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8-29 Beach and Company featuring Michael Caputo

Aug 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael completely in four sandy today. It back next week it's a long weekend guys veterans in this business like sandy beach get to take the four days that a treaties. Lucky I am an income the amateurs just like mean Michael welcome to the beach company show ladies and gentlemen. It's been a heck of a week a lot of news going on. I myself have had a tough week. I spent the evening last night instead of at the room at the -- watching a total blowout I got to spend the evening at the airport saying good bye to my twelve daughter. Who spends the summer with me it's a very difficult day when she goes on -- goes home. Before Labor Day but it she spent every week and premium Manhattan. What are rough thing to do I know there -- a lot of a lot of absent fathers absent mom's parents whose kids live. Outside of town what a tough thing to do I don't care if she's to work 1225. When your daughter takes off. From the airport in archivists here for awhile it's tough to top -- today we have a very. Strange. I think you probably heard me talk about this before my daughter comes to me. Every summer all summer and she gets to spend that summer even though she's from your preset Manhattan -- -- suspended in Easter or New York which by the way. Is the finest place. In the country to look to raise -- a great place to be given big east or you got to step which she loves companies to world. Because it's so different from -- and she used to go to camps can focus on for two weeks for the girls we can she just wants. But she spent a month this year with her family in Russia. That's rate in Russia. Idea when I lived in Russia during the ninety's. I'm married a local girl we've since been divorced but -- my daughter mirror -- is half Russian. -- goes home with their mother from New York City. Every year -- report for years and this year happen -- she was -- Here we are my daughter's in Russia and Russia it is capsule -- Ukraine on fires the entire time she's there. Of course at the same tribunal -- weird family I'm now married to a Ukrainian girls so I have my daughter and Russia of the country that's attacking Ukraine. And we -- on the phone with my wife's family baking them baking them to get their visas so they can get out of there. It's -- all things are fine things -- great everything's cool don't worry. They live outside the -- in the south -- about 500 kilometers south of Kia. In the city culture -- here about the size buffalo. And now look what's happened it is absolutely officially gentlemen it's official. It's it's a pact Russia has invaded Ukraine. And now I'm not sure we can get on my -- him Leo. -- in it's a cost is actually on the marched Kia. From -- And if in fact there's an attack on the sick on the nation's capital they'll -- my wife's family's city. Two bits build the -- reduce it to smithereens. On their way to Kia the Russians don't care about civilian casualties they never have. They don't care of the big shot. An airliner out of the sky and killed nine on 300 people innocent civilians very few even from Ukraine. And very few even farmers are all from Europe and Asia shot right of its kind pretend they didn't do even today the foreign minister who. I've spent some time with -- is an -- and cat. The foreign minister is saying it's it's it's just rumored that the Russians are there and there are pictures. Of Russian tanks with Russian men and them crossing the border and going to Ukraine and they're pretending it's not happen. Pretending it's not a ladies and gentlemen Russia thinks it's 1975. They don't realize that there's an Internet there they have no clue that cellphones have cameras and video cameras on the they're pretending. That it's 1971. And they can deny the fact that they are they are now they have invaded. Ukraine and there's fallout on shooting war going on right now Ukraine. We'll talk a little bit about that today but the one thing that really really has me. It treat. News as we approach Labor Day it's very big travel week a lot of it's due motor cars are open and problem I'm not doing that -- I'm eager to Europe this this fire trucks meets food trucks have been in east world on Sundays were not going to. But. Let me tell you something but the -- Look at and have you thought about this look at the price of gas -- Look at it it hasn't moved. It hasn't even moved. Hasn't gone up. At all even though the Middle East is on fire. Our president has let his guard down so much that the entire region is in Fuego reasons element. From Gaza to Israel -- Iraq to Afghanistan a whole series of the places. In flames. And yet the price of gas has moved usually it goes up it's spikes it goes up. And at our large percentage after prop problem troubled Middle East and now we know it's been announced it's been efficiently. Art -- confirmed. That Russia has invaded Ukraine. They are rolling in tanks and men and end ultra. Our sophisticated weaponry in air of the kind of merit antiaircraft batteries. The ones that shot the civilians out of this guy Malaysian airlines. They're attacking Ukraine there invading their rolling in by the thousands. And look at the gas price ladies and gentlemen it hasn't moved. Why is that I don't want it to go up I don't want any of us that anymore money but when the Middle East has problems are gas prices go. When there's a major military action that disrupts an entire region of the globe. Our gas prices go and our gas prices. Are sitting right where -- -- for weeks. I wonder if you know how that why that's happened. We're gonna talk about that today here on the beach company as well some other things of course we're gonna we're gonna talk. A little bit about Ukraine probably 10 o'clock the water friends and family there. I've talked to my friends who I've interviewed here on our on the beach on the -- -- a couple of times. -- Griffin and my former business guy who worked with Awad who lives in Ukraine he's calling in the technical details what's going on news. It was very clear to me that he's got some feared his voice on pocket it's scary time. But scary time. But you know we've got a lot talk about today were gonna be right back here after these messages -- beach company on news radio 930. WB ENN. I'm getting targeted have a chance to grab breakfast this morning because this WB yen -- has -- jump in the mornings jumping. Jump. But I'll tell you but I've got to tell you about my hometown Easter or the big deal we've got the one on. This weekend is fire trucks meet food trucks and what happens when a fire truck meets a food truck. I deliciously fun at new event after many years the east or the fire departments driving their annual Labor Day event in a new direction. With the fire truck meets a food truck on Sunday August 31 that's at their fireman's field. In. In the and east -- I'll tell you one. We'd get food -- -- -- no I -- you find that partly Pittsburgh in a world away from downtown buffalo beat huge market that the food like. Do we get food trucks out in the east were quite regularly and it's going to be great to -- -- -- into all the different from trucks that there. Are on Sunday what -- great event at our fire department by the -- Easter I told it's the greatest place to live. It's also coincidentally a great place if you're gonna put your house on fire mechanical -- fire department. We have agreed part apartment in fact. It's the little known secret we've got. I know the suspect it's a sexist comment that we got really hot female partner partners I know the women always talk about how hot the fire fighters are. The calm whenever there's an emergency but and and east -- Menu get that treated well because we've got a are more than our share. Of women firefighters who have trained -- and I guess they had a a big recruiting. Drive to try and bring women into the the fire department in the -- -- What a great success that weren't. Fire trucks -- through trucks Sunday August 31. And if you look for more information. You can -- check over WB dot com or call our -- everything you need we'll talk about a little bit more what a great time that'll be. You know after 930 mark after the advertisements are here in this half hour. I've invited the president of Mansfield oil oil services company. It works all over the world of dog hawk -- the guys the president of Mansfield or at all. Because I've asked him to try and help me and you understand. Why our gas prices. -- through the roof right now -- -- the Middle East on fire. And with our Ukraine being -- being invaded by Russia officially. Just in the last 2436 hours. Normally when that happens normally when the world and went in the Middle East that oil rich areas are are are on stable. The prices -- -- normally when there's a major. Military action by a world power and make no mistake no matter how backwards Russian news. They are world power when that happens energy prices -- destabilizing usually they go through the roof. They haven't moved to there's a reason for. I've I've done some work and some research I found a dog park is written quite a bit about -- the president of millions fuel oil based in Atlanta Georgia. Knows a lot so he'll be talking doesn't -- like take your calls in the ninth at 10 o'clock hour -- half hour there because. If you're packing your car I'm I know a lot of you are put the kids in the backseat from the suitcases on top the stroller in the trunk. And you're off to a relative's house even though that fill that tank can be pretty expensive with -- ready expensive. But it you know I think we're about 38385. East Laura. But it should be much much higher and it's it's kind of a mystery. In addition today just -- before we go on break wanted to mention something. That -- I've just written I think me and many view with some act of the opportunity to listen to be here on the WB Ian. The four words in for twelve hours sandy beach you governor run a blog called politics and wide dot net politics and -- dot net. It's our view of New York local New York in national politics from a Western New York perspective. And every morning I. I've read about one point three billion page of the Internet every warning after -- And I picked the four or five bad stories for you. To read if you read these four stories you'll know everything you need to know about politics need to go about doing the real work of building things and making things through folks. Here in the city of buffalo four stories Europe today and the breaking column on politics and one's done that -- take a look at pickle. Local Kathy vocal. Our conservative Democrats. From Hamburg New York is out with a new video touting her progressive credentials that there's an article from the -- of the Albany times union -- -- also. Very important I actually myself for anybody who reads politics and one -- knows that. I'd write it very rarely I may intend to write every day but I can't -- so busy. But I had a ruptured beat John Cahill who's the attorney general candidate from the Republican side. Are challenging a sitting attorney general Eric Schneider. And after I had a good long conversation with the my wrote the story about accuracy on politics and -- done I think he's release coming on strong but there's something else the dive. Concluded. I believe you know the New York Times uncovered the fact that formal. And his henchmen war manipulating the -- commission that was was investigating corruption and shut it down when it got too close to news. Donor's hand and allies. We all know the New York Times is pretty brave I thought to going ahead and and publishing an article not normal. For the liberal bastion in the greatly be the New York Times not normal for them to attack. A guy like Andrew Cuomo. The leading Democrat in the state. But they did they did it may -- or apartment to -- -- page article which I've comment about on the year war. But what's varied interest. Is that John -- the Republican candidate for a job. Is traveling the state talking to newspapers television radio any -- of -- to and Andy's telling them truthfully as. Bit that this Moreland to mess is more about attorney general Eric Schneider in that it is about Governor Cuomo. In fact do the the members. Of the -- commission were deputized as deputy attorney general. Under air charter and they're supposed to report to him in writing every week we don't even know how many people he deputized he won't say. We don't even know if they reported to him every week idiot that said a word about Cuomo. Firing every single one of his deputy attorneys general would -- need to do this investigation. Ottawa hasn't made -- Matt didn't even say he disagreed with Cuomo firing its people. Didn't hasn't made a comment -- won't even say how many were actually deputized. As attorneys general. And that story is actually getting traction across New York State. Buffalo News is written about it every newspaper. Bit a bit Jon -- you know has run up or met with her talk with him anyway. And given him this -- they have written it up because it's real folks attorney general Eric snyderman. And it has fallen down on the job as chief law enforcement officer your. Every newspapers written about except for one. Ladies and gentlemen the only newspaper out there that hasn't written about this. Problems snyderman Adams is the New York Times. The New York Times the same newspaper that blew up the story about Cuomo. Manipulate in the Portland which the same want. And why is that. That's because they're covered they're covering for air excitement is Eric -- was the leak on the story of the world match. They're covering approximately from that's stories on politics and -- dot net feature story one that actually wrote myself. Ever be right back here with double talk from a from from Mansfield oil here on the beach company show news radio 930 WB. We're back here on beach company. News radio 930 WBA and it's Michael who went for sandy sandy is offer forty weekend like you should be like I should be. But we are not. You know where you're going this week and -- or I'm going to you're probably packing up your car. Think it about -- not your horse tank and taken off to a family events or. For carload of kids but the one thing that we've noticed this year is even though the -- -- the Middle East is on fire. And Russia is in eighty Ukraine full blown tanks and air any aircraft. They're going in there Jones believes them. Our gas price has not changed at all it's not move move up in fact we've heard tell that it might go down. And that's very confusing because it normally does if if the if the Middle East is in trouble the price goes up if there's a major military action. By a world power the price goes Europe and it's not and there's a good reason. And I got double talk of Mansfield or president of Mansfield oil on the one. Are distraught thank you very much for called and we appreciate it. On. The market well listen we've got a lot of people 100. Why these prices are movement in and you've written a piece I've read recently there's good reason for it is there. Other superiors and we we are production domestically is up over 60%. Mr. -- imports down by 50% just since the recession and then 2009. Think just as importantly that's created over 300000 new jobs in the sector. But you know it's it's it's a job story and it's also a security story and we. If -- CNET that you just pointed out of witnessing any of these actions individually let alone collectively and not just the Russian actions you mentioned them and we have. Tripoli was getting killed this week -- Libyan oil production -- as potentially offline. -- get the war in Iraq. That is continues to you know can you expand daily. And you've got obviously the reactions and Ukraine if five years ago any one of those things have happened witnessing -- all the 150 dollars a barrel and you know the economy completely -- back interception. Instead this year you know gas prices. For the weekend you know -- the lowest gas prices for for -- -- they weakened and for years. And I think we're also gonna be another I do think we're gonna see a decline. Further coming out of weekend headed in the fall. Probably another fifteen cents a gallon down -- -- and that's why all this other things all the good things are going on assisted the world has. Completely change. So -- America America is now. Energy independence is that true. I would -- were energy secure Stiller importing a couple million barrels a day but we can see our path independent. Production is. We've added almost four million barrels a day in the production. That's years ahead of schedule this years ahead of anybody's rosiest predictions. And there's going to be playing more come so I think I'd do you think that. While we're not completely energy independent I think we've known to focus on security verses independence which is I think the more important thing and not just. Security in terms. You know geopolitical security but. Economic security and we're we're growing our economy when the rest of the world loses the struggling mightily to create the same number jobs that we are. You know it's just it's it's it is it's an energy boom that goes and goes beyond oil and gas Michael and we've seen you know solar become more competitive. That industry -- that they -- 23000 jobs this year. So I think it's I think it's of renewed focus on the importance of energy all forms of energy. And what's necessary to grow our economy. Consistently and and and regardless of what other instabilities developer -- the world. Well you know you're one of those interesting oil executives out their energy executives out there who's. Excited about renewable energy and I've you told me in the past that it -- if we. Our art completely. -- haven't done a significant amount of guardian improved renewable energy. In the near future our economy will actually stop -- Yeah I mean there's no doubt that you know and he. The current all -- them as it is a guest that's that brought us I think another 3040 years or. Security. And productivity for our economy but that's. It's not inexhaustible and I think we need to use the time wisely I think that if we look forward to do. If you look at -- at two meters point 48 point fifty. You know we need 3040%. Of our energy energy needs being met. By renewable sustainable sources say -- oil and gas and get us there it's a bridge too I think you're more renewable sustainable future but it it can't be. Although we do we need to use this time wisely and continue to invest and develop. Our renewable resources. We don't here in buffalo we've just been our game via. Our solar panel factory which. Elon -- I -- its solar city says is going to be if not the largest in the world want the largest in the world. Do you think that's a good a great thing for buffalo mean the idea that we're gonna have a majors or facility here. I think it is fantastic thing for buffalo I think that it's -- I think it's but it's evidence of the manufacturing boom that is is coming interns are turning those types of jobs for the US. Not just source city opportunity but if you look at other companies like SunPower. You know they're they're current -- in the US there are four US factories are sold out their building assists. You know and we're seeing major job creation and that sector. That if you look at you know the competitiveness of solar power and and in the four leading states a group are now. If you're actually seeing solar. Be cheaper than power in California coming off the grid so. You know that's -- that's a tipping point that I don't think everyone appreciates that you know once it's just outright cheaper to do it. And it's you know you're converting free sunlight and the power that you need I think that's something they're -- to pretty excited about us. So word at tipping point on solar and and were approaching those -- same kind of inflections and other renewable energy. Were at a tipping point in our own energy security and energy independence now and and with this in mind. The gas prices that we see the stable gas prices reach even the we have an in unstable world are we gonna see that kind of stability into the future. I think that we will see. We see interpreting the stability we've had gas on gas has been treating and I'm very tight range for the past four years. And that is that stability that the -- not only brought only to our economy but really were imparting. That energy price stability the entire globe are now. Mean America's now the swing producer of these key commodities and that instead of allowing not just US economy to recover but so many economies around the world. Because yet to realize our prices are linked. And -- were benefiting from that price stability and I think that price stability as you ask will continue in the future because we've got a -- would get additional production coming on line. It obviously there's hope there's a great debate about the regulatory framework that that governs this activity and I think that we've got. Important work to do -- from a legislative standpoint but that aside the energy you know the industry has persisted. I think it's done so safely and I think that that is you know that allowing our economy to re launched. In fact I think it's safe to say that energy is the driving force behind this economic recovery effort. Well talk talk the president of Mansfield oil that Doug thank you very much for calling and we really appreciate the information. Number have to go to a commercial break here on beach and company on news radio 930 WB yen. Michael -- went for sandy beach here on beach in company news radio 930 WB yen. That was actually got traded apartment full confession your dog hawk and I do do some work regular army in our group involved in. Job creators and their work he's one of the chief executives who lead that. A lot of work him. Doug really I was with dug in and Detroit last week. There are actually the week before and don't really. Turn my head a guy this guy is an oil and gas executive. Who says if we don't -- While many -- the -- level commitment to aren't the -- solar and other renewable energy sources. Of batteries such. That we're having trouble for it 4050 if we are fully committed and an actually developed renewable energy sources. Where our economy's actually start receiving not just not growing but giving small. Academic from the guy who makes his money on the dirty stuff on the fossil fuels on the oil. Of course a lot of this discussion of all of energy independence the reason why. We don't see huge prices at the pump this week as your poll and up. Yes you I see you there you're in your car your pull up to the gas station to full tank if you're packing your family into the minivan and you don't want -- two -- house. And you'll artsy and a price like that you should BC we should be well over four -- this weekend. Because of the massive problems in the Middle East. And the military action to Russia invading Ukraine we should be in their approach and five box. But we're not -- for here western -- -- I paid three dollars and 82 cents yesterday. I don't know how much you paid. But what do you think about that's what do you ever wonder what what your actually paying at the pump this week. And is it something you've seen change at all and do you know do you understand exactly what's behind. This. Energy let's say. Leveling off from the fact that our gas prices. -- -- I mean I'd like it's unlike seem cheaper we would to an electoral opponent -- -- would -- for books but I know what should be I know. And you know it now 28230930. Start time during your cell phone gives Karl here on peach cup news review and 930 WB yeah. -- to talk a little bit in the 10 o'clock hour. About. Ukraine situation I mentioned earlier. That Phil Griffin is a guy I worked with in Ukraine and Russia he was my roommate in Russia. Both were much younger and much more fun to be year round. But back in the nineties -- -- roommates he we've both worked in politics for which he still you never. I actually got home and in 2000 he kept going. In fact some of that time he worked in Afghanistan he's been in Ukraine for 910. Years and more in Philly Philippines is -- and he's living in Ukraine living in -- And it's getting scary for everyone not just victory ex patriots. Not just people at -- who lived there by choice. And error rate and a myriad of raising Ukrainian families. It's scary for ukrainians to let me tell you some -- -- mother and father in law. And my brother in law. Live in Ukraine my wife is from new -- we met there when I was working Ukrainian politics back in. 2007. They are in trouble we've been talking to my in laws now for months trying to get them to get out of there trying to get them. Put their -- together and we were trying to move them over to the United States. -- because it's just not safe anymore. And it's scary if it's it's beyond frightening now we've seen the invasion is in the east the problem we have is that. They are creating the Russians are creating. A land bridge instead of getting to -- beer which they own -- stock. They are actually art be it the -- need to get -- by water it's -- it's mr. north of peninsula. Now they're creating a land bridge making go directly from Russia by land all the way across Ukraine -- they're gonna turn that into Russia. And they're gonna create this connection to their most important military base in the navy base. In Crimea. This is a very frightening situation a lot of people in the way in between Russia. In Crimea a lot of people are gonna get shot killed a lot of people that towns and villages as it is going to be shelled to bits. And my family my in laws live in that region it's an awful awful situation. And -- gonna call the -- after 10 o'clock. To talk to us about that he's in Ukraine news. I can tell in his voice does not sound. Last summer I spoke at the I was gonna. That was in for -- actually think some months ago. And I asked the opposite Thorpe at the time to pack your bags and get out Ukraine he said no not yet as things are good work where open things calmed down. I'll bet he's pulling his luggage on the closet now if he isn't. I'm gonna talk offline. Convinced it is terrible terrible situation. I don't give a lot of ukrainians here in buffalo -- -- this still this war between Russia and Ukraine. Is Greek to most of us it is for the residents of it all the way around the oval. We really you know Ukraine is not in the classic US. Sphere of influence they're not our neighbors it's not Mexico not Canada it's not Central America it's not something that we need to be directly concerned about. And the classic diplomatic speak of the sphere of influence. But the problem we have is that. That Putin has gotten emboldened because America is weak I can tell you this. For a fact I've I've met whom he's been in my home in Russia I don't know one not a guy that I would really want to hang out with. But. This guys look and act. Barack Obama the president has states as saying this guys week I can make all the moves Iowa and look at him he's doing it with impunity. And what does the president do. Nothing our army our sanctions have hurt Russia orbit. I've been in favor of -- sanctions but there are sanctions that we could be laying in against Russia right now. The could be targeting people like himself who is -- one of the wealthiest men in the world ladies and gentlemen. Somehow a government bureaucrat in Russia became a multi -- ask yourself. He keeps all this money and well known banks and the European sanctions the US sanctions have not touch that money. Is money his family's money. Air touch and that's that they should be doing they should be targeting -- personally. Mop on his money up at all these counts all over the world the money stolen from the people -- a mop it up. Take it away but they have -- because their timid our president is resolute. Look that one -- you resolute he cannot make a decision. He can't do anything unilaterally he needs to go out and find support for his ideas in the in the in the international community. There's a -- department congress had a ball that he is too timid. And end -- -- who knows writer who looks at him and laughs his spirit. That's -- That is very very scary the president of the United States is the laughingstock. Of Russia. I tell me that I know it. I talked people in Russia everyday I do work in Russia all the time I'm there are a very often some of my best friends. Contact me from Russia every single day after on my FaceBook. Michael market Google on FaceBook. You see a lot of so -- tight on my page because a lot of Russians. Who contact me. They'd laugh hysterically. About Barack. Because he's resolute he can't make him in his mind he's milk toast and they have. A leader a president. With balls the size of a rocket engine. -- -- -- We're back after these messages. Talk a little bit about Ukraine eagle three Zurich I'm thirty started that in your cellphone. Gives garner a newsreader by thirty. W a V yeah.

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