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9-2 Beach and Company Hour 1

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- there's reason company and I'm sandy beach did you see my picture online. Yeah yeah. Not -- not put up a water -- jumped on both. I'm standing right next to Jennifer Lawrence I don't decide somebody hacked into our account and there I am right deposing exit. You're telling me they Photoshop me out it's just Jennifer -- others. That's here like it. Also here's the video they had to and a lot of celebrity photos and their online. And Jennifer Lawrence is complaining because because there on line but I'm thinking that -- -- post them somewhere nobody -- -- But the one of me standing right next or I'm very disappointed that they Photoshop me out. We'll talk more about that back back back go let's see you to -- -- back Tony's back and Chris is gone. The week before that Chris was here and and Tony was gone and I was gonna last Friday and I made and came back to a new computer system. So that's like I imagine getting into your car and you find out it's an English version and all the controls are on the right hand side and it's a stick. And you have to shift with your left hand I think -- -- at your body that -- yes well. Bad Tony likes his job though it Tomei. The only job he'd rather have than this one is Joey chestnut -- -- order -- all I'd -- I think that would be a job. That it it's good look forward to day after Labor Day yeah did you -- -- vacation. Yes actually I did it was great to have a lot of fun with the kids. Enjoyed done wonderful things that we did. Well you know Marley always talks about going to see Dolly's hair bands you know and that is just being in the -- mr. music. I UNC a pretty hip band bellows and have a man yeah I guarantee he's never saw the soonest then and that's the fresh beat -- Branch -- band OK what are very. They are eight kids band from Nickelodeon television kitty. Every probably up until about I don't know 890 years old somewhere around there. And there are a lot of fun you know you've seen the monkeys in the past days are a -- goals that things imagination movers -- these are the kind of -- that. And that land and act like that you liked him as heroic and great. Yeah I shall not have a good time at a concert in the I think he thought dad was a little not and it didn't rain on your trip to relate and you're worried -- last summer work review. That Europe trip through it which you look forward to every year might be rained out but it was yeah the forecast had called for rain in fact when we left our house because we -- come here to work. And it was drizzling a little bit in Niagara Falls -- Amherst and it was fine I did the show -- to go do some shopping while I was doing. My mail program come off the area is beautiful -- I jumped in the truck your we made eating great time it was just a and it. I love gone up from five all the way to Irving I think the saliva and -- it's gorgeous and it was a beautiful beautiful day at the beach. Amber always know she would not -- that you don't have -- now it's right there are five and one in Irving I mean it's great the pastries. -- is an elephant's -- man oh man I'm telling you is some of the pastries are so big. Then it takes like four times before you leave it. Like you force settings. You can order to -- four people especially yet. Some of the big that big flat with cinema anonymous normal people normal for you you'd just go through a picnic. Alison what happened thanks for tipping me off by the way. Yes I did I came off I got out of my show. One week and I see Dominic cork tees outside. And he's in shorts and isn't sure. And -- did you. It's now Buffy is yeah pretty isn't very Bob -- -- you pick up vampire before -- appeared a -- -- -- That's -- first thing I it's I've found a hooker on Langley park and the and maybe I'll hire this open around the house I wonder -- -- -- about -- sure he'd pick. I'll pay extra second guessing is Dominic anyways he was not only shirtless he was wet yes now we don't see a lot of -- employees here. No and -- air act and I walk put two and two together as a let me guess you just did the -- -- -- you know -- that's right and I -- San -- all column body is. Never gonna I think I don't know that I thought I'd be a lot of fun. Added editors a good cause but I had to Wear a life jacket on -- video because Reynolds. I -- I take that chance. I I Susan hunt nearly drama once and water challenge him and I didn't want this thing happened that wasn't so bad it was the nose plugs that really threw me now zone. The video came out well and I challenged a -- borrows a teacher friend of ours right render yourself that's right and her son Mikey we know Mike seasons it was eight years old he's now eighteen score today. So it challenged. And Bernard -- from the editing this day parade challenger to. And they both did it and and I also challenged Susan rose and it's. -- -- -- -- I didn't think anybody would -- -- us when he sees that doll. But I did and she -- it and -- I -- Tim said he's going that's her husband. And our boss I think he's gotta post it on our FaceBook page so we can see ours but. All three I'm three for three of the people what I called out all of minutes that's all three of them that's good. You have so that's -- that's there and a glad to see they've raised a hundred. Million. Dollars. So it shows you a simple idea can suddenly especially with the Internet a simple idea can really them well and your comments go viral on it remotely. Hash tag list. But anyways so that's Don glad to see that he it to yesterday it would have been a good data -- somebody with -- -- water and it it's humid and hot and muggy muggy muggy. I mentioned the celebrity's besides Jennifer Lawrence the FBI said Monday that they were investigating leaked. Nude videos. Jennifer Lawrence and others including Kate Upton and I'd bet the FBI had to pull our over the evidence I bet they have a look at it time after time to make sure. That day it was Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton and B they were naked. You know -- FBI's itself job when he got to do that they need help Kate Upton. I don't months ago they told the oppressive they were addressing accusation of online accounts of celebrities being hacked. Now you know I'm very anti hacker but in this case I could be persuaded to -- -- service. Not only her but others in the past you know Scarlett Johansson. Mila Kunis. Christina Aguilera. Plus Aaron Andrews and at Tennessee hotel room. When Erin Andrews did that without when they did that of the people think that was him but sort of but -- -- has twice. Campbell it would happen twice. That's -- says -- this story USA today it says those footage of TV sports reporter Erin Andrews and a Tennessee hotel room. Those are cases resulted in dimensions yeah I thought it happened in buffalo but the press says no and so maybe it is now. Meanwhile so sorry guys she's off the market Jenny McCarthy. I'm married Donnie Wahlberg yes yes Jenny is -- hot sex symbols she's a sex pot and she married a guy. Who belongs to a group called New Kids On The Block. How pathetic is that -- now -- old kids now odd remark wall -- like him Donny I don't care about the group at all but. Lisa like Donnie Wahlberg and he's and you know he's the brother of the guy she married on Casey's and shop for repairs on where you would like the oldest -- occupation. What does he do a makes cheeseburgers or north cheeseburger off franchise spoke -- although that's all quarters I think it's called very good yeah so Jenny McCarthy as she's the view now. And she was excellent. On Two and a Half Men when she was on that and she had a good acting chops with. Meanwhile Michael Sam is not on the on the practice squad or -- of the rams. I he's gonna try to hook up but I heard our our sister station. WG RR talked about over the weekend talk about whether wears size that somebody we would be interest and not that it didn't seem could be. That much excitement on the GR side of what are you going. How am I haven't seen too much excitement about him period although I will save them a lot of the commentators have said. He was having an excellent pre season -- -- third but the rams have a lot adapt and -- kind of stacked as far as defense and why they drafted him -- a mystery why they brought him in well it really didn't need him so -- happens so we'll -- reverence for the AFL reached out to him if I'm not mistaken the Montreal -- that's. -- his rights so we see is that she at least an offer to consult. He's judged totally on what he can go -- -- yeah Adobe meanwhile I feel like an idiot. Yesterday and replace the dollar so laughter grow. Before lunchtime actually. I was shaving retrograde on turn us on and here's a show about their common cause. OK I can't always Tivo the rules not -- I wonder if something happened to -- maybe -- off because it's a holiday. Of these local host -- it's it's it's a national show it's a satellite show what's going on I was worried about until I realized. It was Monday hoops and it's my show -- -- things -- There are on here's they were very it was a very next call -- show. Our hope nobody. Hope nobody rented -- okay. -- pledge break exactly. I hope nobody operated heavy machinery after the show because we'd be liable for that. So that's that's how that went -- and today does seem like Monday analysts state the obvious but we're starting a new work year. OK we got more talk while we come back on newsreader and I'm thirty Libya. So Alaska trip. One of the people who traveled -- wind us up to Alaska. Gave me a surprise gift. And dinner on the final night. It was me that. Visor tonight that had built inherit. Because I'm I shaved my head okay. So it has built in here as as the last about it and I promised them that I would Wear in public what my first chance to -- in public. Was last Thursday when I was that north zone Toyota. And I put it on. And though they took a picture whatever. And so we've posted the pictures should fund it a lot of it's a lot like so maybe this is our growing hair when event -- yeah he's gotten. I have parents it's just hidden beneath my Skelton Hanson's -- A razor away and I could look like that. Gronkowski. Wrong. Used to be one of my neighbors when he was child not a says that he's going to be ready it was for the patriots obviously he's he's been click apply and over -- Sunday as the patriots take on the dolphins. He's nine months away from his last operation and when he plays he sensational problem as it has a lot of injuries. And it's always going to start some good notes for the patriots and good news from Iraq. Yeah he's he's an impact player there's no question about it you have to account for him when he's on on field. Yup and is it like you're gone the guy we followed jointly kind of threw three touchdown passes for -- good for him he is sensational that's great very happy about. Yeah and two I would like to see them win by wider margin. But and -- reporting -- yeah exactly absolutely. OK on my police blotter here. In the -- -- this is very appropriate on Monday August 18. Police were called to a home on Darwin drive were a woman said there were three bats in her house she reported to the bats were contained. While the other battle is on the loose at the ceiling. The woman says she was locking herself in her bedroom. Much like my wife did during the honeymoon until police. Here and there were no bats there until police arrived when the police arrived. Because they can count -- they discovered. She had a lot more than three bats and so I don't know what the police did. To help morale but that they were you calling and three -- you get a tree that's -- like fifty cents. Maybe Shia maybe it was the over and under three was over and over how -- best moment. So that's what she did and now this sounds weird to me this is a weird call. On Wednesday August 20 on -- court police responded to a report. Where a woman said somebody drilled a two inch hole. Above her door allowing these to come indoor house. She told officers she killed twenty bodies. So I hope and -- wasn't one of them but now first or she counted the B Chicago. Will be killer -- But who would drill hole above your dorsal b.'s target and I bet I bet that's the first time the -- -- he has ever been called blow like that. Probably. That's exactly so I hope she's being Fareed. These tree well. I'm prepared for me. And also the other woman at bats this woman has -- always the belfry. We're -- -- all -- and that my sisters are coming to town next week they're anxious to do well one of them. -- is anxious to major Lewis Sanders she's not met you I think you met Beverly. I'll actually I -- -- -- Sandra. And down at the wake of the way yeah aggravating get to speak with her. And now Beverly had not yet of Beverly yes well I'll I'll bring him in one day next week ago when they're here it's have been -- Brigham has won here yeah and when you're here now and will confirm some of the stories -- my sister like no one. Try to light a fire and mouton and you'll find that none of that was made up. Now we get to play real football this weekend yes and when's the last time a quarterback hasn't been chosen as the captain. I mean think about that it's probably not often -- probably not but I don't think it's that there's not the end of the storm into the world but it does kind of a subliminal. Kind of message Jones of bank. Well -- thinks somebody brought a great point on Twitter that he's started nineteen so we really doesn't have. The can't read yet in the -- -- -- leadership to -- I think now I don't know if it has the same impact of the C hasn't hockey. As a dozen football do you think it does and you know -- hockey night you never know who's never big deal when I play you know that's -- -- currency. Now I didn't -- that's why is that that but I think it shows subliminally that. Even though it won't say whatever there's still a lot of questions in the players mind it we want to make -- we wanna make him -- -- and maybe not yet have a feeling that there's questions are even higher above the players and see if you can make it if ever took that vote here that are like you idle question -- captain. And I'd be proud it's. I'd -- I'd nominate sandy banks. Your cap and no I know I cancer ansari -- UST. I serve well I will ulcer then all right so who else is going to be captain here and Janet Snyder yes she could be like that Ryan raises his hand Ryan do you think I picked you ahead of Janet Snyder when -- -- and -- -- -- Rookie. And all bowl although I must say this Ryan what's really good it was -- hair extensions and you. Janet Panama on and they look very good run and so. I. Right now it is Tuesday. -- right because I was worried about him yesterday on German radio on where busy. Little by realizes in my own show. Neither he nor I warrior will be back -- Beijing company under rated and I voted every via. Is reason -- way out enough for four days then of course any forward. We cannot make the trip down so the first -- Elizabeth. Who is who runs an Amish baked goods a place. Is rarely goes right across leaders street from a town hall is very small town of Conway angle -- you'll see it directly across the street. And about a few goodies there and talk to Elizabeth and sisters and very nice people very they're very young she's sixteen I think. Very nice people and and I goodies and it's fun and of course I contended the journey a couple more miles to Randolph where I went to a get my fabulous cheeseburger and I had an unusual thing happened this time. When I when I went into the restaurant. I thought someday I'm going to be there when somebody is there because they heard me talk about it VR and M restaurant I'd I'd pay for my food but. The best cheeseburgers in the world bar none forget the end of that story okay I'm always thing is somebody's going to be there sometime that of that -- knows me or hurt. Okay so I get there and the waitress comes up and she I know her she tells me she says sandy she's that we had a caller not too long ago say. Is this the restaurant sandy beach talks about where they have the best cheese -- she said yeah that's us is they're -- -- -- go on trial so I say to her. When they come then. Bring them to a table I'd like to sail out of memo like -- them in India have a little chat. Well what I didn't know is that the person who call was sitting two tables away from eight. -- -- came over and shook my head and his wife came over said hello and whatever I was very nice and they're review was the same as mine. That's the juiciest happy they wonder what the secret is to make those hamburgers. As juicy as they are now I've never asked them Tony are you -- you cook all the time to -- a lot -- yes what's the key to making a hamburger -- I've never asked them that but. There are no matter how you cook it it's always call the exact way you want that and it's not only flavorful it's -- I think and from what I've seen on TV the best way he is too great role. -- or or pan -- In you don't want any holes that you wanna flip it -- yes so it doesn't drain right when you do on the grill and you start poking it with a fork or stop doing all the juices come out of it -- -- -- -- Guys it was a bit directs on every time and so literally came there. I have my suggestion left very very happy. They also look very happy because I picked up their check but that will never happen again if you give out that don't come the -- don't go for example on cellmate. Idea I organized regarded it also you've got -- earlier neighbors. Yeah I had neighbors my neighbor Donny had an opportunity. To -- me -- water. And when presented with -- -- opportunity because we're gonna video it at the house okay. He got so -- she's -- -- I guess I'll do what what it could be targeted in the -- I mean. We felt -- was so anxious to drown me -- ice cubes water let's be very happy the New York State doesn't have the death penalty. And to see it now well we have to executes and -- bad thing who'll open or switch. Well I well what -- But he got a good job and let me tell you some good news it's bad enough when you get doused. -- regulation did you see the video Brenda getting doused by her husband no I missed that -- out they did arrive probably slower. And you concede that she know what was happening wasn't a surprise. And she begins to react. Life in this is going to really be this is gonna be a shock and because your shoulders go up a little bit and she gets drenched him -- Obama latter. -- -- and it was fun to watch and she says her around her niece also that it so that's nice everybody getting involved with this thing. But when you don't have -- terrorism. And that ice and the water hit juror -- hit your -- it is a shark there's no question about it. I believe it you haven't -- -- I am not in non nominees -- anybody out there who is going to do that. That I don't know might have an extra nomination originated maybe. Maybe only have two friends in the world maybe you have no friends in the world -- -- I'd like to do it but I don't know -- nominate. Maybe obvious route Caligiuri and see. He NEC now I've already done anything that -- and it definitely feels he he he he -- it's like my oh my name's Ryan much like my wife and I don't know if you can only do it wants a cup and that was Toronto or he can go by -- the name Christopher Johnson is that -- how. I've got long haired Brazilian give me good or Chris should be a good -- with -- long hair ordinary new you have no legal -- -- they cannot I would probably nominate. -- from black -- You you just wanna see a lot of wet -- the chance to Wear white shirt that is that's it no that was I don't get a for charity pal. I do because it was a good thing the good command and I am I doing for a and you know just. Fun no hole. -- -- Scene three he moves from them oh well I don't have any guy for a musical movies of that wave -- burns Soto I wanna make. A hole by god did you see birdies and down well. I it is it's about the ice bucket challenge okay. All I can tell you is this when you first does not him. At first I was him. Dressed as a woman OK but it was I thought it was but it was provide many times I've known Don. For ever and most of the time I've seen him as just the woman asked. Him as Casey wasn't OK I. He set -- -- -- challenge Tony. You will fall off your chair laughing it is his. Like I go to his pain like this that kind of thing I I didn't wanna repose because there would be undermined name it's very risque. Real okay yeah -- it is -- -- I'm teasing everybody doesn't know Don. If you don't go on airborne and he will be your next shot because they're different and -- okay but you've got to see it and it burns is listening up in Toronto now. Send it along to Tony because it's us it's great. It is dead dead serious -- just funny. You know some of the great ones have been the celebrities who've gone and what I really like is how much on the head. In this kind of also packing heat win one celebrity calls out another and then that celebrity doesn't. At this farm. Idea let me just say this about the video and it burns sent. You know I do would you Coca above me wearing a -- at bikini anybody's ever seeing the -- are moving eleventh -- about. The person in this is wearing a Boren perky and you. Maybe I don't want to sit. Event is like. Unbelievable you gotta say you got to sit I guess you all that stuff. I normally he. CRM August off anyway well. So to speak post yes sir it's -- I if you if you have it or you or you've got to get it just go to our searches name and I'll find you -- get its BE RS by the way you non B York. Have a giveaway here. Let's do this before the break. Our policies 75 dollar certificate for a European facial. As smooth solutions. I bet they are. The general contest rules applied smooth solutions is located on main street Orioles -- Look great on the outside. Feel great on the inside. I don't write these things. I just read them Caldwell. -- is a house when you think that one again if you look at UW and 75 dollars for European official now I don't know. What are your hear her European official is maybe they drive on the of this road well that's it that's it will be back after this. All right let's play opening news Chicago. Chicago Bears. The bears the bears. OK I always -- at the beginning of the season. And you're usually pretty close. Replace sixteen games twentieth. Five to six wins. Five or six wins that's it yeah I think the defense will keep the bills and a lot of games. But ultimately it's going to be the offense is going to be shortcoming I don't have faith not only -- -- -- but I don't have faith in the offensive line. Oh really yeah so it's oh that's a bad domination yeah I really you have a quarterback that doesn't get protected that your questionable while the first place. Not a good sign. I think we're gonna see a lot of up and down games with EJ he's got some -- original look really good is they have all the -- is gonna look terrible. And down who knows we could be talking quarterback controversy by the bye week well I. Have a I have an answer for all of that -- solve the problem just like this -- -- Bernal of a couple of awful awful awful can't find Johnson. I -- well at this Jessica. Is -- dollars 25 million dollars playing on the beach following frisbee. All right here's -- talk about today -- a day after -- Labor Day basically and some schools those start today and they start along this week. But generally by yeah Friday they'll all be humming along with a new school year. And a lot of people are happy to see something that some people aren't happy to see first of all the kids. Always say we have to go back to school but I think basically most of the time. They are happy to do it as the structure of their lives they -- the sleep there and a that kind of stuff and they get see their friends maybe some that they haven't seen also or so I think basically they protest because there's supposed to protest but. Generally I think the kids are okay we're going back to school there are some obviously but none of the things we say today by the way. Are for everybody just so you know that always say everybody we don't mean everybody with the most of the people. Silva is silly kids -- there but what about the parents I think that parents are many parents are relieved that schools back again. And other kids are off to school like -- back to my real life routine. Whether people work or don't work it doesn't matter kids change -- schedule all the time. And so now we're off to school I'm feeling but I can sit down with my soup warm mocha grind -- a lot today. And and and enjoy my life again for a few weeks until they have their first rejection. Of but some people aren't happy in those. Who aren't happy. -- it might include Sharon's a little ski. A Cheektowaga and now why -- I took him out because she wrote a letter to the buffalo knows that I haven't in my little my little hand. Another headline which she may not have written most of the time. The -- -- assembly announcement. It's sad to see shift to a full day pre K. Now what we're talking about because we've talked about pre K before. What the what we're talking about as a first -- usually starts at around age six. Sometimes seven usually six. Kindergarten. Might via my -- what is that for toning 84555. To six okay. Well pre K is full. And those who wanted more pre K include the teacher's union. Why would you want more pre case study -- and he at -- -- because that means more teaching more jobs more money more retirement plans blah blah blah. And so that's what they want they like it. Some people like. Well good pre K and and you're saying well why I get more education for the child down. Or via mental -- lot when therefore I mean -- -- learn some things for argued that. But chances are what they're gonna learn -- pre K or retirement home accurate conscientious parent. My ex wife was an excellent. Mother. And there's one thing your shoes she was going to edit and then the second ministry inevitably a teacher. So that worked out that pretty well but she Jerebko by the time dawn went to school. Which was kindergarten for non military. She knew who the colors she -- honored with the album bad she new math that she knew a lot of stuff before she hit the ground running in school. But a lot of parents aren't that good at getting the skills sets ready for the kids that transfer to an academic setting. In other words there's just too damn lazy. They just would rather have somebody else take the kids. If it's called pre K or its call babysitting I don't care as long as somebody has to look after the kids I don't know if from working around the paper daycare. If I'm sleeping I can sleep in later have been basically. The way it is. And -- Sharon is a ski. From Cheektowaga. Takes -- media perspective that she misses the kid. The kids -- when they go to pre K and what it wants to spend more time -- them. Here's her letter full day pre K -- sad. I guess some one of the few who enjoyed being -- My children we did send them to pre K twice a week for a couple of hours just for the social skills. We taught our children their ABC's colors etc. they were ready for school. My first through war and a half day kindergarten program. My third a full day we're not happy about that back -- the schools were I was so happy. It was -- thought that a full day would help our students become so much smarter. I guess that didn't work because they started half day pre K and now it's full day. I understand from moms who work during the day this is great. No more praying for daycare understand some people don't teach their kids anything shame on them. These kids -- school because they're behind I work opposite hours of my husband so one of us -- be home with our children a lot of people do list. The point I'm trying to make is that there are a lot of people who need to think about this program it's not for everyone if possible stay home and enjoy your kids. I look back and smile because those are great times our children or gifts from god and we still enjoy them every day. Signs Sharon's a -- of Cheektowaga which is a -- -- because she understands. Sometimes circumstances are beyond your control and you you have to do this. But if it's as if it's an option. She would prefer not to -- -- asking you some questions full day pre K is that a good idea. If you think it's a good idea tell me why. Because I don't think it has any academic credibility. I don't think your kid gets into a better school. I don't think he or she ends up as the Supreme Court justice -- president of the United States because they want the preakness. But you'll be happy because it in blunt terms you've got rid of emperor. Of more time now you can do more things on your own. Is it about education about your convenience as a parent and did you know. Now I the way I'm phrasing this don't don't get -- it's okay. I -- it did you or your mom stay at home. Now I know and Arab fathers that stay at home. We don't mean that's the include everybody but basically. Let's just go away that that if a parent stays home what was your mother because I don't wanna beat. Bothered with -- also did you or your mom stay at home. With the whereabouts. My mom was home -- is time we went to school my sisters will verify that. And we were ready to go to school with its good and so did very well. And I think that a lot of parents who have an opportunity and the in the intuition. To work with their children children do borrow. It all three -- -- 301806. -- 69236. And start -- -- those of a basic questions. Full -- pre K is this about education -- just about parents convenience. And to do you know I didn't did you stay home for your kids and did your mother stay home for -- Four you know. You don't hear about Israel wanted to its excellence it's -- to visit the star nine will be back after this.

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