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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Hear CUTCO CEO Jim Stitt on Relationship Marketing

Hear CUTCO CEO Jim Stitt on Relationship Marketing

Aug 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been able to find a really nice balance you know I think equipment. But still retaining the hand craftsmanship and upstairs chairman and CEO -- that seniors says that means their kitchen knife sets are so different. That they don't sell them in stores. We are made America. We are sold the home and these are very key parts. What makes us -- In business since 1949 with 600 employees their big what's called relationship marketing consultants mostly college kids making direct sales almost door to door. This is the only facility we have we have about 350000. Square feet here and and and five buildings very few pressured by you create a relationship the fact we ship that approach. Your contact is not back with your salesperson or the story about a from. It's strictly back with us it is quite a trend in business according to Niagara university's at -- I grew up today in a generation and -- was an investor for a long time. It was profitability now we got a new generation with equal millennial generation. They care a lot about the company it's making the good. -- says they aren't even really on the Internet the company -- there aren't close site. The Internet is very -- And again it's it's brand becomes very important thing as to how you build your brand. And how people find him because they of the Internet itself it's not a panacea of sales through this area show up and in Manhattan. There and -- -- that people are going to be two ordinances through -- brand. And how we execute well we have in home we were cataloged in that we mailed to current customers and also have a real program to where you -- -- -- fruit -- That's gone the next day. Here's a -- -- -- cocoa -- organizing grave. -- you'll keep forever and you'll remember the sales -- you know it's it's forever memories relationship marketing is what it is all about 1000%. And it all starts on the plant floor. Hand craftsmanship and quality we had there next Johnson's.

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