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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/29 David Bellavia Hour 2

8/29 David Bellavia Hour 2

Aug 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. The player. This is a strong from the business. By the Obama -- and I -- -- it was starting to hear from. Diminished during the people saying this is this woman -- brightest presidents one of the most definitely had perhaps their -- Tom our lead by LA fits into that for the Jonas Brothers out. It it week after -- -- -- it's live these local that. So called an aggressive. -- guys you're not just let them do what. With the dogs don't know who let the dog that. -- -- -- -- news radio 930 double. And welcome back to. To power our number two. I'm David delving into mr. Tom buy hourly 030930. Is the way you can contact us on this Labor Day weekend. So much happened in the world we heard from Brian as a -- in the news talk about Malaysian airlines is gonna layoffs and people -- little tip from buffalo. Check out the -- and airlines to lay -- any more pilots navigators. You need those guys in spades. You while I am a little bit up problems. -- and people but if we take a lesson from the buffalo teachers federation. If only these Malaysian pilots repeat but more. They would be able to not fly over habits and be shot on and not ditch an aircraft in the green and down. Me either of telephones and -- to what is -- south buffalo. Jack. Yeah page decorate your on -- the united thirty. Yeah -- around. I can't think about these guys during the army so they can go to college for freeing get go to VA to critique looked dead and stuff. In the polls. You know -- -- right. Who the guys that joined the army at a time of war for a dental plan and for insurance to order a lot of all day each act -- chokes. Mac is gonna defend teachers over salters Jack. Jack. You. -- often arms and legs blown off for America and you're gonna standards. It's of particular kids at buffalo if it. Out of the VA could -- a vet Jack. Jack. -- which do you which Jack. Jack isn't to Jewish. Stupid comment that -- An idiot. After George -- certain insurance and Jordan -- order to -- that's right that's what. That's what these guys are -- listen heartless. People Vietnam they they got drafted well like we've what's in it for me. What's -- for me I can go to play 7000 miles away in the in in the prime of my life and I could lose -- What do I gift. You know what Jack may be Iraq would look different if -- paid -- 20000 dollars extra person. Whether as a soldier in Fallujah and ramadi or Afghanistan. Or airman or marine ever said. Mr. President can we get a little bit more money. And will start really fighting. Ridiculous comment that was choke yourself. We have a legitimate or not Nortel I don't want -- I heard they've -- bomb. That the Pope would not have left well that's because about that make him -- the is that fox news' Bob Moore. Who has -- spokesman Vatican's spokesman on Fox News said that the -- came out. It publicly stated that he was in favor of airstrikes against -- Now. Hope so that's free up. -- our -- yet. -- -- part about the qualifications. As we are not the Swiss star effort for people who don't know the Swiss guard is basically the Secret Service for the -- right. For the Vatican the Pope on -- I was watching the accurate History Channel worried too which is the -- mister Campbell of the history -- but it was one of those two stations. And the hitter hourlong documentary on the pulpit what goes on behind the you know all the doors of the etiquette. And I wish got -- the qualifications. Of those guys both guys are not ceremonial bugle. No I don't know yet -- -- you shoot with a little pitchforks at that and taxes and you think they're just a bunch of RO beef eaters those -- and it. Exactly what the qualifications are. You must be -- whip on both sides of your apparently you must be border cradle Catholic up your own free will. You must've already you're listed in the Swiss army. Already volunteered. In graduated from swift -- school. You have to have a lot of foreign. And a spoon I -- at all times chocolate city leaders was that. Eric and at what they kept. You graduate from -- -- school you'd think that was that would be enough to submit your application. -- all the -- the churches that know. If you make it through -- commandos school. They turn you over to the German army unit that must make it to reverend can -- school. -- -- joke the and is allowed out but I'll tell you what though it's -- mean I don't know if these standards changed since John Paul the second shot. But the the the idea that you have Islamist army that's going after the them arguably the leader of the Christian. I would say the Catholic Church that that's a really big threat and even if you're the most talented group in the world. It's gonna be really difficult for this Pope to be able travel the world when it. You know you have so many people hurt him it's only I know I don't know I. I'm glad you did say that though because a lot of people don't know who they are -- know what the Swiss artist and. And you don't during World War II on the read it Hitler never stated the etiquette considered. But his generals told him even if we -- in the -- and at bat and our -- They estimated that there was invite. That the witness tampering with dark premiere -- would -- they would've killed approximately ten Germans soldiers. No Joseph okay Jim thank you for your column always appreciated. Pilots go back to us mark in buffalo mark Geiger had a -- -- him. Yet connect don't think -- direct all -- shark -- -- water there that I'm a proud American you're able back. And I -- -- teacher program -- -- currently teacher. Likable side of the ball and act of -- future than you know the other side of the world. You bet absolutely. Soccer cash which you know marketing not -- and about an hour they wanted me up when you learn off. I'm gray khakis and black one. What we're not gonna promote violence mark but I can guarantee how I don't like Everett area. -- -- interpretation I'm not a betting man mark but I think you've got the over under in this thing -- -- -- theater that I want to thank you your service but mark my point is that it really is obnoxious to me. And by the way veterans -- are the last people ever talk about -- there. You know our job is tougher than yours our job -- -- -- it's tough in -- I never heard a veteran adverse today. If you would only give me more I won't give you more in return and that the problem that we have is that. You know. You know who is going to kick the war. And and lose you know a disabled that by the way. Burns on the war every six that purple heart is earned every day. Just when -- in down range. You come back in -- different -- change physically emotionally and you're trying to tell me that this guy did for dental plan he did for. That we're we're just a bunch of stupid idiots who can't do anything -- -- -- and how the machine gun and maybe Ireland are allowed amen. Hey man I really appreciate it Marc thanks so much. Further underlined. The just ridiculous commentary from. About the way that does not represent the buffalo teachers federation even -- I am slamming them at the moment. Buffalo teachers would never. Come out and state. It. Debts and it is one of ridiculous statement. If if it's easy job if you want -- if you think the military's made up of people. Who have their hand. Mean certainly with the rates that we have in America certainly with a 110 million people out of work. Shortly with food stamps -- all time high. If people needed a break. A lift. Some sort of economic -- you would the president would encourage people to put on the uniform would you not. If the military is made up of people who just can not make it on their -- what this administration say hey. I know I know great way to get America back to work. You what -- can get clean and sixteen. You think of euphoria you'll make more money than you would if you were on welfare. Well actually not in New York -- I think it's like 42000. Dollars the year it'll benefit. But still. If that's what -- at that's what America's men and women. In the service. Where were comprised of you would think more and more people. Would say it. Let's get in the fight and by the way -- to echo mark's point if you want to eliminate some of the violence. In our in our schools in the city. Don't if you spend money on teachers. Didn't -- combat vets in inner city. Seriously. And this isn't slamming any teachers union I believe that if you wanted to let's put it this way if you have a couple. Iraqi Afghan vets in a place like Columbine. Those kids are getting out of that at the -- here. If you had we talk all day and all night about arming teachers arming everything else if you had combat veterans in the schools. I'm not only with the discipline. Could be much higher they would not tolerate the disrespect. I believe disciplines -- good thing I think I think most people. Want discipline in the lives there might not know at the time but they're gonna look back and say I appreciate. That science teacher who wouldn't let me. You know shout in singing class smokes cigarettes back. It trained me for life. But your school violent situations will be dramatically reduced when earth science is taught by Sargent slaughter. My little. But seriously why guys like market teach my kids. And then I want soldiers like mark Levy my kids went -- in the -- They they had a report out long back when the Iraq War started it. The majority of American service men members don't come from broken homes don't have situations with a come from poverty -- middle class. People across the board men women children between ever. That they will always mean arm out mentality does not exist in the military and by the way if you aren't illegal immigrant. And you want to hurt your citizenship in military service department -- it undocumented. English is your second language go -- -- Goetschl in the Marine Corps. Fight for your country and Campbell making yours for for god -- sign the paperwork for you when your family. You wanna join you wanna be a part of the American experience. Here's the deal fight for. That's the way it works. At least in the America I used to know pretty quick break we come back more than Tom partly -- My name is David -- being given to call 8030930. But first let's -- -- Harris and try and traffic. Alan Harris my friend how -- -- The Indians exclusive AccuWeather forecast it's currently 75 degrees outside -- Amherst new deals partly cloudy tonight low 57. About 63 downtown. Very warm and humid tomorrow there will be some clouds and sun look for a shower or thunderstorm around specially after noon tomorrow and 87. And then of course. And what we got plenty clouds tomorrow night Saturday night shower thunderstorm warm humid low of seventy. Sunday looks to be cloudy with a shower or thunderstorm -- possibly around human -- 78. And Labor Day. You know what afternoon shower or thunderstorm spot tie me one I still thinking get a picnic in there if you time it properly. It will be informed mr. Tom Bauerle eagle 30930. Start 930 for cellphone callers 1800. Six to be an outside the 716 area code. But about absent teachers union in. Ridiculous. But the more. And that was a pretty ridiculous. Pretty ridiculous Republican forum. Were giving these. Alerts right now that are going across the wire. We had to just seen them. AP wire and -- CNN in particular talking about the Labor Day threat from places. It appears that. The federal government warns about an attack in -- solid quarter come across that border. But this is the very crisis that this president doesn't have a strategy for what does that statement all the about viable way. We go to break we go back to talk about the lack of strict rotary. The strategy of the president of the united -- he doesn't have a -- I think you can pop the strategy for. You know what little green martian man -- -- I think I have a strategy for that. We all have strategy how would knowledge to the world that you don't have a strategy. And what the hell was he wearing in the press conference with a seersucker suit a horrible says. He really it was it was public men's international remember that builds both holding back in the day. The horrible -- personal war. I'm David Bell -- injuries to Tom Bauerle weren't that quick break we come back more than madness title 30930 start at thirty. On news radio 930. WBE. -- Welcome back to the child buy hourly program. Or some people in the industry like to call -- a shell. I'm David Elliot Feldman from mr. Tom I'll be back. Enjoy your last week and freedom before school starts a -- kids. Of that school age and we also want to put up the public service announcement that. You know come Wednesday when some of the district go back and -- actually drive. Acknowledge that we can pass buses that stop with their lights on. Just be mouse out there for little ones. For like Halloween. Will be saved from the ones. Going over -- Breaking news just happened with the Buffalo Bills made their cuts as they shape up -- roster for me. Regular season that starts on September 7 at Chicago why -- like you as a big bills and they cut -- Mormon long time to time for mobile partner. He's a great guy. My kids have mormons sign footballs -- We waited in line for just a really great ambassadors. On a wonderful but the reality was he just. Kicking it used. Was averaging 33 yards yesterday and we brought in this guy Jordan -- Upon from Carolina's he'll be your partner but a big shock was that we cut that dot com. Defensive -- make all the plays the -- easily cut him. Put some guys on. Our injured reserve. But I really thought columns can make the team. But also cut Jordan Paul -- the quarterback we just brought -- for Chicago. And why every amid. It was coming in like a surrogate coach for each. He gets a ten point five quarterback rating throws three interceptions and three quarters. And you cut him -- just like Matt liner but last year we brought in from one game like you stink. Get out to get that helmet back fuel. Jordan Ballmer comes and useful to help as well as and a you know jettisoned him. To the -- and it looked like the the coach job really like Jeff to back up quarterback we might see another quarterback in here. Before. It -- who knows but. It's. Playoffs I really thought we shot that she did break bills and moving on to more pressing matters -- 330 number. Start 31 dollars or six WBE. And if you have any traffic tips from mr. pitching typical 3321. And now we will definitely keep and the roads if you commute home. President I think we have a clip of the Katrina statement yesterday. -- the nation. You know during a press conference after occasion and stated that. We have a strategy. So much for -- he calls them my soul. But he also says Pakistan instead of Pakistan. And take his word for. At any rate he I was speaking -- about him. The fact we don't have a strategy and as a military guy that really kind of irritated me because -- tell you right now the Pentagon. We have a strategy to invade Toronto. If something would happen in Toronto. Very big guy in the -- wing of the Pentagon. Who sits at a command staff Kyle and comes up with posture it's. What we could do if for example. We have an alert that there's imminent attack on the southern border as we speak right now that's coming across the wire. That federal officials leaked. To the media that there's any federal. Taxes alert -- but this is just breaking news as we speak. And right now Fort -- There's a a Mexican border town of Juarez. And the Texas Department of Public Safety situation awareness Bolton has just come out and stated quote a review of ice -- social media messaging during the week and August 26 shows that militants. Are expressing an increased interest in the notion. The -- clandestinely. Infiltrate the southwest border of the United States for a terrorist attack. That was leaked to Fox News from the Texas Department of Public Safety. And the three page Bolton was entitled I excess interest on the US southwest border dated today. At approximately 415. In the PM. Moments ago. Again this is a very difficult problem for el presidente. Because the president has ignored. And this the reason why the Boehner thing -- -- The hell out of me when he was now impeachment off the table let me tell you something. Police say it loud and clear. Morphine is off the table. If you knowingly. And willingly ignored the law of the United States if you knowingly. And willingly ignore the constitution of the United States. And you'll wow. Your Border Patrol to purposely not and we're curing this -- to day basis. That there -- Border Patrol agents are purposely hole. That they cannot go in certain areas on the border because they will engage in destroy targets and that will create an international incident. So you're -- tell the Border Patrol that can even do their job and now we have a terrorist alert. That the very force you wanted to -- in Syria. The very force you ignored as they were killing Kurds Christians and Muslims in Iraq. The very fortunate as 300. Of your citizens. As -- -- And these 300 citizen that are Americans. Are coming home. On leave and see their families before they backed the war. And you haven't done a damn thing about it you're analysts say is hey we -- we know what Carl -- you -- -- phone and I think got all the old record I'm sure. I'm sure he had hit a record of you would talk and your mom talking -- your pizza man. But the fact is we don't know or care about these 300 Americans. All of this going. And now we have a terror attack a possible imminent terror. -- warning at the southwest border -- we -- right now if this ends up happening which we all pray it doesn't. If it ends up happening. You bet your bottom dollar impeachment on the table. And you bet your bottom dollar that there will be attention paid in I don't care if you boys have to work until the day of election. There is no way on earth you could tolerate. Anyone especially the commander in chief. That is -- refuses to protect our border when. The definition of attack. The between eleven and -- is on 9/11 we -- at a cost of war. This guy who spent five years telling the American people there is no global war and terror. For five years telling us that the war is over. Beat the -- the -- -- the wake of of combat and where were turning a new leaf moving away from from war. And here in Islamist army is treated under -- station from American forces. If you think -- 9805. Air drops. Iraq or do and damned thing in you don't understand the way military's work you cannot bomb your way to peace. Money is -- circular bomb and now they're gonna wake up. But you've got to have boots on the ground to hold terrain. You have to have boots on the ground. To hold -- to the presidency told the press count and he told people yesterday. We have no strategy. And we are gonna meet with a joint chiefs get a strategy. You have just been beaten by every member of the media Mr. President but a New York Times but all of your friends on the left. Law school left wingers in buffalo have been slamming you about golf scene we've seen the political cartoons where. Prices pulled a knife to have a five -- It's -- Mr. President -- culture club off. We we've seen all he's been battered by the media. And yet your telling me the York excuse for not meeting with a joint chiefs excuse for not going to the situation room -- watch. You have a strategy. That is an outrageous lie. It's got to it's an exaggeration. It's not a misrepresentation. It's a lot. The Pentagon. Plan and the strategy. For almost any possibility. That occurs. From Israel attack. -- Lebanon to. It's happening we have a system. That we can work mobilize. And send troops and start movements. Is why didn't the -- -- military in the world and you're gonna tell me that you don't have a -- the reality is Mr. President you have a strategy that you like. You'll have a strategy that meets your criteria of not getting involved because your testosterone. You have 88 testosterone deficiency. Three B is that this president of the court. He doesn't want to do things. He wants to sit back and react to the rest of the world. Because the charm that brought him in the wave of charm that delivered him to the national stage and the seats of power. People in the Middle East don't understand that even when he apologized to even when he went on to or instead we love you we wanna be a part of -- we wanna be. We gonna extend the hand of freedom and friendship. They -- true. What's your friendship we want you can hear that your different than bush. You're an American you are what he wants. Hate George Bush can be conservative. Hate George Bush because he went to war. George Bush American president. And they're gonna hate New. York the American president. As a matter if you're black you're white or a Democrat and Republican. They hate you because you're the president of the of the agent in the free world. And this president. -- out and announced that he doesn't have a strategy. And and and what happened. What happened the day after he announces he we now know that Russia has officially invite the Ukraine. We're told -- -- is you know publicly stated don't mess with us. Am escalation of this president scenes never ending. Who is left Beckett Beckett emasculated who has left the commuter this man. -- harshly if this is like some clandestine plan to elect Hillary Clinton anyone looks stronger. I never thought I'd I'd -- Joseph Biden looks like brutal San Martino next to President Obama. If it was so serious and tragic -- this would this would be as soccer field this would be like airplane three. And yet what do we have. We have a terrorist threat on our border in your pocket you're still Guttenberg an -- You bring the National Guard with a 60000 toddlers and across we were invaded by toddlers. Think job what do you think Phil I grew more needs more money for the buffalo teachers federation. Because all of these people are coming and empirical and your strategy for any thing. But the one thing you do have a strategy for its handling threats to the home. You don't like it for you say there's not a strategy. But you haven't mobilized haven't federalized troops. You haven't given issued eighteenth airborne corps get down in New Mexico and kicked out at Texas. -- -- -- Yet even moved. Assets anywhere you brought aircraft carrier out it took in the China -- to -- I don't know protect your F 22 surveillance missions. What you're doing with with a with a known threat of home. I don't want this to happen just approved the right. -- a lot but got. Ebola patients right I mean every single thing you could possibly using this guys act. And take a quick break we come back. More of the -- about the -- -- David Bell being given the call 8030930. Start I 310616. WB yet we're talking about this crisis threat to our southern border and what our strategy lack thereof what is. Hell has happened inmates are running the asylum today in the White House is ready at 930 WB. ABN's exclusive AccuWeather forecast and it'll be partly cloudy low of 5763. Downtown buffalo. Warm and humid tomorrow there will be some clouds and sun. For shower or thunderstorm. Around the afternoon high of 87 degrees Saturday night clouds tomorrow night looking for a shower or thunderstorm wait. Warm and humid low of seventy Sunday. Cloudy shower or thunderstorm. Humid high of 78 and Labor Day humid. Is the key word. An afternoon shower or thunderstorm high of 81 degrees. Current temperature is seventy. Three. 73 degrees outside our studios were talking about this president talking about -- were talking about. It is going on it is absolute. And them. Let's go to the -- 8030930. If you like to chime in on the -- early show my name's David Ogilvy and John and -- running the show taking your calls. Start on thirty for cellphone callers out there 10616. WB and if you're outside the -- secretary code. Let's go to phones and talk to dying and in buffalo -- We are having a great evening how you do it. I said the they waved and kept calling their -- to the data is going to be. The most important issues that we have got to -- what -- an economy. Wasn't possible this is. More than anything because. I know that is yeah has been dealing with those four and out but I can -- And then applied it probably is in the finals of. Well since 1948 with -- around. I don't know when it cut. I would put an end for the guy and I don't remember you know I'm gonna -- -- these Little League Nicosia and you know he will pay an additional land table it is going to be area -- -- you know Taliban and putted scary time. But -- I never let knew that the Islamic. We had to never gonna quit they are going to. We've looked like I let them. Because. So what do you think America. You know -- may provoke an American vote. So are you saying that. That because they're they're not gonna stop until we you know basically kill all. While it Alabama they're gonna type -- didn't you tell us. Because look at what I did as you know. -- -- And I'm gonna do that but it didn't do I find any you know bill I -- everywhere in Europe now gluten are being granted and. Different hours and a lot. There's a lot of foreign countries that have members of this crisis army means we have 300 up to possibly more than 300. Notably there and they just like in a row you know they might have -- gonna happen but they might have gotten you know I think the -- waving. You know and the right time. At Diana I appreciate your phone call enjoy your Labor Day weekend thanks so much all right Diane in buffalo says. You know what you never now these people bananas forever it's jacket and two we just killing each other and basically it's on election was saying let's give not with golden let's go to handle. I can't disagree whether you really can't go to Diane in the west side dame of the west side I don't today. Oh my goodness it's been -- welcome back. You know I -- law. Yes you have to -- want them vote it would all be on Iraq documentary. -- up. They're worried about Obama. All he can't do much -- Well there on. -- vote. He's got he's got people handle him I'll call 800. Boxes of global. Well we're up. You know I I -- I -- Alia. That book call earlier. Element at all the only. State college graduate. We've got a lot of now you know I mean it looked down on the service -- as -- a lot of them -- -- anything. I can say that that is greater than your average. Officer candidate school. I'll bet he is because got a better academic background and her effort. College. Like I. I think there are also more able to. You know. Well you know relax read but I don't carry it all political order and all Americans -- people and they. Again I gotta I gotta take a break let me put on hold we'll get right back to after the break OK. I appreciate the -- about that. We take quick break come back to -- on the west side talking about. The state of security and our country our military. A do you delve into mr. Tom Bauerle give -- well you know 30930. News radio 930. WB and.

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