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9-2 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And if you're no visual love his campaign songs are done by the Fleetwood. Minister Wu. Water logged -- since -- San I'm running. So it was it was wise of him to latch -- that. There's people don't know there -- from the rubble and arms are up. I wonder if the independent party won't will you make it was a little ruling. I think you're in a care enough -- material for today. Now we're talking about a letter of by Sharon's a -- -- to -- who says it's kind of sad -- for a full day pre K issue like spending. Time and and a having the kids go to part time a -- apart part you know partial. Regain our full time a lot of people are happy -- full time because they don't really. -- -- of his child much gives -- more free time maybe they have a job that would be a real. Question about them priorities there yes OK as long as they get some socialization. Part time pre K is fine but those who love full fabricate. Basically get the kid out of my house I mean I'm just -- -- that it it makes a lot easier for your day and maybe that's your motivation. I do think that. Pre K is okay for socialization. Skills. Because then -- adults is fine. But you also have to -- what can draw on age and play with kids your own age and that the interpersonal relationships you have between. Children out of those are my things to play -- of number lending this to you. Let's play together -- on the same team that kind of stuff very helpful very vertigo. They have soap free kick it serves a purpose but fulltime pre -- is babysitting let's let's face it. Your four year old is not going to. There's not going to suddenly tea set the world on fire because the issue on the pre K now they may set the world on fire but it won't be because they want the free care. And so that set I do feel that the socialization skills very important. Academic skills of course and kids always they don't wanna be behind the other kids in their learning curve they wanna be aware of their friends. They want a veto -- progressing through the grades at the same rate. And go to school with this the same basic. Initial set. Of skills that were probably taught at home. So I think that's very beneficial Tony you have a seven year old who is well beyond pre K of which you have a daughter was what one. And a half yes she's one and a half and she will be going to pre K there and go what are your thoughts fulltime pre K airports. I think it's going to be full time because it's provided with the with in the school all the school offers an okay what -- what your thoughts on hopefuls prepare. I'm not a big fan of that. I in -- aspect if I could stay home I would rather stay home with Samantha and it just you know as I like being. I'm a hands on dad sort of person so I would like that. It does have its it is positives the socialization. There are learning things that they that they can't pick -- but I just don't like all day. -- rather stay home watching the history of the Super Bowl while -- haystack would be watching that are probably watching Dora the Explorer and not I don't know Thomas and friends I like that I do feel that socialization is a big part. Because -- -- look. We know people who work Smart who have no socialization skills you know what I mean they don't have a coal rule. They are absolutely clueless and what you find out is that. You know intellect alone doesn't do it. You need you need something to go -- -- it. Intellect you know maybe the motor which -- the wheels in the transmission and all the rest of the stuff through and without that what good reason to be talking to yourself. Basically that's the way it works so you don't want a combination. Of intellectual accomplishment. And the ability to socialize with people your own age in this case very young people -- four. But I I do thank those who try and sell it. On on its academic benefits are -- There whistling Dixie as far as I'm concerned I don't think there are any academic benefits because they're probably not learning anything more than you could teach human home but their house all this. They just took the words right out of my mouth there's a lot of it that you can't teach at home. The key is reading you have reading -- capitalists are constantly. Gaming things like I'm in this Samantha is just hitting that age now. Where it's it's Constance and may affect we have nick reading this Samantha now. My mother bar some books in nick likes reading there are pretty scary and it's great for both both of them. -- guess what. Famous celebrity. Said within the last few days. That he never reads books he doesn't like reading at all and it doesn't surprise when he finally it is. Kanye West all shock kind anyway so I don't by the way don't stink and blocks and it's obvious. My could go -- get some -- -- exactly the so yeah I think these socialization part is is nice. I think the pre K okay if you wanna send him a couple hours a day about a fullback is well. You know and I'm sure I talked to some child psychiatrist they could tell me the exact number -- how long the attention span is about four year old. Very short so how do you intend to keep their attention over a full day. A school work the answer is you can't so they'll probably have their heads on their little holes or something taking it's it's NAFTA dominance that amendment. I think if you actually cut out the amount of time that is non academic you would find its most of the day. If it's anything like how daycare went -- I believe they do the academic stuff in the morning take a nap and then the rest of the days is plain. That's much like the management team. About a show pretend taken out. Ever go to -- Eleven -- all. Hours ago on before the second do they play well together raised some of them do okay -- some of them don't. Are. Saying is. First. What Tony said is absolutely right reading is so important thing about it without reading he really out McColl. I've always liked to read idea it's it's one of my favorite things to do now even as an adult even though I have to read for work. I read for pleasure all the time. And I think it's it's a sign of curiosity. Intellectual curiosity wanna know what the answers I want to know what's in this book. A -- stimulate my imagination by the words in this book. So and I think. And I don't sound like Judge Judy that's old guard the new guard -- of the way I think actual books. I still like an actual book instead reading off of a screen I don't like the results in Canada will wanna have to but I prefer an actual book I feel. I'm more into wanna have a book rather than just another strain. So yeah any time you wanna give a gift to a a child a book is always a great choice something that age appropriate. And teach those skills at home you wanna send them off to would. Pre K. On a of part time basis couple hours a day a few days a week that's fine socialization skills -- up. But if you're really thinking it's going to help them academically. I know that's that's teachers' unions of I don't see that happening -- all so I don't know from you. Did your mother stay home with the rule and do you stay home with -- your kids. My mother did. Most of the time was home with the my sisters and I. It and this is home would gone into issuance school. That was the deal. Two is that she would not teach until dawn was ready to go to school -- went on once schools should go to Java on school as a teacher. That worked out really well on turnout academically could be. Very very good student and it did very well and I think -- can have different roads to get to the final path. But I think of the road to success academically does not run thru three today. Is -- it's helpful. It was worth. Let me know if you think it's worth it 03 -- 3018061692. Visits are 930 this letter from Sharon's a little ski. In Cheektowaga talking about of the fact it's sad to see a shift to full day pre K what she said -- her kids. Did you know part -- -- is a few days a week for socialization. But the foam debris case she finds that because she's so misses a children's you'd like to have them there. Where they condemn you know beyond home environment rather than ship them off now a lot of people aren't another camp. There have leadership from awful day. That's great couldn't be happier now some have legitimate reasons for that. And that might be that -- and I'm happy that this works out because I can go to my job now -- my job is that. Provide money for the families of the week and through and live the way we like Afghanistan that. But some don't wanna do is simply because they -- -- Dortmund probably have multiple kids anyway. And didn't figure out the kids costs money and a lot of people who were in that -- feel very comfortable with handing them over to the government in one way shape or form so it -- to be bothered with them I I don't that's -- harsh. But it's truthful so there's a difference between hogs. Because of back to school like -- A little sigh of relief that's OK but if you're really looking forward provision and wanna bother with -- in the first place that's not okay. Expect everybody's doing your job and and parent thing. Well -- educational establishment will do their best to educate them but -- wanna be bothered with that. So I'd like to know if you were mother or father vote it's generally mothers. A stay home with -- and W 12. Kindergarten or maybe even first grade although I assume most of you want to connect. Kindergarten was not a big deal with school affect schools -- a big deal. I learned on the mayflower. While I was supposed to be -- I'm just telling. But now so it's it's a question -- -- you think it's a good thing to do and whether it's worth the money. And I think it's a waste of time for full time pre K you got four girls there. And I you can keep their 24 hours Tuesday in -- or anymore. And so I totally understand their Sharon's point of view will visit I sympathize with -- and if you had a choice of going to work. Or being home with your child at this point in their lives which would you do I think most people if they have a choice. Would bill would practice time to be home. I'm just guessing that to be true but you know when raising a family when you're starting a family. You have to realize it yet as she says children are gift from god but they cut the price tag. There's a lot of expenses involved was raising a child. You know your clothes food medical almost things in so you get to a point where. If suddenly you had too many kids and didn't really figure out that you -- in the Florida. You might have to be working longer or or more often than you would like to instead of tailoring it to. Working as much as I need to take hero the -- of the child or children that we have. That's one thing that's the plan. But those of view you know Tuesday night after bowling is just no romantic and now you got another kid and you can't afford and our kids they don't work more. I'm just saying that that you know that's kind of advanced planning kind of advanced thought process. Of how much. Acosta raise a child era -- few weeks ago to Tony and I were. Our jaws drop when we -- numbers I didn't save them what it costs to raise a child with up until adulthood we have outs. College costs. Are astronomical. Look at those numbers it's it's like you know what numbers you should never look at. When your closing a house never look at the numbers are totally gonna pay if you pay it all mortgage. Don't ever do that or you'll -- while house okay you got a look at his little bite size pieces addicts assay with a cat. Acute as you know great. But you gotta know how much can you afford to kids three kids work it's -- it's comedy can kids. And at one level we want -- raise them. You want all the Harvard. You have to kind of lay out the plans of of -- what you would like to do and how much money have to do it. It but I can say this publisher independently wealthy the more kids you have the harder it is to raise them without everybody work. So that's there that's the kind of deal where -- I just don't think that. Full day pre K is a good idea -- a lot of people do because now they can go to work to afford the kitten basically he has. And let's go to -- were we have a couple of postings here. Sandy says to sandy. Unless mom has to work there is no need for pre -- the best place for four year old is at home with the mom. Let them be -- before they begin kindergarten so many things to learn at home yet I don't understand modest. Pushing their precious for your rolls out the door to pre K especially full time now to my four boys attended pre K. And did excellent in school socialization etc. I realize lots of moms have to work and don't have a choice but if you have a choice keep the little one as long as you can't. Once -- once school starts this time goes by so. Quickly what that's true I met some of those are wise words and go like this if -- four years old and your school or even later. That's that's your job that's your job you're going to your job. So. Isn't it nice to have no personal responsibilities. Like -- -- -- five. Everywhere target difference of four years old you really expect a four year old -- have a concentration level. To -- to spend the whole day in school not realistic is known of course it is. So it is nice it is nice when their home and they enjoy it and you can do things in the casual setting. And there's plenty of time for socialization. First of all if you. Have neighbors that have kids that age that's always good but certainly the socialization. Can started at age five it should be earlier. As early as possible and play together. They play well together is -- one of things vigilant for mr. should play well with other kids because that's always true. That you can kind of sort out potential problems. Whether your kid that doesn't share toys with your kids so punches out the teacher I mean these are things that you can learn and you can get sorted out this is like. Pre -- is like pro is like code before the NFL season starts during training camp. And they're gonna say who fits in and who doesn't and the ones that don't gonna make every attempt to make them -- and and so Victor goes up the school of floor is really their job. And so get my break and grow and vilified if you'll if you even more if you did part time is not a full time -- be better. They don't treat -- that is the official inside that. Tony is learning this new system which is very -- -- -- just came in from vacation but I promise when weren't there there I will never say anything exciting. -- boring. Or are fine or laughable OK I'll just keep the dead air until we get back on I promise -- we'll be back after this. I got a call -- Iran ever do an intervention with Sony -- Jerry Tony. Was on vacation a week okay. Every break he tells me about something else he -- on vacation and I -- talking food out. This last night was fudge. And before that was a big huge sub. Before that I haystack then hot dogs and then the Latin and easy and everything but toenail clippings -- you're done. Enough already for a month's vacation and it was only a week it yet gets a kind it has that's a highlight and now most people. Whip out pictures of their kids and you whip out pictures of food at things that you enjoy doing because once you get them when your when your working. Well depends like great now learning a new system no background than anything. But I'm glad that you like to burrito that I had was the Jumbo Jumbo from Steve -- I that's Steve -- forget that Jumbo Jumbo I don't like guys David Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo he's one Jumbo up on -- well yeah he -- done many times I don't know how we can do is a three -- guy that's seen him what does he -- 800 pounds no I've never seen him so I don't know but there is a guy losing three Jumbo. Yet he commented after I posted Michael one of our listeners he posted but he comedy after posting a picture of -- goes all that's something I've eaten up. The are really big -- like you wash each. And they still had you know it's still on the Cowell when they when they order it may take service from there you like that appear when people decide you must've been a big fan of Joey chestnut. I still can't get over what he did when I was talking with that with people last night on FaceBook how anybody can be a 192 wings in twelve. Minutes I can't eat twenty wings and twenty minutes it's. On how Tony it's wise why aren't we taught them what you and saying my stomach hurts thinking about it Garcia professional that they pay him to come in any. I don't know because I he would have to be like that I mean imagine what does tears to your digest of system. Well -- -- shock you remember Adam from man vs food yes after quitting national you have to see Austin and he is now -- really so -- he was just days -- that while I was working yeah Ireland was he -- so we've got above for more breaks before known so I can hardly wait to hear the rest of -- from Tony. As to what is and is there won't be a 192 when attacking guarantee that. -- it's a sad day to see a shift default debris today. That is the mindset of there's Sharon's those ski a -- she says those children are. Our blessing from god she said the point I'm trying to make is that there are a lot of people who need to think about this program pulled -- prepared. It's not for everybody. If possible and she is reasonable lot of stay home and enjoy your kids I looked back and smile because. These are great times our children -- gifts from god and we need to enjoy every day but she also recognizes that sometimes. You need to work. Interview need to work -- Universal. Full time pre K might be an answer for you. However if you -- little advance planning. On OK am. We'd like to have one child or 2203 children or whatever and number as. Do it as an expense item what's it gonna cost realistically. Raise them. What are -- making now what do we have. For income and trying to match it up a little bit so that the number of kids doesn't dictate. Everything else. And that happens a lot of times people just they have. More kids and they can afford and then either they have to work you know two -- three jobs. More they don't get their roof top choices which would be either keep us there with a kid as long as possible so in this case you get another -- music and dump the kid off a year earlier. Instead of five you can double Moffett for but if you really want to -- in the first place. That's probably not something you've been looking forward to look at Tony we have some more FaceBook postings please Jackie thinks have to -- is trying ease them into it or wait until their fight for kindergarten I Jackie and -- would be your first post there. Yeah this funny time if five they can wait till their five. But -- there are people who are fast trackers. They've already laid out the academic trailed mayor of the academic GPS systems of our. Society they know which middle school kids below. Go to which high school which prep school which college which post grad work they've already got a retired in their four. So you know take it as allies summer summer better students than others some I have other skills. I can be good at something else besides academic -- a pretty good living at. So you have to kind of lay that out and give them a give them. Loose rein them. What that means that horse for allowances don't keep a tight rein them. You don't know what that means either but I don't care will take a break we'll be back we're more we're beach company under strict about thirty. W via us ma it is -- company or asking about universal. A full day pre K that means sending the kid off at four years old and that somebody was saying while we can't wait till five. That's fine wait till five but others are saying the outlook I have to work or I just don't want the responsibility. Or you know pick out the reasons some legitimate some not. Is -- a good idea is it about education. I think it's as much about socialization as far as education. They are and it's a matter of priorities or need or lack of interest as far as the house is concerned. And did you know stay home -- your kids until they went to school. Ordered did you mothers film video and Altria and I'm trio wanted his excellent 692 for sixth at 930. Donna in north I want -- earlier on WB again. I am surprised. Over burdened with calls on it I mean it that it for me it's hot button issue. I'd stay out of my daughter well aren't there at home mom epithet LM my daughter's ticket master opt for college -- Working at the moment alien knowing you can edit it. And you it but how well I got to -- four years old I would if my daughter anywhere we did not pay that back and by. -- -- -- are so precious. You know they're they're trying -- body heat that they think they're cute like everybody in the -- is bad. You know the -- by the near the art children's lives are the only time we -- Before the world get their hands on them and we couldn't -- with our values our spirituality. Well we need demand. For expectations. Point. -- that's a good points. Bet the only you know month I'm. My one and I could count my first one of the quote the group again Mary she married -- a secret in Georgetown. And after she had her first baby sit in the you know. They'll ever go to work and the baby this is the only time we -- for the world I am now. And that set -- default on there at home mom not upload their last how many people have extended family I don't not from here. And you don't. Sit there or an aunt grandparent can help you out taking care of the child twenty or so and so when your husband -- -- and a lot of work. Shall my daughter was four. Police hunted around accurately what undeclared anywhere all they want. Witch -- around and we found. A little nursery school and she went content in the morning to twelve you know. At all no no academic setup and circle time. And it bit her on the saying that good morning off in -- it would not. The weatherman -- -- -- How I looked up. Out -- sticker oracle apps and they have like they had the rocket Shipley area it'll play out area. And -- mirror or not I'm your age and merry. What I -- what might kindergarten -- -- -- it's now and I would program. I don't know why I liked the fact that you're focusing on. Family and family values or have. Oh yeah and -- an every parent with their pick up their child at -- It out an -- and nobody would be dropped off at daycare and well I'm very black and what -- none of my friends work we all have children none of the number worked a lot wanna Quebec. Arm of the security situation -- -- even my window that I have never -- in the back to work and earn less but it. But I you bet might manage my -- -- not bragging I'm just telling you what are some circumstances are. Using the education system and the babysitting -- that is yeah not a good idea you can always find somebody for about much cheaper. And are more reliable probably do that area. If you need to work and take every child part time that's one thing but. Well I would kindergarten I never went to public school -- so private school did not offer a kindergarten. -- -- So my mother had grown up a rural area -- it kindergarten I don't -- inside the wire she'd go to kindergarten because. I think I can order a kindergarten. Schools started at first grade you're supposed -- already apparent until that. But my mother won't look like -- brilliant I don't know I don't do that anymore. They take that kindergarten class and divided. And from September to December. 1 heck of a class would go in the morning. And from here until you were here whatever the second half the -- ago. Kindergarten Smart and it -- very very much like my daughter's. School. -- so by the time the first grade you're used to getting up in the morning and going to school I don't know what it was like being in school yesterday. But it went -- done very gently. And they said that makes sense tomato because. As weak as we are -- on life or we might be working a morning shift and afternoon shift some people are focusing better in the morning some can work at any time some can't do mornings. I -- those kinds of things are preparing the child for life and that's what education about Goran. At that time I had first grade I used to going to school all day long was the first time in my life I ever gone to school from it -- in the morning at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I had to prepare for. The other thing it I have -- shot -- -- the prize that I that I must say that I'm not an area and I understand why people are really up to the copy. -- -- -- -- situation I have had to move away from the area for a year ago my daughter indifference going to object that recorder -- my compound. My alma mater was cold down. But they let this school related request and everybody stood up the hole that stood up and that. Good morning begin a lot lot lot OK good -- actually -- -- in the morning at the -- We my husband and I went to every single kindergarten here we could find parochial whatever and we I -- that they asked two questions number one at first kindergarten goes where the piano because when we were growing up again on your age. Well we were growing up it was a what you could be kindergarten teacher could critics you know you didn't have to be that you didn't have to be. -- -- -- -- -- bad memories now for me because in third grade they had a piano but I was always had to sit behind -- that was punishment. -- I -- the back of a panel but not -- -- A member of mechanic or intent and like finger paint for NASA or I don't look like he'll probably bring -- a -- like all my daughter's never intentional member of being all right. Create more money didn't have a high young -- but to our energy problem that Italy for years all. By the primary kindergarten -- little more -- -- there are more able but all of direction thing. I don't know why anybody as a matter of fact are the in article world leader here made a comment the only competent or stock that you -- is that the sooner we get our -- your academic situation the better. And I think the exactly wrong. If you look at the country that are kicking our -- Educationally. Finland and Canada -- are our school to later. Well the only the only reason I think that he might have some validity. Is the fact that. -- the kids that he might be referring to aren't getting any nourishment and home. Intellectual or any other kind and that the only structure in their life would be at school but I don't think your goals of holes water for everybody. I don't get hold water for but say. Well over 50% of the population a lot people out there chills are and even though they are a lot of work old believe me a lot of work. Yeah I don't work that and and I would never turn my four year old or illustrator and and I like that in -- woman. -- in Hershey school she was just so wonderful I couldn't believe it and my daughter. The other thing is. Where I -- your child your child may not be ready to go in there to -- this region reap Big Apple. Or whatever forty year old they wanna be home with their parents. Deck where they are they want they might have Brothers or sisters they might not want to leave their -- for the day out there are now ready yet they're not a. Even even the animals even the animal kingdom in in most circles will keep they're young near them for a prescribed period of time and don't kick a -- until we're ready to go. Exactly exactly so at anyway my point was that my kindergarten mirrored. -- my daughter's nursery school and my daughter's kindergarten here in buffalo was a -- and was at a parochial school. And the death setup and military position in -- where's my kindergarten. Was like a pretty garden with a Jala and other jungle -- at all in the school play like a so why -- a broader economic environment and -- -- only associated school because if we're blacked out there really -- grade. What that teacher again rearrange -- so that it wasn't well. So oppressed seven L imposing and she fell in love learning. -- -- Becoming an engineer. Well she got what she had a the proper upbringing in the -- thought process through so I'm glad you worked it out of. Other are other big island you haven't that would and a rough crowds at Google Earth but it sounds to me like your version young woman and you know what you want economic go about finding a rehearsal. She's she's -- -- on their. And a lot of are now or circumstances that I am I know they can do it and you don't need to use I nation out of it as a baby -- I think it work. I hear you gotta thank you very much I totally agree with Donna sounds like -- she really had her chiles. A thought that processes she thought it out exactly what's best for her our daughter worked over to offer a -- it would work help the most people like that. Tony's eyes lit up when she mentioned circle time I was always one of Tony's favorite times in the of course we made them. Give up his -- membership. And after that is he's never mentioned that since. I get a little rainbow bright for Christmas for a quarterback -- company. And just -- -- I birdied a review.

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