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8/29 David Bellavia Hour 4

Aug 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And the welcome to the New York's. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one hunts with an assault rifle. Tom hourly. Column. But yeah. Now look at the how much and I could have -- kinda like to welcome. It's live it's local take a look at started. -- won't. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly and IQ. You have bulldoze. Like voters. And 930 W yeah. On the back to the final hour. The Friday of. The Labor Day weekend. Of the top polish on David that would be a topic is off -- will be back on. In his comfort zone on his program. Of the flagship. News radio 930 WBZ. And I'll we have not talked. A lot about important things. Things that will change your life things or make you smarter. -- More sensitive. Productive. But now gonna talk about the most important thing at all it is -- wind effects. In buffalo. Pilot what does it -- Coca-Cola field. Is that the home of a wing fast ranked. I am and ask the question 8030930. Starting 310616. WB and -- Pool in the region. Who the region has the best chicken wings. A wanna settle this once and for all. You've got -- she got anchor bar the original home of the chicken going. You've got. McDonald's. What they're spicy wings. Dare some Collins was a dear. Who got the best chicken wings in Buffalo, New York. IE. I have many favorites. Lobotomy. Batavia area. -- -- And I could tell you that we have plenty of pizza places to very idea of competing but the whole of the chicken wing. There has to be a chicken -- out there that you've had that you will put your name and reputation on the line. And say this is the best -- -- in buffalo normally we shy away from the people calling in giving non advertising. Kudos outed and we don't wanna I wanna encourage people advertise here. But no not today not now not in this final hour we're allowing -- -- with your best chicken wing experience. Maybe you met your wife. Maybe immature lover. Over a flat. Mixed -- of a story behind the chicken. Is working at pizza place and I always get those guys would call an ambulance. But he'd like eighteen -- mystics. I mean fifteen flats three drum sticks. Half the good barbecue. -- -- -- And then you've got like the I want the barbecue you outline that come and -- enough get your wing like it. But some people are flat persons and eat them. At a drumstick. I actually liked -- you know like taxi they teach you do things you never could do before it opened a package with a can opener. Well with different. You'll use these things none of us could figure out you know a staple opener can open my key ring that's crazy. I don't know have been using -- figured out of the last 38 years. But thank you life act. Like -- this thing that showed you the proper way to. And you -- room we deep bone the -- And just eat the flat and this was like samples. Light's changing. What is your favorite chicken wing in the city of buffalo Bob in Hamburg. The home of the hamburger but those damned German's return Clinton. Bob what is the best you're going a bottle. -- No reason. That -- -- -- -- Kirk are all out street in home long view on that please. Are out the. I don't voter I could try to apply that you owned at Purdue and republic now. It's a why they of the best in the biggest or just the best. Well there are just not -- -- start -- But a -- rubble others by our air -- that -- And after they try -- And the EPA com or grow up afterwards and. Not a real real crooks are -- are certainly. That -- such a huge plus. Bob let me ask -- this -- how what are the most amount the have you ever got you know all you can beat people like to -- a big fan myself. But what are you -- -- you go to all you can beat Andy what's the most amount of treatment you can listening. Sorry I would I would say out of pocket but you know. -- like I'm not about an article 35 safely. Just break down your measurements for a quicker you big guy. I don't know -- -- or. Brown air products. What you know I'm kidding that's later. Now I just took a weird turned in about. Nobody here are you hot wing guy duplicate his hottest possible or you just kind of like. By gosh -- wearing like a Jamaican jerk -- Yeah yeah yeah. Have you have those people do you know those people in your life that just like the hotter the wing. There's certain temperature like you know an Arctic temperature of the spice hot it's enjoyable -- that. Yeah Walsh tablet like that ever understood what if you look -- -- -- Burning your -- and then like you know they can't touch children afterwards or would it be like. Exactly you don't really funny I Saudi document area and Tabasco. It was a documentary that was knows. How it's made an it was like whole story of the Tabasco company. And the funny they're going through the factory and the like each person gets a free bottle of Tabasco everyday they eat all the food they showed it. Then walk through like the different you know that we have a gymnasium here and work places about to go the men's bathroom. Three hurdles like 75 toilets I thought I felt that it does because you work at Tabasco. 85 toilets of the Tabasco factor. Bob Peggy -- they give so much because I appreciate that. All right Bob actually had a couple people here in studio would agree with him. That is the bastion -- buffalo. But besides that. Where -- wanna get a and -- topic. You know. Toilet humor here. I would ever tiptoed. FaceBook now. We're gonna talk about the -- with the best -- coming in buffalo the question that we Euro region 8030930 start at thirty buffalo chicken wing -- is this week and a huge deal I don't like. Kobayashi in those other guys out for chicken thing I think of these professional Adam we call them clintons. The other they're professional eaters -- their. What does the word year for the year competitive eaters. You guys. What's a guy named Johnny chest or something Johnny. World who would. Johnny chestnut is that the world champions eat bugs and you've got the kid that cycle but the advocates and was like -- put too. Which owns chicken mill once we've seen she's super little -- -- -- our. 7000. Each. One each. Bought is good for 35 said. -- -- I have to deal when -- when I clean it in the hole I get really upset. When each family. Kids leaving little piece of meat to. -- You know people in public -- star. -- -- you leave much meat. Though. For me show some respect. Your buffalo meat you eat the marrow. Should crack up the side of the ball. Take the -- -- It's delicious. Not really you should not you should clean -- if -- was judge in the chicken content to state -- to -- -- -- and -- -- On the chicken -- do you get to eat the meat off the treatment. Who -- -- winning the -- and it is fifty here in waves you know three point coupons and the -- the ball after them. That follow you back to your hotel room and wait. Wait you yourself. As you visit the restroom when they know. I don't know how they do but I would like to know what they'd like what. What is the official UB matching. Hot dog it's too easy. It's like the hot -- -- you've done -- the blonde in the water by the what you want an excellent on it watch that me and how about challenge. That is the most disgusting thing in the we will defeat crisis let's -- -- the hot dog challenge. That's what I'll -- it is repulsive. There's a guy that likes sticks is hot dog in the water devoured it that takes the bond and then there's always that. Like competitive eater who wasn't training hard and Japanese are bombing. And that has let go vomit clause that the officials like super. Far he's. -- Enjoy your dinner -- six team. But if you if you vomit -- during the competition eliminated. -- puke puke. There's only one guy -- -- And then there's these people -- just dipping their and there are tips that glass of water. You know what I will pay I will start a competition. And the loser has to drink that water that should be the challenge. Of how many glasses of the Nathan's hot dog water you can digest. With out. I am physically you ESPN and it still is on TV I can't I can't watch it. I can't watch it but I see any competitive eater I've just reminded of eight. This country is really messed up you've got people eating like -- of steam. You've got people eating like rat feces part say they're starving to death and were like let's have a competition without. -- chicken wings you can show your. Let's go to traffic real quick. Alan Harris. -- -- -- Allan what are the best swings of buffalo. And how many wings have you put down in one sitting. Are you do like hot pot chicken wings. Barbecue yeah I don't understand the volcanic how to. But she's nearly -- him. Doubts about -- are pretty good anyway thank you -- bears just chicken -- election. -- partly saucy tonight with a chance of flats. In the end. 63 degrees downtown very warm humid tomorrow clouds sun shower or thunderstorm high of 87. Look out for. Saturday night haven't had a chance thunderstorm or shower warm and humid low of 78. And Sunday which I think it's -- there the festivals all weekend. It and wonder. If you're eating chicken wings on Sunday. You're going to be -- except for the afternoon to get a shower or thunderstorm humid high of 78 labored it. Afternoon showers thunderstorm in spots -- EB. I'm sorry high of 81 degrees on Labor Day -- David Bellamy and -- retired and chicken wings who have the best wing from buffalo. What do you think John who would you bass weighing in in India in the region. I personally candles right seeing him at the Ralph but I loved mammals alive -- pre. Equity. Think -- he says. They've -- Domino's. Can remain. We just -- that -- to lose your buffalo guard would you -- like Buffalo Wild Wings. The bad. What area would come out with a all right dude you're from Cleveland. There's the thing that's been -- people would definitely. You know let. I think I'm impressed by the size it's. A big huge and it's cooked and so people like -- -- -- liked Adam. Extra crispy which I understand. Some -- saucy I always hate when I'm ordering -- wings to say that word and phone. Numbers to make the wings. -- -- Overthrew bush. -- regulations your vocal and like my wings. So -- -- it's just so ridiculous. That. Wayward the best swings of buffalo 803930. Start 9310616. WBZ and if you live outside the region and a few outside about -- -- hear from. -- only wanna hear from western New Yorkers brought to figure included Syracuse get lost the picture on little your own favorite food. But buffalo and Rochester Rochester in your part of it. Who has the best swings. In all the land. With a quick break. Yeah it's a quick break we come back in particular calls people already lining up for the best swings in buffalo Q would you have to say. Also you have to disclaim. Disclaimer you -- if you have stock in the company owned the company. You have to tells immediately. We are do we we have voice authentication software. And we are going to determine what person is like you know other so would do really bad business of the flight. Gave swing shack where that it's in my trunk and drive above the dude I direct. And I've got the wings in the trunk of this. Earlier. I would go to college whether all of the compartment option the military. You heard of citizens. And well. -- busy bees they're awesome. -- all right we're gonna -- corporate we go back more than -- Barley show David -- 8030930. Buffalo's best wings more to this quick break. Welcome back to the John -- show I just wanna tell us exactly gesture back and he seriously. Danson in the Booth. Crazy. It's a jump -- David we're talking about a very serious matter. Chicken wings who as the best chicken wings buffalo milk though for this get too political and you know those people call it. But this fetus found on the side India in the park. It's twenty months old I mean it's it's a defeatist element you know we can copy these babies because. -- -- -- If it's twenty month old baby and toddler. Or twenty weeks old Omar and almost went on balls like hell's wrong with the twenty weeks old. It. So it is a fetus political debate. Arabia it's close to what we put into it is not a national story. Why weren't more people talking about this is huge or too many weeks old policy. Anyway I still things. You know whenever I'm Eagles pro lifers. Let's go to -- bill -- buffalo best wings that's the second wave away -- dead fetus to have the best wings. God at work on that radio school. So I about the development Christians. But as the best. About -- and I've called on. But this is -- First I'm calling you an -- that topic. Is usually seeking indictments into places of course OK I have -- -- To go out of my way to go downtown is the anchor bar I've never had a big chicken when there. He belt anchor bar is is the one of the founder of chicken wings. Tonight than most famous. Have you tried the one the -- yeah. No. Wonder if there is good. I wonder how I wonder I was wondering the same thing. Let's put together tomorrow -- -- -- billion at the anger bark and then when your second place. May second places. This is the place and diet are important call by the peace bridge -- the -- of the places called -- brains get. Excellent -- according. Yeah I've actually been there that is. To -- -- -- never had the garlic wings and a it's a sandwich and but is coming bill what Tom what are Euro I think do you like the hot wings are you just can look normal like. -- I don't like that partly because sometimes we're. It -- -- where you can go get her light. Sometimes to relate to how. Immunity idol idol -- -- -- seafood that I idle until the point dead. What is the hot have to be competitive like volcanic hot. La -- isn't so -- who make you sterile for the following months. I don't want to. Open. Tongue transplant as a bill what are the most amount of -- that once it. I could probably do about sixteen to eighteen. But it isn't normal. I just that's a lot I don't know. We do want to let you know and I think it's signaling that prides itself. You put the blue -- them. Notably -- anyway. Are not his thing get band like outshot buffalo chicken wings. Which on why you would do them but sometimes week. I have never it and chicken wind outside so -- buffalo. Ranch and you know what the word throughout the country. Like with chicken wings or chicken fingers instead of bluesy it's all. -- -- -- and I like Wheaton dot mixes in with the blue jeans. Exactly and if by the way if you're -- you're making a new potato chip blue cheese -- speaker. You know. Illegal listed companies and for awhile -- -- -- -- -- who put the ball -- the blue chief Andy and the buffalo wing tips right in the same day. I heard the west Borough Baptist Church protested that -- From the bubble. No I'm kidding they protested both history and be funny bill thank you for your call. It's nice just to place a -- didn't have a good holiday week. Same with you -- enjoy yourself what we have some wings this -- -- -- take care bill escort Kyle baker is bill. Kyle. What are the best wings in the buffalo area. Record or -- the flip side -- you own that place now do you work that. I think -- a -- -- it was I would be like on titles wings are really good -- -- the day I make him in the basement. -- what's good about it would you like you like the flats of mystics. I like -- -- both but what I really love about the flip side is that they have their own -- and its. All it was a hot. It's not even I mean -- -- described by Israel thought. This is this conversation turned over -- -- -- then things got a little weirdo like idyllic count. And -- so high so cal what -- the most following that -- -- out. Saturday. She shot thirty. Public you you big on yeah we anyway. -- -- 59250. And you can put away thirty wings. So if you want to that we kept -- accidentally competition. I could you compete I -- thirty weeks to -- -- I don't know what is judge you like the blue cheese and the wings. -- And we're -- ask you another question have you outside of strikers. If you don't like anchored -- the big guys -- do you -- you go around downtown buffalo. Yeah eyes and and these so stricken with some input again. The flip side Colin -- bill says the flip side is the best wings he can put down thirty you've never done that you're estimating. You put thirty -- Horse race. Childhood for a bucket that's pretty. That's you know what the major from buffalo that's what that means -- god bless you have a good Labor Day weekend. At cal drop of thirty wings -- in -- city. What do you see it for -- thirty wings and it was disgusting. It become a cooling man vs food. Did you watch someone how many we can do without but. -- receive miracles dogs eat so much that the -- explore voter summit. You hear those stories related animal does -- like goldfish will eat until it dies. You know a person to -- thirty -- I'd watch that. I'm making it competitive to. A good look at stable Gillick and manager of chicken meters. It's Hollywood abdomen and FaceBook but why don't 30930. Start I 3106 point six Habibie and we're talking about the best chicken wings in buffalo who have them we've heard everything from strikers bill. Two. Of course dumps we've heard. -- Harris had bought G you tables favorite adults -- but he says. That he had -- entries ought to pretty. You know we're talking about the best wings because it's chicken -- fast. And we're gonna get a bunch of competitive eaters here. And they just cannot make you nauseous I don't know if this is televised talent. -- wants to watch. But I want to know what your favorite place is the best -- to buffalo how many of you put down the -- coming up big York. Because I wanna see there's this woman is like five to which you like fifty wings. I wanna know if there's anyone out there that's like small plane ticket to -- You know twenty to thirty wings legitimately Kolb to 559. It's pretty big guy but he's got to 33 wings would say thirty wings. A lot of links. I'd pay I'd pay for a bucket to watch -- That's fun for. I'd like I like watching you know people eat chicken wings just and -- what's up. Sonia. Okay her name is Sonya Thomas. Sonya Thomas is the name of the female competitive eater I don't. What do you think they do -- right after a competitive track there. What does -- do they purged the -- I have to vomit. So this sport is based on really unhealthy but we talk about like. You know enhanced. You know people taking steroids. And -- enhancing performance enhancing drugs. You know actual acts can be the performance -- -- to they -- the test you for play. Look at it I BD 56 the way did I am going. To the night in the hotel buffalo. -- spending the night. And I'm just gonna camp out with like. By. The anyway bill. In Hamburg. What what's going on bill. Not what -- -- it god -- you gotta ya a chicken wing -- what was this all. I'd go back loudly talented he is back and but as colonel GA. Kept yes they're articulate not out one night. And we decide okay at UBE forty -- in ways that we want sitting. He brought pager Drake got this part of Iraq a year -- about -- -- -- the -- So we fired forty technically. And would sit one unit that you've got all forty down. The event than a minute how how big this. I'm sorry I'm tall girl probably around six point. I was wearing it in and around I don't know acknowledge god a bigger old -- effort and I'd go. And -- and -- -- clean the wings though this was like the fate. Well that's phrase my dad just an incredible. And how many of you personally. Dropped. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If someone else is like if you're gonna sit down the body over beer and wings just -- it that's all you -- Would you know. You'd order by double -- forward affinity. All I did get a double -- probably -- finish that I'd have some good up the next day probably. You mess around with the celery and carrot. Tolerate what he would always felt that this is achieved. Every year they award the best interview for buffalo radio I'm working with you bill. I've asked about pat seller and the care of the blue jeans. I've I've got a while covered till Hamburg thank you so much as a lot of chicken wings are usually. It's a matter yes absolutely thing. So much. We don't. So I was reading online Molly Schuettler. It's 5725. Pounds. And she beat 363. Wings in thirty minutes in Philadelphia. In January this year and my condolences to her family. She. Probably don't mail away my -- texted me. Father's 850 ones. Which is that. Although my deputy. My dad is -- -- 67. I put 53 years ago you 67 years old and if they're teaching. And it would appear come up. -- I have seen him bears he is taking these. King primary electorate -- great outdoors -- -- -- the pretzel. Could. But there was this city out a statement. Like you know not Dolan. Abdullah to gristle. There's some Merrill. There's always a little treats again I like gotten. The chicken wing that comes -- -- thinks -- -- deformity. -- -- That's when you you it's a pick in the -- audio win you know miserably. -- I'm asking about chicken -- is becoming almost. Become a little comfortable like. -- Which you think. It's good -- -- -- public. Or that a which -- That. Do but follow borrowed whatever that we're just that would subject would you judge -- plays get the hell off the well the I thought ever grabbed it and how big of that how big demand you kind. -- -- of -- to be away side for a quick in seeing what would be like. Let's say I was particularly. What would make -- the all right that's lost a moment of total break. We go to break a play against. I need to -- senate where a break availability and mr. Tom Bauerle will be back after this quick message we're talking chicken wings. 8030930. The best she going to buffalo its chicken -- fast. The best -- the Bible gives the call is an odd parity WP. Welcome back into the final segment Tom -- -- David -- via. It is Labor Day weekend it'll sell out here -- an actress in the AC. But this -- going fast. What's your name Molly Line. -- -- Molly -- a 363 chicken wings. And and now. Soon she. One would think that the record should 125 pounds we're talking about competitive eaters and -- like their sponsorships should be like which it. Johnson Kress store. The did you graduate NASCAR -- but -- was of opportunity. And you get like the typical like Tabasco you like Prilosec. Heart blood -- occasion. For him. There's like a doctor that like specializes in gastric bypass surgery huge effort to us about your product we've heard from both of either. -- that's. Competitive meaning is is it's kind of grows when you watch it but. -- people of the chicken wings here that the -- -- around you know the usual suspects that they got these little small. Boutique chicken in places that do something a little bit different. They do with something a little different and that you know maybe grilling the -- put garlic sauce like whenever friends out there. That is enough to set you apart from the big boys if you could just -- the wing properly. And you can you can you know find your niche. In the chicken we were you compete with the big boys can you believe we spent a whole hours -- in the reforms. Exactly. -- was the one asked about the submarine. And your questions and need to know more information compiled Lehman. The assessment report. And -- and more. I don't go to his record held up FaceBook and I was in the military for a couple years and a lot of friends from the Warren and the different and and this guy had written you know this guy's crazy in the funny and so -- -- wrote he. I'm gonna bet on the toilet all night about. And I wrote like -- like -- -- that's funny and you don't normally see that can upon him -- so he said. McCain's tour. Such as that I liked it and I get this response of like. -- -- You're -- you have 24 hours. -- you have to donate a hundred dollars to breast cancer you have to put the following post out there you've got die every. Being you can't find Japan it's -- he took off your shirt out speeding ticket. And I'm like what -- has become of charities today the only way we can raise money is threatened people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You ballot -- you -- of -- support on prostate cancer got 24 hours to go bowling ball -- your -- charge you -- If you go to twelve hours you have to give 200 dollars -- prostate cancer. Gasol about. -- -- -- -- We can't just raise money the old fashioned way by saying hey dude got to threaten me I have to be I don't humiliate my belt dumping ice water. Or announcing to the world that I have diarrhea. Of the troubled world. Or have the public's right to check to a cancer placed we're trying to defeat cancer and we love people we want them to be. That doesn't work. We've tried that for years we're going for domestic terrorism. We're gonna make you humiliate yourself your masculine yourself it's gonna get the point where it's like you know -- lot. I really care about you know -- benefit like that when you get a and it you know it got to -- a -- -- the minute. I don't understand what I have to do this. It's a crazy. Chicken wings anyway. I found that so odd that we've come so far and yet we're so far away. We job. Had a great job for our. Special for you today it is a great opportunity to share always wonderful lesson for Tom thank you so much about our belief and commitment and thank you. John and -- And everyone else wanna remind you September 6 come on down to a blowout sale survival gear preparer hub. Donna ward get 50% off.

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