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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/29 David Bellavia Hour 1

8/29 David Bellavia Hour 1

Aug 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio 930 WBA. And. I did each Karen and her parents. Why they're so run for president. I got hit in the head with a rock. What woke up that I've made my announcement that her. And then that goes to make sure. Tom hourly. Here qualified to figure. We talked about elevated -- out of it. Where Huckabee -- live. It's local. Problem but he's great. I think he's a real winner Casey of RU we -- protection on news radio 930 W. Friday. I'm David -- and for mr. Tom hourly this Friday. Today. I'm not -- the last official weekend. Of the summer. Now of course that's not really done -- Gregorian calendar and besides it's just done for commercial purposes but basically it's means as of the last weekend. Did you get out and have a barbecue and good times before school starts. Beer and go to school same time because that would. Indignity that -- Republicans -- -- here in the United States anyway it's a huge weekend for three day weekend. Tom will be back next week. As always. -- -- if -- and I would like to invite you to Colin in the program -- 3930. Start 93100. Excellence extra BP and we are talking there's a lot going on here we've got some things that work. Where where we're monitoring in real time we have bow warning on the southern border. It's funny anymore in the southern. We now have official alert of an imminent terrorist attack on our southern border. A town called Juarez is. In Mexico. It appears that -- is in that town planning. For or two weeks before of course September 11 attack. But we look at the bids which are vehicle borne improvised explosive devices car and -- But a high level federal law enforcement. Intelligence officer use. Confirming to. A think tank in Washington that the ball -- has been issued terrorist attack on its border. And figure ice this is on our border. Trying to hurt Americans and so that that is -- we're getting more information that comes out also hearing about some information out of Saint Louis that. That the young man -- at the center of this whole thing Michael brown and the the large. Unarmed. Black male shot by the hate filled. -- white police officer. With an inferiority complex. Andy hair trigger. I turned out that there's a lawsuit from a private organization. That is Celine. Some sort of bottom. I don't I don't know if it's what department the lawsuit is Tom but this was -- -- our -- Russell talk about it but. Evidently what appears is that. Mr. brown has an arrest record. At one of those charges on -- and second degree. A charge of second degree murder. As well as gang affiliations but of course it's all hearsay and rumor. -- Al should report and everyone else's report hearsay it. Read anyway but the may first our topic that I'd like to talk. About today at the buffalo teachers. Federation president feel. Drew more. Rumor has it. Group nor has it. He -- the -- more remark rumor. -- -- are more. If the president of the above the -- federation is also watch him. Levy he shares summer home with Carl Paladino they're very different. We know that bill has long been in the a lot of people have piled on and said. There the president about the teachers federation is the problem. That the awful teachers union. Is the very. Their own worst enemy. He's been slow to attack teachers because I am a product of public schools. I've a lot of my friends. On graduate high school with they're now at the age and at the point the crew there and administration and the teaching. -- he's been sort of so lol. To my anger towards teachers unions. A perfect example I think it really bothers me the story that WBA and has been covering him and asking after the break. Talk a little bit about this but it appears that one of the things about the teachers are doing is that they're gonna pick it next week before the school you advocate. And because they've they've been like ten years they've got a contract. And so while apparently going in. On the Tuesday Wednesday thirty minutes before they report their buildings and the final two days before students report normally -- -- -- for you know students to check out their new schools or parents to check out. The facilities. But I guess the student the teachers use that picket. And I go on strike they're gonna pick it. And informational pickets. Wednesday it would help and information page. It's laid -- by the way. The floors are slippery. The floors are slippery. The floors are slippery doesn't ever make you -- -- you know. The cook doesn't wash his hands. That could have. Your your protest -- information. In case you need it is gonna yell at Shannon walked around with little sandwich boards information will protest. So they're gonna take this opportunity apparent -- acclimate themselves and their students they're gonna take this opportunity to -- it because they're complaining. There about 20000 dollars behind other teachers and other districts. The class sizes are too high we don't have enough support for English language learners whenever it. That's a that's a cute little way of -- English second language. You don't have enough for English language learners all. No offense to any buffalo city -- out there let's. Let's narrow that net down English language learners. Or people are learning English as a second language. What would you would you -- him. Anyway there's things they've waited long enough for contracts -- The be TF president is say that 4060 million dollar. The the board has forty to sixty dollars to settle contract -- Houston. In fact I'd brief submitted I don't really care mind you that's -- my point. I've long defended teachers because of the fact. And this is what it really comes down to. When you hear the numbers the story data that talks about which. He needs are smaller than Americans. All these countries are better and better at the English team. Well that would be really hard the Chinese literate English but math and science and it's all because Americans are stupid and our kids are stupid we have to be. And that is it appears that that is a conservative talking. Many times -- it but the reality is that not everybody. In the east foreign countries takes these standardized test spot. I mean if you're out there Eaton -- worms on -- dirt farm in China. You're not taking the standardized Chinese math test to be compared. To all of the other Chinese students that are 5060. American students we are. Pretty much across the board if you -- and spell your name. And seventeen or 25 years old your ninth grade you're taking a standardized math test. Our numbers are pretty glaring reality of one. That that the cross section. Or aptitude is in the in the the important subjects in the course. Where the Chinese and the Russians and some of the countries that do manipulate those things because they have. Earlier billion people in the country and only the top 5% -- taking standardized tests to be compared against the world. So we are a victim of our own transparency and it's too easy to blame a teacher. For the fact. That our students don't do well on the standardized tests. Okay I'm defending teachers by saying it's too easy to say well -- now a teacher asked to raise our children we have. But look at our families. You were sending kids to school -- home team -- They don't have they don't have the proper clothes to -- there's a lot of these kids. And these teachers when you take on this job here you -- would be a surrogate father surrogate mother for. Young people in this country -- sign up and it's very tough job and I give them. Credit. For doing what they do I think it's a very important. Why insult schtick and tired of hearing that -- in the belly aching. And the buffalo teachers. Out here two days before the school start get in information -- them. We're 20000 dollars behind the rest of the world it's something. A whole lot of people who work their tail off right now that are 20000 dollars behind. People that are in Monroe County or Ontario county or even in Pennsylvania. Public people or Morgan jobs right now the RP. The same wage because they live in New York State there only. Sin that they committed is their from a family that raised the -- New York. Our state taxes are corporate taxes make it's that we can't compete and businesses. Is it fair that you can Hydro fracking in Pennsylvania but you can't hear. If you're pipe fitter buffalo. You make 80000 box. In Pennsylvania for doing the exact same job that you can't find a job here. They held up protest. We have an informational protest. Governor Cuomo sharks. Though. You do all day. Your class sizes are too high you don't have enough support for English. I love that term and so politically correct Ingrid English language learners. People who are -- stealing telling them you know. Undocumented shot hurts. The drunk drivers. In Western New York or. Inebriated. Driver. Who has difficulty. Seems straight. The vodka enhanced driver's. The English language learners. The second language learners that the people are actually not citizen of the United States in the people who. On our illegals or people who don't understand English as a first language. Your complaint that you have enough room in and support analyst. You may very well have a point but just enough with the protests in the complaining everyone -- were all shocking across the board your guy. You're not the only one but -- allow us and most obnoxious of any union we've ever come across teachers in buffalo chip shot up. I've had enough of it. Or nine months a year you paid a false ouch yeah up she probably does that. Job like Gordon nine months a year get paid for a full year and all gonna do -- complain -- -- like Sox. And what you do for a living actually going to human feces and -- -- -- so that you can have a functioning. That's nothing compared to fourth grade English I don't know if you've ever. Had to teach. Third grade plot my goodness gracious those kids and runny noses the conflict in the bathroom. C'mon dude. -- up. All right Phil and you're little teachers union it's. That's -- twenty. Bush was drafted to be teacher. Fail to feel more make. -- Feel a -- your salary is -- -- a great way to get those teachers that 20000 dollar gap. We cut up your salary. -- he took a year. -- that. Research. Finds out. Teachers complaining all for all over and over again my goodness gracious. White Sox. It's Communist China where people come up you would say you you will be -- your father was a pain during you'll be painter you are drywall. Drywall Mac and get out there and do drywall and you'll see -- if you will teach -- -- Whether you like it or not. Teach the youth. Shortage wanna be teacher being a teacher you don't wanna be teachers don't you can you want to get -- steady job in the city. You don't want to job city go to sober he can't -- a job you don't really tough fighter knowledge these are teachers and music teachers -- their. The budget slashed its really hard to fine. There are positions that are hard fine. In education. And you're gonna complain in this economy. In this economy you're gonna complain. About -- man. It's so unfair that we don't have overcrowded we have this we of that it's not fair it's your administrator you're doing great -- have you guys taken. The presidents of these teachers unions and buffalo. Company superintendent about -- your salary. How many office members do you have staffs. Cell phone data plan laptop computers. Cars vacation shot -- I mean and often not what you want. There are people that can't even afford property in buffalo. There when your -- your tax -- is -- You're trying to -- stole more possibly get out of taxpayers and our region. What more could you possibly get. Ridiculous. Unbelievable. Go after teachers. Big unions. -- defended teachers I'm not the standard Red Bull meat conservative out there that's like hey you stopped. Now I'm saying the bubble teachers' union you guys shut up enough I think enough is enough. Everything. You think. You know -- I had to -- super slow. Super slow ipads. Are -- fight Sox. -- shot up. 0309. -- start -- 310616. WB yeah and I'm David Bell B -- and buy hourly. The great and talented odds Tom -- We will be back after this quick break on newsreader and -- thirty WB yen. Maybe an exclusive AccuWeather forecast partly cloudy tonight low of 57 degrees well -- end at 63 degrees downtown very warm and humid tomorrow. Clouds some sun shower or thunderstorm will be around especially. During the afternoon high 87 degrees -- clouds tomorrow night a shower or thunderstorm warm and humid low of 78 Sunday. You variable clouds and cloudiness with a shower thunderstorm humanize. A 78 and your Labor Day will be humid hot. -- afternoon shower or thunderstorm in spots high of 81 degrees current temperature outside 75. -- there is councils are you know I I screw that up before our eyes and he was scared. And then. Is here it's Brian. If you Iowa have a tip for mr. -- hairs you call the traffic hot -- 8030321. Or of course email mr. Allen Harris Harris. H a RR SWB yen. At For traffic -- And please -- that number four traffic tips -- And again. For -- did one show titan and game shows in Paris chime in. And actually we like the last two hours of the program. Com. And an -- but I would argue about. Game joke like there was like five callers on hold members argue about the best game shows -- time. And -- his fondness. My fondest. Memory -- To him. I just hope I apologize. Directly back to our topic of the day. We're talking about. 8030 by 31 gives call start at 3166. WB and its Labor Day weekend it's Friday time out even -- many in. To invite and act and we all are we're talking about the -- of the buffalo schools. And the president -- -- who feels that there are some special look at teachers understand how absolutely. Slow and simple the children and floor this is a very difficult difficult job if we only pay them 20000 dollars more in individually. Then. They would give us -- a game. The world work like that. Great. If you feel like. I ordered a a big Mac and his game to paddies and Robert. Maybe I need to get paid a little bit more like my friends over at Wendy's. And you'll get yourself but two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles. Onions on its feet. Go to break. Go to the break we come back more of the program developed it gives call eagle three at thirty started thirty. On his rating at thirty WB yet.

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