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8-29 Beach and Company featuring Michael Caputo

Aug 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Arm warm and -- high 82. To breaking weather alerts on your cellphone by texting the word weather to 3930 I'm WB enactment a meteorologist Don Abrams had right now mostly cloudy skies 68 degrees I'm Dave Tivo news radio 930 WB Yan. We're back here on -- company. Here on news radio at 930 WB yen Michael went for sandy beach Sandy's off reported weekend. I hope you're getting ready to take the -- that we cannot -- -- almost there. Almost launch time. I'm sure your boss let's take a little bit maybe a little early departures today one baby's outlook to its line the side door. -- Georgian gas for thanks a lot for hold on route -- I wanna ask you couple questions because you only import four to twelve people depending upon. Howl on the economy. And that's actual the the window where the vast majority of our of Americans are -- the ultra small business in the mean street business. Here in New York State it's actually an in Western Europe especially you aren't of Europe -- heart and soul. Of job creation. And -- I've got a couple questions for. First of all I know obamacare doesn't really touch you because you don't have fifty plus employees. But have you seen economic effects the torture or business structure employees -- family from this new Health Care Reform. Yeah I don't believe they're -- -- Obama -- did not are. Is that -- -- In 2008. We have very good help ensure all employees. We need to earn. It would benefit that we gave them. You're allowed to do that. -- -- it from there it was hard war. In it would -- -- for being able it was costing us 201 dollars promote. And -- there. Through it that simple act operates a bit -- to get one culprit -- -- It's 530. Dollar and a month. So. Basically we don't exports anymore. In now employees are responsible to change. I still -- our our 25220. Dollars a month. It frequently -- not anymore of these. Is that your employees contribute. In -- and so out of because it's more than -- -- -- in 2008. All in when that would write op with the so basic and so -- much care. Mandate. To provide this -- to provide care. Well I think yeah -- do it well we couldn't keep that option to remove them. That's the downside of for -- one of the many announcements for business with the Health Care Reform. The changes that are being forced by the federal government. On on small companies like doors and and and our other companies large ones the employees blame you for. That's what that's what the researchers showing the employees blame their -- Get to -- I'm sure that that's true. Robert this is -- small -- One company. They understand based school and school. What happened almost overnight the election in 2010 -- Through. And they are little people started hoarding money at first and then what they did or another don't have them. Well as -- a cup that splits its uniquely attached to the tourism industry you don't see. The up and down the of the wax and -- the economy more than most I grew up. My father are ready hazard insurance company insurance agency here in western new York and it was it's grown to be in 10101215 people. But when I was a kid I remember hearing him wake up in the middle of the night I go downstairs he'd be hold on to the counter. I was asking why he's up he's secular things at work things that work you know. And now it's like granola kinda understand a lot of those things that work are actually government mandates and problems that the government -- you especially here in New York State I'm wondering. Towards his haircut at the same. Society's. As my family's business in many other business here in Western New York you've seen these ads that are on TV about how. You know a New York State is open for business and we creating jobs and all these. Things that are in this at do you agree that New York State is open for business that things have changed and it's better for a businessman. No no believe it. Is all you can possibly be look at -- -- cramming into -- terrible. And over the past. Lawyers. Sources familiar moved. In those moves and actually -- going to -- To some of the -- channels. Where is wearing your governor. Currencies. Well governor in poses additional actions -- So called millionaire comedy but also cultural war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Developers and others but just those -- say because it is an opportunity. Through -- without the -- -- -- missed opportunity -- underneath the -- -- there's -- -- it's very person. Here. Is there an opportunity your current and or even becoming now in Wisconsin. You know it is more up in New York papers that are -- when. Not quite sure but I think they're both comparable I think -- California's got the same problems New York they just not trying to -- people and put ads on TV. Sand. -- whistle past agreed to -- in a wrong here. Already I don't until the until the voting public. Stop doing what comes natural which is staple for pocketbook. Whether -- others who are on welfare or whether you're a business man. Or whether you'll be higher and everybody -- their pocketbook. They vote for the guys because they're going to not care so adept at or -- -- for the -- it's going to tax people could you don't moan. And until they start voting for what to do its war and the -- first being the country track. It's markets. In New York State. Well you know week and this brings to vote the points compared to talk about the next 44 minutes and that's. In a -- just don't have a business friendly administration we don't have a business friendly government we don't have a business friendly. Comptroller we don't have a business friendly attorney general and basically in many different ways are throwing down the gauntlet. Blocking business from succeeding. Then there are unless of course you're one of the -- who. That they were -- and remove it and it gives you a number of tax abatement. For a -- that. You can do business here tax free -- excellent years. I don't. Even. I'm not get I don't know anybody that is. And you're not the right political parties there. -- I'm I'm guessing that you're not a registered Democrat I can't talk with your libertarian Republican pennant but listen George what you are. Is of very welcome guest. On the beach company -- thank you very much for taking the time holding on to the break. I wish you all the best you when your employees your family business I hope things get better adults. While George thank you very much -- general will be right back here on the beach company news radio 930. WPM. Michael Goodwin for sandy beach here beach company and -- news review at 930 WB Ian. What an interesting conversation a small businessmen George fans. Too you know four to twelve employees depend upon economies that for -- Very tough place to do business here in New York State I don't care what the advertisements say -- I don't care what people are saying about this unemployment. Rate is ten point 6%. -- -- You know this New York State opened for business stuff they advertise ECB played incessantly. On television. Our. It's a -- -- -- They're absolutely lying -- and the great take his. They're using -- -- money to lie to -- about or taxpayers' money your paying for those ads. And their design for one thing and one thing only to soften you up. To make you think well. It must be doing well for business here because the ads repair may -- -- should vote for Cuomo because it's. He's got things move in the right direction George says about it but it's not moved to action. My father ray who runs a small businesses not move in the right direction I've not met one up. Not one business person who doesn't have a vested interest in Andrew Cuomo not one. Police say this is the good -- environment it's getting better let me tell you something. I keep hearing. Especially when when we brought. Donald Trump here. In January he talked about how we would love to help buffalo was governor. -- -- -- -- that he was talking about how buffalo really nothing's going on here and we had. News anchors and talks -- close and everybody screaming about how Donald Trump has no clue about Western Europe about buffalo things are happening here let me tell you something friends. On the global standard. On the national standard even by standards and other parts of New York State we are sucking wind. If you think a couple of planes in the sky. Of that are building publicly financed buildings by the way are an indication that arc -- our area here is doings tons better. Your smoke consult. If you think two cranes. -- we might not the reason why mr. trump said. The that this the -- on -- buffalo because if you look around New York City there are hundreds of cranes in the you look around Rochester there is more than there aren't buffalo look around Cleveland. Our sister to the west. And their -- have been there more cranes in the you know why we don't have warplanes that you know why we -- not. Doing so long -- and questioner you know why we're not doing so well -- the state. It's the government we have. It's that government we you'll hear it. On the national on the local level when Burger King decides to abide to be close so they can move. The air headquarters. To Canada so they can save ten plus percent on the corporate tax rate. That's an example right there. That we are absolutely. The wrong country for someone to do business. You hear like big -- senator -- to the Democrat out of Ohio who screamed we need to boycott. We need to boycott Burger King because. Irritated -- they're not very they're not being good Americans are taking their headquarters north to Canada. You know reading the boycott that's we needed to let's destroy those jobs. Even more let's make it even harder for him for Burger King do business here what an idiot that statement United States senators. Is an idiot and anybody who tells you Burger King is bad because they're moving their headquarters Canada is absolutely hot. First of all -- registered Democrat. There and Obama apologist. Absolutely and Obama -- and here in this state. We have a governor that won't sign off on completely. Completely safe. Are dead natural gas extraction technology he's -- were the only state in the United States. It will not our withdrawal not harvest the natural gas we haven't our show apartments underneath stated we would have. Some estimates 60000. Jobs. 60000. Jobs. But he can't send off -- -- be cold to the environmentalists who -- lying about the effects of fracking on -- on the environment absolutely line even. The president says that fracking is good when it's done safely nobody wants a ban on safely. Our our governor has decided that jobs are not as important as his politics. There's a war on jobs in this state ladies -- look at our attorney general Eric Schneider. He's declared war on the financial services industry he declared war on a technology can be called -- They're the better of the taxi company that bidders. Absolutely turned the of the transportation industry on its year -- and run them out of our out of New York City declare war on air beat in beat. Our state is spending wartime. Shooting at business leaders trying to drive them out of the state that they aren't trying to help create. Jobs take a look at Remington arms in Italy in New York a great place. I spent a good amount of time Americans are Islamic Tug boats -- on the canal during after floods on the on the canal last year. I got that I got a good up close look at alien Remington factory and alien by the way it's a nice little town but it's kind of on its heels. And the only not the only but the biggest employer within miles -- is Remington. And they instead of open expand their factory in New York home of the -- -- the anti gun legislation passed the wallboard Cuomo. In the reaction to the shootings in sandy hook. They turn around and instead of expanding in New York to expand in itself. And Cuomo's trying to say that it was in reaction to the -- effect of what the reaction to a negative business climate in New York State it was just a true one place over -- for. -- -- -- -- Remington is is laying off 100 plus people. Because. Of the state back because were not a good place to business. Don't believe the ads are seen on television. Don't believe the rhetoric here and out of Andrew Cuomo and whatever you do. Do not believe a word that attorney general Eric might have concerns. She has a responsibility as attorney general to help make New York a positive business. To make it better and anyway he can't instead. He's going after the final -- of financial services industry he's going after technology companies like Wilbur an air BB he's declared a war on business in the state. And guys like George guides like my bad guys like. People you know were in the small business arena -- -- between now one in and 25 employees they are suffering every single day because. We are not a good place to business. And if you vote for Andrew Cuomo. You deserve which. If you vote for attorney general Eric Schneider -- you deserve what should absolutely. Let's not forget about the corruption. The corruption is inherent in Albany that Andrew Cuomo and excitement did nothing to clean -- did nothing. Absolutely -- We'll talk about that's about things after this break don't forget our telephone numbers 8030930. Start answered it yourself on. Here beach company news radio 930. WB and. The bill yet found only bill. I'm fit in here and can't let you know here oh well it is long long journey. And do a city it's a long long -- -- I'm sitting in committee but I -- obvious cause some day. Our whole -- praying that I will but you do. -- just didn't do. Welcome back to beach company here on news radio 930 WB -- That was schoolhouse rock remember that at this Michael cook who by the way and force him to beats Andy's off forty weekend turned the three day weekend and forty weakened. Good for him. Reason I want to have that played before this segment is because it's eight BC announced this week that it will air a school house rock special. Posted by Sandra Wilson from Grey's Anatomy. And they called a B eight BC's school house rock and -- they show the networks gonna attempt potentially. -- or or I guess choose the best song from schoolhouse rock that series of videos on Saturday mornings. To teach us all about about. That you know about how government works in -- And he cried quietly all -- -- favorite that's my -- on vegetable. Of course of this special and include interviews with the writers and creators are of schoolhouse rock and it's gonna be on Sunday September 7 at 7 PM. That's Sunday September 7 European if you like schoolhouse rock like I didn't actually score -- -- army in politics. So you can blame them for that. That you're gonna enjoy this show September 7 it's MP now which is of course the time slot. Commonly referred to as the last show you kids are allowed to watch report -- you have schooled. September 7 seventh -- now -- I've been talking about this guy attorney general. Search might have been some often on this morning. If you don't know who your -- in his first of all your lucky. Second of all you're in the majority because most New Yorkers don't use. So that makes him one thing during election that's -- He has very -- -- don't have the numbers up front army. But it's not high enough for -- -- in the in the realm of but say Andrew Cuomo who people think are you know is unbeatable. Because he has such name I name my idea has so much money. Nobody knows it Eric -- it is and there's a good reason for that he's done nothing. He's done nothing he's declared war on the financial services industry records say these are war on technology industries like Hoover in the Caribbean beat. He's declared war on the -- for example fracking heat when he first came in. He had an opportunity in 2010 was he when he was elected as attorney general to. To develop you know to to work on developing natural gas are listening smartly safely. But instead the first thing he did it. If he sued oil and gas companies. As attorneys -- the first thing he did when he -- sworn in 2000 he sent them a course that was all thrown out because most of what the attorney general does is now. Pickers look what happened with. Which Eliot Spitzer he never accomplished anything in court in the end of August was over -- It even though his suit against oil and gas companies was -- An attorney general's department sent the message to the industry that. That we're not permit this new technology to bring 60506070000. Jobs to New York State. Not the government can rip this industry from making sort of a horrible or our stick our local governments don't have in drowning debts. No we're we're not gonna allow them year to harvest the natural resource account the needs are very beat the people who own this land are not allowed to do what they want to do with the way and even though it's an absolutely safe window and safely it's an absolutely effective. Technology. AG snyderman instead suit them and told them basically flipped on the -- not welcome. He's done nothing he hasn't done anything about. About corruption and we look at the moral and commission if you may have heard me talk about this earlier today I wrote an article. On politics and wide dot -- about how snyderman has basically punted on corruption entirely. Entirely especially when it's close to the Democrats he was that it was he basically the officiating law enforcement officer over the more commission. As soon as. Andrew Cuomo had to -- the members of the commission. Deputized as deputy attorneys general. It became the responsibility of the attorney that he says it wasn't he says it was the governor's it wasn't the governor's. By law by public law in New York State because he swore the men as deputy attorney general. They record bottled -- report him. Every week in writing. He won't even say if they did that. Attorney general -- didn't say a word when Andrew Cuomo. Fired every single one of the deputy attorney general who were working for the world commission just summarily fired them when. He had set this commission up for eighteen months nine months into it got too close to his buddies. He fired fired the attorney general's own. Deputies. And he said nothing. And since it was it's been discovered this manipulation. And interference. In. In game in the more on commission of the of the governor was. I guess it was discovered by the New York time a lot of people talk reports that. Instead of saying anything he's been absolutely silent said nothing attorney general snyderman has the -- commission mess. In his lap ladies and nobody knows him in the state so you know what that makes him makes him theory the air all. Now if you're Republican if you have any interest in the elections this year. -- know we all want to elect rob mastering it was governor I've given money to them I want him to defeat Cuomo as well. But there is one race in this state that almost assuredly. Could he could win and that is. AG snyderman beat John K okay eagle could win that race nobody knows Letterman he hasn't done any thing. He's he declared war on business he's done nothing about corruption he's running away and hiding on the more on commission he has absolutely vulnerable and -- can beat him. -- -- -- Hard to believe and the bluish to Blue States that Republicans could win a statewide office like general. It's gotten lower every year you know since the tacky was elected governor this place to become nearly impossible. For statewide Republican. John Mikhail actually have a shot. He's got a shot at a pretty good shot take a look at my article on politics and -- dot net. If I believe the snyderman is in trouble I believe that the New York Times. Is is is hiding things from the public on on his behalf. And I believe the John Cahill can beat him and after these commercial messages -- were about here. We have John -- on if you happen. Paid attention to the attorney general race it's time for you to pay attention if you haven't paid attention to the guy who can actually beat a sitting. Progressive hero. That everybody thinks is going to be the next governor of New York State attorney general Eric I admit that you need to pay attention to this next segment. We're gonna be right back here on beach company. On news radio 930. WB. Adam. This is quite open with the last ten minutes of our Beecham company sandy is off for the weekend you'll hear from him next week you've only got about ten minutes more me. But lucky for you it's not just be we got John Cahill on the line John -- is the Republican candidate. For attorney general. Our thanks mister -- offer called and we really appreciate. -- now you're the former right hand man to governor -- tacky or as our state environmental commissioner. And you've taken on quite a challenger are going after a Democrat. In the bluish to Blue States but you know. You've really got a shot here don't. Well I think I do Michael you know the first foil to challenge but it also looked -- state and what you see with the direction of the -- is going being. Dominated died for a leftist Democrats mine New York City better out of touch with the -- -- he -- with the rest of the states. On it's time to really step up and take the challenge and when you look at the average common involved in. Albeit come and -- -- is not known throughout the state because he has traveled the state he has and try to touch the people that he -- So it gives an opportunity for me to go around the state introduced myself and also point out talent to be attorney general. The challenge whether it is like pretentious and siding and corruption in Albany. His lack of interest -- abusing his office to help promote jobs and economic development on the state. Obviously he's used to his job frankly just as a platform to the the next governor of the state -- new York and I think people -- state. Deserve much more than that from an attorney general and I think the message I'm getting out there is our president what people are talking tarsala. I remain optimistic I don't mind being in on the target on my mind -- a challenge. All but they do very much mind state going in the wrong direction and that's clearly the case with respect to the workings of the attorney general's office. Well you're getting traction are for a lot of reasons -- not the least of which is that you gotta talk campaign outfit and they're doing great work for your staff. But you're also your your solid on messaging and tell us beat you were you were here in buffalo just the other day talking about the should -- shake down. I think that's compelling so tell us a little bit about the snyderman -- Well you know Christmas night and sit down as -- you know lift the latest example of that after the more commission where. On the one hand the ball -- commission is. Issuing subpoenas to entity in New York City are one of which is what some Luxembourg and match the other. Speaker Shelly silver. And others threatening the real staple at New York in bulk of socks. Wolf all. Significant. Contributors to Eric. On the one hand Eric Stein and -- is working on the all the commissioners is supposed to be selling. In a corruption in Albany. And the other hand. And he is soliciting donations from those were the subject of the investigation. And this is in the first on Michael is on the same thing with respect to our country university. On the one hand he's pursuing an investigation with respect to come to university and on the other hand. He is you know approach and soliciting members of compound like the donation. It's clearly inappropriate. The attorney general's office -- undertake an investigation has the above reproach has to run investigation with integrity. And have to run an independent investigation that independence from outside carrots. He's now on every instance Michael he is using the office. Not to fight corruption hall Albany but it seems like it's almost like any campers and campaign financing. In place using his office -- people understand that. They note that the office of attorney general post the chief law enforcement officer of the states. And wanted to see something like this where there's a clear conflict are they know why we have. At such enormous problems and integrity in government because we don't have an attorney general officers are fighting corruption. Now where. He's fallen down a lot of ways across -- news news three years in office an office that. Tell us about executive law one or 663. Dash eight in -- big idea that. He was responsible for the Moreland commission can't even let it fall -- You know oil and you know the governor when he did the quote morally commissioning the more the commission and by itself Michael was not going to get a thick or as and he. Corruption in Albany because it doesn't allow them -- commission to collect the legislature. He'd he'd be Governor Cuomo did that by employing a different -- -- -- to create. That allows to deputy it is deposition that the commission members as assistant attorney general's. And I know that there's -- -- that they had a responsibility to report to the attorney general's office on a weekly basis. So in fact that the bullet commission which I really don't want to mention it was this item -- commissioned a real power and authority to investigate. Came not suitable -- -- -- under the provision an executive order that allowed to categorization. As -- for the without the members as assistant attorney general's. So when all this political interference was ongoing and pressure was being asserted -- who's going to dispute was not going to get to and it. The attorney general should have had to have known that this was invest this -- -- -- hearing what is investigators. And what to be doing during the course of the year when all this political counterpart Abdullah. Absolutely. Nothing to be want stand up publicly challenge. Are the governor and assert the independence of his office. Now once Michael and wind the governor you know error unceremoniously this man did the span of the -- commission. In essence what he did it cease -- The deputy assistant attorney general to have to report America by the -- -- client -- stand up and protect and fight for his assistant attorney generals and challenge the government on his right. Q this discharging his deputy that it wants he -- -- a long got a long work with the powers to be in Albany. Standing up for the principle that off to the independence of that office and just go along get along my -- that's now what we've got really needed -- so when you look at the blame for the -- usable more commission and the enormous disappointment that is resulted from. People throughout this state the real blame in my opinion lies that it's projected at just beat a the attorney general Eric -- -- Well you know you are it was great to meet -- biography of the -- you and your buffalo and you albeit bigger and historical story. We've got a system editors so here but what's happening here this kind of you know Cuomo firing these deputy attorney general and and it's Simon doing nothing about it this is really different this is not the way governments postal workers in and in history. There's been some there's been some fights between the AG in the Gartner. Yet because you know wages are very certain about the usually except there are item about the independence of their office you know going back into the Lebanese government carry. Put enormous pressure on and attorney general rose left or it's. When -- left which -- -- that the times assistant attorney general looking at corruption in India to court systems after the Knapp Commission. And governor Kerry to question that we've left school it's terminate and and that attorney general assistant attorney general's work. We left court stood up and said it's my office opposite of independence in my office this investigation is going to continue. Our best clearly now we have we don't have the a person of character. Pebble Louis left which in the attorney general's office right now it's extraordinarily important Michael that the attorney general's office. Be willing to assert his independence of that office in ointment and detect. It's investigatory work and that's why we -- we have an attorney general who has not asserted that independence whether it's here. Whitmore commission -- the -- Lopez scandal which really so where women were trying to -- what they're trying to -- -- women for. I can keep quiet on sexual harassment -- to go along get along attitude on the attorney general it's a dead as opposed to protecting. The independent authority that office. So -- if you really wanna clean up Albany. You've got to start with the attorney -- night. No question about it I mean that's a person that people look to rightfully so -- chief law enforcement office of the state. The people that that person people write to -- four. To be independent -- corruption not a go along get along guy with a party leaders and the powers that be Michael. If we don't change the attorney general's office I think it's going to be highly unlikely you'll want to US attorney's office. Further involve itself into the workings of Albany they were ever gonna have a real accountability office so real corruption in Albany. Accountability hasn't -- with the attorney general's office. Can you tell -- listeners where they can read more about -- on the way. Sure -- on a case -- for AG. Dot com occasional -- -- -- -- but the same on -- Michael so. On out there every day you don't like my opponent looked around the state Michael scripts the UN got flown to shoot more science and all -- -- well you know it's it's fun getting out it's great meeting the people of this state and you know what somebody -- an elected official. I believe has an absolute responsibility to go to places like but behavior and and buffalo and the seventh here we've had an attorney general. Who can't get out of the west of westside of Manhattan that's where is home is that where his you know these bases. That's frankly can't be where essentially stands up Laporte Seidman. Well John -- Republican candidate for attorney general thank you very much for your time ladies and gentlemen checked on his website. Listen we're gonna go our goal right here just a minute it's been really nice really fun to be a part of the beach company showed today. It's a tough place to veto here in Western New York here in new York state of your business. But don't forget there's always hope you can always elect new people that means you've got to get out and vote you got to donate please gentlemen. Michael brutal year for sandy beach on news radio 930 WB. EN.

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