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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8-29 Beach and Comapny featuring Michael Caputo Hour 2

8-29 Beach and Comapny featuring Michael Caputo Hour 2

Aug 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're back here on news radio 930 WB yen. Its beach and company. Sandy thought in debates Michael Caputo and force and he's out for the forty weakened just like you should be just like I should be but we -- not you listen to me on worker for him. And we're talking. About Ukraine -- an awful. Awful situation we've got. Developing in Ukraine. We spoke a few minutes ago to a dog walker of minutes or we have not seen a spike in gas prices will not likely see one. But things are going down nonetheless in Ukraine you may not -- looked at the pump this week this Labor Day weekend. You may not see -- on the news is it really has been appear much but people in Ukraine. -- -- -- And that's why I've got with me on the air right now Phil Griffin -- are you there. I am Michael or you could throw a private -- I already introduced you well in this in this segment every -- -- party line. We used to work together in the former -- reading your living in key here right now you've given us updates here on WB on many different times. How are you feeling today things have changed haven't. -- we're you know we're very concerned about what. Disease -- -- for the Asian. Which probably bird. Some time ago but now be the cloak. Denied due. In which president who has wrapped themselves -- completely. And take off so. There's still the yes they are open and you know like I don't know how they do that they're they're setting themselves for a lot of problems even domestically because with these denials. Their oxygen numerous. Particular order of magnitude I would like I've heard from as as high as 100. Russian troops have died. And so that need to be just explain domestically. At the very least to the parents of these young men. And the ukrainians also captured some Russian paratroopers alive and you know -- them -- do television interviews. And of course speed the parents of these young men they recognized the masters on our toes were also not very pleased so. That is also going to be some domestic pressure now looks like it ourselves -- put -- autocrat. And and it's probably not. Subject to to feeling that kind of domestic pressure although you know you never know so. But -- Envisioning this I see that the Russians are actually invading their coming across the border area that they had previously haven't penetrated. And I keep hearing. The commentators on on cable television talk about how they're actually trying to open up there not trying to take over Ukraine they're not trying to absolutely. Rule Ukraine in the just wanna take some of it is that would that's the word -- that you're here on the streets around there. Yes and and that's my analysis of the situation as well. That the very least they want to take. Complete some kind of land bridge from mother rectitude. Use two Crimean peninsula. But you know -- it's called peninsula but essentially it's an island. And the only way to get supplies and people and you know by air or crossed the church history. -- -- And you know president food net taking Crimea and encourage you Russian citizens to take vacations sisters on patriotism. In Crimea and many did. And reports farther to the week wars be scary there from crime he would back to corporate states. Back to. Russia it is up to 48 hours so you have to echo park in which 48 hours. Take the one hour. Boat ride. So strategy strategically the are trying to take the land bridge from. The support for -- Rostov on Don. And along the -- The so the coast of the autopsy. Down to paerson. Oh -- and -- they were -- bridge and takeovers the railway. Terminals. Bustling. Rail and road transport it which from. Well. What are -- people and Kia says and he spent a lot of time all around the country your base and -- Are are people afraid that he's coming there. I would senator -- when he comes here. We. People have been consciously thinking that there will be some way to. Walk this crisis back. The ukrainians. Don't want war. And they keep thinking that there that he will find some way to there was -- the word to use of that. -- President Putin. I think we're getting to the point where. When the country probably any country we're talking here about Ukraine has a choice between totals. Humiliation and war they're gonna pick war and -- I think that they've experienced some success recently in pushing back the the separatist quote unquote forces. Which were really you know a few local separatist. Augmented by mercenaries from. -- part of Russia. Now they're going to be going up against it. -- -- Russian troops and they will probably be pushed back I would imagine. And so you know we don't know we're just gonna go but. It's. It's a very tense and people in Kiev are concerned you can feel the tension in the air. We've heard a lot. On cable news especially from fox and -- that that. That Putin is doing this in part because there's a weak but weakness in the White House is that what you're hearing in -- as well. Yes I mean that's the that's the attitude that everybody. Here is just trying to get their brains around and I subscribe subscribe to that analysis as well. -- The -- administration. Then has completely outsourced this crisis to the Europeans. Which means doing little or another. Right. Now -- we're gonna have we got just another minute before commercial break you're able to -- on a -- caller to. Tickets are -- is after this commercial break there's a couple of callers you they have some comments on who are watching guys hold on. And Phil Griffin -- it -- and I will both take questions or calling in from -- Phillip how was your family. -- my assembly is do well thank you for asking you know word group -- plan he. And just getting in this and leave Volvo station wagon -- to the Porter. But you know I don't think -- that point yet but -- with developments. The last few days we are -- more -- more concerned. How do you explain this to your -- how old's daughter now. For parties at least she worried I don't she's not -- -- you know midwestern. The we expect it to ourselves. It's. You know it's just very -- Well Volcker simply stick around we're gonna be right back after these messages here on news radio 930 WP. We've talked to Phil Griffin on -- there. Diameter -- -- got a caller. That I've had some questions about who George from buffalo you're on the air. I think that particular call with myself Phil Griffin from Q. -- ticker at the secret -- -- be up here -- -- I would like to say I. Article. In Europe they stated it -- -- year. -- took a few years ago and editor about how you felt that the greatest -- geo political failure. About conflict with the breakup of the Soviet news. In -- -- are out there with you can pick it back. And then got in -- I'm actually. Going to law all I don't think it's anything that could do to stop it we have Obama and joked about. In public OK with soak it must be practically it would cut. Well it isn't -- -- ambulatory it when he was speaking to the former president. -- -- Who get me to the next election when it was over saying Michael would open it felt -- actively out in the election. I think what the American life. I think -- in -- a guy that. That opened by accident -- -- -- back in. It but being slaughtered a field. The guy in Britain with weighed in with a gate. -- -- appoint him and he and -- are dying and their kind of hit it actually. You know any usually -- -- already -- crap just walked out. I -- in Obama. I don't know how we elect Obama I think America -- content to -- -- of accountability content about the Holocaust you know state. It's a great country. And I think she'll look at his experience. He can be heating fuel and have no copy. It's portable. Heater in it ended. Up at all I can compete. Oh like you -- in exceptional country because you don't like it twenty diplomatic. And -- it will. And -- -- they'll get in the Indy is afraid they'd get on exceptional country like I did in helping others is not. Well George -- I wanna I wanna ask -- responded this Philip do you think. We were of -- laid out what what what who is all about I think he's pretty -- don't you. Mine don't have too much disagree with what -- right now is go get -- back down as -- give -- easy to walk away from us. -- let me put on weight and I think all of your listeners can understand. I think is probably a better chance of selling out of Bon Jovi concert at the Ralph. So -- so this is not gonna happen -- easy give and take what he wants just take it. Yeah I mean. You know there's. There is. Let's see. What was -- gonna say. Well let me let me ask you this he's -- you -- he's gonna try to open this land bridge. Is that as he could do that regardless of what happened sanctions otherwise. Oh he's not he's not afraid of sanctions at all I mean. The US and Europe need to -- Ukraine -- the content itself. Imposed sanctions on the energy and banking section sectors that will really -- and caused additional domestic pressure. And deployed arms -- troops stood to Poland and the baltics. And really. Commit to to reinvigorating. Rearming NATO. And so you know -- did those three things. The you know he would think twice that anything short of that he's going to last fall. It will it. Yes no it sure George. -- the electorate say that I don't think -- -- -- -- But I think it would be in the old -- and I can't think that you bingo it's illegal. That it should not have been formed by the new country that that would not art that was not a part of the world what do and that they would want it legally. -- -- Well throughout Russia and so I think he feels that go to the countries that would entered into NATO. Are illegal -- an illegal -- and I think like I -- The other. I'm -- we've lost ago. -- It's about ahead -- in my home I mean he was a junior bureaucrats -- deputy mayor of Saint Petersburg. The guy with not exactly. -- coming up through the democratic rank let's say he was brought in by what we called the party of power. And in Russia there's no one political -- the controls are -- not there actually. Dozens and dozens of political part is that the people who do control things George. Are the heads of the of the intelligence source -- the military the heads of all the different. Our power servers and they pick who department and they picked him because they -- and he agreed with him they believe. They believe. Our -- those states around Russia. Were formed as a buffer zone just like you said now. -- -- you just got back and I really appreciate you call back in. Do you think that are -- cease Ukraine and others were former Soviet Union states. As Russian property. Certainly the portions of them actually maybe you know I think it. Portions of you. Ukraine that belongs historically to the Hapsburg empire. And Poland which is extreme western. You. Ukraine you know he probably would make -- case for those. Against him he would Moldova and Georgia south ascension of conscience. You know concepts you know the vast. Step there I think you would believe that apple to portrait of the answers no we don't believe that all about. These -- in their entirety belong to Russia. But certain areas that are populated by a majority of Russian speakers and has had historically at one time or another blow to the Russian empire absolutely. And ever so he's not gonna stop here. Is that true no I don't believe so well I mean you know it's a schoolyard bully. You know he is nuclear you know yes very well trained professional army there for parts of the world. Nuclear weapons. And not a -- use military so he there's a risk with standing up to them but you know as we although it is we believe the school Europe Italy must be -- Or else he'll push you across the schoolyard. Religion through the wall. And then will not -- -- We got another caller will take real -- -- -- got a couple of minutes here at stand from Rochester -- on the air with a -- reform from the Ukraine. I yeah -- have to -- quick statement. Okay real quick oversight. Overlooking the Ukraine. I'll win that got another call as to call you back and I. About that next time he calls in the -- we get on his -- -- let me let me just ask you this one what one last question again the minute here. At what point in time to American US western businesses decide to pull the trigger pull the plug and leave at what point in time. Two ex patriots who Revere hopeful for a for a good life in Ukraine pulled applaud him get out of there at what point in time is it. Time ago. Well but those two separate questions yes because. You know -- you know the American Chamber of Commerce in Washington was opposed sanctions at the beginning of this crisis. And so -- You know American business German business European business. European governments which your that they had -- countries with that we economies. They're all very concerned and and no one wants to take these steps. -- -- Yes -- -- Russia but as it will be some -- back and are some things that. I think the music coming in very much for having -- thank you or your listeners for letting me there in -- hey -- you be careful over there can be very carefully thanks for taking the time. And utilities below me in my area before -- You've got to throw it. Laser -- for calling in from you have. Here on beach company news radio I'm thirty WBM. The back beach company. Here on news radio 930 WB yeah the guys in the control room where airplane and The Grateful Dead for my key not thank you very much. I love the company and hear these guys in the control Booth whether it's with the beach over the -- show they always that the play a little Grateful Dead to get in the mood -- really appreciated. Lot of things going on today -- you know I you know. That terrible things going on in Ukraine in the terrible things crisis. The beheading of the American journalist. All of these things happening. We are so spoiled. Here in western resourceful and American general but -- Western New York what a great weekend and you have the chicken wing festival. It's come that's that's happened and over pilot field and in East Aurora East Aurora. We've got fire trucks meet food trucks which is a new that we've always had. Our annual fund raiser for the Easter or fire department it's always been a great time did did. A good event. But this one's going to be different they they always did growing interest in things they're very hamburger and onions as an addition they would serve. And -- annually and our fire department and Easter were very proud of them there there at the crown in the jewel in the crown jewel and the east war. A jewel in the crown of -- But you know one thing that you need to understand is this is. Probably one of the most unique fired apartments in the area because they spent so much time recruiting. Females of the part of we've got some really strong female. Fire department members it's. It's it's it's really amazing of course they're out there aren't -- -- -- and Altman and portion and climate just like the rest the man. But it's really -- got a great. Great a fire department and -- on Sunday. We're going to have the fire trucks meet food trucks events. It's something that you need to our common look at -- deputies were take a look at our fire department I've got actually -- collar comedy and from of the organized group here. In the DC like that area where is that you. Hey Larry Larry is in charge one of the organizers of fire -- recruit proxies for Larry. Tell people exactly where the fireman's field that's. It's on the pine street extension. OK -- probably sound like ministry -- Aurora. It turned and turned left and brokers and right eight. And I don't tying streak. An outpost -- Zetterberg and right. Right and and that's over buy is the kind of I Fisher Price. Pattern. I'm Fisher Price and what else is going on TARP be -- besides the food trucks. Well we've brought Pitt beat -- -- Wednesday they are. And I'm in order and boy fast we used to bring in our indicated it can -- them. That should candy up in the air with streamers and arms down and little other -- in trinkets. But the really good thing general mom was in better. And better for richer for hours. Opera okay while tea ball from me and -- girls were gonna come I think it's in a tremendous reviews you get pretty big attendance every year. -- and partly why we changed our -- out here. Aaron Webster Tommy Ellis. Gave it up because he works like command and so they gave it to I was -- -- like jumped out the we change this changes and all that make really big about it. We have some you know local craft Beers from our people around -- -- -- buys and rusty chains. Will be still do our -- and let murdered on the end and which -- -- by. -- that works whenever local very good establishments. We make in the Manhattan clam chowder this year. Well Larry again I said also to some of the food trucks that might -- It's six. What either. Here where we Q. Neck roll in will be all. About. Needs -- more and at least flat -- little. That's great well listen what time does -- start on Sunday. Great so be there or be square fire trucks meet food trucks and -- for a Sunday August 31. Thank you very much for -- there really appreciate it. Thank you take this -- got to fall full arm banker callers -- trying to get one right now. And that these callers hang on until after the commercial breakthrough we've got a lot talked about today. -- in buffalo. Our thanks to call them. Great show. Conservative leaning that that the country. Is in decline and I think the leaders that we these ludicrous and Obama and I think their country is responsible. For what's going on in Russia. Not Obama Thursday. A weak country in decline elect who we -- here I mean just look at the demographics. Our country -- from people on public assistance so many people disabled. You know we don't have the game who work ethic that we use this -- or not the same. That we were just here a hundred years ago so our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Initially. I don't look back now probably we that decision. Or could have been a bad decision that made the nation's war warriors. So -- not a big Obama and I do think that we're responsible not necessarily Obama. Yeah you know. I don't disagree with you we see a lot of things in this nation. And indicating a decline of our society in and not all of them are to be blamed on the White House or even Washington I mean the way the way of the reason our kids. And you look at the look at what it's all occasions are to be elected to it could be on the ballot for -- The people like you are aren't really eligible don't have money you don't have not working or whatever and you meet. So many of the candidates that we elect -- pre selected so and I can't believe abuse and the best and the brightest because I cannot believe it. You know I've I've worked a lot with CEOs. One of my clients actually ran for president in 1996. And not a lot of -- I've worked with about 25 or not a one of them would even consider running for public office none of the because. It's absolutely. An embarrassing price. People with -- apart. They they have they've they've they don't allow any even past transgressions thirty years ago. Are brought up on national television they have no interest and yet there -- the only with perhaps the only ones. Who conceived this nation is actually signed the front of a pitcher not just back. Thank you very much really appreciate it you know we've got a full -- callers here and I wanna make sure that we get to each and every one view. So please hang on don't go anywhere that we have. So much talk about today. I want it in the 11 o'clock hour we're going to be talking a little bit more about New York State politics I watched -- take a look at politics and -- dot net. I wrote a story. Actually found time in -- and write the story about John K Eagles running for. Attorney general against -- -- very interesting things going on that race will talk to. I'm John Cahill in the 11 o'clock hour as well as a some others to talk about what this moral and commission meets all of this corruption going on Albany. And how it actually. Is right in the lap of the attorney general we only hear about this. Nobody's really telling us the one. One -- not tell us anything about it is your grip back on this here on news radio 930 WB. -- -- for sandy beach here on beach in company news radio 930 WB and our telephone numbers 8030930. Star 930 cell phone. We've got a problem ladies and gentlemen we got a problem globally because in my mind we have a very weak and indecisive you're resolute. We have so many problems. Here at home that are exacerbated. When we have terrible problems. Internationals year. 803 as early thirties started to yourself and tell me what you do you think were having these problems because Obama is a weak president. Stand in Rochester thank you very much for calling. I'm -- I stand. -- want a quick overview of that Europe Eastern Europe is that you could read -- -- history has been a blood there. I've either been quite between. Poland and Germany and Russia both jagged -- constantly. So this is an ongoing thing our involvement all of a sudden I got to raise an eyebrow but could you have a leader now in the world like -- and. Obama who have no idea what to -- wars like. And Staten all the old -- that -- without. -- like the million wrecked and start to get the heat and Stalingrad. I'll watch though or the war -- people always think it to push button gamer video gamers something and it is scary. -- I was and I think. I mean I know for a fact that was very much involved in in -- on the periphery of the Afghan war that was a brutal war for the Russian people are brutal war. And I think you know I think Obama has seen this year Warren is president the war on two fronts Afghanistan Iraq I don't know that I agree with I think both of them. I think he certainly knows what he's getting too. I think Obama is probably a bit naive on that earned that respect because ever since he's been in office he's been trying to get the heck out -- I think you're right and morning there a to point that not only that it's not one person account. Global problem and what you what would never want a global problem not as developed into being one. Yeah -- right stand. Thank you very much for Conan are really appreciate for bank calls -- 803. 0930 start on dirt on yourself what do you think you -- -- these international prompted global problems things were witnessing in the Middle East and in Russia invade Ukraine is this because we've got a weak president. 8030930. Start line through it yourself from George and gas for a thank you very much for hanging. Thank you and look at. I know we're supposed to be charitable and other people bought. A call or not older gentlemen the 21 before him is an -- license. -- -- -- -- old army has nothing to do with what we learned. In the Ukraine and is still blaming Gerald. Well I don't I didn't hear it that way but you know I would agree 200% it's it's all the Obama it's not there's no W and there's no -- involved at all. Zero. Romney schooled. In the debates. When it came to Russia. Obama does well -- -- up quite well you can call the war or or or policy. I believe that was a quote. I don't I had called the guy that. I'm actually I'm working as we don't have a work. The war from a hundred here to go well known here and war -- going to have to work hard anymore what what happened is. In the last six years people have decided that it intercluster ticket check from the mailbox. -- political note auction more than just automatically kick return from Harvard. It will no published. -- two million people. Not a million people shouldn't grow up I'm certainly not even want it right. But give them two years of unemployment ball if you wanna make somebody legacy given more money should hold. Then typical actually go to. -- that that you're you're you're actually. Proving the -- point you're saying that a lot of our government policies and and the state local and federal level are encouraging people to Alter the way that they can work. And expect -- but now that those benefits are gunning for lower amount I feel a lot of people that work in blue collar work. In novel -- altering aldermen go to colonial another -- prevent scandal that has come for the past 23 years you know sucking up. 1994. Unemployment. Now that the -- covering -- -- technical difficulties they are an important I wouldn't let her -- but I don't advocate. How many employees you have. -- -- employees you have. Are you out well now are not for. And when did you when did you -- drop from twelve for that recent. -- it went over the past over the -- are here -- slowly dwindled barrel what industry leader on what is. What industry you weren't all -- We we all know tourism industry. Future. And so -- -- just not seen the enemy on the east. The armed and people are trampling. They're still making it attractive still going down to Orlando in the you have just enough money to get their their opening -- going around I -- the normally handle. And going out of -- were luckier shops and they went that. They're going to -- -- an eleven buying the fault that it hadn't been active hotel war. Because they look forward to go along anymore they've got her not to get that trip on the need to break because there are actually still working. In -- putting in sixty hours a week and got forty. Trying to pay. I have beaten that they have to pay off for those that -- well. Who unemployment -- In the -- Well I don't I read that George I don't think the unemployment rate measurement coming out of the department of labor's reliable. And I think it's accurate I think it's a complete. Canard I think that it's we've we know that. Right before the election. Obama administration ordered the person in charge of the appointment -- figures. To change them so the batter they ordered him to he did it and then quit and nowadays people talked about the -- little optics. I'm sorry down ticks in the in the unemployment rate tiny little decreases. As big huge you know a sign of great things to come when we have less people -- lasts. She air -- off a smaller percentage of Americans actually in the workforce because so many have just given up. I exec and so. My opinion is why I know why. But I would like to see somebody who understand how he did not manipulate and how to calculate. The numbers calculated under the old system and what would it then. In 2005. What were. You consume almost from 2000 by what -- unemployment rate could. And I understand the difference between. I don't fully understand your putter and that they didn't know that they calculated one way -- what -- publish. And then there's another. One bit of work so well Port Au Prince. Right the real unemployment rate right now what they call you six. It's ten point 6% that assumes. That the labor force participation rate is at historic form of of of 66%. But were much smaller man armor were around 63%. At seem like a small drop. But it's actually pretty big -- George let me ask -- favor that you stick around to the of via via the break I'll ask you -- question. Her -- hanging on them okay. Where this microwave for sandy beach here on news radio -- -- yet. And it could be back after this four day weekend. We wouldn't be right back after these messages here on radio 930 WP. MW the year.

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