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9/2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. That player. Israel is strong from the business. By the Obama -- there and it's just it was starting to hear from. And so many historians and people say you know this is this one -- -- brightest presidents one of the most definitely had wrapped in a lifetime. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Quick -- week after an -- mind it's live these local. So called addressing. Hey guys you're -- but do work. But the dogs don't know who let the dog that. Who brought this. I news radio 930 double. Is that nine minutes after foreign news -- 930 WB -- and and we have a local story that is catching fire and we also have a national story. Now the big national story these savage bastards of ices the Islam or fascist terrorists have -- that other American. And again I don't know that any of us did not expect that this happened because Obama. Continued to bomb nicest areas in Iraq which by the way. I think was the right decision now we can argue that he didn't do enough but. The terrorists in crisis. Said today's beheading of -- off. Was because of Obama's continued bombing. And there is nothing understand that ever will make these people happy unless the entire. -- world including their fellow Muslims convert to their particular interpretation of Islam. So this one is not on Obama for continuing to bomb. In Iraq anymore than the other bee headings were Bush's personal full. Terrorists are terrorists a leopard will not change its spots a tiger will not change its stripes. Now here's the difference between Barack Obama and myself well there are. A few -- can think of off and veteran rather obvious for example he's president and I'm not. But if I were president. Folks. You got to send a strong message. You have to sent a strong. Indisputable. Message got to think like who. Would lot of -- -- -- do I'm pretty sure the potent. Would at least. Have on the table. The use of tactical nuclear weapons tactical not talking about ICBM -- I'm talking about what commonly would be referred to as a battlefield -- I you can check out a video I put up online. Because nothing sends a message like wait a mushroom cloud. Eight. We're Jihad -- go -- he vaporized. A horrible thing. I'm not trying to make light of the situation folks. The point is an essential fact of human history is the only way to deal. With terrorists whether they are named Adolf Hitler. Whether there and it Attila the Honda. Whether they are named to fill in blank here. Is the swift. Effective use of overwhelming. Force to destroy. Your enemy. And everywhere. -- is concentrated. You turn into a sheet of glass. Problem solved. All you wanna be heads. -- -- Just take care of -- whole entire population how's that. You gotta fight it this way folks you can't pussy foot around and ask your question. You think that I says are al-Qaeda would think twice about dropping a -- On New York. -- haven't tried it before. Like ten years ago. Like three weapons were recovered. End. Delta force took care of three of them. Three out of three. We gonna show wonders. Whether they were full -- nukes or dirty nukes I was never able to find out. There was. Again. We were only able to Trace the story back so far. Before the trail ran cold because everything got -- The day it happened for example the seismic data for the hour. He raced it was gone we looked it was gone. And this would have been roughly July a well boy I want to say 0304. Somewhere that timeframe is a secondary oddly enough. -- one of the books came out by the it was coarsely. About well that is the matter but the ball -- short of it is. You've got to fight these people whip which you've got. And basically pulverize them. And let's see I'll take a tactical nuclear weapon over a knife any day of the week. And that's what you gotta do. With these people that's yet to deal. Now we're talking with Joseph Colombo who is with the -- gun -- And that Joseph is there has sold under what I consider to be New York State's unconstitutional. And illegal New York safe act. Which is law thanks to people like Kennedy and resolve the by the way who you can vote out of office if you so choose to do. But at Joseph getting some odd comments on FaceBook from people who are saying that you are in the wrong. There is a guy. Let's see Ben says. Bullet buttons are not legal. Until old -- Bullet buttons are not legal unless they are pox in place. The magazine has to be fixed and can't be removed with a tool like a bullet but true or false. Well what are we are connected to see all we were cold -- because they're required is evil it would quit the party that magazine. We did a lot of are you know a guy that got them and I think all. But even at the rock stricter gun killed their war who -- volleyball -- is modified air tricky though would not go off. Okay -- -- out here now and another. A whole another commentary commoner on my FaceBook page. Named Eddie. And I don't like at eight because he has Ted Nugent as one of his likes and as FaceBook page just giving it. Because I think Ted Nugent of fraud and Charlotte and I demonstrably so. But anyway -- says bullet button. Does not make an a the mag is still removable no manufacturer will ship they ar fifteens to New York with a bullet button installed. He says the loss sucks but if you're gonna try to beat it. You were in the wrong. We can't forget that picture up. All one lap. There with no actually. Then why say different. Since then why -- so you're saying that might come -- Eddie is wrong. While leading critic of -- repeater center Laporte well. -- Now -- I got to -- Eddie is one held a shoddy this winter's FaceBook page and he's he's taken off quarters -- like. 10200 feet some medicine with -- what -- -- Might knock on May -- dooming us go ahead I'm sorry it. -- up big thing at California had already gone through that back in the ninety. You're darn -- court cases -- the federal level meeting. The people bought me you're -- they expect it will pop weather -- all in there now. -- OK I will luck help him in the nineties California what -- -- -- federal all things and -- -- is up further. On their pitching you're in your court. Aren't you federal court in California it would be a negative. Okay -- now. As far as this list. You have turned over this list. Of people who bought a ar fifteens from you going back how long it is at every AR fifteen years old. It at all woke up really here come out of the -- it worship out of -- it -- obviously don't matter here. And we feel -- -- want or netbook as well as well. They're irresponsible. War. Now all. What is this state going to use. As its justification for coming in your place that. From what we look -- -- genetic -- wearing arm. Beyond weird you know the complaint we don't open. It didn't equally. We can't people colorful light of the current shop ahead of people who aren't good equipment in order to how it was all a little bit -- -- -- We don't really got all. Maybe it was a state trooper or somebody with Cuomo's campaign who put a quarter into the -- -- -- this guy with a LB and got a job selling illegal guns oops hey let's go paying a visit. Would be your first times I'm like that's happened. So you. Oh -- I think we just lost Joseph yep we just lost Joseph I was afraid of actually get Joseph back on the line guys. I topple ball is where the Albion gun shop in Albion New York. And it folks it is another assault. On your right. Folks a Wright is not in negotiable thank you understand the difference between a right any privilege. Driving is a privilege you must be licensed to drive. It is a privilege that is granted a right existed before you were born. In the natural order of things our founding fathers did not give you the right. To keep and bear arms our founding fathers enshrined in two words what was it pre existing right. From our creator. The right to self defense. You're right to keep and bear arms shall not be -- infringed. And folks what part of shall not be infringed it's so damn difficult for people understand that shall not be infringed. And one more time. Folks not only that Cuomo violate the United States constitution. But as I always like to point out he violated New York State civil rights law. New York State civil rights law basically is a restatement of the Second Amendment of our constitution. Now Joseph Colombo is with the Albion gun shop and folks if you're just joining us and a lot of you get up the work of four to turn on the radio you wanna hear what's going on. I joke Colombo with -- we're speaking now. The -- a co owner of the LB and gun show up. Has told us that New York State Police from the narcotics enforcement unit demanded the shops release of all customers who purchased New York State act compliant rifles. Under threat. Of a war list swat team a -- Which are my interest and now here's the money shot quote from the release from the president law firm which has been retained by Joseph Colombo. The New York State Police told me that my guns work NYC compliance. The chief of the in the -- police told me my rifles were NYC compliant and in fact purchased one of the guns from my shop. James. I call -- Jim raised the possibility of entrapment. My client disclosed to me. That he would not have sold these rifles to the general public had they not. And approved by the New York division of state police that is an interesting angle taveras. That it's like you got set up may be. But I want you to address that I also wanna take phone calls. For you Joseph and obviously and you gotta be careful with everything you say. -- because this is gonna turn into a BF DA's Joseph Biden would say 8030930. Is the ball number to call 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet. And Eddie and -- who commented on my FaceBook page I do thank you for the input seriously but I think the explanation given by Joseph. Covers your points that you brought up. But thank -- for the input and thank you for your expertise my expertise is not with the nomenclature. Rifles in particular. They -- fifties. I made a Ruger 1022 we'll talk right now let's go to traffic here's Alan Harris. Answer it. All right if you Syria traffic issues that we need to know about you caller WB in traffic hotline 80303218030321. Is the traffic command hotline. 8030321. Usually things get a little weird when we start talking about -- Afternoon drive and rain. Then again they get what are we progress afternoon drive in sunshine an evening shower or thunderstorm around receive some rain right now. Southern chair for the most part as the evening goes on partly cloudy arrested tonight 61 tomorrow sunny pleasant and less humid seventy to looks like his will be realized that. -- Thompson's in the next room and he's evident Saturday. Right now it's 73 at news radio 930 WB yet but we're resting coming here a few minutes. I might let you. But we're talking with Joseph Colombo with the up Albion gun shop we put joke picture up on my FaceBook page. And again to ban an -- who contributed to with your comments thank you for your input I do hope that -- heard the explanation from Joseph Colombo on the legality not the illegality. But what he was selling and York in accuracy in talking about manufacturers not shipping these guns. With the bullet buttons to New York State those facts you presented were wrong and I say that respectfully not to be a -- -- were on the same team your eyes then Eddie. On the saint. -- -- Ted Nugent is that he's just almost all talk but were on the same team. Result this thing is gonna go to Cuba threatened with -- arrest by the way but what what are some of the threats that used. That. What is Mr. President -- caught up there isn't very real possibility that actually be my father and myself -- -- -- it. You could be arrested. You could be arrested under New -- -- And how about the police chief of Madonna who bought one of your rifles could he also be arrested them. Although police are exempt from there but it's by a -- in the -- -- -- -- here. He wanted to all the. IC I don't even if he's off duty the fact that he has a bad exemption from the law. Where and when he retires will be exempted from the law. -- something about the fourteenth amendment and equal protection just screams at me but I guess this isn't time or the place for this so how aggressively. I -- ask how aggressively -- gonna fight back. I need to break -- I hate to do this dear we're gonna call you back after the -- break at 430 -- I want wrap this up with you with go ahead let. On we're. Fight it to it market like in one Ford. -- to hold -- because don't wanna get into that I just said we gotta put jumbled here on WB. All right. Way back at the people who keep on going back and forth -- FaceBook haven't novel idea what you call and and talked to the guy. Did you got the beef with with a gunshot RI. Does not let his agent and I'm not as attorney. -- if you got a specific issue with what he's saying is that a pee all over my FaceBook page groped her and called into the show. Okay and talked directly. 8030930. Is the phone number 80 I don't know what that means 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB Ian. Uh oh okay. -- that's right but I have my computer screen. Our -- it is up for a 34 at news radio 930 WB -- So I'm gonna finish things up with Joseph Colombo and then I'll have the attorney Jim transmit on and people keep it up again going on my FaceBook page out California as a New York. Take what it's gonna go through me wanna talk to the guy who's directly and vault. Did you speak the same language I can't have I -- Joseph -- looked like in this anymore clearly. Had -- -- -- Ago I don't I just I don't understand why it's almost like some people distill this -- likely to be the smartest in the room. Anyway -- just my own personal frustration so Joseph. If somebody bought an ar fifteen from you. How concerned should they be. That one of the state police. Law enforcers who I thought took an oath to uphold the constitution even the Second Amendment. Knock on their door. Arm -- right now we're telling people a little regard they act. I will be if they truly fix magazine for them country chart not an issue that we can you sit at their point. It is -- I would -- earlier eight book. All the old people. -- -- -- -- -- -- You're eighty it is -- on what is the legacy you. -- -- lock -- -- which would explain Barack. That you go awful cracked the -- or federal law it is -- standard. Because there -- no determination what six or release crippled leg in New York. -- and I wish the people who do that we just call and talk review Lebanese village of the hit and run FaceBook comment commoners you know let's actually talk quality talk with a guy that you have the issue with and then you guys work it out on the years and it is going back and forth back and were routed around. So what anyway how much is this gonna cost and legal fees because you know basically the state of new York and Andrew Cuomo. They're gonna have on a adjustable resources. To come after you with everything they have because. The New York safe law is one of Andrew Cuomo's pride and joy legislation's. Bits of legislation he has a high hard one for private citizens owning guns always has always will. No matter what he says he's still a slithering wrapped well of the worst -- And which is gonna set you back. On your degree now like white. I don't believe it very very. Bright yellow. Why are we now and go out a little there. We don't know what -- -- is. Aren't you're probably. Little grassroots organization -- on top after they. I've got a couple of lucky gun club it said that -- it will help a little bit. Automatically try to -- -- -- leave a little known country aren't that he would sit there where you're. All right Joseph and he needs the money as he's got to get a different phone. Joseph I'm glad you're able to join us -- will stay in touch with you and I'm gonna go to your lawyer now for us more information on this story. I urged people go to FaceBook page. And give the information from your law firm. And feel free to contribute to the FaceBook page Joseph to the extent. You feel comfortable in doing that. Picture whatever -- -- -- your attorney tells you to do right now let's go to -- trust them with the trust in law firm representing. Joseph Colombo in this matter Jim it's always a pleasure speaking with thanks very much for being here. Very much appreciated. Now the players in my town -- usual. First of all Jim explain to those who are just. Not getting it and word is I called hit and run FaceBook commoners who were basically saying -- lawless guys on the wrong he's on the wrong. Why are you maintaining that Joseph Colombo of the Albion gun shop is in the right and has a legally sound defense against being told he's violating the state. Well first brought down the end I need -- law enforcement people look at the look at TAR. And tell tell him that it was cessation act compliant. That's that's number one we have sheriff we had some police officers and we had some. We have some troopers look at it prior to this latest. This latest. Go around with that -- state. And they all told him -- and who was compliant as we look at it. Down one of the music they talk about it the detachable magazine the magazine cannot be detached without a tool. Now you can detect any magazine if you get a proper tools. So. This is what we contend that this effect is is rather ambiguous and today with regard to this matter. So. That's that's the basis for for our complaint against the state. OK so when a law and your contention is a nightmare and agree yours are doing pretty much everything. It is so vague. As to have numerous interpretations. What legal precedent that you used to say the state has no legal basis to laughter this guy. Well what what we're going to do it's what we're talking about an equal protection. Defense right here. And that the whole thing to boils down to what what the the law wasn't crews. The Chicago. These crews. I'm sorry -- Chicago be morality. The Chicago will be morale and the the enforcement must be invalidated because it was unconstitutionally. Day. And that's our authority is Supreme Court ruled unlock the -- authorizes arbitrary enforcement and that's what's happening in this case. The police cannot understand the law. And that they can't understand the law and there are there are. In charge of enforcing the law. How can see how can they enforce it equally across the board. What surprises me politically is that all Paul is doing this novel. You know -- right after Labor Day. Because. Astoria no one of his -- -- he's very much against NYC differently says he is -- offered him a chance to comment on the show today haven't heard from and I was told that moss could be available on Thursday. These guys are I don't know it's like curly and Larry I think at this point but that's another story but. Here in any event if if if the police don't understand the law how could they possibly. Enforce the law and and -- politically why now consists. It is Cuomo trying to make a statement to the regressive that seat I have up progressive which -- -- regress. You know you could say that he could say it is it is political -- nature I believe this effect was political in nature. But the fact of the matter is these. These -- has to be settled in in the court of law. And I think that want the court settle this matter I think they're gonna settle in favor of us. Those of us who feel that the unit this effect is unconstitutionally. Eventually. That is what's going to happen I believe the threats that in this case. The the police are are. Enforcing this law they don't understand -- -- They are. The they're left to interpret the law. And in the case of morality Chicago be paralysis Supreme Court. Said that the the -- cannot be rushed to the police to interpret. And that's what they're doing. There interpreting -- -- -- they it is they think it should be interpreted what they really don't understand the law. And in fact. There are so many people that do not understand the law. It's really big I mean you could region dozen times described as they stick out like historic moment this. This laws mishmash of Contra. -- -- Contradiction well you know nobody needs to attend ballistic -- idea I I don't know if you heard that but yes. -- I wanna go to somebody who had a question about this on FaceBook and I I hope we've addressed this but in case we haven't. Here is -- the in Warsaw on WB and -- you were on with attorney gentry has been at the -- and law firm well. Well I don't -- so. That's Lucy. That was terrible and we all are intensely and who -- dorm to stay on top of her. Making sure that our rifles are not detectable and -- you look forward to without a cool and that's where I think your guy has -- -- Interpreted his own way. The destination and -- an equity forty ability to set to do -- nagging. -- -- they can beat. -- if she cannot -- to catch. The -- broaden the world. Compliant you can push a fund or moved to broaden its produce three steps that the magazine. Detachable. The wrong -- that -- portions of look at there's a detachable magazines. That Cynthia are you would have written numerous gunshots. Trying to sell. When you say wind -- you say when you say week you represent home. Well the guys that aren't there there are no longer in her. We need to compliance complaint can be so that we can keep our -- we can stick into the wrong. When we. What was really quick into the menu by acquiescing or him by Friday. Well he can still sign a rifle that is detachable magazines. One. But I think OK any I have to interrupt your actors are here I gonna just I'm gonna -- ago because honestly I'm sick and explain news at this point. I I don't even know -- what else to say about it Jim just -- -- -- that for the final time it's a vague because. One. At this stage because. When you read the law is that it doesn't define what a detachable magazine here. It doesn't define how a magazine. Can be detached and the be nice compliant with the police say that there is little. Policy that determines what a detachable magazine is. Okay -- -- -- your -- you just explain it doesn't explain that they're for it it can't be part of the law. Correct it is not a and mean I don't even -- why were I mean it sounds like we're trying to pick that poo pot of pepper here on this one and it's it's becoming a -- like gone to the -- report it. A lot of it but. So. In this situation. How concerned. Should the citizens of New York pre. That these state trooper who came into this gun shop -- regionally said you know. There we are gonna come in with a swat raid but because I knew you I thought we just have a conversation. To me that just sounds like dished -- old style stuff. Well absolutely. That is absolutely. Unconscionable. And unconstitutional. That is a threat. It's not a it's not the law enforcement. Advisory. It's just the -- no threat. And we don't live by threats and you know obviously. We -- by the constitution -- be as much as. It's much as I have seen their constitution violated over the past several years. We still must persist we still have to be adamant that people have to abide by the constitution. Is there -- law enforcement. Whoever they are politicians. Or who matter. Okay Jim speaking of that and again I hope you'll forgive me but New York safe the act. If a law is good for the goose it ought to be good for the gander and isn't it in some way a violation of equal protection. That cops and retired cops can have these weapons but Joshi a camp. Absolutely. Violate equal protection and I mean that what I said initially when I talk to you this is an equal protection case. This is a in the union and Morales. Chicago morality. We we we were determined we have determined the court has determined that the you know these things can't be left of the police because equal protection. Just determined. That the that the courts have to decide. Not to individual police and that's with the police officers did when he walked into the structure up and said it. -- do you do this world. Or we could've come in here says it would it would be swat team. So. That that is really flies in the face of our freedom. Jim -- -- I wanna keep hold -- -- one -- question for you after the break election I think about it the question is going to be. What other instances. Of the state acting in an intransigent. Way. Which I would consider proper word by the way may not be legally so but have you seen. In Western New York all in in recent months speakers IA keep on hearing all kinds of things from people. Who basically what I'm hearing from people essentially is I didn't even feel like you're living in the US anymore. So I don't know what -- -- on news radio 930 WB and we'll pick it up with Jim trust it and I might let rest Thompson coming here for a few minutes later on their. Well we've got some rain obviously got -- cloudy sticky even -- overnight low 61 tomorrow sunshine pleasant beautiful tomorrow I'm starting to feel -- The high temperature about eighty right now it's or 73 and is ready at 930 WBE and and -- -- that is where this with the tribesmen law firm and Jim. You know we we lived in interest in times and you have been at the front line legally. Of the Second Amendment issue and and -- safe since this onerous and in my view unconstitutional law was passed and you know I've heard a lot of people. Saying they don't even feel like it's the United States anymore. In part due to the state. And -- safe. -- -- Give us any indication at all. About some of the sinister thing is that are going on underneath the surface here in New York's there in New York State. Well -- I could tell you just a couple of cases. That that we've been involved and I mean there are numerous cases but distributing these couple of examples. One it was a traffic violations. Cases in the to talk county. I won't name account because then people in this cowboy well I don't try it quickly with this. But this man who has. Throughout -- out of business vehicles. Russell to the ground. And it's and legally. Legally held firearm that was its vehicle was taken from him. And subsequently returned to him and then subsequently. Given he would return give it back. I'm due to a traffic violation -- and that. Then there was another case in Lancaster where you -- client of mine. Had a 142. Firearms. In his basement some where he told some more given to him by his father many years ago and so we left him by his grandfather. Some of them were very very expensive firearms 142 of my belief and they were taken as a result of him. Doing something in the end tend to sound like blown up fireworks on the fourth of July neighbors complained. And they dragged him in the court and he would give -- this fire arms as a result of of that. So. This is that's what we need in the gun case as a matter of doing something -- rich you lose it was a right to be -- of fireworks but it. What does -- have to do it went firearms and. Ought to get better stratagem if that's the logic it does everybody that who get to speeding ticket who has a pistol permit are they gonna run the risk of losing to permit because. Obviously they have a reckless disregard for public safety doing 35 and 25. Well yes. Yes they do run the risk of losing their fire because the next thing that happened after years -- and you have a firm. Which you. In your vehicle -- firmness checked in your view licenses checked in the media. And then the paperwork goes out to the court. Or the pistol permit office where you get. -- got a pistol permit. And then the next thing you know you get a nice letter in the mail to surrender your. Firearms and -- local police agency and then surrender your license. In other words everything. I predicted everything you predicted everything's Steve Auld stopped predicted and of course we call crazy and paranoid and delusional. All of this stuff is freaking coming try and they are usually under -- small -- any Dan excuse they tend to discs are the public. You know talented place southern disarm the public there is this senator in the state legislature and democratic senator from Manhattan. I think his name is senator cruise and I mentioned that the crews need before. Because that was in the forefront in my mind. He enlisted ten point that the that the cool administration set out to how to do in his term of office. And number ten the there's -- point. Is. Take -- don't go away from every house in the State of New York. And -- -- good use and we saw this in the Lewis case Jim Jim can hold on we the people wanna talk Q are you gooder but what's up with your schedule -- you've got -- like -- fifteen. Can I come back I just don't want obligation war 5 o'clock and then I can be. How does happen it won't hurt call back out of pocket he's OK excellent because folks if you will remember I told you when this walked past you just wait. They're gonna use medical excuses they will use violations or alleged violations of other laws to get your guns -- your house Cuomo does not watch owning guns. I -- the -- is coming pro. Would you please acknowledge my greatness. At least thank you let your restaurants and I know this stuff 'cause I know these people -- state -- their progressives. And -- Joseph Stalin's. Every single one. Even -- the local. She started Romans.

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