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Gentrification - John Betancur

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo's medical court or around its positive economic effects is also having a somewhat negative impact it also has a name. Gentrification. Our guest to help us understand gentrification is doctor John -- -- core associate professor with the department of urban planning and policy. At the University of Illinois a Chicago doctor downtown core explained gentrification. That's not exactly a common word. From what we understand -- gentrification. The displacement of all the established neighborhood groups by more affluent society is. This has been going on ever since cities of exhaust that we understand. Yeah it but it -- more than people I've been to each committee. Indignant. And implemented in -- All we're a year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been -- -- and dramatic. And -- intensity. People who are related to enroll about don't community in the management and operational the global economy. The injured and permanent workforce. From predominantly blue color. Until predominantly white color. Would then match. -- survey of workers. -- near or below minimum wage and we didn't get vanity of the world can can -- for community including current location. -- -- -- Opening -- and make but it does mean that you don't Spain. Into court. To help going to workers will be more economy. Public housing was once heralded as an answer to poverty. What happened there. Oh yeah and where we are being done to. Provide the basis for people. And -- thing. Eventually be able and -- indeed. -- Unfortunately in the united page from the very beginning. That boom. The Big -- elude him. Creating independently. And that's going to include simple. And -- In -- a little bit mixed income housing. That being used as an excuse. To -- -- and occupied by the -- mountain forwards on occasion. And they're involved in that on the view of The Who have benefited. Doctor SS take over of less affluent societal -- by people with means. Should city leaders be thinking of doing more. When it comes to the quality of life for every one. The world would you -- treated me and I would called bitten managers. Do is look at the -- -- the daily. Indeed it models. That are running aren't treated today. In the early days who the data inflation and little. But it and then an event in which he. Says. Don't bit sore ankle and learned a big burden -- -- it had to -- Do you know. Tens of just -- that it people have been low income totaled Lowe couldn't little. Cared about -- but I did the idea that. -- it is true priority to. I don't live here and let's do it. And most communications. Candidates' feet. -- Led Zeppelin and Burton. -- -- -- All of them can basically to give them a date. -- to thank you our guest doctor John baton core associate professor. With the department of urban planning and policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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