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9/2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our right. At its hourly and his radio about thirty W -- a gang is up and one of the most important topics I have done over the course of the past couple years as involved NY safe because it goes beyond that. And -- -- it goes to the fundamental. Difference in America vs other countries and on the -- given the -- with the deal about this and Barbara guy's gonna get him president back on the ball. A -- it went to a long went to deal about this but. Our rights. Our rights in this country. Were put into words but our founding -- our bothers in a document known as our constitution. And the first ten amendments. The bill of rights. Our founding fathers didn't. Abbas rights those rights exist that our founding fathers where the first volley fathers this world has ever seen to enshrine. Those rights in two words we could read and that's on two hours. And we get little -- Criminal thug dictators like air group -- ball who is absolutely. A pus filled. Bag of more -- corruption. No matter where he goes corruption follows. I won't say anything about Genesee -- to -- -- this it's funny few times but after that but. The demand is unscrupulous. He is a criminal. And he wants everybody in New York State not they have guns except the cops and folks I have to hold you from the get ago. I've hold your from the get go with New York's Eric. Bet they will use any excuse they -- to try to get guns from EU. They will use anything we saw that in the Lewis case. We're gonna talk with the attorney Jim -- been in just few minutes is going to be rejoining us -- that tied up on another matter he actually has a full time job I don't know if you noticed but he's an attorney. And I take up a lot of his time but that's another story and again I just personal disclosure to put those up on my FaceBook page and I said it before. But in my professional life if there's several big and one -- and that is. The impropriety or even the appearance of impropriety. And I just want you to know because I think it's important you know there's. -- -- has -- law firm. Is my law firm representing me in certain matters that I ship to go into now but I'm chomping at the bit. And I will. Just tell you that. Their friends of mine I received no special consideration in exchange for having them on the radio the personal friends they charge me we have a personal relationship we have a business relationship okay but I just want -- and -- I do business with them. And there is -- I don't want anybody to say. Relevant figure I'll release a great rate I pay what anybody else would pay -- probably more so because of my car. West Thompson actually has stopped by to say hi -- -- well. I don't think you got the big rally coming up with Carl Paladino for rod best Marino on Saturday -- -- correct you know with all due respect -- and you know I love you. I have been in touch with rob mr. -- to -- I've been in touch with the -- people today and I don't know who's running their campaign. But I have to tell us up and. You wanna talk about a gift wrapped SoundBite opportunity that -- Renault and moss are blowing it's this show today. Were they could be on the air saying when I'm governor when -- lieutenant governor New York's senate is going away. I put out calls to them. Not even five minutes really. Well you know it's one of the problems by not having good contacts across the state. You know trying to forgotten that we that we had contacts everywhere across states like this happens you need to respond it would need to respond immediately. And it's in the if you possibly can come out strongly use him in your positioning get a doubt. And get it lasting everywhere. -- I have rob restaurant personally we have exchanged pleasant emails that I haven't said anything you know publicly that I haven't said -- was -- email about. Errors his campaign I believe the -- people. But it does give an example of the opposition to Andrew Cuomo and try to spoil the rally Saturday. Pastor and his daughter fired workers -- campaign. Because. OK I set an email to share losses people say hey here's what's happening in Albion I know -- lost its analysts say. Five minutes give me five minutes today right now and I was told well sure -- will be in town on Thursday. My response to them was speed I'll paraphrase here speed two holes what part of this -- to understand this is a gift to write a gift wrap sound -- opportunity. And I did last team apologizes that Jesus exclamation point. Well there again it's who who received a call to respond call. That interest rate there should be removed. I mean if they don't realize the fact that how how important the state act is -- important. The gun rights and everybody across the state and they don't respond. And actually get moss again -- -- on board in May giving you sound like calling into the show spinning a little bit of time leader respond to all this stuff. They need to be removed -- really makes me wonder how out of how in touch some of these people are well what's going I have to tell you had again this is nothing I would not say to -- -- of -- -- right across from me. His campaign has absolutely then. They -- in rigorous at a novelty in -- people aren't around camp. I do perhaps the price. You know get a two million well I'll get elected. Well you know the whole thing is the get he get the rat grass -- involved like four years ago when you fire up the whole state all the way across the state. And that's still something that was still trying to do for a history you know because -- -- himself yeah I agree he's get he don't how many times even Erie county how many times -- mosque and Erie county. I I saw moss one time last week. I still have not met Rochester in office space for eleven to sneak you know it that August and well like a rally. On Saturday I'll talk a bit relieved but -- I you know I'm sorry but I need to have a five minute come to Jesus meeting with -- you know because -- a lot of professional there's any more than you are who we know how to do -- -- no question about it we -- You have been told by it you know people who do this for a living like Michael -- that. Real good and I work in and -- Michael how many months 910 months are -- -- -- on that but let's now let's go to a gym each president right now hey Jim Ross Thompson has stopped by and I figured that I keep up the streets for a little -- Gibson shelter and maybe a couple of quarters you know to -- some -- -- good advice to think -- -- Jim entrapment or talk about NY -- folks if you don't know why we're talking about today it's not because it -- -- it got short while it's because his breaking news out of Albion. -- this -- -- the state police says hey -- gun shop owner Joseph Colombo Albion guns you know the state police we're gonna command basically with a swat raid on your guns should shop. But I told them that I knew you and I would talk to use so. They're maintaining that Colombo is selling illegal a ar fifteens I think Mr. President has made the argument that in fact he is not. That the law is so vague as to be non existent in this case. And that mr. Colombo. Has read his rights violated all Aaliyah and vocational state police also demanded a list. Everybody who's purchased an -- fifteen from. LB and guns and -- Colombo and I got to tell you folks that's the kind of crap my grandmother told -- happened in Hitler's Germany that's kind of crap I heard about from people who came here hungry after the 56 revolution. If this is totalitarianism. And you can put a pretty face on it and that the stats on that but whether discussed and or swastika. Or -- -- or hammer in a circle. Totalitarianism. Looks the same. All over Jim I have maintained from the beginning. And Ross has agreed with me and you've agreed with. That NY safe they were going to use any means possible. To find a way to get guns out of the hands of law abiding residents of New York State. Jim trezeguet and I'm afraid between the Lewis case. And what we've seen at the various gun shops in the case you referenced earlier with the firecrackers. That my predictions sadly. Is coming true. Absolutely and we warned of this over a year ago by the way hi Russ they wanna -- I -- -- We we warned of this over a year ago well over a year year and a half ago that this is going to happen and -- people to sit on their best intentions. They don't believe it's going to happen. And it does happen and then they say well what can do about it well -- can -- only thing that you can do about it now this stand fast. Support those candidates that want to repeal the same effect. And really start writing campaign. Write your local representative. The guys because go to Albany and they really are doing yeoman work when it every time they step out on the street. We we had clients said that went to Albany were ostracized for doing certain. Certain things in Albany in fact still one of the. You mean the protesters are not talking about the politicians Boston New Hampshire talking about the protesters. Political out -- yes I protests is that that includes Russians and all of the people. Have been in Albany with him and with others. And we've we've had people that. There have been out and put charges have been played against them because they they had signs torturing me governor as the media. As a puppet. So. And in fact maybe Iraqis and so -- the one of the media puppets that were where. Where Andy Cuomo was was portrayed as a puppet. And and he yet was charged in the -- that was ludicrous charge placed against him. So those people are doing RIE. -- who worked in our work and and and protesting this violent vile despicable. Act. I don't know how else to -- you know I'm Jim portray it. Jim let me let me bring something up while you're while you're on that little that -- -- you're talking about -- I don't know if you saw the newspaper article. But I just saw this morning and haven't had a chance to post comic FaceBook page it. -- now they're taking. And making I'm locate billboards are now against the law according to new York state board of elections. Okay you you having rallies you handing out flyers. Two let's take let's see okay percent pay raises taxes. And you go to a baseball game you print up a whole bunch of -- And you walk around that baseball game me handing out these flyers say we -- yelled this is what happened with percentage that is illegal. That's against a lot of -- I'm sorry that you should know that when -- I didn't know this can somebody -- well this is gonna have to fill me on this -- -- phone number I've got a break through traffic is right -- I don't run the -- well like you run with the -- read and write it and we have a -- went to services offered during the about the show past wry -- brilliant sarcasm occasional joke about genitals -- three on my thirty -- 3180616. WB and we wanna hear from -- -- -- -- -- Harris right now traffic my friend -- And AccuWeather some showers the overnight low 61 network tracking you know any heavy thunderstorms atop marketable. He he watches radar twenty force that is rapidly much as a word -- ultra strict. Tomorrow's going to be a beautiful bay area of sunshine pleasant less humid beautiful -- eighty degrees now Tom is just on top of the news at all times I mean Everest -- -- -- It is 73 and Israel and thirty WB OK so Rus Thompson has stopped by. He's been playing the violin homeless on the street we decide begins and shelter -- trust them with the present law is here. And explain to me Jim what that I miss I didn't get the memo that the First Amendment has been outlawed what are we talking about -- with these flyers in the kick him out important billboards. Is that this is what I heard and I think -- knows more about it than I do it this at this time but I did hear of that. And of course the First Amendment has been violated New York State you know forget about your your constitutional rights right now everything's. -- -- In the state of flocked. You you can't have a First Amendment right there may be a Second Amendment right it all the -- them -- -- governor or state police kill Egyptian. Jeff Flock is similar to the word I often used when describing the situation her grip not quite get numb OK but. We saw in the Lewis case and that was you know what Jim we called for what was the Lewis case was attached. How far will the public let us go looking into medical records to use that as pretext for taking somebody's pistol from right. That's correct and we're seeing it now with other areas -- exit speeding tickets and fireworks violations now are being used as pretext that takes at least -- Pistol part of the cases where that's happened. In the in other cases I mean -- I've got a whole slew of cases in my calendar is that reflect just just that. Speeding tickets. Relationship. Problems. And so forth and so on all the way down the line -- unit. Any violation will precipitate a taking of your guns. This is unbelievable. To me but yet I believe it because I predicted it -- Yeah well is no question about it and we we have been seeing this since the safe act was even being talked about for those two birdies and you know what day and a half. And then all of a sudden it was passed and we all sol was common as a matter of fact -- through a couple of friends of dollars we actually get the original bill. Our idea what's in the original bill and Jim you brought that up prior to the end of the for an -- in the last hour. Confiscation. Or confiscation is coming up so people live really get to learn they have the wake up they have to wake up they have the bold the primaries -- arrayed around the corner. They got to vote in the general election -- got to go after people ought to get a print to protect the Second Amendment the First Amendment the Fourth Amendment. We gotta get constitutional people in Albany would have to and we haven't quite New York City that's where it's all come out for -- Yes absolutely I agree with Russell on the percent we. Where it's serious danger you know -- marine he'll arm once again no crosses several times over the past year. I can't say anything because I'm paranoid and delusional. I think -- -- It's really getting out of control. You know all of our paranoia has come -- that we really are paranoid. And it's all coming true well. Come on yeah it's I'm not I'm not paranoid I just see the facts come down the street you know among friends yours -- we can have the inside jokes. Yeah right now. That was concerned about my mental state I wouldn't be joking about it moment that's a anyway. Gentry has been. You're gonna have a busy day tomorrow kitty -- gives clues and what's gonna happen with this LB in case in the -- -- because you're actually -- life Russ has no life and we're gonna talk about these rallies got up on Saturday but there. Any any hint of what might happen tomorrow. I can that I cannot divulge there will be action taken. I can only say that. All like all I can say Jim is good luck fighting this for the gun shop owner and LB and mr. Colombo. And again thanks for everything you were doing with the Second Amendment. People can check out my FaceBook post and get more information about this case and how to contact you guys. And we pretty much contact each other every day. -- and there's so much it like to say but I can't. Well thank you tell -- no progress for all worked. The ground work that he's -- he's done in this feel so. You know it doesn't it it doesn't just follow my lap -- the whole bunch of people and make it all happened. Yeah well we have to we have to stick together or remember -- saw. We either way hang together we're going to hang separately it's assured. You know indeed and -- thank you however much of Dresden and I'm sure -- texting or you're you -- your son later on tonight coming up on 527 news radio 930 WBP and and how well I -- some phone calls and actually a worsening outlook is for a little bit as I haven't had Ross Levin awhile. And that's always fun when we do. And -- the other story by the way nationally is ices the savage Islamic fascist terrorist group be headed that other American journalist. And frankly I'd use tactical nukes on the bastard but then again I'm not the white house on WB. -- good guys we apparently we lost power for about two minutes or during a top markets news and don't know what happens. But. Sorry about that. We were back up. But we're always online robbery of the transmitter goes down we always are broadcasting online so your whole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Access is at an -- -- I -- I -- -- mayor today but I ran out of time those lousy track and his story I don't -- elderly and I don't look too -- myself I'm in my short to my teacher you know why I have to manage -- images Russ -- -- it out OK well what part of the New York State shut up rule that's it which -- Russ talked about -- -- is -- get -- get Russert went on. Okay let's go to. Bill in Cheektowaga on WBE and here's a wanna talk about the rally coming up on Saturday for Astoria no hope rob shows up on anyway bill into blog -- you're on WBBM. Hello -- I would call up about what -- before would. What -- there. And all right what doesn't there doesn't doesn't get in the list of those people bought the -- violate that I hired amendment. One of this can. Where did you will. All that's TI NER 8 AM IT IA HA RE. TIR. And and it where you can't. We can't. Look into somebody's got record last that -- has been. Identified as being a crime scene or well it picked up during a crime and they didn't pick it up there and crying. They're alleging that there was a -- number number one number two. Legend well all -- just stop stop stop the state right now is alleging that this gun store owner Colombo was selling illegal. Weapons. Now -- have a reason that I think Colombo can probably expect criminal charges. Right what those -- Working in usually crack discovered through without a few words what's gonna happen to those people who watch those illegal guns. All right and then what they didn't register them. Well. -- and let let's just to let I presume that that's a rhetorical question what do you think bill is gonna happen knowing the political climate in New York State and knowing that the corrupt plus -- governor Andrew wall ball. Is trying to show now to the left exactly how much -- honest yeah. It's. -- sugar coating your opinion about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The captaincy and could they weren't legal -- and that may well you know it will find that person will watch it -- don't we get that the people expect more. Well whatever threaten him with that but -- that basically the lawyer appetite -- amendment he might be able to argue it. Always an amendment to -- amendment to what are being all. Will be an amendment. Brady. Okay you're you know what I can't do Google right now them on the air but if you're into your computer you wanna send me a link will be -- look -- up. Hi -- amendment. TI EEE like tie in the H a RDT. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Already. Actually I think it's. -- All its T. IA AH RT. -- RA you know it's a bit. Of assays to rich enough for Pakistan and you'd spell better. I think the Pakistan the kid's character they leg after me English -- -- very. Commonly present in Bristol are thank you very much and I'm I'm glad you called her and lets the named for the sponsor US representative Todd -- art. The tires are amendments are provisions that have -- attest to the US DOJ appropriations bills is 2003. That's significantly restrict law enforcement's ability to investigate gun crimes and prosecute unscrupulous gun dealers. They currently prohibit the ATF people from releasing firearms Trace data for use by cities states researchers litigants and members of public. I require the FBI to destroy all approved gun purchaser records within 24 hours. This guy makes a great day -- -- a -- but that sounds like really cool stuff and prohibits the ATF from requiring gun dealers to submit their inventories to law enforcement wanted to put this up a MySpace book page I'm not an attorney I do not know if this is relevant to. New York State or whether New York State's so called safe act would supersede this but that's interest -- -- yet I mean I never heard of -- -- or just what you read rate erecting India beneficial. RM and put a link up two and a caller thank you very much your spelling sucked but the thought was terrific. Or we we always regular friends here in the program. Outlets. Outside Thompson we pulled in and out of the rain cares. A -- report cut at the spent four days in the likes of swap in Georgia. Where all these like little insects crawled into his head started eating his brain than nine year exposing its news like sticking his hand in the Spanish moss which is something you just don't wanna -- -- But here is Dan on the west side of WB -- idea. I. You know I had to try to support O'Donnell little you don't hear. Because. We're experiencing. A power -- this country work. We don't make it plain government and expanding its all our individual rights horror of diminishing. But got right. I mean you know can't control publisher of in all of -- -- to build on monopoly as is under way and you know that's better as -- up where you know lively. I really -- -- -- -- to expound on this but I mean -- The real power shift as planned in this country -- point four top down rule and are. They've -- well look at health -- Idea here is certainly your right and you I've been talking about this for how many -- talk about Kevin talking about this now. -- -- your preaching to the choir. And again. I guess one of my frustrations and then on the trying to take it out and but what are my frustrations is this is stuff I saw coming years ago. I talked about it coming years ago and people said who he's crazy he's delusional he clearly is mentally ill he's on balance and we see all of this stuff. Happening and you guys are acting like -- surprised and know. All its current policy in the fact that. You know I would -- I was OK with gun control what I what I need rabies because of beat Hillary. And I remote signal that the ground controller. Would never be satisfied with and it should -- that they. It was always like it's over let's let China down further. Well Dan and -- -- -- you're on the line I want to share something with rush -- rush when you go to my FaceBook page Tom got -- -- UERLE. Like power Jack power just that LE at the end Tom -- -- it's one or were in the tuxedo. There's a sign from the rally in Albany which took place on. In 2013. For oratory there it is now twentieth yeah everybody when ether to. And has so many young put a little different and all the -- that but. But there's a sign that says registration. Leads to confiscation. And what in the hell do you think is under way right now. Exactly. Exactly right I mean and it's gonna get worse if the election did do when it there undermining did do when everything they can to do it now and try to try to do. Legally get away with -- even -- hopefully will be able stop them like this what's going on -- now and then after the election after the election it's gonna be an all out it's. I wanna use the world war but it's going to be a free for all well you know. I would say and Dan I don't know if you agree with there's warrior on the pony here but I believe that. New York safe too is already written motives and the minute Cuomo is reelected. It's going to go into law it is going to make the original New York safe look like first day of kindergarten. The book you know it works great New York's state. The realization of oh wish lists that they've had for decades and Munich. Get somebody there who look quite like where -- you know I mean right now they're currently there are criminalizing. Think that what legal few months ago you know and and threatening guys who you know aspect -- You know they try to thought -- got but we've got. They just want it more you know what. Should we all private transfer or what the you know the pick -- Merrill Lynch is now I'm pretty much almost six streets like we heard about in the eighties. And Albany is here. And it's going to spam protection so let's stop ruled immediately -- Say they are going to be people who are not criminals -- all of -- and and it's. In all of them -- -- what well here's. I also wanna point out folks at your local Warren Buffett owned newspaper and lets -- -- that's -- gigabytes of their vote. Warren Buffett kept bitching about the fact that his secretary paid more taxes that it did. And we all need to pay more taxes and he is a guy whose money is bacon Burger King Tim -- deal possible so that they can -- corporate to Canada to pay lower corporate taxes and the Buffalo News also endorses and supports Cuomo and New York safe and you can make your feelings known to the daily newspaper in town which is nothing but propaganda -- for Obama Cuomo Higgins and Pelosi. I don't know why they would pay to have your intelligence insulted 8421111. I would recommend you cancel your subscription 8421111. And introduce from WB EN dot com for free and plus you get the entertainment factor of your humble host so actors -- Last night at a Buffalo News in my ounces when it windy. Awarded me the citizen of the year wonder if there are. It. I could have forgotten about that they gave me citizen of the year earlier today because when I was when I was younger and a liberal Allan per -- well. Let them that I grew up and became conservative voice started suck yeah I can only imaginative. I live -- frankly. I live -- dies based on that -- Apple's opinion of me. And overblown piece of excrement like your. I just say we're on the right track if you getting attacked in all all the way around we're on the right track yeah and the worse it gets where over the target. I mean it you know at that he wasn't so pathetic I guess that really differences but I truly don't. I mean you know whatever level you're willing to people and media who get all upset over what -- pro government were Jeff Simon have to say about them. I mean you know what folks I can say is a challenge both those guys IQ tests numerous occasions they've never taken -- the challenge because and smarter and they are they know smarter and they are and I Berrian and it freedom players. Look what wonders if it all right I thought deceit you would be I would love to see it -- -- it would it would almost not even be fear I have to say. All right and allied -- to Mensa because what the hell Lola hanging out with people and -- for brother BO like watching Steely Dan and and mean being. Alright Dan thanks very much I appreciate. -- all. Rights of property rights. -- attempt -- good good stuff good stuff -- coming up -- by the way mr. Thompson I want to you know talking about global. Who is the godfather. And that's not an insult to Italian Americans by the way it actually got -- Michael Corleone -- GF two is a term of endearment and respect but it almost case I don't use it as a term of endearment and respect I use it in -- most sinister implication he's the godfather of NY say which is gonna get worse if he's reelected. -- history of running against him -- -- to -- about the S Perino campaign and the rally coming up on Saturday now rush wants people go to the rally. -- it but frankly we we have got to communicate to mister -- -- already done this then he's got that he he's got to realize he's running and he's also got to realize he could win this. Yeah he could. He can't we if he plays her cards right. He can win this is no there's no doubt in my mind and what's his six million registered gun owners or six million gun owners in New York State. If you number one get the grass roots fired up. You know that's one thing that -- I really think and I actually started to put together when it would win the one thing you really think I got to break well as -- the -- the one that you think OK -- more than. Were -- intelligent. Because -- It -- -- rest of sincere we hate each other and when it comes to vacuums. I've always said that the cheapest price doesn't always mean the best value Pritchard who understands that ordered liberty somebody who has to repair all of those are cheap vacuums and it was good deals that turned into pieces grapple. Rows expect Q is it warranty repairs and for every major document measured Tom -- knows all too well kinds of vacuums a breakdown and show up for your time and again that's why he won't stock crappy vacuums it -- that you find quality vacuums because value vacuums that such a misnomer they break down so often. They're worth your trouble -- not worth your money so don't buy a disposable vacuum okay sack up spent a little bit more all right. You're talking about a 150 to 200 dollars. Is that's the difference between by a group a quality vacuum at rose decks and just wasting it at a big box store okay. And if you really -- the vacuuming and you've got the bill. See below or -- -- of my -- -- over ten years not one even minor work here on -- he -- in my -- And it's made by the Germans. I was gonna make a wise comment that just wasn't worth the -- at -- Anyway -- next vacuums with two locations Sheridan and sweet -- Amherst and McKinley across from monro muffler in Hamburg. And AccuWeather AS -- now and you -- you we were knocked off the year there for a bit and that thanks for him with a robbery can always pick us up online WB young dot com. Mostly sunny pleasant and humid tomorrow less humid tomorrow is going to be a beautiful bay tomorrow -- suddenly feel -- Other high 7973. Right now WB Ian -- that rust options are okay and arrest you had one thought. And we wanted to talk about the asked to Reno for governor rally. And this consolidates. Were you wanna go. Well I wish I wish we could take this. Declined. OK we get two things coming up this weekend. That rally the rally is gonna be it to a starting at 2 o'clock in downtown buffalo on at Niagara square. 2 o'clock we gonna have climate -- India is going to be Debbie -- and -- -- and -- recovered -- In the and it it from 2 to 3 o'clock in the end at 3 o'clock even start here from Carl Paladino is gonna speak -- media MC. -- -- is going to be here in the a couple of like ADP eight rose in step up some. Some good people going to be you know that are running basically to try to straighten out the state universe -- Now I guess so many suits and I just that's just don't I don't Wear me a lot of compliments that's -- I just Wear him anymore -- and now on Sunday. And this is where my thought. I wish we could take the convoy on Sunday. 7 o'clock in the morning enemy leaving buffalo and QX 7 AM and stopping and quick stop in Rochester Syracuse. -- outside of Albany and then -- gonna have a big rally fire formal on rally. In Albany it one I believe it's 130 in the capital west. I wish will we could do was put together war. For -- now. A completely 100% grass roots to war starting and you could you could do would very easily party planned -- wrote. We need to start and jinx town go when it. But when an all the end -- awful Rochus six we bend all these locations we know we have a goal we know well the groups are. You've got to get asked to -- in front of a bunch of crowds you've got to have him showing up with 34500000. People 15100 people. That's high you energize the base and he has to want to exit yet you have to -- that has to want to just going into town just going you know accounting. And -- over to see the Republicans kissing the rings the Republicans won't -- it -- fire up the base if he's gonna lose the election. -- I wasn't gonna do yours and my boss's cool read you know he knows when we were on a roll and and to stay with -- -- and you wanna hang out with a with -- little bit out of the united has already blown my day off and -- are. Are -- -- do's and the aggregate that were pregnant. Anyway -- will hold -- because come up with his Gasparino camp and I wanna bounce some ideas off rust and don't want your thoughts too because. Cuomo -- what's happened with NY say folks you're seeing what's happening everything predicted is coming to fruition so -- get this guy at a office your advice for Astoria no. Our restaurant is going to be here and frankly. I wanna hear from you 28030930. Starlet 3180616. WB EM.

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