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9/2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES yeah. I did each carrier and their parents. Why they're so run for president. I got hit in the head with a rock. What woke up that I've made my announcement of her. And then that goes through wage. Tom hourly. Here qualified to figure it. We talked about elevated pork out of it yeah. Where Huckabee -- live. It's local. Outlook but he's great. I think it's a real winner Casey of RU we need protection on news radio 930 W. In my thirty WB -- on -- Tuesdays and well outlets that you are officially re engaged in the world after a summer summer is not officially over but it unofficially is over the important thing is here the fashion Nazis will be after you if you Wear white pants or white shorts after well midnight tonight. You are no longer entitled to -- white shorts or white pants out without incurring the wrath. And the vengeance of the fashion police I just -- I should point out we do we have fashioned police here in western new York and what a funny thing is the people most likely to be members of the fashion police are those who are least likely to -- mirrors in the world poll which I find fascinating. Anyway -- John Sherman is a master control and as -- -- practice. Our call screener today. And we have so many things we're gonna get into a locally as well as nationally President Obama. Is that going to have some answers or he's gonna have some. Decisions to make because crisis as I don't think anybody didn't expect. And is that beheaded another American Stephen assault -- has been murdered. By the cowardly thugs of ices you know definitely expected to got a fighting chance you know it at least -- one on one combat shots. You know -- the guy up -- -- is not off is pretty much ball was and by the way. President hourly. With extreme prejudice. I'll say that -- with extreme prejudice. Would authorize the use of tactical nuclear weapons against all -- installations. My message would be -- -- That's so thirteenth century try these on for size. And I put up a video of what the user called atomic cannon way back in the forties and fifties our delivery systems today are much more sophisticated much more accurate. And the tactical nuke which sent a message to ices. You wanna play this game well we can play better than you instead the United States looks applicant and locked. I can't sit here and say that it's Barack Obama and Barack Obama alone. Who looks every bit because bee headings happened under George W. Bush. I get bet and bush didn't authorize tactical nuclear weapons but there's a big difference between bush and Obama. Those of you who can't actually remember a few years ago when Barack Obama was running for the presidency and all this crap. That we had to listen to about how George Bush made the world's greatest and wants Barack Obama was elected president everybody was gonna love us again. And yet together -- of the you know basically the lions will lie down with the lambs. And you voted this clown and office and heat can't be troubled to take -- well now he's back the White House. He takes more time off on golf courses during crises that any president I can remember including by the way George W. Bush who played -- one game a goal for after 9/11 or after we began the war in Iraq in the NC you know what this does does not look. And I wonder if by Obama's gonna issue a statement today. Where he somberly expresses outrage over the beheading of another American and then yuk it up two minutes later which really only a true sociopath can do you simply can't do that you simply can't go there and say I want to express my deepest profound regrets and sorrow over the death of another American this is outrageous. And then go yuck it up by two minutes later -- hope that we don't see that happening again. But that is up on my FaceBook page I did not put the beheading video up on my FaceBook page and frankly I did not watch the beheading video. In this particular case I watched about a zillion beheading videos over the years. And frankly. I I've had my fill. Of these people beheading people who were in no position to defend themselves and if I were president I absolutely positively. Not only would bomb. C bombing now. Now I would send a strong message you wanna be ahead we're gonna upped the ante meet mr. tactical nuclear weapon. But top innocence will be killed we know what innocents are killed when you drop bunker buster innocents are killed when you drop a innocents are gonna get killed any time you expect it to explode any -- a 2000 pound bomb does not discriminate. We don't have for a long time. Graham Greene's the quiet American talk -- a car bombings in Vietnam a 2000 pound bomb does not discriminate know you lose innocent people. But you know what you're sure as hell send a message and the message is. You don't F with our people or we will. Totally and seriously messed you up. And there's not even need to put boots on the ground as far as I'm concerned. Why -- on the risk of them capturing some of our guys are going through this Hollywood scenario all over again. Why were on the risk -- from the year. Let the ice this air force. Deal with it. But I'm. Always infuriated by these videos and by the cowardice of the people were doing actual beheading first of all wearing a mask. You're gonna do something like that at least have the balls to show your face. So easy to be somebody else behind a match what do you think people act like idiots of Mardi Gras because there were amassed in -- not -- them. They think that without seeing the face they can do whatever they want nobody knows what they're doing. But we'll get it to that maybe a little bit later on closer to halt. There is a situation involving New York State that we need to get into and I wanted to cover as best as I possibly can. Because we have a local gun shop owner on the line. And ladies and gentlemen let's let's let's just try to keep everything in perspective here folks now as you know for those who might be new to New York State. After the Connecticut school shooting our governor Andrew Cuomo. Was waiting he was waiting for a school shooting OK he was waiting for a massacred happen. And he had written a law. That we now call and why say New York State which is anything but -- All right he was waiting for the crisis which really wasn't a crisis because the situation was over. If it's over it's not a crisis it's history. It's something to be analyzed but -- history not a crisis. It's not a necessity that we acted right away that we act right away. But anyway I think you know the story Cuomo used the blood of the Connecticut school kids. Because he hates. Guns in the hands of private citizens and he wants all cops across New York State to also hate. Guns being in the hands of private citizens and you know it's very interesting folks. I'm getting more work feedback from guys and ladies in law enforcement who are veterans or retired. And they have the same take. As I do on. All too many of today's younger cops that there are different pretty good he just following orders start that they are the but never say it does all hybrid it irrespective. Of the oath they took to the constitution. That if you are somebody out of the academy at five years ten years on the job but I strongly suggest you read the bill of rights but I strongly suggest you talk to senator sergeants it's W lieutenants and -- your captains who were not involved in the Democrat political machine in this state good luck finding one. Ask what freedom really is and what liberty really is a what did you sit down and actually think about other people wore uniforms made it up police uniforms but uniforms of the army the Marines the air force the navy etc. Epic about the sacrifices they made they did not. Not make those sacrifices young cops they did not make those sacrifices so you'll could basically turn and a storm troopers and violate the Second Amendment of the constitution because -- politician. A thug and criminal named Andrew Cuomo says it is the law and the corrupt legal system a New York State. Backs him up and says well. It's a constitutional law and yes of course he had a reason to do it of course a message of -- was warranted in this case. But we have a situation unfolding right now in Albion New York. And I wanna bring aboard a guy whose picture I have featured on my FaceBook page. He is Joseph Colombo and he is owner of the Albion gun shop and by the way he's represented by the -- that law firm a bit of touch with with -- president today and later on will be talking with Jim president. On the year and again full disclosure folks because I believe in full disclosure recurrence say it with me I don't believe an impropriety and I do not believe in the appearance of impropriety in my professional life I want you to know that I myself. Have retained the -- of the law firm. In certain matters relative to me I received no special consideration in terms of these I received a special consideration in terms of anything. Fact I got together with a last week I paid for their parking. -- what a nice guy I am but that your full disclosure I wanna go to Josep Colombo right now. Joseph out welcome to New York State they are your lifelong resident I guess right. Ball warriors yeah you're gonna have to speak a little clearer is -- here. -- -- -- Okay 29 years in New York State and when did you meet mr. New York -- tell us what happened starting last week. Well what we've been able week like brother and -- record store and all -- -- the -- didn't undercover a year now consult as. On New York State Police narcotics unit. They have been here with important attribute. When they're ideal that we were selling illegal happened. King and next thing we know he can't export Rick all he wouldn't hurt if you ought to fight illegal what happened -- and interactive. And at that point that we can -- to create a little at least for quite acuity. Incorrectly for an hour to hear them over. And that -- -- you've got to dictator because he'd better car will remind you what. Are you wouldn't believe it Sam. A week from William -- poignantly coming in with a lot he it's been everything. Well well well well and this this is where this is where I have to take exception to the I want cops look like soldiers all the time crowd they wanted to do the swap thing under gun shop -- albeit that one of the whip out their fancy toys -- -- When a civil conversation which is what you ended up having would've done the trick. It. Now again putting this in perspective. Andrew Cuomo who in my opinion is a major criminal. Who calls off investigators investigating corruption in state government when those investigators known -- the Moreland and commission starts sniffing too close to him almost as well. You're good to close I'm canceling let's go to our -- that I can stop a he is try to convince the left right now that he really is a lefty. You know he he tried that win over the right to try to do what I call Bill -- he tried move into the center to increases audience but we found as he lost his core. He lost the lefties and now. Do you think it some way shape or form you're being used as a political pawn by a governor who is trying to convince the so called progressives I call the regressive that in fact he is a -- I think we're gonna be using your order in a lot of other on shop there could be. -- eight. OK so it's not even that the modification network using other markets well. Certain boring and they're calling -- out here. And certain people. They're supposed to be going after it while they know what -- multiple -- Okay well see this is where the gun community needs to be important in this is where we need to network because there are more. Citizens. Then there are. Are just following orders storm troopers and especially in an election year. You've got people on your side okay who want this clown. Andrew Cuomo out unease but. Over and why safe over his -- option. And over the climate of nausea. And stench which follows him no matter where he goes so this state trooper comes to you. And says he's working with the narcotics unit which has been tasked with enforcing and -- save. He he tells you that weapons you are selling and I think we're talking about air eight ar fifteens correct. You were selling illegal weapons and I want you to tell my audience. Why. You were selling weapons of state says are illegal. Well regionally the state could be -- legal we call their 1800 gun law outlawing. You know conquer everything with the board but -- explained everything and it does not it would comply with -- -- -- -- it would be illegal Asian. Now they're telling you could -- It to June tied up I have to interrupt your judge -- all of those -- Agassi is the owner proprietor of the Albion gun shops so. Our riddle me this. First of all what is the bullet button. It's more important removed the original regularly out of the receiver. And -- put that both bought and which required you to be able coral and anything. Not readily detect or magazine it's not easy. And that spark but look into the other eight they have permanent support for me to a -- -- -- -- and therefore not an assault weapon. OK so you were told and can you document the days on which you called the New York State hotline for NY safe and the people with whom you spoke who presumably -- what the state police. On your -- are the people that we all where would you did give me you'd give it. Did you do what they are not authorized to release it from the age. Can you state unequivocally that you spoke with members of the New York State Police at this gun laws hotline. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Local guy we won't virtual political spirit is. -- -- -- -- -- -- And can you document can you get affidavits from these people. -- -- Okay but here's here's the thing that I find absolutely more good disgusting and nausea for fought the whole idea of New York State is an outrage to any freedom loving American and -- respects or bill of rights including the Second Amendment. Secondly you called the New York State gun laws number. And you were told by people refused to identify themselves even by badge number at the other end of the phone that the ar fifteens you were selling either bush masters correct. Are pushed me accurately and don't Agricole bacteria or different. I'll bring him. Okay that the bullet button was a legal. Modification. To the AR fifteen -- -- -- not subject to NY sit. Can you document that dates on which you made these phone calls. OK you can document bet okay. But they refused to give you any information about themselves and other. We actually called youth aren't they were actually hanging out with. Because they didn't hear the information that we want it. That your government in action folks. By the way. We're gonna continue with -- Colombo more information on this story may be found at my FaceBook page com dot -- earlier so when were were in the tuxedo BA UER like Jack Bauer 24 Tom dot. Hourly on FaceBook. And that we're gonna take your telephone calls as we move along Joseph polo ball all of a gunshot and he has some state troopers knocking at his door last week. Wanting to get him to stop selling the -- 150 ya -- -- a list of everybody. Who bought them. Got caught. My hair and I want. We did it. -- -- -- Our dividend as it is -- and obviously the bee -- story is the major national news story that is happening today and what the United States. Should respond with to the terrorist course the United States represented by. President Barack Obama. And I already told you what I would do maybe it's a good thing that I am not president because I would with extreme prejudice begin a series of tactical nuclear strikes against all al-Qaeda -- crisis camps where suspected camps and I would basically make the point we haven't. How thirteenth century -- some 21 century stuff -- And that's how I deal with. But all I have to say about that for right now. But you have to police say what the Leslie shall accent from hangover to fully yet to fully appreciate the significance and I do take this stuff seriously please understand. But there comes a point when you have got to say to the evil in the world you know lot. We can play this game. Week we invented games we'll show you how to play this game and tournament to dust. And I would also remind you. That today in the world. Over one billion that's with a B over one billion Muslims did not behead or kill anybody. And that nicest and al-Qaeda. And he's fanatical. Why Apple's. Kill Muslims as well as Jews and Christians. More Muslims and Christians and Jews. And well we'll get it to this later on issues it's outrageous it's uncivilized in its barbaric. And the way to fight barbarians. Is by being a barbarian. -- -- fight you know it's like Eric Levin cartoon. Receive as much egg heads in a -- On one side and the other side there's these. Muscle bound men. And the two guys one of the geeks -- one of the muscle bound guys are looking at each other across the table and they're about -- arm wrestle. And the -- -- try to figure out how they can beat the big bully the answer -- you can't. You fight bullies by being one yourself that's how you fight -- that's the real world. History oh loving god. But when you're dealing with savages you must be savage. Done. We're talking right now -- Joseph Colombo he is the latest victim of Andrew Cuomo's a New York save last week he was paid a visit. By somebody who is known. To him who works for the New York State Police and according to mr. Colombo at the -- and gun shop and more details -- on my FaceBook page and I encourage you to spread it around the country so the entire country can understand what's going on here in the people's republic of New York under -- counselor. Andrew -- But. The the cop says to Joseph Colombo you know. They want the coming here with the swat team and do the full all out raid idea but I said hey I know you -- moment -- first procedural comply. And big demanded New York State. -- representative of New York State the state trooper demanded of you Joseph. A list of all of your customers who purchased these -- ar fifteens with these so called bullet. Buttons which require a tool to detach the magazine from the receiver okay. You were told by anonymous people at the other end of the New York State hotline that what you were selling was NY safe compliant now. You're being told in person then it's not. NYC compliant. Also you have people who've been with mag -- county Erie caddie Orleans county Genesee and Monroe County law enforcement who told you that what you -- selling. These -- ar fifteens from various manufacturers. With the bullet buttons are in fact NYC compliant and the state still caved in after you and even thought about using a swat team at covenant like gangbusters what's. What these people. Here. Well. Or before I don't know what he wanted to say that although what one long look at the CI VR. There. You tell me one thing and then pick up later are you here and there were rewarded our report. Seoul the trooper comes and there's a guy who's known to you and I don't know that I wanna give his name on the year. But he comes in and he tells you we need a list of everybody who bought an -- fifteen from view. What did you do at that point because I'd like to think. What I I would have said in a similar situation. But sometimes it's always best to talk with a lawyer before saying the first two words that come to mind. -- -- we I called my lawyer I do the same way attorneys to handle both went off. It appeared that comply with what they want it because they are gonna come in with or it'll find kind of -- -- and a little. Obviously he's a little little information as we possibly could. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK you're now -- presented in this matter by the -- has been law firm one point that outsell. You were forced to turn over a list of people who legally acquired legal weapons in New York State. If this sounds absolutely absurd this sounds like the stories I heard for people came here from the iron curtain or Stalin's Russia. All I'll open up. They're our ability at the -- gun shop that they think are going all goes well if you can think convert people using. All the -- off the finger lake area without all that they're gonna be sitting shortly. Because they're using mark to conversion. -- the permanent. Yes your -- you don't lose a lot of people when you start getting into the nomenclature I mean I know a lot played the only guns I really nobody the ones I don't. But we don't we start talking about air fifteens OK I've got a notice air fifteen is but beat. The bullet button that was a new term for me because I just am not that familiar with -- fifty nomenclature because I'd prefer pistols a rifle anyway I'm just going to be jerked. But in -- glad glad. I'll be on our true conversion here opposite the introduction and he really. Great to topple the markets in the open. Good to compete weapons. And then you preferable to -- the link between. Okay sir you have said that I cannot get my my fingers around to open -- Joseph Colombo of the Albion gunshot. You were forced by the state to turn over a list of people who legally bought. A legal product from -- -- should be likely to wish every dealer and saying I -- list of everybody who bought a Chevy Corvette. -- This is just it's preposterous to me you're a lawyer told -- to turn that list over so what what now what next. All what the nature article once it is created -- -- number all the people that purchase up and trauma. While they're not a required. People there collegiate leaked until like the lack. When you say they called -- I think we need to be specific as this is tech our -- and are. Equally or all -- New York State Police you know who called. Our individual. OK so where we're not gonna give his name because I had to I'd. My understanding is without giving this guy's name. -- he was told that he was following orders. Yeah -- when he when he was clear we are in. You know a tribute finally elect and while I while not particularly -- -- thing. Albeit earlier trying to become caught -- -- it market committee and I. Are -- here that you've got a guy like govern -- state that is ridiculous what you're doing -- people. Yeah -- -- -- he's doing. What is it. Unfortunately this is what I predicted. Several well but you're gonna what people -- Tom what are the state police gonna do do you think that these guys are really -- -- forceful us and of course they will because they're gonna get off that six figure gravy train with a lifetime pension and medical benefits why would. They're not gonna lose their jobs over something like this they're gonna be like any others any other organization. They're gonna follow those orders. And it is you know Geneva convention by the way it probably isn't applicable here but you're not obligated to follow an illegal order. And might again realizing that you know we're talking but he civilian -- -- police agency but I think the same general precept ought to apply. This to me -- safe is illegal. Number one it's unconstitutional. First and foremost and the fact that these guys are gonna follow an unconstitutional. Order tells me that they know where their bread is buttered. And really couldn't care less about the constitution. They're more concerned about that you know rack up the last three years for the retirement. Yeah it was a question. -- so again folks that Thomas proven right again the state police will do as they are told. And I should also point out to those of you -- state troopers listening who are a friendly to this program and friendly to me. You guys already know this but you can actually withhold the political contribution part of your union dues. To the New York State PB AM there's -- four at WB EN dot com on my page you can print it out it's an opt out form you can opt out of paying the political. Activism part of your union dues to the state police union. Now don't bitch to me if they assign it to Malone Plattsburgh sorry but if you guys don't take -- stand who will. You guys are the guys with the stats and you guys are the guys. We're supposed to be New York State's best OK you guys went through the academy in Albany or may be brought forward if you've been around long enough. You guys. Are supposed to be a breed apart. And you guys have got to stand up ports if you don't who will. Are right now Joseph sorry -- -- gotta go up my soapbox here so you you've been in touch with your attorney. The president law firm. And what have they advise you to do regarding this demand from the New York State Police -- you turn over the telephone numbers of people who blocked. Legal weapons legally from -- Well -- the morning I article helpful but they are anger. All need to get on the super oh -- are. Helpful. Armed with any immediate eating a lot. Cyclical like you don't know what you're doing. While one practically -- -- next minute now what that point all with the crowd they deny it down. From that it will when the wall. And at this point I'm leaving my early. It. I got to play -- something it sounds to me. Well I'm not a lawyer I should probably note. But it's sounds to me like this law is being enforced capriciously. And arbitrarily. And therefore in that very sense it is an illegal law that is being illegally import you are being denied your constitutional rights of equal treatment under the your fourteen at the right is being denied the use search -- -- hold on Joseph because look I know that the beheading story is the big national story. Okay there's nothing that can bring this poor fellow back to life as much as I want revenge against these bastards but. Liberty and freedom in New York State right now is what I'm talking about and by the way. To those were listening I want them well I have set rob asked to Reno an email on his personal account saying. Hey rob you wanna come on the show five minutes this is your chance to shine -- I was in touch with your boss's campaign. Well sheriff -- will be in town on Thursday. My response was -- forgive the blasphemy guys this is a gift wrapped -- opportunity Jesus. Forgive the blasphemy but I don't know what the hell the smoke -- their campaign but asked -- in moss they they should have been. Getting back to me with five minutes interview like yet at the half hour ago. So that their campaign I don't know what their smoke over there but maybe the state police narco people wanna. Sure with that 347. It is cowardly for universal windows direct. And if you need windows. This is the time I -- universal windows direct my -- I feel like such a little -- but you can be a winner. Universal windows direct the best windows on the market folks I've seen in the demonstration I have felt the difference of super space or technology. And I feel like a bolt. But you can be smarter than you can call universal windows direct you can schedule a no hassle in the home demonstration and ladies and gentlemen. You know what I tell you about the clients I take on. They must pass my mom passed. If I can't recommend in good conscience a sponsor to my own mother I would never accept them to recommend them to you I would recommend these people to my Oman. Okay that's how good I feel about universal windows direct. They're gonna save you money they're very very energy efficient and you know those big brand name windows that people like to brag about. Universal windows direct windows are. Better quality than those other guys windows and your only gonna pay slightly more than half. The price so I asked you who's the Smart person you will be universal windows directly -- the phone number six they won 9800. 6198619800. Universal windows buffalo dot com universal windows buffalo dot com but also deciding and storm -- to just FYI. Here's AccuWeather and even shower or thunderstorm around mainly in the southern -- however on. It's wet out there and we in this aren't here unless. We moved tonight into the memo which would be the first time. Overnight low tonight 61. For tomorrow sunny pleasant less humid 79 right now 73. At WB yet let the people Sunday united Saratoga performing arts center for Steely Dan. Now that my tickets at 730. Apparently there were people sitting right in front who didn't get that memo on their ticket and they were coming in like four and five songs into the concert sitting seven rows from the stated. Don't understand that mentality and I never will. And then. Did you get started. I want a syringe filled with Ritalin for the next time I go to a concert. Okay I'm just saying I know that would be illegal actually I can legally produce. Have a a hypodermic instrument I am entitled by prescription. But I don't think I'm allowed to inject somebody with Ritalin but I'd like to the next countered I go to -- rock and back and forth like dude really. For the first in my life somebody asked -- one of the by -- problems. By the Porta potty at Saratoga your regular show at Saratoga -- Porta -- by the main entrance that's -- to buy your drugs I found that out. -- mushrooms. I so wanted to say to filet mignon too. But my like it was an undercover guy and I probably they would use it protects the collar. Anyway 354. Were talking we -- Colombo and a jolt. I know that you don't wanna get into specifics on this but. But you aren't educated constitution abiding law abiding citizen you have the from your Second Amendment firm in Western New York the trust in law firm representing you. Can you said he hit what's gonna happen tomorrow. All of the other that you have lecture on the same thing or not. Then went out when in doubt stay shut. All right sorry that's the wanna be lawyer coming out in me. Because I know Meet the Press release the news release does say that there will be action coming in this. Joseph I want you to stick with -- if you can argue you can do that right. -- -- opulent. You're not so they -- fifteens with bulletins that are. There's -- -- all right all out all the Joseph because were breaking this story I've got a picture of you and your gun shop. And the bullet buttons on my FaceBook page anybody wants to check out a bullet but may do so -- at your leisure. Trying to get too excited. So what's -- -- on hold and maybe we call -- of cellphone and Diana's. We want your involvement to in this say your questions and comments for the guy who's been harassed by Cuomo's state police just following. Worked well Nuremburg. 8030930. Is the phone number it's buy -- my friends at the buffalo dental group. Ladies and gentlemen the last thing I ever thought I was gonna do is switch dentist because I've been going to the same dances since I was a little -- And many years ago somebody came to me it's at the top the buffalo dental group really like you and they wanna advertise with your shell and I said at first now. I just a prominent role if recommend them I wanna go and I don't wanna change Dennis. Well guess what. They came back again -- check this place out. I became a patient that day. At the buffalo -- group because true story the first time I met doctor Colbert and doctor -- doctor Eric wasn't area. But the first time about those guys they took a picture of one of my -- In doctor -- percent top. Look at that -- it's a micro credit to see -- -- -- he said that tooth is gonna blow up on you and a few days isn't sure. A few days it blew up on me on the year you might Ramirez were up there it had corporate and -- so I've been a patient of the buffalo dental group ever since the folks I cannot -- enough. About the buffalo dental group remember kids and grownups twice a year you need to -- your teeth professionally cleaned in your mouth examined by a dentist. But you're just a dentist known and Dennis are very important they'll also do that oral cancer screening -- -- The buffalo dental group. I've had a root canal done there they've done extensive dental work and guess what I can no longer call myself a dental coward because I went through the root canal. Like. Mike Tyson. Except even tougher. The buffalo dental group 63412346341234. Tellem Bauer researcher.

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