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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Should Kathy Hochul Get the Boot? - Dr Bruce Bryski

Should Kathy Hochul Get the Boot? - Dr Bruce Bryski

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome doctor Bruce -- eight. Professor of communications from SUNY buffalo state to the WB inline -- morning Bruce and John good morning are you back to school. In my -- as we speak is this in his classic started yet I'll last week okay. -- lieutenant governor candidate Kathy hopeful. A lot of attention on her she's denying a newspaper report that she can be dropped from the Cuomo ticket what is going on here Bruce. She was very adamant yesterday when he visited Western New York that that was not true that that was not gonna happen. That there -- effective unity between. The governor and her and you know quite frankly I believe -- now you know I have no idea. Why Cuomo would be as concerned as he is the thing is if he would change his mind if you would. Drop her from the ticket it would make him look is so he's -- word that he can't make up his mind that he's not. Showing any commitment and those are all that things for a politician. Well how -- a story like this develop Bruce was that the plan to have some kind and it's false. You know -- I think was a Newsweek -- you can call the plant the new liquid every wanna call it I think the key question is who leaked it. Or is it just speculation on the part of the media until. There's any kind of verification. I guess I'm just gonna look at it is some sort of a rumor. Now there's I -- spend some thought that she could lose the primary next week. To Tim -- do you think that's possible. It is is I think it's possible that I don't know -- -- likely it is Susan but. There are. Many people. In unions education unions people who tend to be a little bit more liberal. More progressive. Who would like to see somebody like Wu who is considered to be a little bit more liberal then perhaps Kathy. Local so I think anything could happen in politics we've seen it before. I think it's an uphill fight -- Four. For mr. -- but. You know I wouldn't be totally done. In a -- -- governor wasn't the governor actually dump his running -- a week before the primary in -- goodness. I just don't see -- I the I think it's all speculative and I I think it would be more chaotic than any thing and I think it's a bad idea no matter how you look at it. He might show some desperation on his part. It could although you know I mean EU's. And he's got to be doing better in western new York and upstate that he. That he has in the past especially in you know and been buffalo but. I don't know for -- ever reason he looks to be a little jittery. Has anything like this happen before your recollection as you look back. Are well I I think there's you -- bushel yesterday the they had mentioned. Dead the a primary had been lost but I can't remember AD. Governor. Dropping somebody unless it was a -- is something really except like just can't think of anything in New York politics. While lawyer will see what happens but it's certainly that very interesting political story Bruce that we're following him -- that -- crisper skate. From SUNY buffalo state professor of communications.

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