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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Executive Director Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Matt Enstice; Part III

Executive Director Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Matt Enstice; Part III

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Aren't studio guest is Matt. As does he has president and CEO of the buffalo Niagara medical campus. Map while all this is a good thing it also has those negative impact on all these people who used to live there slowly. They're just leaving the neighborhood you know we're wondering where there do they have a place to go yeah I think. A big part of what we're doing is as we're seeing this development take place. When we first started the development of medical campus we put the neighborhoods on our board of directors so we're kind of -- feedback from representatives in the neighborhood. And as the development has taken place we are not focused on development of it in the neighborhoods. What we're doing to make sure that those things that you're talking about don't have been is working very closely with -- council member Prejean and to support some of the legislation that he's putting in place to make sure that gentrification becomes a positive thing in those people that. Are living there. And have lived there are continued to. Stay there and thrive and live the way that they wanna be living there but it meanwhile housing is exploding and the demand for it right. Yet you know we're seeing. A lot of development take place from a residential standpoint and actually. I heard they're talking earlier about parking. And one of the things we will address parking from the standpoint of every patient and visitor will have a parking spot on the campus. But what we're trying to move forward as part of our holistic view of this is getting more people living in and around the campus. In and around the subway line actually gained more people utilizing transit more people walking more people biking. Really rebuilding. That healthy lifestyle to build community. Now use a there will be parking eventually for everybody but what about some of the people going to work. Construction people. Some of the medical offices that are already open where are they parking -- Right now we have a surplus on the campus of parking we probably have an excess of 500 spaces right now because. We completed a parking garage two years ago that was building for the future. We're in the process right now of the development of one more parking garage that will bring on this next. Influx of new people coming to the campus and do the basis but which we don't. We try not to talk about it is -- and we try to talk about it as transportation. I'm so we are addressing parking but we're trying to look at it more realistically right now and the and in terms of it. New housing units how much is being built right now. You know I don't know the answer to that but the mayor has put out that he wants to build roughly 12100 new units in downtown buffalo. There are a lot of adaptive reuse. There's some new developments that are taking place. We're seeing a lot. Development happening around from residential perspective that we had not seen before and it's really taken operates in the last year and a half or so. And bidding wars he did this on that you know we hear about coming here about bidding wars all the time. From a residential perspective force -- In the Allentown neighborhood. Over in the -- would village. In north buffalo that stuff is starting to happen and we're hearing a lot of it is based off of the employees that are down on the medical campus of new and for some of the people who are being displaced him in the bidding war is a good thing. Yes I mean it it shows they're -- -- -- -- properly. And they would've otherwise yet and that is good opportunity I don't feel like people are being displaced is at the end of the day it's a choice that they would be making and what we wanna make sure. Is when stuff like that does happen enters educated as possible so the decision is done in the appropriate manner.

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