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8/29 David Bellavia Hour 3

Aug 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And and and it just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- here the most annoying -- of the world. Tom hourly -- just when I think you could possibly be anything -- They're being told. You felt when it's live it's local ethnic food and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. I'm hourly. Off today and Dave -- men. -- you to be the first to. Wish you the best of Labor Day weekends. Our three of the town -- -- program -- three -- my thirtieth our numbers are 930. For cellphone callers -- -- six -- extra BP and and we were speaking to our friends and on the west side and we're coming in short and heartbreak and so I want to get game and the opportunity. You get everything he needed to get off his chest and I'm returning do you we're talking about prices we're talking about. The elitists who who take a look at at veterans it is you know having to join the military because there's no other option. Which always found is that sort of red Herring argument because of it if it truly was the case she would think that more of the 110. Million Americans. Who are and some sort of subsidy. You know would want to join the military for that disagrees. You know. I think I got so many of these. So -- gripes. With the Obama administration because people don't know what people be more. Insult. Earlier you know like I'm the worst possible people on foreign policy. Silence that we could have had an excellent as always. If you know an accurate if accurate the -- sitting with. Laughter also. And what is life at all and they'll -- -- better on. Their goal is incredible so employees. Everybody should read those policies and prices keep it and -- mr. -- for arm from the Air -- satellite. On she's got to look at him well because. You look it's -- but Communists available to support our. And -- every problem. -- -- -- -- -- Oracle kilometer. Outlines she was involved in political intimidation -- auctioned off on national political. There's a lot you know demanded that the symbol of the connection you make -- there is really important one because. You know when you especially when you look at the the way that the Syria and I go back to and again we could talk all day about that. You know from the domestic policies to the foreign policies but in particular what we're talking about a topic in -- and you go back to. -- serious situation with a -- what's so crazy about that to me is that. This was the Red Line guy this was the guy that crossed the Red Line had to be stopped. And basically by going after crisis in Syria. We are essentially becoming a -- air force. And just it's a joke a strange turn of events if you would have gone back and said that this could possibly happen. I don't think most average Americans really kind of connect those dots. We were we were poised to become al-Qaeda as -- air force it -- at all at all different times during -- Obama situation. And -- played -- the last election the quality of the really horrendous mistake I think he waited to serve as a parting. While Syrian rebels and so they were really bad people I mean absolutely open and sickened over by the wrong guy and you know he he's he gave you want to and -- the more from you know and -- That's right the Muslim Brotherhood -- traffic we got to go back to Egypt and play a good -- and I really appreciate your comment thank you so electric weren't. I take care. -- this one thing I want to bring up and I know a lot of action on hold and appreciate your patient but the FBI national domestic threat assessment. Has come out. And now this article by bill Gertz this is incredible to me. The Washington for the beacon the FBI national domestic threat assessment this is what the Federal Bureau of Investigation at saint. It is the greatest national threat. To the United States. Domestic terrorism. Okay. No reference to Islamist terror threat. Not one reference they list in -- The biggest groups that are the largest threats to our. Homeland United States the national threat assessment for domestic terror. Year ago. White supremacy extremists. Sovereign citizen Nationalists. Anarchist. Militia groups. Anti abortion activists. Environmentalist. Extremists. Animal rights extremists. Black separatists. And of course who can make a list without mentioning. The very dangerous. Widely. Extremely threatening Puerto Rican Nationalists let me tell you something. If there was an entity in the United States that we needed. Kinetic. Military action against it is those Puerto Rican Nationalists. Well is this all about you mention one motivated radical Islamist group as being a threat. Under under -- national threat assessment for domestic extremism. There's not any the Boston bombing with -- for. This was a whole growing is almost. Our borders wide open interest sixty page assessment. That with David the fourteenth of August. And it doesn't have one mention. On Islamist. Terrorism. On. The -- let's go to stay. In Rochester by Google friend -- -- And cast which undermines them. Have a great weekend saying this I would bet on you know we can gripe all we want but I think a lot of it is just trying and it appears that gives you an example. I've bungled the -- to move the bills to Iraq told. It was a groundswell all hell broke loose this guy -- down. -- -- her body wonders in the placed down. OK now but yet you talk about bad guy the director anything nobody cared. And if if ice is wanted to move the bills to Tehran. I think -- More outrage. One has asked if that's what it would take otherwise everything is needlessly -- to acquire. No 100 all the wanna know what for -- looked on TV. That's the whole scandal that's why we are -- front of us. I mean you're actually right I am very well aware that there are people who don't wanna hear this that don't listen to it. But we are looking on the barrel of a quadruple barreled shotgun at this point. And you know a lot. These these not there's no easy answer any of this stuff but when you look at your life span and the threats you face. On the red scare. You could remember the time when you know Hollywood people were blacklisted you can remember that. That this that the Cuban missile crisis. People -- building bomb shelters in the backyard the what you heard on the news resonated. And that was civic action. What happened what. What was the decade when we just became. This Malays Americans that was just like you know what. When -- when the -- -- coming back that's what I want and now. You know either I'll be very active what you started losing it. In the late eighties. The right and definitely biased media they would jump all over everything you know looking for advertising dollars. I'll -- -- you know they were saying whatever they want to do pretty well and you know people just have lost faith in the media if we hit it there median acceptable while we. You saw before and I know I'm beginning to agree and I'm becoming -- A follower of that really believe that. You know you hear national auction rules talk about this all the time but you really have something there and -- There was there were not pictures of dead soldiers. In World War II there were not you know they didn't bring them home and they didn't need you. But today it seems like you know it doesn't matter how do you see the story is that it disagrees with the political slant their gone. You know is that becoming unglued aboard yeah boring and redundant. The doom and gloom this case falling especially women. They just turn this. Instead thank you so much for your call I appreciate that choice have a great holiday take careless go to Ron and a cell phone waiting patiently. Rob on the -- and obedience. I'm -- ears or their jobs -- there are I was doing okay you know. By doing that you preserve. Or deleting them. Murray's quarter is what -- Same army different uniform -- -- -- I thought. I think Obama is a wolf that you voted MVP -- infiltrate your enemy. What eastern -- ally in the air tankers. From -- when you were able to let god offers these mortars bigger. -- that Clinton would easily get the strategy. The real numbers that he had -- hey hey. We have -- strategy now that part of war. Good. And what he's been any follow up you know like America got it looked like -- -- -- -- like not. You know every single arm and the global poverty. Workshop there -- Cody Pickett -- Arctic. I am I here about a lot and my whole take on this is that you know. Even if you hated America even if this was let's just take your your your your premise here forensic. I don't think you can do more damage. If you hated America. Then by being completely naive of what it's like you don't if you wanted to burn my house down if you wanted to kick me out of your neighbor. You know there are ways that you can do it clandestinely their ways you can do it brazenly. But at the same time does it matter if I still have to leave my house because -- wants out. At the end of the day whether you hate America or you love it and you just clueless. If -- were not safe and were were exceeding our power and were becoming an insecure nation. It took it to the ends justify the means and. You don't going to be protected note maybe he's always good good strategy. Okay if he's boring old -- Bob those sort mr. barber here. Would it encourage Smart people but great doctor Kurt helped and Pete beach and people believed to have. That's what his strategy has been. All of a walk and -- you know I. Hey -- Smart guy caught it solid credit that was your strategy that they water quality data and pictures appear LA. That simple -- the enemy every party everything in here. It's you know -- becomes harder and harder to defend against an argument by every news I appreciate your call brother have a good labored. Think your service to our nation and let go to more private and whether. The great Alan Harris have a roads look. Every BN's exclusive. Labor Day weekend AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy tonight -- 5763. Degrees downtown buffalo. Warm humid tomorrow clouds and sun will be mixed with a shower and thunderstorm especially in the afternoon high of 87 degrees clouds on Saturday night. A shower thunderstorm is always possible warm and humid low seventy some. Look for some clouds showers and thunderstorms scattered around humid high of 78. And Labor Day is going to be a hot one a sticky one humid afternoon shower thunderstorm in spots -- 81 degrees. Just bring an umbrella. And don't correct any sort of -- and you should be safe. From any sort of electrical storm that you need to worry about the -- storm's impact America. EM PH TT America dot org is the website and on September 6 we are having a blowout sale of survival equipment. We have Bob Adler stack bags murky water filters knives compasses. Wow water tablets anything you want for camping bags mats. Sleeping attire. Anything you need for survivability. Or four. Camping outdoors anything you want you can beat all the prices of the big box stores. 7615. Seneca street -- -- Won only nine to whatever happens. 40%. Off through the door if you the first fifteen people give you an extra 10% just like your face. 50% off retail price. We're gonna sell everything league and then sell sell stuff we don't have that help. Then go to you. Prepaid or -- prepare hug each UB dot org today to find more let's go back to the phones are good friend mark in title Wanda. Mark you're under the ambient. I gave -- -- a couple quicker returned to the world situation that were living in today. It's true I mean fire is over in the middle he I mean it's an incredible every day. Given the warlords and you're bringing a new -- and do bear some of the hour how can I think present people put their. I would definitely tell them there. -- king like the weather born actor Peter policeman of the world we can't do anymore and we can't afford it you met with the oil supplies in bigger trouble. -- a little bit that I would just let me just interrupt for -- because. That is one of the main issues we have is this argument we've had for years that there's no war and oil. The leading going to Kuwait because of oil we want to stay out of that because but that you're actually right UMass with the oil supply that power that's money. And down you're gonna be you're going to be in trouble so. Why not just acknowledged. I am I truly believe a lot of there is good country a lot of people work. Copied. -- in politics. And incredible but not typical. -- dozens. Of I was literally -- about the -- awful school board I mean he. I just incredible I mean I remember a year ago while oracle. -- bigger worker garbage that they want to advocate a cookie than volcanic core. I will -- politically. -- that would account. Opening. Opened -- the period for the Olympic. That's far too simple mark are you. Little. People and their their their Ph.D.s most of them. How prepared this country I think I'll tell you it certainly you're totally incredible and I think that's special TV -- the other night. I would look Colombo only that the election but you'll -- Fallujah where can call -- The special on TV. They or any warlords. There a couple of hundred dollar bills from the good old US trade. Not not to blow -- not stay out of trouble piece of board. There are called sons of Iraq amber oh. Well that's basically mark when those -- When those piles of money and I got to go to break -- answer that question when those piles of money dried up that's when crisis came in and started those guys. You could argue that you could eliminate 30% of their forces Iraq today I just paying them. But mark thanks so much your call I appreciate your sentiments we are gonna go to quick break a 30930. It's the Tom -- -- I'm David Bell via stay on hold and get your calls as we come back this break and is rated at thirty WB. Welcome back to the Tom buy hourly program. My name's Dave obvious -- of mr. Tom Bauerle with the old 30930. Start at 310616. The BBC and are talking about the state of the world. In particular the the breaking news the Associated Press everyone actually everywhere it's yours you can imagine is talking about the it appears that there's a threat to the southwest border the United States. Basis and it tone in Mexico called warriors. And you know these guys there are threatened. Vehicle -- -- -- car bombs suicide bombing who knows. Pakistan told you so but let's just look at the state of the world 5000 Russian troops in the Ukraine they cross the border income. We have. I mean how -- -- I can't lift all the calamity. That falls this great. But the crisis threat on this Labor Day weekend appears to be. The one that has brought UK's the United Kingdom's terror alert to severe. And ours to an imminent attack. On the home. Across the Mexican border the very border this president. Feels the need him. Enforce. Feel the need to not allow our Border Patrol and our National Guard to be federalized actually defend. Very troubling. What do we do about it let's go to pan am games strikers -- pan am. I don't Arabia and go ahead. Yes ma'am. Good afternoon to you. I am let that. Let's hear it okay this is your therapy session. And -- they -- after this one. And not just announced over the -- -- also. About a month -- for three fundraisers in pumping up wonderful when the United States is under attack. I mean. -- and for how that somebody like that amber amber get elected. I don't -- on what are students who the hell is going to these fundraisers I mean even the most liberal left wing. You know Democrat or if the roles were reversed we conservative Republican office. You know if you have a lot of money go to this fund raisers say Mr. President this just looks bad. Optics of this -- not now just postpone this comeback it just looks horrible why would you go and attend -- fund raiser to. -- not always -- a lot of the Hollywood stars and intersect but. -- brought that -- and number problem we just -- of the uninvited talk. There was -- there was a poll just came out by Gallup and the end for the first time. They have. The point -- to show a 39% strongly disagreed -- two times the amount that strongly agree with the policies of the president. So we're we're starting to see -- -- Reagan Democrats have definitely turned independents have turned. They definitely buyer's remorse but that doesn't help us you know so so what what helps us now European anthem. Okay here's some points. Why aren't all the NATO nations planting together but the US stated take -- Number one way -- One week. Narcissistic. Ideology. Know all about and I don't live like that -- he snapped by president. -- at some they act like that's that's ridiculous. He had done -- come out with a quote -- strategy and right now look at -- -- wonderful friend how are Anthony's. You know another thing they cannot -- last week -- when they announced after the the reporter and his it was was -- Fully guy they announced that there was eight delta force operation that went into Syria to try to find him. And by doing that the special operations command. You know unnamed sources but they were very upset because they came on to listen. Oh we don't want the enemy did know that we've been in Syria where. Looking to hunt them and take their leadership. Why would you leave that out White House and they were doing it to cover their six as they do for everything they want to cover their back and and make it look like they cared when they obviously they yeah they did. Okay earns a couple more points stated. What the Haitian. It's about working -- anyway. I don't ask -- Think he's the US senate and either. -- you know again and you know that we've heard a lot of that and honestly and truly that's another topic for another shell but. I can tell you without fail that. Dead. This guy is has created every situation -- in action the weakness has been projected. And what we need right now is a Ronald Reagan in 26 team and whatever party Ronald Reagan comes round. Okay we need. More. In my -- he doesn't trader and that's one of country and he -- -- -- -- from that office. Well I'll tell you what I. I've Pam thank you so much for your call on your point to tell you what I -- was very against John Boehner making the statement that he that impeachment was off the table I don't think that you should never say that. It. But you should never say that impeachment off the table you don't want a president can do. I am but I am a conservative Republican. And -- -- because I work and politics behind the same. And he's. In debt debt. To make the Republicans. Want better and they I laid out the voters. For the Republican Party. Because they have no conscience because it takes -- to restore impeach a president. It does take a while and and even the court. Having the courts say that's that a presidential edict is unconstitutional takes a year off right. So my husband -- as a Korean War veteran. He made a statement that makes a lot of fun because you're not Powell about as -- as small -- Look at what the one where -- the military where he can come up martial law. -- it cleric and that he'd buy Pia is the -- the post that he put I think he put it in and the Bible but I am not sure why he took the old. -- upheld our constitution. That he bypassed all the time. OK I hope that that we need our general. To take over our military and to do what that's Joker won't do. Hey Pam I appreciate -- to tell you one thing the one of the things that we're starting to see our military though. Is that the the guys that word that serve so honorably and such distinction to -- games that they've been in doubt the military. We look at our military in -- of all the government branches that are the most trusted by the American people the military was always in the 80s%. Higher grass was 10%. Congress is hovering at 3% or trust the president likes that the congress. I'm -- was always the most relied upon and trusted and respected. Of the institutions -- government. And were seen that a lot of these generals. That that Serbs souls with such distinction they're not in uniform and in general Mattis in the Marine Corps. You know the guys who did so well and in turn the surge around general Conway. Lieutenant general Allen. All but Petraeus. He had problems and some people argue about the politics of how. That affair came out when he was CIA director. All these different people that we looked up to for so long are no longer in service so when you are relying upon the military -- consider that a lot of these guys. Are believers in that the way this president thinks it operates they've been promoted under. You know his tutelage and so they're gonna just pretty much go and get along let's -- too low. Has been waiting so patiently Linda in buffalo you're on. The -- bullish on Dave -- if it's going. I'm David Mulder and National Guard soldier -- raised at each time they just came back in December from Kuwait. Doubtless -- and he's going down there. Short. Four letter words. Her more training I ED training in January. Well for -- what is one of the most miserable places on the planet earth and and wishing I don't know what he's gonna he might look forward to the days Kuwait going to Portland -- Apart as a whole -- hole in the ground out there to guide what's on your minds about. As well I'll try -- you know we hate. Muslims in -- for. We can't run over by. The science museum. There's an old. It was -- home for unwed mother respect. And my son at their plane was put in windows he went noted it gives. You know in the afternoon. And because there's underground tunnels over there. Most emotional and -- come in here hip are. Navigated to their system because they all don't have money to buy houses and you try to -- -- families in one house. Do you limit -- do you differentiate between. Americans who have the freedom to worship Islam and are Muslims and the -- Asus islamists. Sharia law individuals that want to overthrow and and hurt. And harm people do you think that that you could live in the community -- Muslims and not. Feel threatened by them just because they worship and Muslims or do you think that the. We'll look -- they tell you learn from the front. All cut -- school bus driver. And this is about maybe 1015 years ago. One of my driver's head children. All the children that went to them not. It's a mosque over. The sunbeam the of them aren't I went into. But anyway. So. Debt they eat the family the mother father would -- for six months with the family go over. To Iraq where they were originally from. And come back here. And the little children sent the bus driver at the time. You're an American you will be dead. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Students via the that's a threat. Of so what what happened when you brought this up to authorities said that it happened. I mean this is this is pre 9/11. I don't. Okay. So it was just like -- but the kids -- to kids why did you do this why they don't get over there for training every six months and come back here. You know that there are training where they athletes. Exactly where they were. And eight the hip part of this I'd like to think they're all not bad. Plot. But the -- like a lot of 151617. Publicity about site. Bush and you don't Linda and I appreciate when -- appreciate call. The important part of this entire you know to me that the important issue that we can typically here is that when. We need to have a government and we need -- authorities. That we can go to. And win we have individuals that are the difference between mosque and madrassa. What you start to see women's rights being you know just people attacking Jews people seem horrible things. When those things are happening and we don't have a government to go to that will protect us with the FBI makes the statement that the biggest threat assessment. Are not Islamist terrorist when word literally a year removed from the Boston bombing. Which was -- homegrown American. Story we have 300. Americans. Fighting in the literally on the side of crisis. And when these guys come home on leave to see their families sickened by this kid from California. Went home blew himself up in Syria he came home to see his parents. It was not on any great art Homeland Security CIA and it's no. And that is the problem when the government is doing its job Linda thank you so much for raising yourself and I got a break. But god bless you in and -- and make those calls if you feel threatened. And you hear something else like that I think it's our civic responsibility to keep our neighbors safe regardless of their religion regardless of their ethnicity. We have to do so thank you so much for your call I appreciate that. -- buffalo. There are good Muslims. I would say I would like to say the politically correct vast majority of Muslims are good night I served with a -- guys in Iraq who bled in literally died. Fighting for our American Brothers and sisters over there. Islamists though. Bastard -- there was a islamists are the ones threatening us. And but I will not pulled wheeled and use could -- -- -- terrible in his talking about just average miles an illusion were black one -- six comfort. Ten years ago if you would have said six people being a sleeper cells Western New York you -- call would decrease. But the fact of the matter is we had six people in our area that that were radicalized and became islamists and the FBI took him out. I wanna know why that's not happening more often how can we allow 300 Americans to join you for an army to fight against America. When you're supposedly listening. To every call we make. You do a pretty lousy job if -- could face. -- delving into mr. Tom -- gonna take a break we come back more of your calls. Eagle three on 930 it's news radio 930 WB yen. ABN's exclusive. Accurate forecast for your Labor Day weekend tonight low of 5763. Downtown buffalo. Warm and humid. Saturday morning clouds and sun look for a shower thunderstorm in the afternoon high of 87. Saturday night you're gonna have a cloudy night showers and thunderstorms are always possible warm and -- low of seventy. And Sunday variable cloudiness with a shower thunderstorm. Are around humid. -- 78 and labor day afternoon showers maybe a thunderstorm in spots high of 81 degrees. But it is David Bell will be ability of mr. Tom Bauerle he'll be back after -- holiday. And now we are rocket enrolling in the calls it 030930s. On thirty for cellphone that's 10616. That -- and back is taking your calls. John is running the show pushing the buttons make -- all this travel across the sky silicon. Enter into your home that your car wherever you are Alan Harris is taking care of traffic so you know the best routes to take to get home. In one piece won't want to remind you the most schools some schools. Most schools will start on Wednesday so make your drive and Satan and and are aware of little ones running about being crazy. And by the way we know how difficult those little ones can be in buffalo we heard from the school board. What is the buffalo teachers federation president -- Moore said. Hey you don't know how difficult that is teaching these kids and they will run where it's not. Absolutely Oklahoma land. Absolutely insane let's go back to the phones. Start to ran on a -- Ron how you doing this afternoon. -- that they didn't show on what are your experience and stuff from the looks to me. Our children aren't some -- and they're really enjoy it when you're on the year. I was wondering maybe it will -- in the community as to wind that any single. The emotional player in this area that can actually came out and condemn what's going out that I issues. You don't want it sub I have long said. You what I've had opportunities -- around him and talk to different groups I've always said I don't blame Osama bin Laden. For al-Qaeda I don't blame the terrorists. For 9/11 I blame. A moderate shot and Kareem Abdul Jabbar I blame the Conan called moderate Muslim. For not taking hold of their religion. And letting them know that there's no place and let me remind you rod went crazy Christians when Pat Robertson says stupid things that earthquakes -- because. You know gay people are getting married in that. You know. David Koresh runs around and and has compound. It is the Christian religion it is Christians. In law enforcement in his Christians that police their own religion we police our own people. We embarrass those in need to be embarrassed we tell people to shut up. We don't give them money we we we control our own religion the Muslim population unfortunately. Does is afraid. They're afraid because as many of the Christians in the Kurds that are being slaughtered. You're seeing a whole lot of she is a whole lot of moderate Sunnis that are being beheaded. And when you live in the Middle East and you have. You know basically there's a reason why there's so many tin horn dictator that region it's. It's Islam means to submit. And power and threat is perceived to be. Almighty. And so we it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude for tribal leaders to stand up. The fear that is when Americans. Are off are afraid to stand up that make you believe that there is that mindset in the Middle East year. And if you go a little mosque and you stand up and say what these guys are -- when did to the Jews in Israel what they're doing to Americans that don't Christians in Iraq. Is nonsense and we need to send care packages to Israel we need to send care packages to Christians. Someone -- that mosque. -- Obviously. Not wanting to hear that message so with moderates in America don't wanna stand up it's usually because they're intimidated. And that makes you scratch your head -- and say why is that. And maybe they need to police their religion will be -- they are. Or because -- lead you to believe that and I don't like to generalize but I mean there's there's an opinion that doesn't mean we should believe them. But I'm not speaking out that they this rather than -- the social carry on and they're and I've taken a stand either way whether they're moderate -- that. But at least get them to believe that they they believe that if what they're doing is okay. If I came out if you came that your workplace and made comments that were you know. Look at as being politically correct or racist or anything else there would be some sort of entities to police use your own -- and we would say hey. -- on how to control your bears in -- If there is a threat though that causes you to it there's no you know barriers to -- that. You know communal sort of discipline. You know you're you're gonna wanna protect your family and it's easier to it to to stay alive it's easier to shut up and go about your business there's a video. I don't encourage you get to do much of this but there's a video -- lively but it's a documentary. Prices. And it shows. These crisis as soldiers dressed as Iraqi soldiers and they're going to generals in the Iraqi Army. With a hand held camera. And they're arresting them at night and saying you are supporting crisis. And they say no -- four -- we hate the terrorists -- wanna fight the terrorists they take him outside back of their home. And they say we are basis and you failed. You are against us and they say no no no no we were scared we'd support you were scared and they chop the head off rate in the and they say that you know in war it's all about you know. You gotta trust and we can't trust you and if so when you live in that sort of almost bipolar schizophrenic. You know it's impossible to please everyone and so the best thing you can do -- to shut up go about your business and let the bad guys do they got -- Ron thank you so what's your -- Have a good holiday we go to quick break we come back more than Tom -- show David Bell via. 030930s. Number to call it is news ready at 930 WB.

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