right they don't play their cards right -- was -- your -- and again. He is how many points down free media a lull you to jump on the and that's what really irritates me to with everything that's gonna pocket we. Corruption. The corruption that's going on he's just on god and we got to get into that we have to take a break. What your vice for us to Reno. Because they're pretty let down right now they're on Saturday who knows maybe it'll be the beginning of the new. But a new new rob mastery and on news radio and thirty WB Ian. Gonchar is after all there. And -- back future calls were doing a fine job is that here for the long term and he is I mean either isn't what I'm trying to say here is. This is going to be his full time. And he is putting everything he's got into this program and we've got business. We've noticed there's. I'm sure has put everything he had and this program learning computers. That out of your -- -- The after Lee's apartment Saturday we will hold the audio system so you might have noticed things -- its reader for a couple of days and has to do with people learn to a software. I'm still learn how to slighted this into the when you all right let's. It's more difficult with page two is. Well me because you're on your -- -- beat you can't see things as close oh my job. You know I don't even try to be dirty and it comes out this way you're is that Dave in buffalo on WB and they've. You have advice for rob -- Reno and does say hello to Rus Thompson. By rob I need a lot about your job. There. The last shall aren't -- pitched a couple weeks. Everytime I hear club was voiced my teeth itch and GT acrobat -- -- -- -- Omnia. Whether -- but I. But they're also getting a double compliment to law to a symbolic leader because frankly am and use our administrators. Answer realtors now wanna win this race because he has no ball. Well I gotta tell -- I'm starting to wonder if he does want to win the race because if I -- rob mystery though and I wanted to win the race I would be doing it as per my suggestions to grow -- that's the arena. You know and -- this -- -- you know Miami it's erupted for a second but during the break it in and they -- again. I'm all about transparency and transparency and unlike what the politicians wanna talk about transparency. I'm not afraid to say what we would talk about during the break. Initially when -- you know get into the race I think it was at an absolute deal done. It was a deal made between the Republicans. And who the Republican was going to be that was gonna run against Cuomo once trump got out of the picture. Right now I was pushing to -- mile because of his name recognition OK and that's that's about it. -- could we had to of raced in answering -- -- had -- 25 million dollars to get a little bit and aim name wreckage trump would have won. But then again once you see what happened once trumpet out of the race. Asked Serena was there. All of a sudden squall ball through the Republicans in the senate under the boss started working against him right after he got the working family party endorsement. So what are we wait nine now okay this other Republicans across New York date now on I'm not talking about the Republican electorate. Okay you were -- register Republican I'm talking about the elected Republicans. Across New York State. What do they do with the voting for I think you need to ask every candidate reasonable for for governor. If you're Republican -- -- and you know come right out and say -- Reno then I'm not gonna full field plain and simple. Because if you -- if you can't supports have been running against Cuomo I want nothing to do it. Amid a question like got lies but why -- even -- it and they why didn't bother if you're -- gold -- -- I mean we thank you isn't it embarrassing. It would be a lot. Wonder he's got an Arctic kickbacks are the other opponent they reached only get out of that some -- on the wide eyed goggle wearing the dirty game. -- it is I think politics is a sleazy profession I -- at least a prostitute knows what she is yet and there's no pretending politicians pretend -- something other than what they really are. So -- at this -- question and I know that I don't I don't pretend it's pockets and you want people showing up -- the Israeli -- Saturday but. Does any part of you wonder whether -- though is just give it the throw it. Now idol this season which in pulp fiction and I don't think he's in it to throw I don't think he has at all. It -- -- if he was. Then I think Carl would know that are ready because we're pretty good reading people especially people that come out and say they support you -- they really don't you could see them. Eric -- was met with -- Reno and up times he can he can read people pretty while I don't think that mastering it was in this just to be here and to lose it. I think the big problem is he's being guiding handled by the very wrong people and he openly on camera as he's been run by missile campaign to be run by. Nothing but a bunch tacky political -- left over they won't -- when he. But they're not even doing the same strategy that was affect the purpose tacky -- -- be your campaign be run by attacking people is your strategy -- And they don't how to do that anymore mainly because the demographics of the state of change hope that. Look what they did the Wendy Long. Wendy Long was running she ran and she ran in the primary she won the primary. The Republicans downstate was so upset the fact that she won the primary that they -- boy didn't win they banned under the completely abandon her. And now we get the Republican hacks and that won't. Mention any names even -- I know some of the names and you know when they get in the around the -- at -- -- completely away from the grassroots. Two I think it's what -- Reno wants no I don't. That's why I would love to have a one dot com. Don and I mean even all right take -- serious. He brought -- -- but the ad campaign. Slam -- Obama is corruption at poppy. Is being investigated this and it I have been you know being. And that he -- and -- actual expendable after. Well it requires it requires millions of dollars. It when you look at it a war chests like almost got a 35 million dollars and in you've got 234 million dollars. Do you know how much it Ed -- is in New York City. Just New York City and I almost nine million dollars for an effective ad buy in New York City. And oh yeah oh yeah exactly -- campaign money well I'm not saying that you know Cuomo doesn't have taxpayer dollars running his campaign. Of course it's all funneled through that they launder money well on his father did the same thing when Israel against the tacky. I've -- Andrew -- Unser and Mario Cuomo. You do Jay's father. Mario the first Cuomo refer Rivera. He was crisscrossing the state every day account to be a joke if you go to Jamestown and voters 50000 dollars for this and into the fall voters a 100000 for this it was just obvious it is driven by boats and I think that actually went against. Oh yeah and the more people see that that's happening right here with a one of the senators that we know are right buying. The endorsements of different parties and even though we stopped one of them from happening just last -- that I drove back from Georgia fifteen hours straight to -- rating time. For protests that we stop the Republicans under an -- from endorsing. All right. Because we weren't gonna let that kind of deal happened yet 250000. Dollars in city tunnel -- to Orchard Park to Hamburg. Personal jobs being handed out now this is your money this is taxpayer money that it being used secure endorsements. And and basically a lock up your vote. Using taxpayer dollars. Where a regular guy like me when I used to run for rapist. You're here you elect you can raise enough money to buy one at. You know it's almost virtual impossible and who wants to by the way to thank you very much for the bank. And who wants to accept money. Win there are always strings that. -- I'm sorry but that that's what gets me about politics is there is no way a because I cannot be bought them bride I'm not playing that game. There were fused yet and they like to ever be a politician yes it would give the money. Yes and the year and it's one of the toughest thing we when you are somebody new. And you are some from the reform movement Tea Party or whatever and you're running for profits one of the toughest things do you find out exactly how hard it is to raise money. In and you start finding out while the deals that people want to make -- immediately get donations. That's -- if you really true grass roots you'll raise money because you won't make it deals and I refused to make -- deals. -- not running I'm not running for profit I don't plan -- run for office again and it -- -- -- Play but we've got a couple guys DPH. Great job -- -- -- Dave -- -- Wilson via text. Let's go to about a -- Robert your advice for Robin -- arena. A -- tentative plan and rest Thompson being here and summer next room. Call and then and then it is it was like -- natural segue from the analysts say stuff. With the Albion gun store story we broke here at WBE. -- FaceBook page -- WB -- radio -- broke this story thank you very much were on top of his. And it just seemed obvious them to get rest and get his political -- in the just happen to be in the building and at the arrest was just radio legend. Yet yet I came in to record a couple of commercials and it's our run tomorrow and here's Ed in buffalo -- welcome to the show what do you have for us. I thought -- basically my call I'm. When I wanna say is. This governor. He errors. Initiated. This -- fact the reason being. Is we had an issue is any book. And the baker is supposed to solve all the problems. And. We know there excuses you know we know all those excuses that they use. Alford will be kind -- makes it will be -- it my way it works in the school system okay. Just that you get your idea. You tomorrow could walk into the school. Opened doors walking -- Either of the trench coat on the whatever. He could walk into school and do whatever you want it to. Let me take some night went to school I went to Grand Island high school -- my daughter was stolen school. All right she was she was in eleventh grade she was sick and needed to go pick her up from school. I walked in the school I walked rating and now as soon as you walk in the door the hall monitor was at the rate they're wonderful lady. -- right and she was she great lady she -- should -- monitor the years -- she died last year and I'm massage is as we currently. We all we always got a little bit politics in there and I -- -- and I started talking to us about how do you feel about the safe venture with what the hell's this governor try to do. -- is exactly what you mean that I want your feedback when your on. I so what would make you happy what would make you feel more secure she was a guard Steve -- a rated that door with -- another gun. I should thank you thank you in Philly Q well I. I don't it is axiomatic. You know -- it -- and -- is axiomatic that -- I mean it's a cliche but it's true that the only thing that stops a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with the gun and do what we have found inevitably is that once the bad guy knows the good guys are on the way the bad guy Howard that he is will put the gun in his mouth and blow himself away -- -- you know or suicide by cop. And it happens that happens -- too many times. All right anything else everything else producer. Well what I want to see I'm a -- prominent Hollywood how I feel calm which you go to work -- concern OK there was Mobil posts class. That's where. I I I told the caller this greener. They -- from ball well I'm outside -- awful okay I didn't I didn't wanna get you know you know you don't want it and we don't want you only address. Right but there's -- vocal splash there is no there is so terror on the other side of the and you know. Coming down on people could you know citizens that nobody deal and handle it we -- weapons it would work. It's the wrong direction it's totally wrong direction. But -- it is funny it is and it's strange if you think about this. You know you -- a you got a drunk driver out there and they go after the drivers this guy convicted of this and then it's all drunk driving. Always -- what happens with a gun they blame the -- Right it's not -- gun the gun doesn't shoot and you got that old little joke I put it on my front porch all loaded and it didn't shoot anybody didn't even move at all. -- get it you know. See you kid aimed the gun it's the guy that's holding the -- it's got its controlling the gun. We plain it's simple do we need I hit I hate the fact. We even have we have guards and school even at the think about having bulletproof glass that just -- to a good idea how far how far our society is Paul. And that's -- -- -- you know the school system. Continue to be vulnerable that's -- -- elementary -- again is there any doubt it's not into it. -- is there any doubt in your mind. At the minute Cuomo is reelected and sworn into office. And why it's safe to welcome and that will make and -- say one publicly debate the beach a -- accent he's gonna claim to a written this 10. All right Ed thank you -- I have to take a break and then a synthetic Paladino is on the phone Mo Lewis talked to the both of us but I got to get a break -- -- -- isn't gonna have my sentences. Bots are put into place. On news -- 930 WB Yemen does Carl Paladino is gonna join us he ran for governor. So up what is it weird show this in us that's like about live radio beat you just never know where it's gonna go I had no intention to go and here -- it just worked out that way and it just kind of flowed naturally. And though let's go to Carl Paladino who ran against. Andrew Cuomo last time. And he's on with a -- that news radio 930 WBBM Carl thanks for call -- what's undermined. -- you know -- tend to listen in conversation. At the but it is certain certain absolutely I -- I parasite. On good. You know that it -- Korea -- knowledge that easygoing guy. He's he's really and a bright side. But he comes from an area of lame politics. Is from Westchester County wood to the debate bedroom community for me. And it and it's it's unfortunate that. That he just doesn't necessarily. Have that same fire in the belly approach that brings this. On. A more upstate person might OK because we have papers and every day to offer. From the the. The misfortune of heavy Cuomo administration -- -- or year. -- -- at stake this is looking at its neighbor look at it as friends and relatives and these people think they cannot get ahead. They can not possibly. -- find anything it's gonna help. In approximate future given given the atmosphere that's out there right now major -- goal tracking. In other words you should say that the entire a couple of million people and upstate New York are not entitled to take a mineral out of -- ground. Are right under reasonable welcomed. Just went birdie and -- respect for the 37 states that go already taken. Is it possible. One man because -- -- -- in because that is his desire to -- A politician OK in Washington DC. I -- that there are not stay here is still little unfair. -- Treat upstate New York liked it's. It shouldn't he. Already -- -- really wanna know what to do it it except -- election because -- -- -- running back import of awful all -- all these dot. Com I'm OK that things are going to be better and that the community is going to be better because because. On but it is great jobs program. -- good program was laughed at by a foreign government. It's a total fraud when he listened to the end that we CP Texas -- -- iron the next United States I -- regulated state in the. And the lease business friendly state in America year after year -- year. By far and in and we got the evidence to prove that we got out -- the thousands of job so what this state and thousands and thousands of people. Actually our businesses. Have left the day and it. And it's a tragedy what has occurred but this kuwaitis. And these are so -- in people down in New York City area bank. Our lobbyists to -- can come up and say that he did he did wind. Don't buy a hundred million dollars not a truthful statement. Perfect person just like anybody else is not a perfect person he got away at bottom all debt debt it. It is proper and up -- understand idea but that come out real heavy. On it that true that you just described exactly going to be a real nightmare it one has terrible enough but -- expect -- Which is on the original -- and say they act more risky deals with confiscation. Are expecting Libyan -- brought staters and that's where he should be he should be talking about -- job. Wreck in it and and sit back and he should be talking about in the engines. He should be talking about it that this. That he's opposing all right it is is not only. Criminal are right for what he's done a commission he's not only twisted mentality what he's done in the price of state. People of a couple of million. A couple of million people about economic opportunity and -- But but he is. Probably one of the most -- But also bettered. Arrogant and condescending call being -- Not by any stretch of the imagination. If anything but well out there and try to destroy. The reputation abroad as you recall what he's been trying to deal. -- I think Arctic air Cuomo is just a reprehensible. Individual and a almost certifiable his. -- -- -- It is hate filled when he talked about if you are pro life if you are pro gun we don't need you in New York State. Hateful man what a vengeful and. The that he doesn't really understand that this fight that could comment upstate New York. Spike in voters could put him right down if we get the message out. But rob unfortunately hasn't been able to do it up until now because -- -- -- you know and I know that but because it tracks we films. OK we use to consider. Donald Trump. We wanted to bring -- and OK it's. And he the gubernatorial candidate you want Iraq mr. Reid noted take the second place. You don't think for a minute that crop would -- on the second -- about this big out for for more than a few days. That is what you are actually running the government. And fatwa would be off doing other company doesn't life. But dot but the two that would have been the problem beat Cuomo he had a name recognition. And -- and always wanted. What a Clear Lake and don't get our act. Figure that out. Governor in New York State Republican Party are a flock there an audit. Because -- -- -- in Washington DC did not want our -- -- -- a -- candidate for part of the United States didn't want to get anywhere. And that's why -- acts. Supported it surreal throughout this whole thing and that's why he would miss guided him right now I -- -- And it gives the -- to come out and why the right opened the Republican Party beef or we got it to election cycle and they refused to do it. They read the column I'll deny compliment what -- Every senator and the state senate as laid off and it will not. That -- at the -- they're all super quiet nobody is such a thing look at our calls from New York that it. An arrest are eager for a work -- there -- it was -- chill up. Well that's too busy counting his pension money. Useless all my clubs it was that out loud hey Karl. I'm gonna run out of time here and I'd know that when you get rolling there's no stopping -- so I wanna thank you I want to thank you call them. And all I can say is when you and -- have a chance to talk with mr. -- Reno. All of -- him is that he. Just take some of the advice that -- given him and run with it because I think he can win this thing if -- follows. What I have laid out for Carol I would love to spend a couple of days in the car Meehan UN rob and I think we can add an agenda will we could win. Carl thank you very much Carl Paladino appreciate your time for calling an irregular which had more time -- I. And even how the show happened today -- -- times magic just happens when you least expect that. Yeah it does it mean either I came into a couple of commercials like him into wave to you know. In and you invited me in and -- give be giving the finger well. You -- -- I was at the I was being kind yeah I didn't send you its actually got our attention so yes you certainly that it was it was a pleasure thanks to a judge Sherman as well. At bases -- -- negative -- two words no yourself.

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