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NY Daily News's Ken Lovett- Hochul's hard week

Aug 31, 2014|

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Ken Lovett he is our next guest we often say what are -- it is talked politics this is certainly been a big week for lieutenant governor candidate -- vocal running with Governor Cuomo. Of course known to many around here is that the former congressman former Erie county clerk. She had a rough week let's bring -- and talk a little bit about this -- the Albany bureau chief of the New York Daily News they can. Why why is -- hopeful maybe a little bit I don't know a frustrated this week tells tell us how it all pulled it. It certainly. You know parliament and certain component. Two -- -- little known Columbia Law School professor whose little known in the year. Political world. Had a pretty good week yeah. He got endorsed by the New York Times which in the democratic primary certainly never hurts. You know being now the national organization for women also surprisingly backed. Both separate -- out the liberals progressives. Fordham law school professor who's running and Andrew Cuomo and and who's running it and endorsement was well so it was a big week for them momentum wise. We'll impeach after the bus tour you know going around while the governor kinda hit a little bit and can't be local it now that you know -- that she feels that -- put now. You know three minute video. You know basically introducing ourselves should do more public events I think she recognizes that -- poses. A threat even though it's an uphill battle but certainly the threat and they would do everything -- can to bring of the peninsula. Talked to me about what the and a half I -- to have a guy from the New York Daily News quoting in Europe times. But tell me there rationale when they said vote for -- for lieutenant governor instead of -- local. Why did today the big the big voice that they are think that that was a valid argument. I think I'm progressive issues there live -- I have an interesting thing because they withheld an endorsement surprisingly in the gubernatorial race. In the top race between Cuomo and teacher. Right and they basically said in that case. While there's a lot of things that the governor has done to -- had a they don't feel that teach out was qualified to be governor. They feel that she's a protest vote and they said if you want to protest the governor. Both the teacher output they weren't saying that there -- endorsing -- out. And why that made the -- endorsement a little surprising in. You know heartbeat away that to move may not be running for governor but as we've -- that was David Paterson he could end up. If they were to win. Let -- you know he he lacks the same credentials that they were knocking teach out for. But they kind of look the other way on that because it's only that would lieutenant governor position. Before I ask -- what would happen if rule one. On the democratic primary at the same time the Governor Cuomo wins in the democratic primary before I ask that if I got to find out how big of -- if it is is that even possible. Yeah and -- possible what happened before our first vote for years ago. When Carl Paladino ran for governor and Republican Ryan is choice. Where lieutenant governor who you know you know. Well our actions they have required you know -- -- it was a split ticket basically. In new York and and and in 1982. When Mario Cuomo wanted Carl McCall. Could be -- to lieutenant governor and he ran. -- was beaten in a primary by a Westchester guy named Al bill -- sir which forced Cuomo to run we've dealt -- on the ticket they won. Cuomo just basically ignored them and after two years of boredom Nobel quit at. Saying that he could have no role. And the consequences of the ballot box are if it is the ticket in some spots on some of the minor airlines is Cuomo hope -- And hopefuls on the running mate than those lines disappeared on thing. Well they would have to get 50000 votes to stay on the line but what would happen is that in an interest in twenty. It is the governor who's looking to build up a big victory. Those votes would not count they would now be combined effect if it's Cuomo holdco across the board all of those votes get combined. If it's Cuomo won the democratic line. And Cuomo local on the other line independents to -- the working families party line in the yet. The newly created women's equity line quality of life. Those wouldn't count toward the final total said the governor would really have to run. Hard as a Democrat. And try to get people to vote for him on the democratic line which would be -- -- little. Which threaten the very existence. Of those other -- -- because that they don't get 50000 votes they don't have a guaranteed -- spot in four years. One of the reasons that vocalist hit the and one of the reasons hopeless at the hustings. Is to basically kind of defend her role on the ballot here to say no really I am progressive enough to be with Governor Cuomo. I wanna play a clip from programs you're familiar with I've heard you want as much as you on this one. But at the capitol press room out of Albany public radio. They had -- vocal on earlier this week and they asked throughout some of these positions. Specifically the idea that. As a congresswoman she was endorsed by the NRA but now she's part of the Cuomo administration supporting the state -- here's what she said about that. You were a strong supporter of the Second Amendment with the NR ray supporting you. Which is understandable considering the that the district he represented at the time. Yet you now support the safe fact and I'm wondering how he could reconcile both positions. And I -- people -- if you -- -- been consistent. -- -- The Second Amendment in my judgment pertains to the -- I can't entry county clerk my mind ministerial responsibilities to -- as the permanent. I knew everybody in Erie county had to get from it and I'm telling you right now -- -- arguably ousting. That Republicans has typically it's Democrat and and members of the working Eric target because it's a cultural phenomena here. How -- county clerk but last week before Thanksgiving. In place is empty because there and took off on vacation -- gear on. So upstate people wanna make sure that they still have the right. To exit sites suspected member rights you have target practice. Shooting range is one mile to hunt and -- -- six conference here so. -- of the season. And I am happy to address that right now on the track betting is that. -- -- -- -- consistent with access to it because that I know what to expect us. It gets that something I believe every reasonable gun owner wants to make sure curse is that on tonight in the hands. -- mentally ill people. They don't get against the criminals and we do much more against illegal guns off the streets in urban areas where they are plaguing our streets and killing our children. That's -- -- -- earlier this week on public radio's capitol press from Ken Lovett is still with us from the New York Daily News is there Albany bureau chief. Is it unusual to have to have that kind of triangulation and campaign for lieutenant governor -- -- look at the reality is where and end up state Democrats who. Oftentimes. Have to be oil and and may have been beat more conservative but certainly represent more conservative districts. Like capital -- Kristen Gillibrand in the US senator when she was a congresswoman. They have their views and will run statewide to as as children and one senator Schumer wants that are involved with. -- thing that is the evolution of -- local news you know she is running statewide. As a Democrat obviously new York city of the big. Big area to get votes from guns issue the gun issue is pagan the other -- talking on the campaign trail right now. Is there opposition is county clerk to. Then governor Eliot Spitzer is pushed to. I would give. Driver's licenses for illegal aliens right yeah. Two driver's license and that's a big issues of that is what Kim -- and and certainly is effort -- out are pushing that. You know the governor's more moderate Republican in many shows and the conservative Democrats when he should be pushing more progressive issues that -- -- -- campaign theme. What she was first pick for lieutenant governor might. Automatic almost unconscious side of the brain several yet geographic balance -- But the more I think about it there is also a conservative liberal balance at play here -- did he -- -- do you think because of these opinions that she's now having to sort of back away from. I think he'd picked up for several reasons I think obviously geographic even more so than geographic down Buffalo's huge deal for him. And she's well known and popular up there and then and I think he wanted that I think he gave them gender balance we gave -- a woman on the ticket. They're gonna go hard after rob after Leno the Republican for his anti choice views. And I think having a woman head that. Argument you know made political sense for him. And certainly. It didn't hurt when a year ago when you're being you know trying to upstage Perrier SA -- to have. Someone on the ticket who is pro am you know with the NRA -- backs so forcefully in the past that -- all those things played into it. All right help me set up the clips after the break were after the commercials we're going to look at some of the videos that were bandied about this week one from both the focal camp and another from -- Describe the week in that regard after all of this boiled up she kind of came out on the defensive -- The other the Democratic Party put out a three minute to. Look I really have progressive video from very gas field goal and you know build -- is basically saying notion that and and I'm really progressive and you know you -- and and if you want that would also think he'd be independent of the government which would be interest in his. Literally saying I'm actually take orders from the governor Obama elected and and nice he had more of a public advocate role than those who you know being part of the administration. All right great stuff -- thanks for joining us this morning. -- that's Ken Lovett. Albany bureau chief for the New York Daily News but I do wanna touch one more time on some of the topics were kicking -- before the break the idea that. In a week where she was kind of embattled. -- hopeful came out with a statement saying no really look I'm a progressive. And then her even more liberal challenger lieutenant governor came out with a statement released a video saying but she's not really. Rather than have me just summarize that I thought would be good lesson to those videos here's a look at the -- said. After she didn't get the New York Times endorsement from lieutenant governor. -- FE hopeful. All my life I considered public service to be a privilege. As a young person I was influenced by president Kennedy was inspired by Martin Luther king and always worked for democratic leaders. I worked on senator and one hands first race and later as an attorney for him in Washington. Darren helped write a -- on the key path to citizenship to millions. And helped draft campaign finance reform bills. I thought that experience to be the highest honor of my career. My husband I return to buffalo to raise our children. I became involved in local issues and my mother we fought hard to the local businesses and our town. I finally realized I could do much more for people I stepped up. And actually ran for office myself. That's why did something I never thought I would do. I ran for local office to stop over development by big box stores like Wal-Mart and fought hard to preserve the character of my community. After fourteen years of fighting for my community. Successfully challenging the New York State thruway authority. Telecommunications. Providers big developers and even boycotting excited to protest high gas prices I became the Erie county clerk. And then a congressional seat unexpectedly opened up. The most Republican district in the State of New York I campaigned hard to fight -- Paul Ryan Tea Party budget. They would have decimated Medicare. -- left our seniors out the -- Against all odds I want. It was an honor to serve in congress. And despite the politics of my district I never back down to mark core democratic values. Pro choice pro marriage equality and pro worker values. I nearly lost my reelection bid because I wouldn't turn my back on the president and millions of Americans who deserve quality health care. And now I find myself with a unique chance to return to my passion. Fighting for the underdog. Challenging the status quo and using all my energy to once again embrace the words of senator Paul Wellstone who once said. Politics is not about power it's not about money it's about the betterment of people's lives. Believe me this summer and -- a progressive record the most Republican district in the state. I know these issues are not rewarded at the ballot box but they are the morally right stands to take. That's kept the local releasing a video earlier this week say basically and summer here yes I'm a progressive despite the fact the New York Times chose not to endorse me. Coming up next -- let's hear from Tim -- he also came out with a video he is the more progressive. Or right it's it's a more liberal. Candidate in the September 9 primary against local one that did get the endorsement. Think her record on the environment blizzard. Is abysmal and nothing short shopping. And my conclusion is this. I've played that well I think local news. And both should be considered disqualifying. For someone who is seeking the nomination the Democratic Party in this state. Always. Running around the state. You know of the things that. We didn't need at least person. Today and play. Q what are my views on record as opposed to having his weird conversation version of the videos. And I really is there. You know he's he's he's actually mean and debate over references and that's to move running for lieutenant governor.