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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

8/28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Aug 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. That player. Israel is strong provisions. By the Obama Girl and I mean it's just yeah -- certainly hear from. -- during the people say you know this is just one of the brightest presidents one of the most definitely had wrapped in a lifetime. Tom -- -- LA that's it for the Jonas Brothers but if it means we can't. Only time it's live these local that it's so -- addressing. Hey guys you're not -- but do work. But the dogs you know who let the dog that. Who brought to start. -- news radio 930 double. -- can't -- in what way. Hall pantsuit. Majestic. Pensive. Too late word we're alert that friends. Or friends Allen. You say about random. Words with friends actually are we're awaiting remarks from president. Barack Obama -- residents -- -- Obama. He is gonna have a statement ahead of -- National Security Council meeting. I presume that this is gonna have something to do with the Russian troops and an incursion into Ukrainian territory. But it also could have something to do with crisis or iso or al-Qaeda ten seconds away. John where it went about. -- All okay so it's not well. I don't know what to. It'll come when it comes I don't know what it's gonna come nor whether it is gonna say. He's gonna come right now. President Obama. All right well this. -- it would just to crisis or -- would you let you know -- has anything to say we're we're monitoring it in -- in the newsroom but basically. Opted basically folks this is all about optics it's all about the public perception. The perception is is that President Obama news disengage from the job but he basically checked out a long time ago and now he's trying to reestablish. The basically right now he's peeing on the fire hydrant to let us although he's still around. And it would surprise me if he has something to say about. Stroking the path to legalized five million illegal invaders into the United States it also not surprise me a -- something to say about B is while -- terrorist. Execution. 250. Other Muslims who were taken prisoner at an air field in Syria. And folks you're frank you called the other day because I -- and -- news. Folks Frankie is living proof. Of why we must differentiate between Muslims and Islam or fascists. And Frankie is a proud American. His family's been here since the 1940s he's had no reason to doubt him they have businesses locally. And he has absolutely no use for prices for eight outlook that or for any Islamic. Jihadist group out after. What. What so ever and is set up these terrorists. Kill Muslims more than they do Christians and roads and honestly. Frank he's right. They don't kill Muslims. And Jews. And Christians and mostly ups. This whole stupid -- Sunni Shia thing you know it all revolves around. I'll -- it all revolves around it all revolves around who is the legitimate successor. Who widely legitimate successor. Over a thousand years ago to Mohammed was at one guy or was it the other that's why they Kelly each other. Of course Christians would never do such a thing. Church of England church of -- Christians would ever birdie each other at the state over such -- night differences queen Mary Queen Elizabeth. But the differences. In -- happening today. Today in the 21 century Christians by and large act civilly. Troops by and large act civilly. The Islam -- fascists do not act civilly they act like they're in the -- thirteenth century. And I happen to you that when it comes to these terrorist groups. -- president hourly what they absolutely nothing. Ordering tactical nuclear strikes against known concentrations. Of terrorist fighters. Well. Be heading up that solo twelfth century error try a tactical -- Rule. By the way put up a video of what a 1950s -- tactical nuclear weapon did and believe -- today's delivery systems are more. Sophisticated. More accurate and that today's. Nukes although they are obviously operate under the same. The laws of physics as the original nukes. Packed even a stronger wallop at ground zero and beyond. -- did the nukes -- 1950s at least been polled by people who supposedly know their stuff. But anyway we're monitoring what President Obama -- resident Obama has to say during his remarks at the White House which sounds racist to me. And will luck have you updated at 430 and -- sooner if there's anything else to report by the way. I don't want this to take me all of my game. At this point because I must tell you learn something this week if for whatever reason. Oddly this week you don't want serious. About tried serious so many times this week. And it ended at -- I've tried -- well gotten up. I tried to catch the college class professor who is reducing grades when students say bless you don't not the story Tennessee this is from Georgia another one. Nobody cared. I have talked about a number of serious things this week the girl with the -- nobody cared so. I'd get it. I'm not going to do serious unless it is so serious that I have to do it. Because even the politicians now. And I had a conversation with. My -- the president's. In the not too distant past. Max and Jim president I suspect will be heard a lot more from action Jim tribesmen in the not too distant future. But I had a talk with those guys about how people politically re engaged after Labor Day. Edit right now people are just busy sucking up the remaining days and hours of sunshine and it's almost like mentally they put their brains on hole. Now maybe you haven't. You are not the common run of the mill person you know that right and how much of blow smoke up your -- all right if you listen to talk radio even if you eight. You are more engaged in ideas. Band is the average person on the street. The average person on the street. Gays not concerned about larger issues they're just concern about themselves. And unless there is a passion point issue for them or disengaged. Usually picks up a little bit after labor date significantly. I just terrific sip of my water -- Then. Oh all right. So it's always there's actually operate -- told me this. And I need frank to resent me an email he sent me this morning a viable address frank. Is the guy who did the -- work. And the research for me on what a fraud phony hypocrite coward chicken Ted Nugent news. And the problem is frank when he serves me. Email that tight is like the smallest type I have ever seen. It's like to point -- I can't. My distance vision is actually my up close vision is -- I have to bring out a magnifying glass on top of the reading glasses just -- -- top -- -- up close dinners. So frank resent me the email on the sign in Hamburg. Tom at WB and dot com so I can share that with my audience but the bottom line is done with a sign on suspense and he was issued the ordered to take it down looks like he's gonna win -- case. If I was able to read the words I was able to make out. It is like reading -- Rosetta stall. If the Rosetta Stone had been written and two point site so frank your friend a favor I know your older than I am but you'd at least certainly something at ten point type. I can actually read. Thank you thank you very much T I like frank so much that I can bitch about a money year and he laughs and he knows that he school. That's how -- we. He's radio former. Investigator by the way and law enforcement professional who up by the way is a very much on my side in many things. An -- out to bet a lot of law enforcement professionals at the federal state and local level. Have been shall we say. So real friends. That'll give us some real actual bona fide honest to god perhaps. Through certain. Events. And this hole and -- say there so thanks guys for it is appreciated. And you know. That I've got to support the cups whatever the cops act in a manner that is consistent with the constitution. When cops act in manners that are inconsistent with the constitution. Then I will oppose them. And we we talked about this just wasn't gonna do serious stuff here but let me just encapsulate what I wanna say in a match. Folks if you think. That. Cops. Are not influenced by politics. You are a very nice -- person. And some cops are more in tune with the political hierarchy then our other cops. And if you don't think. That Andrew Cuomo can make your call to. Some police chief and that police chief could call -- captain and that captain can call it a lieutenant. And make somebody's life hell if they want their. You're living in a fairyland. You are and it happens at the federal level as well. Why would a new black panther violating people's voting rights escape any prosecution. But a team of FBI special agents descend upon. Ferguson Missouri over one shooting which by the way may or may not have been a good or bad shoot. -- you know folks -- at this point I don't know. I don't have the info on this one I just eight got it. And I do know that the eyewitness on the ground testimony at this point and remember people are not under oath. They do not face perjury charges for lying. The preponderance of people on the ground. Who witnessed or claimed to have witnessed the shooting of Michael Brown are supporting the cops side of the story and do you did you notice how quickly the media left Ferguson. After that one audiotape came up with a people did not know they were being recorded. And the guys talk and and he's saying when we did that that was the tape we had to edit so much to get it -- here is there were F bombs and F bombs and everything else. It was definitely urban America. And I can't say it's only urban America because I've been known to kind of talk like that sometimes do little but anyway. Well -- our black Brothers and sisters to think I'm claiming linguistic purity is a white guy count wanna be a fraud never. So anyway the media left Ferguson. Pretty much after that -- came out where the eyewitness says yeah. He was charging at the top and kept charge and I thought the cup kept missing because he got charging. It was about a day after that audio came out that the media kind of says slit -- away from Ferguson Missouri. Nonetheless. My prediction stands. I think a grand jury will. It will you know my predictions he's gonna be -- freedom murder manslaughter he's going to be found not guilty. There will be riots there will be a civil trial and he will be found liable in the civil trial. That's my prediction and there will be its. Anyway let's go to traffic right now to -- I was always a right to be around here's Alan Harris. Now right now overall we're not doing that badly we -- a new problem on just came in the -- double check this out of the clear to quickly and on the 190s south. And Seneca and looks like they got to clear it up rather quickly there also so. -- about five minutes -- from the time the report came into the time they. Said it was clear it's and that's good news. Male -- with the way a little busy eastbound especially around 33. Right now we're doing OK overall was Tennessee the volume picked up obviously in the -- we must have a command and owners don't call it. All right Allen and if you see anything happening in traffic that we need to know about our traffic hotline is open to -- 80303218030321. Or if you're like dude I can't bile that when I'm driving him aboard got starry night thirty plugged in in my iPhone. Sometimes if we have open lines will take calls on the regular line it will pass the info -- -- because you know we like to make sure you get home safely and soundly and in a timely manner and -- Thursday's a lot of softball and stuff outside. Clear to partly cloudy and cool tonight the overnight low 52 you know my heart is yearning for those days of doing -- by dozens forecaster predict. Out tomorrow partly sunny comfortable in the afternoon 77. Right now it is or seventy degrees at news radio 930 WB -- Al don't worry about -- Indian Bobby anatomy Mindy and Bob love me. I loved and indeed many could've sold the old WG art to these religious fanatics but didn't. Does she do we all lose their jobs if she did. So basically she sold. Written. When they all the radio stations they make sure to sell the stations to broadcasters. Real broadcasters. Who would you know basically keep most of us around. So I've always loved -- And I've always had a thing for -- And Bob understand. Dot dot dot you know. Let's get back to the call -- You beat that now here is Randy and all that on WB BMI Randy. I -- and time off topic and I have to say it. The months and years of my life that I had to learn so much from you. On history of American history skills the ability to articulate it's kind of like wise -- you wanna my favorite teachers. And I am on the middle -- -- -- and I have learned so much. How you just the passion you have with history. And that knowledge in how you present -- my wife doesn't like matches and I can't believe. You know I I didn't realize -- and and I just want to give you. Five and Kate thanks so much and keep. -- Educating. You know Randy I. You know ready I don't know what to say except. I first -- all your -- that we -- Right now because I I am very passionate about American history and I'm very passionate about genuine American history and not the myths of American history. And I'm also very passionate about. British history which -- fore fathers knew very well and took lessons from it and apply those lessons to the United States of America. And the passion that it had for history I think I was born with and it was with me at all times and it was watered it. And it was fed and nourished -- gentleman named ray whole DHL. Was my social studies teacher in seventh and eighth grade and it was kind enough to come to my induction into the categories performing arts hall of fame. All these years later and -- is a beloved man. In the -- more time with not a lot of school district and he has to be recognized for Hughes. Inculcated in me. With even more passion that I had. And he really is like one of those teachers that people just get once a lifetime but it's very kind of you to thank me but I got to also passed a credit on direct. Well let me just say about -- You are the favorite teacher allies -- has grown adults and it's funny my life comes down to do you believe that are due to learn more eliciting and it's. About. Should simply go back over the historical time of the this. US country and you know what the patriotism. It's still exists that you bring -- you really think you do such a great service. In an articulating. They and again I from the bottom of my higher -- mean that genuinely and north up -- opt out of it. And I just wanted to let you know keep on -- you don't because you are our favorite teacher and I thank you so much for that service. Honest -- -- ready you'll never know how much that means to me very very very much does it I can feel. Thank you I can feel it and I hope you can feel old blade might reciprocal. Heartfelt thank you because. If you'd you do something for a living and later in the public guy. You take a lot of fire. And especially when you handle controversial issues like New York safe. And you call the governor what he is a thug and a criminal. You make some pretty powerful enemies who will do anything to destroyed. And it's nice to know that I have people like you who have my back. And I will simply remind people that. You always take the heaviest flack when you're right over the target in my target is Andrew Cuomo and analyze safe. And I will not rest until he is destroyed politically at the molecular level. For the fraud and the criminal and the the filer of the constitution. He is that's why I'm voting for -- Reno. To delay the run. I can't believe I missed Toto. And Michael McDonald I did not get the memo. I I I just I feel so well so let down if you were at the concert. I am so jealous I don't even know what this -- is time. Well I do know what Tuesday. Steely Dan Saratoga anyway it is 434 -- is ready and I'm thirty WV it is -- hourly now. I want to thank the guy who called him right before the news break was kind thoughts on history and -- one of the things about history. That has always brought it alive to me and I am glad that my passion on it comes through loudly and clearly -- that there. Is nothing new under the sun. Any great philosopher of any age has always said the same thing whether you're talking about a -- he asked -- whether you're talking about. Aristotle or anybody there is nothing new under the sun. And you can't learn lessons. From history. And apply them to events of today because the human brain has not changed. They human Breivik has not changed over the last ten or 28000 years cave man. At the same innate intelligence as do we. -- -- may not but yeah. Men. And. The same desires the same flaws. This same triumphs. This same joys sorrows sadness. At -- patients. And it when you realize that. And what you realize. -- Now. I got I've got all figured out. Basically. Those who aspire to power. Those who aspire. By any means necessary. To advance over you. The motivations are always love. Money or -- Love. Money or power. And I don't care what age you were talking about what you're talking about 19141812. Or 44 BC. That's what it's all about all of human history. Eventually can be traced back -- taking place because of love money well. -- desires -- And the lessons that I've learned from American history are transferable to 2014. And tragically. And I hate the say this because it always manages to (%expletive) off people all I'm sorry except people who actually lived there at the time. Or who came from the old Soviet Union or from behind the iron curtain that was Eastern Europe -- phrase invented by the way by Winston Churchill. That. Unfortunately I see parallels right now happening. Between the United States in 24 team. In post World War I Germany. And as much as I hate to say that I cannot be an ostrich and ignore what I know about history. And just think about something folks. And you think. Hourly just wanna be Rush Limbaugh -- rush but -- own style. Rush has his own style I love sick day it davis' own style I've got my. You know you reach a point where you don't like I'm jealous of rush I don't wanna be rush I'm happy being Tom Bauerle. In Davis happy cigar today and I'm sure Shawn is happy B Sean Hannity and it's not a question -- well who's better you know what. There's a certain level you achieve. In a performing art. Where it really is new ones like who's a better guitar player. Who's a better guitar player. Carlton. Or Jeff -- well it really depends doesn't it. I suppose if you want blues Jeff Beck is the if you want jazz -- jazz fusion Larry -- as the man. Yeah who's better John Harris then. Where Tommy Tabasco who no longer is with us but he -- a buffalo guy and a member of the wrecking crew 1960 studio musicians and -- Who's better. There there is no answer seat that's the point is there is no answer there's no answer because. People achieve a certain level in performing arts. And there is no better it just kind of if it depends on what people are too. So. Never ever ever think that because I say I love Roger Shawn or Michael Savage or sandy that I wanna beat those guys I don't. But anyway. Thank you very much for the call. And the reason again but I do talk about history is because IC its application to current events and I always have in the back of my mind that there is nothing new under the sun. And again that human desires. Have been the same for the past however many thousands of years since we've been walking upright and enjoying the beauty of having opposable thumbs. And have always try to keep that mind. And I think it's always been very helpful. And I think that it one more thing I just wanna say about that and I hope you'll forgive him right. I'm -- melt today and I don't really know why it's like I'm not taking any new medication no I did not smoke weed. Now -- to tour really of European Cup again and seriously I think obviously have to show that complete all of where. -- my doctor makes me wiz in a cup every time I see him it's like that. The cargo hold -- like to ask that the real anyway it. I would not recommend that have never done it and I would never recommend that -- heroin or anything like record got no thank you know thank you -- so anyway it. Some of the finest work. I did this summer. And here's we're gonna get emotional. Was. The anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg which was a three day battle July 1 second and third 1863. And if you were listening that week you know that every -- that would start off the show and I would tell you what happened that day. In Gettysburg Pennsylvania which many people regard as the pivotal battle of the civil war if not decisive it was pivotal. And I got so much positive feedback. On the shows I did on those days July 1 second and third. And I think the best show I did. This summer well. It's our the sake as you can never really judge yourself properly as a performer. But the one of which I personally am proudest. Is the program I did on July 3. Which was Tuesday of pickets are actually was more street's advance at -- -- -- it's been known as Pickett's charge. And frankly I think that my best camps. On what had happened that day in 1863. At Gettysburg. Wives. Some of the best radio I've ever done of which I am the proudest. Because I believe. That because I've walked that battlefield so many times I've been forced back on that battlefield once I've been there a zillion times. Because I think what I was able to do on that day. Is put you in the mindset of both the advancing 151000 confederate soldiers on the ground. And the union soldiers the better roles entrenched. On the high ground and behind that stole the ball. And I really think I made that battle that third day come alive I think of the second take come alive. But out of although shows that I did about Gettysburg. The third. Day July -- program due July 3 starting about 3 PM. Is what some of my best work. And might delight in that. Again without getting emotional is that my best friend had a chance to. Here that program. And she was dead two days later of course referring to the lady who -- coined the phrase conservative area. Rachel wells and she had a chance to hear me do my thing I'm Gettysburg and I know she found it moving. And I just so glad that she was alive. To hear that because I know it meant something to work and it meant something to me I know it meant something to a lot of you guys. And it's not about me please understand that it's really where I just heard rush say -- and I -- exactly what he meant it's not about me. It's about those bent on that field in Pennsylvania. And it's about in a larger sense all of us as Americans. In 2014. And where we are today as a country. And the fact that there were people who sacrificed before we were even. Believe that -- daddy's eyes are great grandfather's eyes. And we have the compound is guilty of this as anybody else we have become a narcissistic. Country. Says the guy who put like a hundred pictures of himself on -- -- secured credit. But we've become a narcissistic country and everybody wants a fifteen minutes of fame. Until you realize that -- is not all it's cracked up to be the lead group money. But. We also have got to keep. The memory alive. Not just of those guys who fought on both sides in the civil war. But demented women were back from Afghanistan. Because without those guys and Whitman. Rock Afghanistan. Without the men in uniform in the women in uniform and the people at the agency and the people at other intelligence agencies. In addition to the CIA doing their jobs especially clandestine services. We wouldn't be here doing this show okay. There are so many people. To whom we owe a debt we can never repay. And to those people back from Afghanistan. And Iraq. They too. Look back on. The men who invaded Grenada to overthrow the pro Castro regime that the Russians tried setting up there in the early 1980s. And those guys including. Local well -- but one of the guys who died in Grenada was mister Rodham locker. Received a lovely email from his sister who is still Obama's. Those guys look back on the guys in the tat way. Those guys look back -- the guys at him at. In Korea. And World War II. You remember the show we did on. I thought was an outstanding bit of work and it wasn't because of me. It was because of putting in the spotlight. The fact that there were people. Who came before us as Americans who laid the ground work for our lives. And one of the things that I've talked about before and I don't -- to get off target here. But I'm rolling -- like John Belushi in animal house he's rolling lead below. But one of the things that you have to realize about the generation of entitlement in the 1960s and the hippies years. When those guys came back from World War II. The greatest generation. Because of the pride patience they have suffered during the Great Depression. Before the Second World War what they have experienced in the Second World War. What they wanted for their kids was a better existence. Then what day hat. And the result of providing that better existence materially. Was that baseball on in many cases a generation of spoiled brats. Who then became the hippie generation. Who then became the totalitarian. Generation as per one of our recent Promos for the show RWB yet. But again folks I'm I'm wrapping this up. But history means a lot to me. Because you can learn a lot from the sacrifices. Others have made a long time. Before you and I were here and sometimes I think we are and I coined this word -- most cops. I think that we believe that all life began when we were born and will end when we die. And it just isn't the case. And I wanna thank regard for calling him. And I don't wanna be serious today I really don't wanna have some fun. It's 447 news radio 930 WB yeah. Up I've a couple of things. You're back to school list how ridiculous was it how much money that it cost you per student in your household to get all the supplies needed to go back to school but even considering close and if you're a teacher. Please explain to me why you make our kids get the white folder the purple folder the ball folder because. I was go to school we were -- Well OK yellow equals history great dot. For 48 -- news radio 930 WV. A by the way if you're going to lose easy top show at the Seneca Allegheny casino tomorrow night. ZZ top has canceled one of the guys has a hip injury. You go to my FaceBook page for more information. Don't worry Seneca Allegheny will take your view -- do a good job with customer relations have you want a refund they'll take care of here you know just. Go to my FaceBook page but it's easy top is not playing tomorrow at Seneca Allegheny and annoyed a lot of ZZ top bands in the audience so. I'm sure some of you were going to Michelle let's check in with traffickers Alan Paris. The way eastbound westbound very busy at the moment got a lot of traffic on the area between the the 33 down through a walled -- -- one might be -- we have an accident bison industry it's gone but the one -- -- backed up from Seneca back to the peace bridge when many north. Slope and church out of the peace bridge to -- east Mary slowed from the nine and nine the all the way down to the of the way at this point. Head into the game tonight done ninety west pretty busy -- -- on the 400 -- the 219. But the account Oregon of the 219 down south western not showing any problems at all in the two and nineteen at the moment in the Libyans and -- command military instantly call it. And AccuWeather four tonight clear to partly cloudy cool overnight low 52 tomorrow partly sunny comfortable in the afternoon 77 and we're holding on to sixteen as long as we can. Were holding the seventy degrees -- news radio 930 WB the end blockage or so I don't drive you crazy there was a line from John Cougar Mellencamp deceive. There I figured if Sherman was like are -- that come from where does that come from vets. Jack and Diane was this okay here's the Lancaster WB of Stephen talked to your buddy Tom. I arm the weird thing I'm tired -- pilot or board used had a ball. I know why you wanna tell the audience life. -- its shares up. When you drag the chairs -- well. We used to have just common steel circular -- lighters -- the legs at the bottom of our cheers and as far as I'm concerned. Let's put it this way they -- the school down before the floors were out. What greater you end. So -- you have any idea how much money your folks have laid out to put you back to school. Somewhere around forty -- -- -- All that's actually you know what that's not bad Steven because. The average I'm getting is well over -- between 10200. Dollars people I know with all the supplies you know. Paper pins highlanders and everything else and of course in high school supplies get more expensive. Then paste and you know safety scissors. Yeah and -- we've got everything on sale through. Well good for you know for Galilee is a virtue. Impact here's what I wanted to do here's your homework assignment you -- homework assignment. OK not to curiously you're out of this election to go on line. I want you look up -- Shakespeare play Hamlet to Hamlet. To be or not to be that is the question the most famous soliloquy probably -- all of Shakespeare. OK I want you to read -- odious advice to his son were simply Paul -- this advice. POL. All end. Okay just look it up and read it and in those words you'll find a mastery. Of human understanding. I'm sure this dude and I did send me emails I actually -- your debit and Ali residual link if you can't find it okay. My emails on the WB EN dot com. I wish somebody told me this -- this stuff when I was growing up. -- a friend you have a tough. All right. Good stuff. You know I've got some some some brilliance planned for after 5 o'clock. We start by saying it's brilliant actor does that mean that I'm under the obligation to produce probably. Its hourly for Roh's ex vacuum and a top -- X name is on his store. And just like my name is on my show I take it very seriously because you know that name. Might just mean little farmer or little peasant in German. But that's my identity that was handed down to me by my dad for his father and his father. And Tom Rose -- of course is the same way that name when he walks and his business every day it's rose -- vacuums. And when you deal with the owner of the store you're dealing with the guy whose name is on the business and Tom -- -- a proud business owner. And folks he's got to restorers in western new York at both stores they can repair. Any vacuum you had. No matter how old no matter what make or model. I'm gonna make a solemn promise to you. That if Tom gross -- hey you'd need a new vacuum you're better off. Spending money on a new vacuum in fixing the old one you have my word on this believe him he does not sell people vacuums they don't need chuck about yourself. -- -- Sheridan and sweet home in Amherst or southwestern and it can lead across from Monroe muffler in Hamburg rows expect you.

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