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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

8/28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Aug 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And I. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can take felt without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Com hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of us. Or cheese and its life. You can -- It's local proof that this guy it's Tom hourly cash -- the question and try to get this much this isn't real she's -- it wouldn't. He's Olympia. You know it opens them on news radio 930. Okay. -- A gate that John -- master control but this is not John Germans fault we just got a new computer system installed near the radio station John. That does the brain trust here at the radio stations know that the last three seconds of commercials are being cut out. Okay and they're working on objectives -- just wanna make sure. Because there is a very funny Segway last night but it really don't wanna go into because it might be embarrassing to our sponsors whom we love. But it went from one commercial to another commercial and it may be laughed because it was totally awkward and it could have been taken very much as a sexual innuendo. By the way. Well it's got a funny. I don't know if you share your sense of humor with your children I do. And my son every time he hears the commercial where the guy says put. In your cell phone but call. I think cell phone but call how many times that I'd done that well but I. Think he means BUTT. He needs of the warranty. Put it yourself all but whatever you do call that I have -- called David Sylvia so many times this week it is not funny. I don't know why. I've -- what call frequently. -- a whole bunch of people. And they always sending messages because they always now like dude you but -- Yes I know all what was your first -- Because the only thing in my voicemail was Steely Dan and I knew that you were just accidentally bought -- me you would never just call leave a message with 8:19 -- Maybe my old school but not -- ninety. Anyway it worked certainly -- Chardonnay. That lets me in anyway. Folks. I am very curious right now about. Your education. -- the comment yesterday. And I want you to feel free to chime in on anything that comes up that I'm about to get in to OK. First of all. Have you ever been in a room. With people with Ph.D.s. Master's degrees or medical degrees. And found yourself leaving the party or the -- making. Hollow. In the hell did they get through medical school. Hollow in that at all did they get a doctorate. Now. I I must confess I had. And frequently. And you though. I've -- the pro life. Where. Are very secure. With the meager educational attainment I have a bachelor's degree. But at the same time there's a part of me that looks at some people with masters or Ph.D.s medical degrees in law degrees and I say to myself. Real. Really. I -- real. So well -- the ballots are talking about Paul can't reduce that Paul is a he's extremely intelligent a -- great what he -- So it's it's nobody I have ever mention on the year just so you know and whenever you know seriously. Conference with somebody's because there are mutual interest and we have a lot in common analyst but that's one of my questions the question is parents. What to you is the subject you leave is going to be most important to your kid as your kid advances through life. Because. Not all students are equally adept at all subjects. Can we agree on our. Now my father in particular could. Understand. How I can get. Eighties or eight pluses we have number system that we the numbers. He didn't understand it coupled with hundreds in history where social studies English and then fifties in math. He could never understand it. I try telling him I mentioned this earlier that I'm not going to be an engineer's. I don't know exactly what I'm going to be talking about being 1415 years all. Exactly what I'm going to be but I know it'll be designing buildings I know I will not be designing skyscrapers or bridges. So math to me is an abstract concept that I really have no use for at this point the only thing I really care about is. How much money goes into the checking account how much money comes the checking account how much -- saved and how the investments are doing that all the -- That ID. Now I must confess and I mentioned this earlier but this show -- not about me but it does kind of point to a dichotomy epic many of -- hat. -- It's certainly an explanation about this but frankly it's too long to go into and it's to me centered that it would probably be Borg review. But. G algebra the only reason I got through algebra was because a guy by the name of Ted -- were one of the greatest teachers who was ever live and still win this. Spent every day after school tutoring every single day okay. But after that when it came to well up geometry or god forbid calculus work for economic -- forget about it. It was just way too abstract I had no interest in it I dropped geometry after a couple of weeks I was like you know what. Now I don't hear about it I saw so these triangle I don't care about it the actual Federal Triangle and I really don't the only triangle secured about a four. -- Anyway it was the seventies but anyway. -- I didn't hear but here's something interesting and I did mention this earlier. For. Has so lucky as I what's. With Matt past algebra and algebra believe me I'm no expert -- For as much as I hated math and had no aptitude for it in high school. Once college cable. And statistics. Were a requirement for my degree. Don't ask me why because I have no explanation were whatsoever. Statistics. Which was dreaded by everybody. Statistics. Was a breeze. Social search methods a breeze. To this day ladies and gentlemen I am mystified as to why. Concepts that were far more difficult than triangles. Came to me easily. But geometry. I dropped. So. Do you tell your kids to focus on any one particular subject. Are you particularly disappointed. If they get a bad grade in acts. I have some advice on that by the way. And I also. Wanna give you guys who were educators you guys who are teachers the chance to call him. To tell all of us what makes a parent a great parent to deal -- And which parents are dropping the ball and how we dropped the ball now look. As a talk radio host. Frequently not always. But frequently. We find ourselves at odds with teachers unions. And despite my continual praising. Of some of the great teachers I had when I went to school. Every time I bring up the subject of educators on my FaceBook page the radicals come out of the woodwork. Who tell me that teachers ought to make the same his brain surgeons which applied to certain. In the hierarchy of life no I don't think so. More people can be teachers that can be brain surgeons and frankly more people can be teachers they can be talk show house -- -- successor to special it's -- special art in there is no school for yet you either have it or you don't. And I hate to say it but that's just that's the way it goes. You're either performer or you're not. You can't teach. Now. Getting back a look -- you're the phone number by the way. There's a wanna hear from parents. About the subjects you were most concerned about with respect your -- and from teachers. I wanna find out. What makes parents held to deal with and who is the ideal time apparent. And if you wanna explain today why you insist that sub folders -- green and others yellow and others blew. I would love the explanation because when I was a parent with kids at that level it used to be a giant pissed off I cannot yet the number of office Max Office Depot storage I hit -- to -- the specific folders you guys want my kids they have to deploy quietly said screw it. If your teacher has a problem with green instead of black Uighur teacher called me and we'll have a talk. A double talk but want to talk about hey we tried. But I -- offer some advice. Your kid and you don't know it yet. But your child has a -- That destiny is with -- your child. Your child has some scale. That can be turned into an application. And a career. And my advice has. Always bit. You'd do it. That which you are naturally inclined to do did you do it better than anybody else and you'll find success. You have to do something you love or you will fail. For example you might -- Beckett who -- trigger on a tree. But your real interest isn't being an artist. Well. How would you rather spend your life. In some design and room somewhere. Using trigger arbitrary calculus. Formulas. And basically not enjoying what you do for a living. Were enjoying what you do for a living as an artist. Ponder that for a moment spokesman I want your phone calls on this because this is I think one of the most important shows I will ever do. Because I think I can use this as a real learning experience for all of us. 8030930. Start I'm thirty. And 180616. WB at 8030930. Start 930 and 180616. WB EM. Our traffic as you might imagine -- that game going on is a little bit of the Mongolian clustered answers Alan Harris. -- Yeah I'm not sure right now how much of the game is causing the trouble just a lot of traffic heading home at this point. Dominant -- team by southwestern not bad yet people going down to the Ralph but. Major problems on the -- of the -- a very very busy the 29 B is IDS still backed up to about the 990 just taking a look at that at this moment. Mainline that the way it's got an awful lot of traffic and getting out of downtown we had an accident. By Seneca street earlier we shall see an awful lot of -- trying to. And on the 190 south into the downtown area from senator back. Pretty much of the peace -- -- -- a little bit of traffic and the one I -- north from beyond Niagara street supporter in the peace -- down there. Still okay over the south Grand Island bridge is busy but it's not backing up to the attuned ninetieth. In WB insulin must have a command and Alan Harris the way college. AccuWeather it will be clear to partly cloudy and cool tonight the overnight low 52 tomorrow partly sunny comfortable in the afternoon and 77. Right now it's seventy degrees at news radio 930 WBZ. And end up by the way one of the things that I strongly suggest you do. And I am trying like. You know sometimes that those -- older kids get sometimes trying to get them to do something is like trying to get the dead to come back to life. Of -- try to get my kids to take a former up horrible career counseling thing at the Jewish community services and bill were element. Because one of the -- they will -- is the strong vocational interest inventory. And the nice lady with whom I spoke at the Jewish Centre said well this says what kids this tells you what your interest again. My response is but my dear my experience in life is that in which you have the most interest is that in which will be the most successful. But. I really believe that you have a destiny and your kid has a destiny. And I wanna hear what you focus on its apparent -- your kids' education edit your teacher what do parents do wrong. If you wanna use a fake name you can if your name is Tim if you wanna say that your -- I don't hear the important thing gets. Is that you'd tell all the parents out there. All the parents how we can help you. Be. More shall we say helpful -- in terms of education. I think it's a great topic. 803 all right thirty is the phone number 8030930. Start at thirty on the cell phone at 180616. WBE yet. Now the president spoke with the media a short time ago complex -- headline news coming up. One of the local news report as part of that is gonna get gonna get right to the phones are -- hold don't leave behind dry and talking to myself whose. I was kind of open a -- and today they got one more data go and that is the weekend on WB yeah. Don't ask natives were here its hourly news radio 930 WBD. And met. All right well you know I said something earlier and I just -- go back and just that made reference to the you're signed in Hamburg. -- why is not safe stop global preserve your rights -- that's time. And your member has got -- worker who was. Issued a summons. By the village. Was at the town. Well anyway -- the case has been presented in village court. And the judge in the case spiders work it's -- interest -- folks. The judge who's gonna decide. Whether or workers Scion is okay and by the waiters legal precedent in his favor. He's married to a woman. Who's boss is bill -- Bill locals wife is -- local. Who is -- do each day. Cuomo's. Running -- So this is gonna be really. Really. Interesting at Tennessee. Tom could you through that again yes I would. That judge giving Hamburg. Who is gonna decide whether the village was model line in issuing a summons. For the NY is not safe stop all ball preserve your rights. The guy who's going to be deciding that is a village justice named Andrew Fleming. Who's married to a woman. Who works. With the US attorney's office. Who's boss is bill local. Whose wife is -- local who's running mate is Andrew Cuomo. So -- needless to say what -- watching this very careful. I put the information up at least on the sign on FaceBook and what I hear is a decision is coming. Within ten days. As this what I hear. I picked things up in the year but my fan -- -- my finger and I put it up in the air and I see what happens. Our a game if you're just joining us first of all welcome to the program and this is of course well be the final Thursday. Of summer perhaps not. Real summer -- summer as we recognize it as a lifestyle -- Labor Day weekend is that coming up. And for us it will be a three day weekend will be up about what Saturday Sunday hope we have Labor Day off that everybody has Labor Day awful which you do. So all the long the short of news I'm thinking about the kids going back to school. And I have so many different angles there's number one. If your apparent that you have that back to school list. If -- apparent that you have that back to school list. You wanna tell me how ridiculous you think it is because typically I have to tell you every year I -- a lot of complaints from parents. About the ridiculous specificity. Some teachers insist upon for supplies kids bring to their classroom like ten boxes of Kleenex facial issues. Why ten nobody nobody has any -- well because some kids might not be able to report it and we have this year. Rise. Of course tennis balls. White tennis balls. Well for some reason I just physics have changed over time that's sarcasm. Seat in the old days. When you went to high school or elementary school or middle school you have those wouldn't -- right. In in the bottom of the winters. There were steel circles. And those -- circles are called gliders. And what you got up out of your chair -- you had to drag it across the floor. The steel glider would make it glide across the floor well I'd ask for some teachers this isn't good enough. And in order to minimize the noise they are asking for four used tennis balls hollowed out. So that they can be put on the bottom of the legs of cheers. I think frankly that is a bit ridiculous. And all we'll tell you is I have video by the way. About the construction crews were -- construction crews tearing down the old Brighton elementary school. Which was built in 1947. And I daresay the hardwood floors that were installed way back when at -- elementary school the original building in 1927. And the subsequent addition they did in the 1950s. Those floors outlasted any tennis balls. -- at the end of the day when those bulldozers were tearing down that building. It didn't matter whether there were tennis balls at the bottom of the -- or not that building came tumbling down. And I said it was a metaphor. The elementary school formerly known as -- elementary at freeze and Calvin court. They knocked it out. In its place. Senior apartments. You wanna talk about a metaphor for a changing demographic in -- zip code I can think of nothing better. Been knocking down an elementary school which was closed as such in the late seventies. Early eighties and they had leased out some of the spots and eventually they toward the building and in it's that went. Senior housing. I've often found that to be somewhat on the amusing side. I got so school supplies have you been told to by any thing or in any quantity that you think is absolutely ridiculous number two. Number two. Is there a subject. In school. Bet you especially pay attention to. Because you believe it is the most important subject in New York child's life. How closely do you watch your children's greats. This is of great interest to me and I think four other parents out there. And I've got one more on the education for. And I don't wanna hear any pitching. From any educator after September when you guys are working and that you go to -- blank definitely can actually. Can't. I don't wanna hear that because if you're a teacher and educator. I want you -- you can use a fake name it doesn't matter. I want you to tell me your pet peeves about parents. Your pet peeves about parents. Because if you're a teacher. You have got to have pet peeves because I can come up with you know what if I -- teacher I would think that my biggest pet peeve about parents would be Harry. You're kid hasn't been to school in the past two weeks yeah so what. That kind of an attitude direct air. Would absolutely infuriated me when you don't care that your kid is not going to school you -- your mind. And if somebody told me that education was to white. I think it would probably end apparently negotiate my cardiologist. -- probably bird every bit of energy in my pacemaker at that very moment. It 030930. So you're a teacher I'm given the chance to call him to tell us what I garbage about aaron's and it you know call -- now I don't -- her -- bitch and that he would ever do any subject like -- what we can actually call it users is that time. 8030930. Start at thirty. And 180616. WB yeah it's 803 -- -- thirty start at thirty. And 180616. WB -- again. And as far as these subjects. You know. If York student. Is having an issue with a particular subject. There are tutors available at school. There are student mentor is available at various schools. And there are certainly paid tutors. Which are not inexpensive. But you might happen to believe that your kid. Needs to excel -- for economic -- or calculus or geometry. But for whatever reason your kid just is getting it at school. Well I think it's apparent you do what ever you have to do in order to get your chance your -- the maximum opportunity for success in life. And may I just remind you one more time. And I couldn't forgive my repeating myself on this but. I always -- When I say always I mean even when I was a little -- I knew I would never be an engineer. I do I wouldn't be a scientist. I knew I wouldn't be designing rocket ships. I just know. And -- to me quite frankly have very little practical value. And I pretty much dismissed it. And instead I get a lot of independent study. In the libraries. That were available at school of stuff in which actually had an interest. And I maintain to this day and if you wanna argue with me you go ahead -- argue with -- but I maintain to this day. That as long as you've got to work for a living. It is far better to do that in which you have an interest. Even -- isn't going to be as good. Then it is to waste your life doing a job you can't stand. Even if it entails making more money. Because what you weigh out the money vs the misery. And the money vs what it's gonna do your help -- all serves and stressed and sleepless nights. You're much better off doing what you wanna do. Is gonna be much better off doing what your kid wants to do. You agree or disagree reports. Bellows has gone in 030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start I -- the cellphone. 180616. WB Ian you don't three all right thirty start at thirty. And 180616. WB EN one takes some time to talk about education. And earlier we had calls from people. Explaining that the expensive calculators which by the way that is that's been one of my big pet peeves. Hearing from parents. Who have been told at a certain grade level. That they've got to run out spent like -- 190 and a 150 bucks one of these Texas Instruments calculators. To me I think that's obscene. I really do. When you consider the amount of money you actually get to take pole. At the end of the day. And how many days you have to work to come up with that kind of -- to buy a calculator. That's only going to be used for one class is probably gonna get lost in the shuffle at some point. That doesn't make a lot of sentiment and a teacher called in to say that. If a class requires you to have that kind of a calculator. The teacher claimed that I've got a reason to doubt him that the district is under the obligation. To. Furnish that. That calculator. In other words district taxpayers are under the obligation to furnish that calculator. At another something else to. With the variety of apps that are out for Smartphones. And all be readily downloadable software that is out their woman listeners actually cited one of via downloadable software sites. Is it really necessary for homework to spend. Over 100 dollars on a calculator. When you can probably get a free app or 399. App. For cellphone. Or a quick download. On your PC. Or your iPod iPod or your iPad. 8030930. Is the ball number 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB EN. It is cowardly on it Thursday. As we are. Commemorating mourning the end of summer all and I started up by the way asking you about. Summer and what a horrible grade I would give it a given this summer. Either at the minus or -- Not enough sun. Not enough consistent son. Too many clouds. Too much wind. All it that I mentioned it was too short. I get back from Jamaica the squirrels are already gathering nuts and it was early August really. On WB. Don't worry be happy. All -- -- 1980 the -- 900. Double check that. Don't worry be happy -- mature and incredibly talent that I carefully be just that one break out hit anyway here is traffic and Alan Harris. I don't see anybody singing that song on the roads are noticeably slow -- mainline of the thruway is still very very slow getting out downtown. 119 north looks a lot better when many south coastal jammed up. From the area beyond. Niagara street following down around the curve but pretty much on down -- -- the -- in that direction in the 19 be -- Getting out of downtown heading down along. The -- nineteen in the 400. An area is so still busy at this point down by the -- southwestern area on the 219. A lot of people may be heading for the game tonight was still little and okay at this point. Tennessee a little bit of a back of also building in behind the well -- told it was and as I look here on the cameras. Let's say we got a couple cars off to the side. On the 19 -- at the Grand Island boulevard exit in the previously numerous traffic demand I'm -- personally collate. I have video up it's been out for awhile but that of some guys handing an AK 47 to. A chimpanzee I think not and eight but it chimpanzee. And the dead chimpanzee monkey see monkey do. Does exactly what the humans did that he's short squeeze the trigger these four pestered him to the -- and it starts scattered all over the place. I'm sorry I don't know whether to laugh or cry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can call us at 8030321. -- WB and traffic -- 8030321. Here's -- Brian in buffalo. On WB Ian Brian -- Why are you I saw that video along -- sports guys and they have it is around. Errand and yeah. The chimpanzee that rubio you force yes and if they're collapsing middle shortly thereafter. -- -- Doctors -- reason the expression monkey see monkey do -- -- the debate and mocking her smarts. I'll bet that if it's a whole Larry this video but do you know. I -- any idea how Smart -- slash ravens are. Smartest or separately or solid program on nature it is that the food booze. They -- its citizens it and yeah. Actually make tools that's what's really disturbing crows -- know how to make tools. Yeah they're pretty -- -- -- figure -- -- McNamee these shoot forward like Chester. Most of what they need to do get the quote yeah. -- -- Yeah animals in fact I don't -- Drudge had a piece on his site yesterday that animals are getting smarter I maintain that our observation of animals -- simply becoming -- but what's on your mind. Well I don't want relationships. That you it took that you're you're urban social order pressure. And -- got to follow attention. That I started out in music school. And my current stage here or are becoming a security who caring. Because in art. I want to use. It that it -- so. Although that's on the sort of mind. All you want to feel what players ST a -- still dark where you're at our studio okay like Tommy Tabasco the wrecking crew buffalo guy. REIT received -- the -- And put it you know it is the same time. There are certain. They want -- some default background there -- airing you know a three year. The review of -- having you know doctor Warner what are. Well you know what I can tell you I am familiar with two local physicians and the only reason they can afford to play in bands is because they've got the medical practices that the guy and route 661 of the guitar players is a position. That's his -- job by night he's a rock guy at all on hold on I wanna -- to further repairs I think we could be cut from the same cloth. Is going to be ten minutes but you've got nothing better to do with your life. Now so all wound and will even take your number down to call you back when it's that time to get back with your on WB yeah.

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