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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Executive Director Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Matt Enstice; Part II

Executive Director Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Matt Enstice; Part II

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our focus this morning is on the medical corner in downtown buffalo at our studio guest is -- And -- she's the executive director of the buffalo Niagara medical campus map thank you for coming -- we appreciate that. Are we hoping that some day buffalo. -- all of its specialty medical services. Will be viewed like Cleveland newsroom this Cleveland clinic Rochester Minnesota with a -- Clement I think. You know we -- have pockets of excellence you know you're talking with -- earlier from Roswell park and what they're doing is phenomenal. And over -- health with the global vascular institute in their most recent developments we have a lot of those pockets. And the actual working towards where we can make sure that the people who live in this community can be served in this community and they don't have to go outside. You don't think people. Are aware of the major players the foundations if you will of the campus across well collide at UB but what about the smaller companies there are dozens of them aren't there. You have right now. And as member institutions we have nine total. Those include Calvin Woodward buffalo medical group Olmsted center for -- a full hearing in speech. Hospice and upstate New York transplant services or the other smaller organizations. But the other thing that I think a lot of people don't know is that we have about sixty companies down on the campus and we talked earlier only started this in 2002 there are only four companies. And our focus there is building this new economy. And working with the next generation and mature companies today to help them grow and create those private sector jobs because that's really. What is gonna drive the next economy for us here. Of all these projects that are in progress and the the smaller was literally drawing board Susan mentioned was we don't hear. Anything that particular that's caught your attention that you're looking forward to seeing developer to the end I think it's already under construction right now from a physical standpoint is the medical school move in downtown. And when the university announced it was -- the medical school downtown it's a 375. Million dollar project. That combined with you know shy women's and Children's Hospital that -- -- -- taking. Roswell park's expansion. And a private sector medical office building down there we've got two million square feet of construction underway and watching that all come together is really a great. Positive direction for the community. What is women and children's scheduled to be so that'll open right at the beginning of 2017. Is what they're shooting for they just starting construction -- construction on the site. And are working. Through final. Process. To get it moving forward. That there was some young person listening to a right now and sure there are and they're looking years down the road for a career. Listen -- to go as far as we're concerned yes I think we have here is what this campuses offering is today. Place where were hoping to build opportunity around well where people can build towards the next economy in new economy that we have. The infrastructure in place to help people who wanna start companies or wanna get involved with companies it takes time I mean that's going to have learned. It takes. A lot longer to get some of -- stuff done but the biggest thing is just got to keep your head down keep pushing forward in these things come to fruition. This'll seemed like it was hole under the radar happening LSU we're down there on a daily basis he didn't realize what was going on until now let me put down there and it's like. Wow this just popped was -- kind of the intention the strategy. I think one of the things we wanted to do was to make sure that when we said we -- gonna do something we're able to deliver on that we didn't wanna come out. And push is being planned in hope that it would happen. Our thought was that do some blocking and tackling in and get the basic stuff done. And then eventually when -- of the foundation in place all this other stuff fool will take place. Our medical corridor to campuses -- where basic medical technology and he emerging medical technology and high tech. Will collide and conversion make. Medicine and research that there than it is right now I think he is the right word collide I mean collisions. -- People see that as a negative thing down on the campus we see that as a really positive thing how Rudy Gay it. The researchers the clinician the entrepreneur or -- to interact with one another. And make things happen and it's. You know part of the best place -- happiness and all of Rick's tavern that's where it all comes the other market -- beer either one of these days.

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