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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Executive Director Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Matt Enstice; Part IV

Executive Director Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Matt Enstice; Part IV

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are in studio guest this morning if we focus on eight. Fast growing buffalo Niagara medical campuses met and says he's the president and CEO and you know cranes are near downtown is -- to senate and great time for downtown buffalo it -- right now. If he can -- talk about the number of jobs that Kansas has developed and what you're for seeing you going forward. You know so over the years we've gone from 7000 jobs in 2002 to 121000 today will be up to 171000 by the end a 2017. And you know the projected future growth of more companies down on the campus. And the university of Buffalo's expansion of all there health sciences. Coming down there. Were open to be over 20000 now a lot of those -- net new jobs to campus but it's getting that cluster is skating there. The opportunity for retell. Other commercial development the residential development that we've been talking about this morning. On those of the things that we see is the real opportunity you know we talked earlier and I like to talk more about it the moved to the -- corner of the university of Buffalo's teaching the medical students. All moving into the medical corner. One rule us really take place and hoe big of an impeccable and you've seen it in and really you happening. 2017. And the impact -- huge because it's bringing a different dynamic to the campus we've talked about this many many times that you know the university not being downtown well. This is the university's real commitment to starting to bring the students and the faculty. That's a lot of disposable income that is being spread throughout the community and helping rebuild the cities that. A really great thing for us imminent were saying this is really a different kind of an economy that's being created. Yeah I think you know Governor Cuomo had a vision to build that knowledge base -- economy. We've been working on this since 2002. And when the governor came in he sought as a natural fit to start working with us and figure out. How do we continue to grow this is we all know the world changing pretty quickly. And you've got to be on the cutting edge of technology and knowledge. And you know with the governor's commitment to all of that and partnership with us has really. Created this opportunity that I think. Is gonna create more jobs for the people are here today and also for the ex patriots to come back and engage with what we're trying to develop here. You know speaking of that. You know we're here you rate were raised in buffalo right he moved away you can decadent yet again I came back. Decided it was the right place to raise their family. My wife -- kids. We live in downtown buffalo right now we love being in the city. And we really are seeing more people start to move back into the city of buffalo. You know we've sort of look mayor Byron grown out of the picture here but he's been a major player and promote in the medical campus. How big will this campus eventually be in terms of acreage. You know we're -- -- 120 acres right now. We don't envision as the medical campus today being outside of that. When I think the real opportunity for growth is really the vision that you were talking about with the mayor is that the mayor wants to get. 12100 new housing opportunities in the city of buffalo. And that the opportunity is to see communities that are struggling a little bit. Hopefully start to thrive again and to be what our community once was from a neighborhood standpoint. You know all these workers patients visitors are coming down. You mentioned briefly retail. Is -- -- retail component being developed tennis yet you know. One of the things that we see there is the private market hopefully taking that and we parties are starting to see opportunities united and talked earlier about -- tavern that was the only place they get something -- but now we're starting to see shops. And residential. Pop up. You know we always hear on the news with the Buffalo Sabres and harbors that are in the waterfront development are doing. We are thinking about the harbor senator. And that whole development being a part of what we're doing and figure out how to connect our people to those opportunities -- the food trucks making regular periodic -- food trucks are on the campus on a regular basis. Which is it a great thing it just creates that. Whole environment and you know I think we have that. Followed we followed the leadership of one Howard's hands in his wife -- -- down over Larkin bill. Creating that foreign environment and a. Is what makes a vibrant urban city and that's what we're open to create its seems like it's all coming together at the same -- like a perfect storm you know it's a great storm -- hate -- great to have you here thank you so much for coming and thanks for having me. It's an -- insists he's president and CEL buffalo Niagara medical campus.

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