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It's time for buffalo means business with -- -- Shula. On news radio 930 WBE. And that. Brought to you by the law office of Ralph see Hillary go out on your side and in your court -- ball both Ford and Steve Paulo city Buick Cadillac. Drive assured under the scheme although umbrella. And by the Amherst chamber of commerce the health insurance resource for small business if if you wanna business features contact buddy -- -- Shula dot com. Now buffalo radio veteran and local business advocate. -- -- Welcome back to news radio 930 WBBM. For buffalo means business my name is -- shall we spotlight local business you -- Kutcher shows even the archives of the show is. -- -- Shula dot com and today him. Less to have my first great guests here this afternoon who is doctor -- Monroe -- mark -- chiropractic. Monroe chiropractic main street and Williams has literally changed my life and it's because -- doctor Ken how scared was I when I first walked in your office. Be honest with. Buddy you were -- You're probably the most skeptical all top fives skeptical patients I've ever had to try to get on that. So what would it take for you to give me on the table and chiropractic -- had to assure you that I was gonna hold your hand and -- Q would talk Q3 every single procedure I was gonna do and if something seem to be uncomfortable to you I can do it another. And you did it great now I've been a patient of -- for for two years an alternative if somebody's that for chiropractic in the audience. Disclaimer we're gonna find out Alibaba right now from doctor and rolled in mainstream -- and so the phone number 63 to 44. 76 so tell me about Monroe chiropractic first evolve before would do that though what is chiropractic. Chiropractic was initially. Discovered by a fellow Canadian DD Palmer backing EE 95 or Canadian yet that I was a Canadian GAAP five blast my agent who do. -- say total. And he did it in Davenport Iowa a window fell on Harvey little heard is no candy slowly progressively lost his hearing and in. And came up -- the concept of adjusting that vertebrae a little straighter in his neck and Harvey slowly got his hearing back. Unfortunately he professed he thinks he found he thought he found the cure for toughness and that kind of got the AMA higher up -- and -- was -- a 110 year historical battle. But we've come into two groups and accepted each other recently a lot of the efficacy studies out there. Indicate to chiropractic is the most effective way to treat -- musculoskeletal pain. And better than and says drug therapy injections with -- we seem to get better results that's according to the US Department of Health and Human Services after. An extensive. Twenty your research. Is -- every back being methadone. These is -- now becoming more accepted about a medical industry eighties at Madison absolutely it is. We we get a -- referrals. I'm not -- on -- case I certainly have no hesitation refer them to a neurologist to an orthopedic surgeon spying guy. And in turn will get a lot of specialists of better than don't think these patients need. Surgery and they should try chiropractic and we get a lot of referrals from medical doctors. Just family practice doctors. It's come a long way. You're you're right in a very convenient location your main street Williams along by the way listeners might wanna know that you are open seven days a week. Seven days a week that's cute soaks it up if at -- -- listeners and pain right now. On which capture somebody is in pain and has no they haven't found a cure for it. You can go to Monroe chiropractic. Seven days a week efforts Saturday today then you can call up Sunday morning and we'll get chip. I have three other doctors include. -- myself it's for. And we always. Always we'll stay late. Well statements our lunch we really cater to our patient -- patients feel like their the part of our family and we get great results what do what do people expect when they come into your office which will probably expect to leave it. They expect to leave feeling better. And it's in 90% of the time they do depends on how bad it is how chronic it is. Sometimes it takes a week -- to start to see a break 2 o'clock hopes. But for the most part after one treatment. All the patients will look at necessary you really try to fix me didn't you today. As we where where where aggressive. As aggressive as we need to be. A lot of Cairo's too soft tissues often or -- what we're really concerned about correcting the missile line vertebrae. That's causing inflammation that's causing neurological symptoms numbness tingling sciatica hold that stuff response. We can lead you vehicle. -- Yen do you see patients that will walk in there are literally in pain they can't move. In hand and walking like in an emergency basis I think Buffalo Sabres command on the war. And week. On their feet and play that night that's another thing about -- -- chiropractic you actually do. A lot of local celebrities sports team capita -- liberty and buddy -- outrage area dollars advocate that but I'm a celebrity but I gotta I -- Italian I mean. He was he was. When I first went view. You know I was afraid you know. And then you did your magic denied that it was like freedom. Now I call you. It to get an appointment with -- in Euro is real good about getting appointments real quick people in need I know you tear a very much about people and name. Or in -- senate before that they don't have to be in pain right. A lot of patients coming for me it's. There's lots of studies of chiropractic is great for back pain but. You know that it's -- -- -- again chronically adjusts elect once every two to three months have a higher immunological -- -- Better feeling of well being better range of motion even though they're not paying all of a sudden they're hidden the ball another forty yards longer or when their team. What -- services you'll offer because you have a great and beautiful building it's really nice it's very pleasant everyone in theirs champion -- -- smile and you could tell you have vary -- strong loyal following actually that every time I walk into your office and I have a sincere staff to. You greats like this everybody smiling in my staff law was the patients just like I -- And they could be the most miserable ornery patient and in two or three treatments. -- -- Appreciation and hugged him and my staff is really I'm so proud of my staff because they're so professional but -- What kind of services you offer admiral chiropractic. Well we we I have four great chiropractor is that are just wonderful wonderful adjuster sides. Taken every one of them under my wing they don't get to touch a patient for months and months. Until they can satisfy me. We also have a cold laser. Which is almost like a magic -- it's the only thing only lived reality. That's been proven. To accelerate the body's ability to repair itself the billion photons of light. Stimulate the mitochondria and all the cell's mitochondria -- world the energy has made the -- McMoran Dennis you try prostrate. And it accelerates. The metabolism of the body so for people dole know what cold therapy is what is it. It's just laser one that we put on it's a billion photons of light you can't have a pin in there you can't have it on a cat two. Other than that you feel laughing. -- -- flames. It's really really reasonable I'm a Canadian so I have everything very very affordable -- treatment prices via laser prices. Even. My spinal decompression and that that's 63% that don't respond to chiropractor. I'm getting -- now referring -- patients to do my spinal decompression my system is. The same one that was from the same engineers and developers that did that DRX 9015. Years ago. Now comes the integrity spinal decompression system it's the only one in the state. I haven't broke chiropractic has the only one in the state out of state exclusivity for two or three years. The results are mind boggling all my patients are cancer surgeries on their spine and it's at the expense of it's it's a scary thing a spine surgery. The price of my decompression is approximately. Of what anybody is doing decompression four -- DR arts as this war in its latest technology the most sophisticated. Machine technically on the planet earth. Lemmings get this -- Buffalo's a sports hungry town. On Q you know I know you've dealt a lot with sports figures are there any -- down the hall of fame and -- all this does it celebrity's I would just like -- I mean with they've kind of maybe we -- -- damning not a couple I don't think -- -- mind and Patrick wouldn't mind panel Sam Adams wouldn't mind. These are all Doug baker that a mercy flight. Wouldn't mind these open up my decompression like in -- from nine to two on the -- scale could never make him asymptomatic. Doug is referred me so many patients I've got a easy I got doctors that but chiropractic or voodoo doctors. Ten years ago all. -- in my prospects but I can't call it is technical wiped out some debate this is. And who have other doctors like you were saying and staff seven days a week. And tell me about them I mean how are are they do how Howard the patient counts going to get a lot of patience you have a lot over the years a lot of patience. I think -- currently at about 181000. Active patients. Because once you get straight. A lot of time -- big. One every three months four months five some patients -- treatment of symptomatic were good like that we don't. It's shove it down you throw. I just don't buy that American snake oil sales pitch. So if you wanna commit two times and you covered your sat you have for five years and I don't see here on the mound that's fun government. If that bothers you you command. They all come back at it again here with actor Ken Monroe Monroe chiropractic backhand mainstream Williams -- Other number 6324476. You can call that number even this weekend 6324476. Annual fine. Pain of our relief from your pain that you've been looking for you're like a magician you really are I mean but some people. You know what comes chiropractic they they squirm a little bit wider -- -- I -- you know we I think there is that 110 year historical. Prejudice that the that the medical doctors for a long time had on us until the research came out and -- we were better except that. Now they understand that when the page comes back in house at terrible static it straightened out -- or -- happened I'm relieved. So that's come around and and it's really a ball nicely buffaloes a small. There's a million people but everybody knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that knows me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How's your business -- -- glad you you'll own business and you know work for somebody I'm boom and I'd love Western New York I didn't think you know my uncle was Freddie Steve -- -- retired -- -- wonder about the possible tours. When I came to town uncle -- kind of hooked me up with. A whole bunch of sabres and and I just -- -- ground flying him I worked my first I don't know thirteen 14100 days straight. Were three and a half years without a day off. As tough fifty patients on life on Christmas Day for sheer practice. I just worked and out worked everybody you are you are so passionate about what you do every time icu in the office. You're always happy always wanting to help you always wanting to if it makes you feel good when some -- is -- you can tell I can tell that. And telling her listeners right now that you have helped me. Immensely and his staff you have now like. That the spinal decompression and I saw the other day in your office. I mean -- that's a big help to some people who who would be spinal decompression. Patience and have not responded to any of our. Modality at the girls didn't work. Chiropractic physical therapy. Regular traction this specifically. Isolate one particular desks or need an MRI and regional sentinel for channel five birdie Asian recruitment. And then we can target that specific desk. And it actually decompress. It opens it up so it's the only way to resolve. Attorney patient other than going and cutting it out and back surgery you know granted. As. Nebulous how cops. Right they're they're not everybody that has a back surgeries and -- and in the rank on it. It's scary thing the surgery so this is one way to maybe try to avoid that again 6324476. -- -- practice. We have just about a minute but I wanna talk about somebody -- insurance is that you we were you have workers' -- -- I work with them. No fault stuff like that cracked cracked a lot of Medicare -- That may see what our practice to lose -- it's very confused because most of the insurance is. Have labeled us specialist solar co pays a 4050. And and more now -- specialist. In their eyes and yet. We just only charged thirty dollars that you were very reasonable and is -- hoops -- Or anything else to do with with insurance there so I knew that I you have family plans and things that al-Qaeda. So again Howard just about halftime we talked forever you and there's just this guy it is a good guy and your great chiropractor. But yeah like you so much you're you're good -- and I it was a scary one -- over as the security cat -- The director Ken Monroe -- -- chiropractic. Care for segment here buffalo means business again go to the website of a -- chiropractic -- com broad and main street and Williams over by ECC your neck standards its pretty much right now. And a parked there when my parking -- fall. He can get it got to admit I give you guys we've coupons and they don't -- 6324476. Called this week I'm telling -- that these guys record 6324476. Munro chiropractic. And admiral chiropractic deck hand doctor can picture being on the show my honor and privilege but we'll be right back with our second segment. Buffalo means business and is ready at 930 W the yen. 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Something very very relevant to a lot of people were here with doctor Rebecca want -- and doctor Carolyn whit comb for hearing evaluation services -- three locations. And that he could column at 8334488. The hearing evaluation services dot com we're gonna talk about. What I see is to know rights but what you guys say is can it strike -- who was so what's the right -- way to pronounce it tonight let's. It's really eat their weight as its tomato it's -- and things fouling out both are equally -- acts -- -- coat tonight is just for the sake of these and you guys thought. And it is okay first of all this is something that's very very prevalent in Western New York cracked. What is what is tonight's. So tennis is well and consider perception of phantom perception of sound mind sound is -- actually there are so. You can perceiving and honorable within your ears and patients say they perceive it in their centrally in the middle of their hide it just depends on the person who had what kind of sounds are we -- that people here. If -- number of things. I've heard people describe it you know most claiming as a ringing that's the most common could be a -- saying it could be the sound of the ocean. Really there's a huge spectrum on it and it's different for every single person in terms of the picture of it allowed this summit and those are really the things that we look at when Aikman for assessments. So with these sounds don't go away like normally are they there for 24 hour stay with people that. Prevents them from sleeping and stuff like that. Yeah I can't it's it's -- is that it's a very individual experience so it's different for everybody so some patience here at all the time preference and from sleeping. You know doing their normal daily activities other people they hear it and they doesn't really matter to and they just kind of put it on the back burner and actually. Do a really comprehensive. Assessment that when they command we actually have them rated you know. In terms of how to fax their daily livings that we have a good understanding of the severity of it because and that helped us -- to determine. The course of action we're gonna do with particular patient. So I suppose when people come to -- evaluation services for. Then it is or can artists. They are probably like think they're going nuts -- because because they're hearing. All these things they're distracting them on a daily basis well it's tough because. Unless the person they're trying to discredit to has it as well. There's Cadillac context for when you know a friend or family member I must say to -- experiencing -- so. It's actually huge relief from them when they come to us they find us. Because we understand the mechanisms behind it we can offer solutions for. So -- a person suspects that they may have candidates how could hearing evaluation services. Help that person. So typically we have patience we -- -- -- attended his assessment just accounting -- about her understanding of what this person is experiencing so typically we have our patients come and typical -- and we just accounts are they taking history information is kind of understanding. You know -- other tennis became to be bothersome for them. -- and we do so bothered testing and just to kind of -- you know what there their hearings at that -- -- months one of the most important things to see where their hearing is. And we do some things and understand with the tennis sounds like so the pitch we matched the pitch. Wasn't telling them how loud is it for them and if we introduce some masking noise into the back on some -- noise Jimmy cover up that Tenet -- So that's and then after that we just kind of review everything talk about some strategies they can use in management and I really try to tailor their treatment from -- If -- management from. Is that tennis it's tennis assessment different from like a regular hearing test that -- that year your your company does our time. Yeah it's a little bit more in -- because they dig a little bit deeper than we normally live with our regular comprehensive hearing trusting. So again. We would do that pitch matching. I'm meeting extended high frequency hearing -- really tests -- higher pitches and also the masking -- became mask and it allowed in this masking. Let me can screen them for also you know this sensitivity to any sort allowed for instance the kind of what all that means is because it's so different from behind such a highly individual experiences we want to pinpoint it. We wanna know everything there is -- about it. Because it's one things that they're trying to describe it to a person that would. Are really advanced equipment that we used to test these people we can actually go in and objectively quantify. This thing that their perceiving. Is there a specific in each group of people who get this more than others. Yeah I mean there's a whole range you can CPR across the lifespan I mean they had. Population of people attendance does increase with age -- about. I'm ten to 15% of Americans who experience and is this is -- American adults and a number increases to about 30% of patients older than so. Com but in others people all ages and experience fast and that the most common reason it at acres and older adults are in the elderly. Is because there's a huge correlation between tennis and hearing loss and as we now -- in hospital happened all of us to matter no matter what so. As hearing last abouts we look to see the onset of tennis is often and that's not the only causal factor there there are others. I'm sure can talk about. Come but there's a very very strong correlation you know percentage -- it's about 90% of patients with hearing loss -- also report experiencing Tenet said there's a huge correlation or. And and what's great about hearing evaluation services is that there's professionals that can help. Our audience deal with both of these so whether it's ten it is and you have to be you know assessed for whether you have to notice and maybe how to manage it. Or whether it's a regular hearing tests like we've talked before Rebecca that people should have especially after the age of fifty at fifty -- baseline hearing test men and react. So you guys take a very customized approach. To this with your patients whatever kind of therapies. For Tenet is that you provide. I mean there's several different types of therapies that we do you provide and again it's tailored specifically to what each patient's needs are so. -- some of the most typical of therapies that we do you use our they called combination devices so it's something for someone -- -- tennis and hearing loss. I'm you have the benefit of adding an amplification. Where you needed and gave you the goose and the volume that you need. And also employing some other mask in are using them asking -- may be cover up that tennis or something that's -- and how -- really is designed to help cover up the tennis also -- writer relaxation factor. I'm also registered regulars a traditional hearing means we -- use with patients you mean I can think of a patient. Who had ten minutes and I put the hearing -- -- and she just started to cry because the tennis was so reduced so you know that can be beneficial for many patients -- obviously -- Very long time for that moment and perhaps have been told in the past that. Hey there's not a whole lot you can do for this you know maybe -- over the counter supplements to deal with it and that -- and working for her -- you know she got connected with -- evaluation services that was really her. Her moment of freedom from her Canada yes I mean this is really got to try people -- I have -- -- and you know there's actually huge emotional and psychological component to Tenet and it switches. What we really pride ourselves on it -- hearing valuation services is giving these people the opportunity to really sit down. Where is an expert tell their story. Get a full comprehensive assessment so that we understand what they're going through and then be able to provide. Media combination of therapies -- once specific therapy to get -- rehabilitated and functioning normally and their dating life. Two people are -- used to do they pretend like they can hear you could -- and they know you're in the ideology feet. On a time out at some kind of like subsided big jokes yeah. It was funny because when when they came in the studio today said. Why -- -- you know I thought I was making you know but. But apparently the -- on yeah we have missed out on Sunday at least have. That Caroline you are one of only three audio colleges in western new York and and that has the candidates practitioners association certificate. This makes you an authority on assessment and managing. And it is is that correct. Come also myself and also the two other tennis specialists ADT apps and doctor Nicole bond doctor Jennifer Sutton. And we are ten the only tenant has practitioner certified. Cardiologists in the area so we've -- specialty training in this area have. You know Tenet understanding tennis and the managed -- -- -- management options for that for patients and -- that it is basically when when people come in to see you. I it changes the play right I mean it's. There are. At it it. -- -- -- -- -- Does it to you you you you know there are now at this amp amp amp. This Cecil is a quick question are you -- police officer who -- Experts when it comes to hearing. Hearing a valuation services that com and they do have three locations as well aware of the locations. Amherst Williams on Orchard Park. And again they wool when it comes to this teaching you how to manage your tennis because I know people who who who. -- -- accurate and it's ringing in their ear that ought to do this and they really don't know what to do. So seeing you could help that what are some of the most frequently asked questions about Tenet is what are some of that miss. You know conceptions about it. On the means there's a whole slew of I I think -- the most common one is so many people come and then it can stay events in many different specialists and they say there's nothing you can DO. And that's you know in the past and maybe that was the truth that's certainly not today that technology and and and theories behind it have really come along way and there's. So many things he can do for each patient and again it goes back to their individual nation knows that management's. It's different for everyone sound. So somebody calls you for an appointment. What is the process from there they call it set up the appointment yet they Colin we have very skilled. Front office. Perception of her -- patient care coordinators who would feel that call and be able to. PO OK this person clearly needs attended this assessment after you know chatting with them. An island getting on the schedule with the either actually -- doctor Pollard after Sutton. Go three assessment and then -- and go from there. And enduring evaluation services is a great place to go for this I know for a fact because. You're -- EC -- not for profit organization personal let's talk about that a little bit you are not for profits we act. I -- unique in that -- sole -- contraptions and everything here you're about to get you wanna get to the root of the problem. Now we've we've been able to attract. I really highly skilled culture of ideology test you. Really believe and and doing the right thing for our patients. Providing hearing health care and very personal approach. I'm in making sure that patients once you become our patient therapy -- pro life and they are taking care of. So we encourage you to definitely get sure if you if you think you have tonight is to notice. If you think you have a call 8334488. That's 8334488. And speak to one of these specialists about it. But at the very least make sure you're getting your baseline hearing test from hearing evaluation services. -- -- at three locations so geography wise it's great. I you can check him out on the website and hearing evaluation services that come. But that definitely definitely get that what do you like best about your job here for a. If it is slick parking with people -- -- -- in helping them get two points fifteen -- comfortable on another hearing you know and their Genesis -- and you know just -- just making someone's day you know can really. -- of China and yes Nancy thank. I have found. This. Sub specialty of the medical field. TV. Incredibly gratifying for me because when we first -- patient. My -- want to become a patient be patient from life so we have unique opportunity to. These people about how hearing loss for a tennis. Or a balance problem is affecting their lives on a very personal level we wanna know all the details of that. And so just by sitting them in discussing those things and rehabilitating their problem. We're seeing that transformation take place in them you know this is something that it's not you're just making the patient better. He making the patient and their interaction with their family members that are there interaction with their. Social groups that are their friends the people they care about. So that for us and they come back and we hear those stories. That that makes it. To good places could you please get your hearing checked pitcher tonight it's Tenet has taken care of -- hearing evaluation services. They will do it for you -- again thanks doctor Rebecca doctor Carolyn for being here today. And the phone numbers 8334488. Column 334480. Thanks a lot. Changing -- thanks for having us will be back with our next segment of buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen. You're listening to buffalo means this this -- -- sure a lot powered by blue rock energy stop. 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So there's still -- greatly concerned can Marquez straight up to helmet and Washington and ask about our uniform discount. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay we're back with buffalo means business sun news radio 930 WPE. And my name is putting shall we are now here. Keeping the health team in our program today were now here with doctor Jeffrey dole gets. Who is from Western New York TMD. Andy. Are associated and they do things with TMJ so right away efforts won a welcoming. Doctor Jeff thanks lab buddy it's a great being here thanks for having right now TMD you're with Western European. TMG explain it. So the practice was started a number of years ago via doctor Robert calls who. Was really only game in town for a long time treating TMJ problems and facial pain and dysfunction. -- term TNT is an Akron in the stands for temperament to Dillard dysfunction or temperament Hitler. Disorders or disease or depending on who you talk to. TNG day is an Akron in the stands for the anatomical structure the temperament of the joint -- -- and it just hear these words and -- Marlins. If you can work through those the semantics and just call it what you call and that basically the bottom line I think is. And as long as I can understand you and you can understand -- you can convey what you need to convey I don't really care what you call so it's TM -- teams share the same things basically. Basically yeah I mean name mean different things but if somebody comes in and says I've got TMJ. That's fine and know what they're talking about. I get we have your website up at WNYTMD. Dot com Europe 4741. Camp road in Hamburg that's where your practices. And your phone number is 6755858. Doctor Jeff what is he MG in layman's terms. So TNJ dysfunction. In his palace syndrome that consists of a number of different conditions or symptoms. And has multiple causes most of the time people come and complaining of things like. Clicks in their job giants or their job getting stuck or headaches or facial pain. Sometimes job pain sometimes ringing in the years sometimes fullness in the years. But these this cascade this umbrella of symptoms. Can be confusing for a person who has a number different things in the don't know where to go to get these things treat it. So we see a lot of people who come from physical therapists so they might come from. Body all it is they might come from you know -- of specialists they might come from chiropractors. Most commonly the wave at the condition is. Diagnosed. Initially. Or at least suspected initially. Is that there's some form of noise are clicking in the -- joints from patient moods. The lower job is isn't mainly at nighttime that this clicking happens there is is just during the day here's -- usually they're clicking it'll bring somebody into the office is the kind of thing that happens during functions setting might be. Talking or eating especially especially certain foods like steaks and bagels tends to be things that are cheerleader and hard to get into -- so the more pressure you apply with the jaws the more likely this clicking and popping. And sentenced getting stuck in is to occur is it's just the -- Is it just an annoying answer is that the real problem. Sometimes it can -- be an annoyance and that's very very common and there's people walking around with clicks in the -- who will never have a problem and they don't really care. Don't really care. It doesn't bother them it doesn't disrupt their daily activities and it doesn't constant any pain. So does that really any need for treatment and less they're really curious about what business and of course that's where we come in in those cases it's just. Trying to figure out what the nature of the problem as where's that -- coming from. What can people do on their own to prevent this can do anything on their own to do it my wife has. Feel like we -- talking off the year she is key and chain. And she hates the clicking she hates the job thing she gets headaches. So is there any anything that you could do on their own. If they if they think they have TMJ. Some common things that we tell people to -- and then most status still tell people to do is take it easy and the foods that are difficult -- you trying to tell opened super wide. Rest. Apply heat -- -- taking on strike or anti inflammatory it's. We try to take that a step further by teaching people a range of motion of the job teaching people which structures are causing the noises that are occurring. I'm when we learned me at least my belief my feeling is that when we learned. More about our own bodies and what causes certain things to happen and makes that a lot easier for us to take conscious. Action. And make conscious efforts to either change that things that are occurring or avoid the things that are occurring that you people overcome cute like that think you're John stock. -- -- people come to me with their job as little released and it does happen where. The dog it locked and now that's an interesting question too because the jacking it locked closed in the -- get locked open. So somebody might be in the middle of the on in the job lock open. If -- open -- can be very distressing because you can't closure myself. So when that happens it's typically because the judge joint over stands and then the muscles go into spasm. It's very difficult. To reduce that John dislocation once once those muscles have gone into spasm. And that sometimes patients need to go under general anesthetic to get those dislocations -- reduced. To -- -- anxiety Texas thinking about owning. So if you don't have that sense that you're just gonna get stuck when you go into hyper extension -- on. Then there's probably not much to worry about. -- -- ligaments that hold a joint together usually do very good job keeping you from getting into a position where you're going to be stuck. But those time there are times -- those structures are. Stretched or no structures have adapted in a way that allows somebody to go into a hyper extension gets stuck there. Doctor Jeffrey -- guess I like to think of him as western New York's -- You can column if you suspect human hit -- 675. 58586755858. Also very comprehensive website at WNYATMD. Dot com and allocation in camp road in Hamburg -- 4741. Camp road in Hamburg. How should people wait before seeking your help. If there's an acute problem like from an injury or somebody wakes up in the job feels a little stuck a little sore little tight. And they can -- conservative action. Rest like any other injury to any other body part you're arrested at. During it during the initial stages after the injury you might apply something called a cold compress -- and I expect for a couple of days. Usually with TMJ problems. We tell people to apply heat because there often is associated some degree of muscle tension or muscle tightness sometimes even spasm. That'll occur and he can help establish. Softness in the muscles relaxation. And an increase in blood flow. So I'm not -- -- planet tourists are sometimes helpful. And muscle relaxant that sometimes helpful but usually at the beginning. Heat rest don't need anything that's really hard -- you. Given a weaker so if after a week things haven't started to feel like they're gonna resolve. It's probably not a bad idea to call somebody. Have and a more detailed evaluation if your practice what types of treatments are available. Four key engine. The most common thing that we get into is north out of therapy. Usually by the time people get to my office there is a significant degree of dysfunction often it's already been treated once or twice conservatively. So we have a hides. High percentage of patients who have significant dysfunction meaning. The upper large Gaza are fitting together ranked somethings now working correctly. So. When I say the word or thought it you might think of something that you premiership. We use -- products that fit and the teeth like a retainer in a similar way what we're trying to do is trying to balance and correct. The wave at the lower job articulates that the skull which is that actually the TMJ's and the temperament of the joints. Which sit right for -- your ears are soaring front of that little cartilage at the front of the years. Just in front that is where your TMJ's and you can feel those moving around when he -- -- if you -- your fingers there. So it just functions with that joint where. They're not lined up properly. I'm often respond really well from just making a device that encourages better alignment. Four over a period of months what are the important factors leading to a successful outcome for a patient. Definitely patient engagement and I think that. A thorough comprehensive exam where we really try to discover what the causes are behind. This particular patients. Conditions. There are many different factors that can play incidents itself. -- gathering all the data at the beginning measuring twice in cutting wants so to speak. I think is probably the most important aspect of what we did you -- you a lot of -- patients are -- to -- I'd like to think so that's what they -- -- Tell me you have a huge dressing me. You you really would -- your background of that. Well I graduated from elsewhere here and it from the university of buffalo and then I went into the air force for a few years. In the air force I traveled to Louisiana and lived in Mississippi for a couple of years. I started to become interested in how the mechanics. The way the jaws fit together -- -- to -- fit together. Probably when I was in the air force and I began to study. Of those. Aspects of dentistry at a placed on the -- institute. So that began really in 2003 and I did a lot of courses there. I've done a fellowship through the -- American academy cranial facial pain that brought more and or muscular. Outlook in tonight. My paradigm against that world via. Annan says that -- a number of different things over the years where a course so come up friends and I'll -- and dale. Pile up and it looks like a big resonate -- -- and -- sort of cohesive lead just -- together as one big. Education we're website provides a lot of information and it too I mean it is just and tests who are we looking at you thinking about what she set about people's jaws like lacking. It was their you don't like yelling something. I mean they can't. I mean how it would simply -- to freak out if they're attacking where what do they do. They -- event though lacking openness far less common in the -- closed well unfortunately. And it does happen but most of the time it it will most of the time it will reduce and unlock and it's out. And after that's happened there's not a whole lot that can be done to tighten those ligaments once they've stretched out. We can do a process called pro therapy which involves some injections. Dexter has actually into the joint structures to get the leg ligaments to tighten up the net. Has been shown to work reasonably well. -- to prevent. An ongoing. Open -- episode. It's so again a few -- listener right now who suffers. From things like headaches -- your -- Tenderness of the jaw joints and muscles may be dull aching facial pain liking your cheeks -- your -- You could be experiencing. These TM JPM the issues and that's where you want to call. Doctor Jeffrey dole gets it 6755858. To discuss this and again you can go to our website at WNYTMD. That -- their camp road. In Hamburg 6755858. So what are what are some of the other things that that you see when people come in. For Kim -- assessments. You know I mean is it is it fairly quickly -- that you can. Help them. I'm well. Often just trying to figure out what the problem is is a process so we'd like I said -- gather a lot of data. And our typical course of treatment might take four to six months and some more along the way people will tend to begin to feel some. Relief but it usually happens gradually it's usually a process of of learning and exploring and sometimes. Trial and there. In within like forty seconds. Are people prone to TM change. He does something make them more prone to it and others that they please everyone equal. What we think makes people most susceptible to having these kinds of problems as anxiety. So anxiety leads to increased muscle tension and one of the things that we do a lot when we're nervous or when we're fear for a little rumor angry clincher T. So over under a lot of stress there's a lot of -- clashing that's gonna. That's something that we tend to do under our conscious awareness of just bringing your awareness to finding out whether you're doing that during the waking hours. As a very helpful tip. Again called doctor Jeffrey gold though this at 6755. 858 again 6755858. Camp road in Hamburg in the name of your business again your practices Western New York TNT. So -- you can check them out -- dot com as well while tea anyone with Ian. Thanks -- that is lesbian. I want them to go to you because you know yourself man and I appreciate the -- arsenal I'm gonna tell you right now what can I mean you just. Repeat this like it's the back here had I I would trust you. -- to tell my wife to go. Happy to see here -- against 6755858. You're listening to buffalo means business as we wrap up our show another addition. Coming next X Saturday at 6 PM right here and Israeli and -- thirty. WBE. And yeah. You've been listening to buffalo means business with -- Shula on news radio 930 W the yen. 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