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9-2 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

However aggravation coming out like talking live O'Donnell the last caller because of first evolved. She is -- who has been and continues to be a woman with a plan I like that. And as she knew what she wanted to do how she wanted to accomplish and went out and did the homework. And then X acute and her plan now of course sometimes things gore rise as she mentioned that. The the daughter lost her father and her husband. When they -- when she was seven. So it's difficult at times to make your plan work which she did and I like though like that fact that she had a plan. She investigated. The plan would work and then did it and so far knock on wood it's been successful and I'm sure will be. So that's the kind of thing -- do because there's so many people out plan at all there are a lot of people about a clue little. Well long planned. And so if you're gonna have children. I bet if I ask you. Within an hour -- tell -- if you are just newly -- how many children -- could afford. You were probably wouldn't be able Tellme. -- -- -- got to do your homework and study and that if you have a child who can afford. Then you have the best chance of an outcome when you have more children and you can afford. And got to work longer maybe who jobs may begin on government assistance there's a lot of things you have to do to raise two children when indeed the thought process of how many children can I afford. I -- other gift from god 90. As some churches believe that every time you have a romantic interlude a child should show up -- basically. Basically. I think if you're realistic person you have to figure out. How much you can afford to do it the right way. And right way for one may not be the right way for somebody else by the of the socialization of a child of four years old is important. But that's socialization perhaps is more important win before their own family and neighbors and and you know relatives. And then five is planning early enough to go to kindergarten. Let's go to and in silver creek and -- W via. -- standing hello. This subject always scam me riled up on. My man stayed home. With a four children and I stayed home. With my two -- is. Comment picked my youngest was the last clamp that -- state kindergarten. At the school district we used to be -- And but before that we did do. Three days a week pre K it was a lot actually nursery school and it was just a few hours. And they did basically was -- says that her daughter did you know they have the circle time and all the different little factions for the kids to go to. And you know they -- the learning environment but it also you know it held our values. So I knew when my boys went. That they weren't going to be intact terminated. As far as what the government wanted which is what really scares me about the universal pre K okay. They just haven't met an earlier age in and. Isn't it says we have to think like -- we really do because we see we see evidence of it right away. And and execute him hold onto them as long as you can within a realistic timeframe and then you've taught them their value system and hope it goes well from a. Right and you know -- another thing I never hear. Anymore is that people making a sacrifice. For their children and you know my husband worked I stayed home we didn't have to. That may be -- -- -- -- -- or than your -- there without direct TV you know except for a but you know light at the age of thirty and 24 which is what both my boys are now. Where they tell you that they were really glance that we did what we dead and they add that to me. Is is -- he you know accomplishment I need to hear. Nice that they recognize that took -- basically if you think about the the thought you have either time or money running very seldom can have both. Now of money is from a job we understand that at that time is the investment it's really important win because of that young so if you have. I'm of the amount of children that you can afford you can give from the time and -- Iran. Aware of the money might take over but at the beginning especially it's important to get him off on the right for. Exactly standing and I'll never regret. Having done that the way we you know we just do it. -- W did at the right way and Evan died that obviously it's it's worked for you thank you Dan thank you appreciate it while the guys got time or money. -- can't have both usually. In around them at that point. Time is much more important. Because well okay think of -- like this. Would you rather have your -- In an environment that they're not prepared for uncomfortable and but you're making money for the family okay but they're not -- you know there was somebody else. Gonna have to investigate them and check that out or would you rather donate your time not donate you're on time. Your time to your child that is your impart your investment in that child and later on if you need -- well. To fix via revenue -- shall we say you can do it then but for now I think it's so important the deal that those 2009 and my wife. Was that she would not teach. Until dawn went to school. And that's exactly what happened that we worked it exactly and soul of the year the dollar once a school Souza went back to teaching she taught at dawn school. So that she was even closer there was a nursery school edit and it worked out well and so that's I think you've got to plan it out when you don't have a plan. That's when you have a problem yeah it's almost like and and you know there are people -- -- for any. Anything. And so they are surprised at how much it costs and how tired they are at the end of the day and now they can't do this where they used to do that but. And they don't have a clue investigated they have a time set up the plan -- the -- -- -- up let's go to Carolyn Lancaster Carol you're on WB again. Hi how -- -- I'm -- I don't think we should go to full day -- really don't. I haven't. Lull. Put a three year old -- And believer that you can't afford it many children that you can't accuse you cut. You know it at a situation where you can get. -- in your living your life elderly you know it's true you know. In the end up with a divorce from south order -- -- the -- people we had a good time. My grandchildren. Went to. From -- want to pre K today from went to like daycare. Situation to her like a couple of hours. One of my grandchildren inactive and act. And the truth of the matter is those. One we've learned our pre K check yet. All he was this. Allen did he -- early in cop out. Classroom. And got it he did any worse -- any batter. It just wasn't. He had to adapt to a classroom situation. So. He -- -- -- court and here they're trying to get you know if he knows that -- not account which he did. But he was like looking around like he was sick now are -- -- amusement park because you never in a class so he started in the first grade. He's very angered but it was still it was still. I without full day kindergarten on the thinkable was just one they did that tree that freed an exit -- -- -- -- jacket. Where they see where that it is and stop. Keep -- from -- L. Into that he doesn't know what's going on Iran in a lightweight camp. So it wasn't was it -- socialization skills OK at that point so that he could fit any easier. They were wonderful because we hit four grand children all together -- -- -- at -- -- -- I I was. I was agreement daycare more elastic liberal. School had epithet. And that only got a big Arabic -- did you know. Schooling and stuff like this. The biggest problem is that I know what he -- buffalo. With the kindergarten teacher. And he said that a lot of the children in buffalo Jean jackets for okay. And it when they come and can -- don't know that -- don't know their numbers because. There isn't -- people at home is true to help them well this time they definitely. We would have done better with that some form a pre K. Well that's all the whole point is that. The you've got it's got to be a combination. Of actual pre K and and parental involvement if the parent just dump some off to the system. That's not that's not the right way to do looked as -- there's no bond between the child in the and the apparent. There's no learning process there. And the -- -- kind of sink or swim on zones it's all right. Yet it's -- for outs. But yeah I mean I -- I'm thankful that even though I worked cart crying on Guam there between my children having children and meet. -- -- -- I'm 22. To work I work and and then I was off. When my grandchildren became you know needing -- somebody to watch stop. So I know. Olive -- school really needed but. Bit my daughter's thoughts for social patient. Out a year or so of pre K let's hurry. Well I think beds or you'll go like dot solid a very strong woman with a will have a plan and you can't beat that thank you Carol. They -- very much -- raised seven children seven children. And she sounded sane on the fourth hole. Dracula fans what we're back after this we're talking about full day pre K. There is an article not an article whole letter to the editor by Sharon. Is a -- ski in Cheektowaga. In today's buffalo knows it's sad to see shift to full day pre K. She's have -- everything -- said. -- -- -- out of -- enjoyed being with my children we did -- on the pre K twice a week for a couple of hours. I'd just for the social skills we taught our children their ABCs -- collars accelerant they were ready for school. Our personal -- half day kindergarten programs my third a full day. We're not happy about that but then the schools were so happy. It was the thought that a full day would that help our students become so much smarter. I guess that didn't work because they started after a pre K and now it's full day. I understand four moms who work during the day. No more paying for that -- daycare so you're happy about it I understand some people don't teach their kids anything shame on them. These kids need school because they're behind I work opposite hours my husband so a lot of -- -- be home with the children a lot of people do this. The point I'm trying to make is that there are a lot of people who need to think about this program is not for everyone. If possible stay home and enjoy your kids. I look back -- smile because there were great times our children are gifts from god. And we still enjoy them every day he signed Sharon's a loosely Cheektowaga and Sharon I think is reasonable rational. Understand sometimes the circumstances on exactly like we'd like we have to work. But if you have the choice would you rather stay home them and I think several of our callers have made the point that. That kind of bonding is so important and that's. 5 o'clock a 5 o'clock five years old is planning early enough to start school in kindergarten pre K it's four years -- it's a babysitting service. But at least they can do some socialization. I was trying to think back because I started school in the first grade. I know I know my ABC's and colors and stuff like that I I I am well aware of that. And there are some things even a first grade to stand out in my mind. Like what we learned about George Washington and the advantage we have is. George taught the class he was actually there. He whipped out a dollar bill and -- see this as George Washington this is me I'm on the dollar bill. So if you wanna study argued too can be on any form of currency and I thought that's great I'd like to do. He's a by the way that cherry tree thing is a myth I never jumped on the cherry tree just so that you know so the advantage of hearing from the father of our country. Is fabulous. I have absolutely what I do remember is in first grade I -- know my ABC's and colors and whatever. And the second is kind of a blur but then in third grade I noticed that my third grade teacher at this may may be where my. Well my car things started okay so what was I was -- nine okay. My third grade teacher drove a cool car and she parked it in the same spot. And -- arrive and within five minutes the bell would ring and we have to go inside. And I'd like the car to I don't even remember what was but to me it was the coolest car around so I would wait. For her to arrive look at the car and that I have about five minutes to for the boring way to go inside so I think that's -- And then of course went over to another school system and in the middle third -- met Don Landry and that's where that is. And so from the Iran of course you're more grown up memories but. I don't remember a lot from the first -- -- but I started paying attention really and third Yemeni early early school memories. I have lots of them I remember kindergarten now remember the trouble I got in and first grade -- first grade the a I mean my friend Jeannie Longo were trying to. Trade either sports cards. And cards that are out yet or or hot -- casual we try to do something it was during the National Anthem and we are trying to do. Communicate to each other -- -- now we got in trouble. I got expelled in the third grade so. I'm ahead do you you know in your cards I don't ever thought I was never expelled never know because the principles usually -- -- twice acted I think in the trouble now of course it was my -- a cameo. It. Was jogging about school he had those early years think about it those early years so precious they are. Now not everybody has a choice you have to remember that but if you do have a choice. Then. I would suggest that making it the way most of the callers have said. Spending that time with the child and socializing with the child and preparing your child for. The academic life which can start at the age of five. I don't -- behind the curve -- five but there are some what I call education fanatics. Where I mean you can't I guess you can't have too much education but they over emphasized that part of it. Because there already got plans down the road for their kids their kids going to be different and all the other kids you know we've been having kids is beginning of time but their children are different. They're going to they're going to be more advance academically and socially and that's up so the Sony gets started the better but as I told the last caller. Basically what we have to offer his time more money. Okay and it can have both you really can't. If you're working hard it'll produce money. But while you're working unless they have some kind of program where you're working in your child -- right there whether it be the same thing Ryan. Okay now you're on your rope your employer is not here and it is not your father's not your mother it's not. As -- in any -- lawyer so you got to produce while you're working and then being a good parent when -- not. And so if you wanna give up some of the money you can invest time in your -- which I think is a better investment the money. If you can afford to do not everybody can not everybody -- of a plan on how many kids do hidden tests. Think about within an hour or so how many kids if you don't have any now in -- a young married couple how many -- you could afford to have right now. Would both of you have to work. You have any clue what it cost to raise a child. Chances are you're here falls out in clumps like I always do a few weeks ago when they. Approximately rated the cost of raising a child to adult adulthood. It's remarkably high and guess what. It never gets any lower. It only goes higher. We'll be back Lamar would be to -- -- -- Montreal 1806169. -- music -- 930. Both daybreak today for four girls is a good idea and why is it about education -- socialization of the fact you wanna get a lot of my house. And did you stay at home and in your mother stay at home when you. Adultery usual numbers will be back after. As very appropriate than ever say -- group Ireland so they can kiss the Blarney stone yeah I mean he should be associated with the lines while on the strip. Perfect which -- about schools -- whether. Full day pre K is the way to go that's for four girls. Anybody who's been around a four year old so we'll tell you that they don't have the attention span of a full day not anywhere near it. So is it just to get the cat out of the house or is -- really about socialization and some of the things that would be beneficial but can't that wait till five. Now if you have to work OK I understand that but you don't have to work and have a choice what choice would you make. Would you choose to be with your child and then off to a pre K the following here at the tender age of five. And then you have more time to bond with them a major and other colors and in ABC's and all the things necessary for -- going in the school. And a lot of vote what we've talked to today on the show that ball than women. -- talked about having a plan and then executing the plan and them knowing keeping your eye on the prize. Keep focus and that's the way to do it I think we look at -- a bit differently to them which schools ago. Okay now there are different a positive for different schools. You have neighborhood schools was the positive there and walked to school kids kids at school every day. You have schools that academically. Itself okay. That's a reasonable certainly the academic there are schools that are just in a quiet peaceful setting or nice teachers not that they don't all have nice features. But I'm telling you what you've got to remember is there are reasons to go to special schools end up. Actually Bobby from the fifties Bobby is back and he is going to tell us his pecking order a why he looks more in his school. -- with cats. You have. All of Bob hey wait a goddess lol yeah. Swinging at school. An island and the cats are cool up there I'm telling you the picture of one of one year ago. These -- happy student. Everything is also edit. They checked their parents those those silent warrior. Your heart's desire. Hold onto that -- rescue them from you drill. -- -- -- Have a swing and school saying. All Bobby oh everything's cool that's cool -- -- and they in the us and that's -- he says -- global. I go are swinging school now I don't know who wrote that's on. But obviously they didn't go to school becoming -- which that's not that it's not a proper for gonna diagram that sentence what they've ever but you see are happy to us. That's because checks -- there. Now obviously -- floor and -- checks. I was at least. Those six reports are looking at mrs. Marshall my teacher but that's a story of for a different time. But that of course Barbara go via a classic. We're talking about whether it's a good investment -- you got time -- money you can invest one or the other very seldom you can do both. And what you wanna invest in your child the time. Spending time with socialization that the learning curve would view. Or do you want to supply the money is wrong with supplying money. But usually. Many times you earn money to pay for things that you could do if you -- working yourself. So it is not always possible but sometimes it is and if so then you have to do a priority check. What's more important supplying the money. Or -- supplying the time and and this is just a theory that I have -- if you agree with this. And -- seem. Adapted to the branding world and fathers not always and sometimes it's a wolf but I think so. -- feel very comfortable working and providing for the family. And sometimes they hold two jobs and sometimes they work very long hours and in whatever. And they will do that as their contribution I think five is. Not always as I said feel very comfortable with OK you're giving a time when you're in the money and together we have the whole picture. Now you may not agree with that on occasions that you would be very happy to stay home NBA -- mr. dad -- a debt -- to. Yeah I think they're plays in my strength. I am who I consider myself very good with the kids and very focused with them. The same degree so I think it just a natural sort of thing for me and I love being around them obviously. So I -- my wife she's more work orientated than I am. I mean -- -- -- but she's really you know into work career is stuff like this or she can means -- need for a lot of sure the direction that we go with. What the thing I think there are guys too and I've always had this attitude matches now not yesterday. They are there aren't as comfortable parenting. But are very comfortable providing. Where -- OK they're big they don't have all of the skills that maybe mom has. But they they feel good that they've kind of filled. The parenting role by providing. Which might require a lot of hard work a lot of extra time away from a family but at least they are providing the sustenance which you and by the daily bread. It's a lot different I think mine my -- completely different than my dad my dad's mindset was. Of that providing. He worked two to three jobs every day so we you know just like what you experienced grown up we didn't see him march. And what we did we had you know it was great but. You know he he had -- his mindset was bring home the money my mother didn't work so she stayed home raising -- so her mindset was take care of the house and kids. I think mine was basically the same love my father loved my mother. My father worked all the time and he worked very hard idea I could never work that Americans say that right now. It's -- something that he he sacrifice he truly did for the family my mother only work part time jobs here and there but mainly she didn't work. And was -- of us and you'll notice most of the quotes that I. That I give you will be from my mother that I don't -- things that she's home. Never let a personal you have had a dime or dollar in your pocket in other words don't hormone under any circumstances. Do things because it's the right thing to do not because you expect a pat on the back going to be rewarded for it if it's the right thing to do dual. And so those kinds of things I got from my mother but I have wonderful memories my father as well but I didn't see them as much so that's that's why. But it was it was good and I mean its eyes on the when I hear about all these dysfunctional families. I feel so out of place we were not like that at all ever. Where we perfect -- Especially may not. I wouldn't trade my brain for anybody under any circumstances that any time. Will be back tomorrow we're preaching company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB Tony you can help me with this. Went through a traumatic episode over the weekend would have a can opener. A first of all do you have a can opener Tony yes I do I assume you have the old fashioned kind. Where you click on the lip of McCann and then you know. I laugh at this suggestion. You manually turned the big knob as the as the can sermons. And then you'll open the jaws in the academy is separated from the opening. That's my backup that. What are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a battery candle but here's my problem. And it is a problem. Have a battery can opener at what you do is you put -- put on top of the -- And then its senses there's a cam there. And it turns the camera around until it gets the words started the senses that it's over. And it's not starting and releases the cat. It's supposed to work. Out on two days ago. There I am opening a can. And it didn't stop -- at the top of the camp in its grip. Release the bottom of the camp but then I couldn't get it to stop there is no on an -- it is all. Electric guy tonight with things and it kept going and going and going and I want it to stop I said I pleaded with the please stop. And then I'm thinking well here's what I'll do I'll take the battery out pretty Smart. Except guess where the battery is the batteries tiger. The top of the canned that is continuing. Traded alignment over so it's impossible that so is it okay. To get tough with this. I will grab a paper also -- got myself I'll grab the top of the canned. And ripped it right out of the can open his mouth right. That doesn't work it's got a grip like jaws it does not work so now I'm thinking what am I going to do a just have to wait until the battery dies. But I'll still not be able to get an up -- try that so. The battery went on -- batteries -- They've done not this one not this one is a die hard or something in -- it went on and off maybe an hour. Finally died. So I went in my toolbox and I got my pliers. And and I grabbed the can opener and try to put the flyers. Needle nose on the cam and tried to rip Obama to. Isabel is the kennel whenever well. And now here's. What they have two beautiful launch. It's and I can I have no way of opening the can. Out. We are in -- high tech society. When I talked to Tony what I wanna -- -- me an email is something like that goes unto us. A lot of it comes down goes space. But I can't get the -- cam top out of the can opener. I suggest you switch to the two approaches. To apologize you know -- users don't have the need -- just -- off the top then you know in news you know for counting down -- -- Brad -- but I like the traditional. -- tuna in oil gas oil and not watch it in its third. So I'll probably don't you put onions in it no onions while the -- it was so -- hours Goldenson. Six. Is there is nodding his head yes nuclear equipment as it. Yes so I know I have is -- -- has defied me. I'm out I'm not use its conflict and I'm thinking instantly what -- -- kennel owner costs because I didn't buy. A twenty X twelve. However let me get my shotgun and blow at the -- the -- not -- -- -- -- I can't do that I'm responsible now yeah -- for -- doesn't run over my car you can do that bridge. To get a flat. But that's -- really happened -- the real story a day and though went on line actually and it says two there's a switch. That they show on the drawing on line that does not exist on the actual -- If it is it's underneath the public well that's not very well known as new you know my two sisters are coming. Next week and I wanna I wanna have a fresh can open -- may give back up. Just the teaching them how you. Do not let that happen and don't. I'm not gonna repairing fallen into a telescope to heard Jerry and hammers Jerry Jauron WB again. Find Jerry what's on your mind about kids going to school that it's -- -- -- five. There you go they are dead in USA today in the headed in the buffalo news and I think -- at the end -- -- -- -- can't read this present time. 30% of kindergartners in buffalo. Did not attend school regularly in kindergarten. So I can imagine what's gonna happen when you've been reluctant to go to school -- -- lower -- all day he probably could have 60% absenteeism who's gonna give up with a four year old keep their four year old kid ready for school at 7 o'clock in the morning. Well you're right because I remember when Governor Cuomo proposed this all right. -- that was the exact point absenteeism is sky high and buffalo now. Instead of getting the five year old ready. They're not getting a four year old ready which amplifies the problem. Yeah I am I guess if they miss is much school in pre K as they do in K -- really won't matter but it seems like a waste of time and money. Yeah I deflated try to mention that couldn't -- that. Yeah I he'd done and money down the -- again. Yeah well the but Cuomo meanwhile now has curry some favor with the unions because they need more teachers thank you -- thank you very much that's what it's all about was getting home. You think your -- at -- four hours ago and learn many life skills. -- a pre K probably not what he or she can learn is socialization and that's important. As we said we know people who are very bright. And don't they'll tell you about it who have. Skills at all people skills at all not an -- You think at times they should be institutionalized -- all about being allowed to run free in society I'm again it's so. You really need a combination. -- got to have something between the -- which also need some social skills. You know I I remember ago when I change schools. That at lunch time. We could go out and sit on the law and and have lunch in the warm while we never did them prior school says something nice then I've learned. That the boys recess in the girls recess -- the same time but they went on opposite sides of the school so I immediately join the girls. And didn't go with a zone that's a social -- were warming army. Because later when you go to the dance and seventh grade the boys are over there -- girls there's somebody has the make that initial crossing and I was happy to do it. At about wraps it up for Beijing company. Things -- remedial radio trading today. And -- will see you tomorrow morning and I remembered today it was Tuesday tomorrow's Wednesday and that's all -- whose radio I'm thirty WB.

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