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Roswell Part of Growing Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

Sep 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about the impact to the buffalo Niagara medical campus this point your first guest on the live line is doctor Candice Johnson. Incoming interim president and CEO at Roswell Park Cancer Institute doctor Johnson good morning. The morning and congratulations on your next appointment. I have to thank you thank you very much I'm very excited about the future for Russell park thank. You know Roswell really is the building block the foundation of them the medical campus. How long have you -- at Roswell and talk about the difference from when you first came here until now with this campus. I came here thirteen years ago from Pittsburgh and cities. Not unlike buffalo. You know has struggled to. Come back they're downtown area again it's been remarkable what happened. When I came here thirteen years ago -- as you know Russell park downtown -- and a residential type neighborhood's main street was sort of all boarded up not much going on no restaurants and shops. It was a very different place now it's vibrant. It's. Our shops or restaurants is Biotech companies the innovations manner. It's impossible. Of activity and commerce and so it's theory warmed to see. We -- their -- almost. Over a hundred years and since 191898. And so. Russell has sort of been the anchor and down there and it's exciting to seal this development round. Doctor Johnson another school campuses slowly swallowing up and hold a proud. Neighborhood. Do you feel old are CPI in the other medical campus fixtures. And those that are growing have any responsibility here to address the concerns of folks who are being displaced by all of this development. We do. And we try to two consider that at every turn every time we do anything in the community we try to get back to that community. And we really hope that the community around the medical campuses just gonna grow and be better for the individuals that live there and so I we do take that very seriously and hope that. We can balance the growth an energy of the medical campus. Was trying to be considerate to the residents who live their lives down there. How many people does Roswell employee in what is the vision going forward to just for Roswell. Well -- employs over 3000 people and we. You know we hoped to grow and have all kinds of plans for the future. That we wanna be a part of this medical campus we wanted to grow with it more collaborations with the university of buffalo. Collide as greatly can help on all the different Catholic health it's now down in the medical quarter until. We DR gross with those partners must be a part of Renaissance in the downtown area. Doctor Johnson you should you do recognize your responsibility to address concerns of folks are being displaced. By all of those medical quarter development. Have you ordeal planned to me whether any neighborhood or community groups about options they may not be aware of. Well -- we regularly meet with our community leaders. Whenever word deciding to do anything downtown to to see how we can work together. We try we wanna be apart that we really. -- -- part of that community we have a farmer's market on Wednesdays. Where the neighborhoods are invited him. We try to be a good neighbor to them and so yes we will reach out to them and see if there -- ways that we can. Help and assistance in these transition period to just in minimizing the disruptions that neighborhood. Share it we're glad you can be with us this morning to kick -- thank you thank you thank you for joining us. Doctor Candice Johnson the incoming interim president and CEO at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

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