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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>8/28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

8/28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Aug 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. I did -- Karen and her parents. Why they're so run for president. I got hit in the head with a rock. What woke up that I've made my announcement about it. And then -- to make sure. Tom hourly. Here qualified to figure it. We talked about elevated -- and how -- yeah. Where probably it's life. It's local. Outlook but he's great. I think he's a real winner Casey of RU we -- protection on news radio 930 W. Yeah and so it. It is still summer right gap technically it's also our. And I have a bone to pick -- mother nature we deserve such a better summer than the summer that we were given. In the summer of 2014 what do you think about the winter when he thirteen and 2014. I want it to especially considering the month of January I want you to consider late December I want to consider February was a single -- you can go outside I -- -- ones but was there a single light in your memory you can actually go outside and not feel your fingers down to the ball in the gradually go numb within about five seconds after exiting your house the answer is -- You could. Because it was a rough weather and I have to carry that I thought that for sure we were gonna make up for this summer. Now I suppose that one's view of the -- time is really contingent on one views of what is the absolute perfect summer to Monday. And to my view the absolute perfect summertime -- is lots of sun. Lots of sun but 82 degrees and low humidity. And we didn't really have all that many days like that. In fact it lives in my opinion it was a bummer of a summer it was -- loser of -- summer especially what we had to endure to get. This summer. At least that's the way I say. It's like it took forever here and then when it got here is -- to get -- in fits and starts and then every time it's the hoopla we're gonna have a really cool thing. We didn't. It's kind of bought that it might actually turn in the summer it really good so I have to -- that my own subjective view of the -- 2014 it is that it was a bomber and I have to give it via a as far as enjoyable Summers but two other people who are shall we say less particular about their Summers. Are you any -- wanted terrorists summer. We didn't have a lot of humidity. This summer I didn't actually look at these statistics and just going on my mind which is always dangerously -- It seems to me that the days where you had that nipple -- humidity also asked him to be at a minimum all don't -- If you run. How many of you walk past company you do your power walk. You don't need me to tell you. That there's nothing like eight drenched T shirt and power walking to -- -- that yes we indeed have a use for band aids we never thought we'd ever had to use forbid states to do. So well. Put out there so news that so anyway I play him and disappointed by the summer and I know what's coming to an end. And what really bothers me is. Knowing what's just around the corner because you know you have to know the winter's gonna come earlier right and as late summer wasn't getting. I just this horrible feeling winter's gonna come on October. That's what's gonna start. And that is just gonna get progressively worse. And we're just gonna deal with a until March April may and then I have this fear that we're gonna have another summer like this summer which in my opinion was a bummer of a summer. And I don't know what your letter grade for summer is this year now that we are approaching the final holiday weekend of the summer known as labor today. Which is always a little bit depressing for me because a comfort -- my birthday. And I -- I'm more than happy to talk to you about whether or not you consider the summer of 94 to 1914. Yes that was not a good attributes are you able but these summer of 2014. Whether or not it was a bummer of a summer or whether it was an absolute winner of the summer. A lot of combined knowledge -- ask you a few weeks ago but we have a few more weeks of data now with which to work because there is one other thing. That I think we need to talk about this is something that I -- -- to do but. You're back to school -- let's. Do you have the ridiculously. Long ridiculously specific ridiculously detailed list back to school stuff in your possession. Are you traveling all over God's creation trying to track down exactly. What that teachers specified. And this was always. When my kids were in grade school this was always one of -- gigantic pet peeves and take it for me. Take it from your -- help cop. Bet whenever you see a lock a combination lock at wegmans and tops or wherever. Both for everybody else buys them. By at least one lock for each of the kids you have that are going to be going off the school. Because come the first week of September those combination locks sometimes can be very hard to -- five. Aunt kids will use them on their lockers in the hallway. The main locker into which they placed a coat for the begin learning -- little pilgrims off to wording shrines and of course in the gym. Some schools allow it keeps up it'll lock in Jim -- schools make you take it out because they are just too many -- -- -- know blockers but you know we used only. I've got a number -- would admit this week to -- gym clothes. As well as -- Howls from swimming. In our lockers were ridiculous periods of time in fact I'm pretty sure that's probably. Brain eating viruses and bacteria that have developed over the past fifteen years probably have their Genesis in some of our lockers and Ben Franklin middle school. I'm pretty sure -- some kind of weird penicillin antibiotic resistant bacteria for. Of some of the holes that -- used to keep in the locker at Ben Franklin for a week after week after week after week and I'm not proud to admit bet. And by the way. There's a reason -- mentioned brain eating bacteria. In Louisiana they have done a study of the water that is does not affect you here in Western New York but. As you know. You have heard of the anti pot my boss Craig Jews every to have a talk but medi -- Many pots are basically plastic things with a spot it looked like tiny -- tea pots. Except -- you don't you fill with water -- culture -- -- you put the muzzle into your nose and you rinse out your sinuses -- the water. Here's the problem. Most people don't use the distilled water most people don't use the purified water boat people just get lazy and use the tap water. And here is the problem there actually be documented deaths because of I -- buzz that are in tap water and they get in to the brain and they can't tell you. So I stopped I threw up my medi pot. No I said that is not for -- I do not need any more brain tissue damage thank you very much and I switched to a product called. The hell is I simply say thank you. If for those of you who have seasonal allergy stuff in fact I've made a convert now would John sure. John surely had a very bad day with allergies a few weeks ago and I always keeps my -- And I had a pristine fresh bottle. -- -- -- And I say John try this and he's like viewed as this -- anywhere near you or knows I said no it's fresh it's pristine and I don't want it back so I've made a -- for now. Which simply -- from John -- except John here's where you have upped the ante not only do you use this simply sailing. But the better formula is the nighttime formula because that has kind of a mentor eucalyptus he kind of rolled into it and it really kind of clears everything up for those of you were affected by -- seasonal allergies or by even allergies because people -- -- too much perfume too much alone. Allergies. You know that tend to get into your nasal passages so. Just a little word of advice throw up the medi pot and get a product that you know is going to be safe because you don't want to breathe -- And I may be the only radio talk show host in America who is ever worried about you having your brain eaten by -- point eating -- is in water from that he putts thank you very much. So as you look at the list. Which presumably does not contain either a medi pot were a listing for simply -- To tell me about how ridiculous the list you have is as far as kids going back to school. And what you've been trying to find and how much money you're spending per kid I'm going back to school. Because I graduated. From him or he's back in 1981 meeting started school in 1968. And frankly our list of supplies where is really Monday in fact. Pretty pathetic compared to today's standards here's ever ever we needed -- elementary school we needed a ruler. We needed that's the paste. We needed it scissors safety scissors of course. Once it wouldn't be sharpened up that we do any bodily injury to ourselves or some other student. We needed paper and we needed folders -- notebooks cardboard notebooks and frankly if my parents spent the equivalent of what would be thirty dollars today. -- elementary. -- supplies I would be stunned. Because we didn't bring in our own Kleenex and that was not on the going back to school list boxes of Kleenex. It wasn't on. It was just as I said it was a ruler paper and some folders and -- the scissors in the paste and that was all. At a course gradually things increase is part of what we had the body. Number the first time you had to buy a protracted you're remember the first time we had to -- a complex that it might and I don't mean like -- -- directions meaning mathematical compass. The ever that a typical compasses idea never got that part in -- I can't skip that went from algebra to advance statistics and I never got the stuff in between. Which I've never quite been able figure out how can I cannot understand geometry and yet all the theoretical statistics were easy. I don't -- -- know. I I don't know and to this day I don't know why that is if you set -- down the US to actually leave Detroit at 5 AM and another tree and leave buffalo at 4 AM and the one trade is doing seventy miles an hour and you're supposed to pass each other at -- at what time will they pass you know I don't I go to Google Maps because I'm gonna sit down -- -- at -- out of utterly irrelevant to me. But you talk about theoretical statistics you talk about public opinion research that everything starts to make sense because I can translate it into something in the real world. Is that bizarre but about it. Geometry -- into what shapes triangles. Equal Federal Triangle. That's the only -- I can remember equal federal trying. Seriously. I mean Einstein votes yes I will compare myself even. Stock what's considered a mathematical did it by his teachers until he came up with something that was so advanced his teachers never understood what he was talking about. Well by that point -- a circuit patent office but the theory of relativity. So -- that's just something you have never quite been able to grasp. It's kind of like that feeling I get between south buffalo. And East Aurora. That whole area between those two places I enter the black hole you put the southwestern boulevard. I get lost you put me -- -- Oh my gosh there's another spot. I have lived next Grand Island well within throwing distance of Grand Island for most of my adult life and all my child. Okay like when I think opera played at the airport Grand Island is eggs over his house all the others Grand Island. I go over the poor job. And I absolutely get lost weight is that the launch club okay that's the bridge a gators Fantasy Island. And if it isn't Fantasy Island I don't know where the relatives on an island I get lost -- if I ever had to go to a party Ross Thompson's house I would have to have only a GPS I'd have to have some like navy seal or something with me just to find my way to -- Thompson's part. That's how lost they get a Grand Island. That's still up. We all have gaps in our knowledge like that there's not a topic at some point like today I don't know but in any event. I tell me about your back to school list. Tell how absurd it is him and tell me what you have had trouble finding. And more importantly tell me how much money you are spending and one of the complaints I here year in and year out from parents is. Not it starts with a literacy. It's used and -- Come out on my computer to close. Well yeah calculate two hours you're the first calculators I. Doubt very first calculators were Barry very simple. Since then these say analysts at Texas Instruments and Hopkins and I'm convinced that they worship the double. They have come. With these calculators. That are all try and -- space page calculators. Which are designed to reap enormous profits and I'm convinced that every teacher gets a rate dropped from Texas Instruments for suggesting he says bodily funneling yes bodily. I'm convinced that those 118. And 130. Dollar calculator should have to buy seriously. Are you for real okay folks chances are. -- your kids' lifetime. Your kid is not. Going to be an engineer your kid is not going to be a physicist your kid is not going to go into a career in science. Maybe 10% of the kids less -- they are gonna do something like that. And two insists that parents spend it. How many days pay is that after taxes for. A 190. Dollars on a calculator. That is going to be used for one class which are kit will probably end up dropping anyway after three weeks. Seems to me to be just a little bit absurd. Who's with the promise anybody. Or by being overly harsh and overly critical but -- 119 dollars as -- What you consider what you make every day. You can't consider yourself are gonna try to explain this to my kids all the time they got a delivery early age it's not what you make. It's what you take home after taxes it's not what you make it's what you take hold. After like it's not what you make it's what you take out after XY and Z. And by the end of the day you're lucky if you make 30000 dollars a year if you actually pocket. 151000 dollars net every year and then of course every time you buy something you're gonna -- -- respiratory amount in sales taxes gasoline taxes and everything also boast of you're spending over 50% of your money either by withholding or by spending -- buying stuff. -- -- So if you're making 50000 dollars a year and -- working 52 weeks a year -- -- -- two -- up with a you can do your own calculation as to how many days you -- actually work in order or the money to spend to make that 119. Dollar purchase of eight Texas Instruments calculator possible for most of you know is a considerable amount -- work time or maybe even more than eight. In order to make them happen and obviously that depends upon your level of income but I thought that it was a little bit unfair. Not that life is fair but I always thought that it was a little bit silly. To. Put out the edict that kids who have zero future in science ormat. Spend that much money on a piece of equipment to go to school. Now I have heard lately more and more increasingly. That parents are being told to supply kids with ten boxes of two issues ten boxes of two issues. Well yes pop up ten boxes. Because their babies and kids in the class who can't afford to issues. And we believe in socialism in the plaster. Well they might not put it that way but you get the idea. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB -- if you're a teacher can you please explain explain to me why you insist that some folders be -- holders some are purple some are greed and south armagh. Because inevitably -- what color that nobody hands there's one color of three ring binder with a side pockets that nobody hats. And after about three office supplies stories believe me parents are gonna say screw it. If that's what I used to say they -- -- I can't buy it -- your teacher is a problem with purple you did your teacher called me and I'll explain that we went all over held stratified -- white. -- Are 8030930. Start at 93180616. WBM it's partly for the buffalo dental group. And of course a doctor Bernie doctor Erica doctor -- bit better a career in science -- they probably have their original TI calculator across their expect them to help a lot of money. And if -- buffalo dental group. They are really really big on continuing education I always tell you that I want vacation I want to relax with a dentist at the buffalo dental group go on vacation chances are if they're out of the office. There at eight -- -- conference learning even newer and more advanced modalities. In the dental sciences. And the buffalo dental group. Is not just about the science of dentistry it is about the science of knowing each patient individually. Knowing your comfort level your discomfort level. And I I've got this little deal worked out with my dentist doctor birdie Colbert IC -- look. If you're going to be doing something expensive Monday. Don't tell me just go ahead and do it and tell -- later. And that's why I had 40% of root canal done. And he said congratulations. And I said why he said you just that 40% of route you know is about a head to think about it overnight I would check him out seriously call the buffalo -- -- 63412346341234. -- -- -- -- Identify the significance of everything really Jewell identified as in we didn't start the fire congratulations you just -- everything you need to know about 25 century American history thank you very much. -- -- -- The most controversial line was the one nobody can understand rock and roller cola wars. At the end of the -- Let's get to the calls I'm telling you about. York going back to school experiences and be ridiculous amount of money you had spent on supplies. And its release because 50% of what you're gonna buy it probably isn't even going to be used how many number two pencils did you have to -- It did they have to be re sharpened and you know. Grown man and I try to take your stuff that I -- in fact anybody who's ever been in one of my vehicles will say well. Is this new and I'll say no I just kind of take your stuff I don't. Well that's -- interesting concept -- I can't remember to pencil this they sharpen my bag -- it's okay thank you. WBE and Dan you were on WB EM talk to make. -- -- I'm a retired. School mathematics teacher yes and I wanted to address this whole business of creating calculators. It if an item is required. In the course. The school district get to provide. -- that's a pretty sure that the education law where I taught we brought questions sets of those that he agreed to calculate. OK but why are they on so many lists that if the school and taxpayers have a district supplied them how come a lot of parents I know say I have been ordered to -- is a calculated. Well that's a little known fact I don't think people. I don't think the district are telling parents that. OK well that's that's very interesting it. You know yeah I think I'd I'd like to point out that it's true in it where I thought we were told. It in for example an English class if a student was required to read certain -- bit instead of going out buying a paperback. The teacher would request through the district by questions that. So for example do you could read catcher in Iraq there should be a question sector everybody. Well I'm not a real big fan of JD Salinger's catcher in the right because -- had it not been for that book John Lennon McMurray will still be alive today but that. Idiot Mark David Chapman somehow thought it was Holden Caulfield and then decided to kill John Lennon as he sat down afterwards and called only read the catcher in the -- and that book and -- Salinger. Yeah well what do deviated. From what I understand. If if the course requires something then the district must provide it for them if they don't have to -- vital. And I -- is as of I have to interrupt you right I have to interrupt you but that is as what time period are we talking about because remember anything prior to 2000 was the stone age. Well I. I've been I retired in 2002. And that was that year we bought. Every teacher in my department. Had a clear issue set don't TI calculators and they cost over. Cooked over a hundred -- at this time so we did we get about 200 of them. While what -- -- and grew legs and ended up and as somebody's house. There were a few there were missing it the local police department helped helped us. Find them so I think people buy things that they don't need divided should check with their they're superintendent they've really should because I think people are paying for things they don't have to -- -- Well that's an interesting bit of information but again I don't know state education law and I don't know whether things have changed since 2002. But all I know is that for a lot of people a 119 dollars and a calculator represents a significant amount of time invested in a job to probably sucks. And I have to do with the total and I I taught calculus they taught. AT math I taught at twelve your bay after I I totally agree. It's it's it's not necessary you're talking to a guy -- spent 34 years teaching me that there is not everyone needs to have one thing. OK number number two -- this summer your teacher great. I played with the -- -- well. It hasn't been as good as the preview this year. Now nobody in the that I start in the this summer. Because schools thirty. That's nice. It. Well it did give calendar just kind of worked that we're just going back to school in September but it also represents the end of summer as -- you know June July August. Yeah I think the best part -- some of content September's. -- we can't even get an August this year you realize we went from July -- October right. That's right. Well when you get to the point where you're you're you're no longer working time try to believe me. Well when you are working time flies -- gets. Or templates for it to depending on who your teacher so. OK just one more question for you and maybe you can answer this morning and this is a totally personal and selfish question an entirely self indulgent it is this. How come. How come. Geometry. And algebra were struggles. And statistics. Were a cinch for your humble host explained that. Well I don't know if I can really say that but I I find it sometimes. Students -- kid. The other different maturity level -- it and understanding mathematics in the concept in some sometimes it takes a little bit longer. I myself. I really didn't. Get involved with mathematics and took my twelfth year to decide until after it was an accomplished and that's where I wanted to go I think -- you know you you. We go into different levels. Sometimes could be pushed too much I'm and I'm younger kids who did not really. Developed yet it might just developed yet to do that kind of thinking. Where you know you're I'm -- waiting for my front load to develop which of course is all about logical thinking and at some point maybe it will. But there's a very good reason why I think. Kids should take as much mathematics. As -- cabinet because. You wanna have every opportunity. We Iran -- -- to two. You may not know what you wanna do what you like it was. Many of the best courses that you possibly can if you make great decisions later on. Okay this is gonna spawn additional discussion and conversation I disagree respectfully Dan because I knew what those fifteen years old I would not be an engineer and I would not be a scientist I knew I would never have any use for any mathematics whatsoever. We have but it can help your thinking skills and develop your your you know. Your problems so skilled. I have never used -- To do anything related to my job except statistics. And public research polling. Just to say you know I mean I I -- know. Revenue argument with my father. Have been geometry that I'm not going to be an engineer I'm not going to be in Detroit designing cars that's just not my bad. It beats you back again an argument with. He he I I you know I think it's not for every. Right and known as Tony for -- pulled my brand new BMW into the driveway I think he kind of got. Yeah thanks very much and Bengie called OK okay did see the car that cost more than the American a year. Our let's. Nathaniel and -- Seneca on WB EM hey what's up. I'm awesome dude how much it is not so far and school supplies. Our look at the moment not -- only way he told. First we in the longer a computer DiMarco usually get out work. -- really. OK well let's have a pain in the artists because what you wanna be prepared because by the time you're out shopping these these these shells have been picked over. I know what happened is like a -- that we'll find out are you donated what Carter's it would -- -- the year what you think happened in that middle school my mother whether or not. We don't we -- you know twenty under 21 of the couple older the better -- It kind of caught without all you need -- like -- Clark is under and older that one needed a notebook. OK. I hear yeah but you can also get vertigo by being overly prepared as I mentioned -- These teachers some of the teachers these days and I hope to hear from some teachers what difference does it make. If -- -- comes to school without purple three ring binder with -- side pockets or a black one. It really is immaterial she knows that your math binder is that good enough. It's a great they good enough and what appeared an -- and I hope you don't see that the caller I got anymore. But definitely when I was -- nominal goal and it's well it would off color -- -- encountered so. -- appeared to cooking class to organize EB. Duck boat declared could go on four or more or anything. Now bring out your black folder now bring out your purple folder say it. Dade FNL. The teacher would simply say I'll bring out your history folder bring out your. This folder and because we weren't utterly dead that we actually. Okay the yellow ones English -- -- history no big deal. I -- I called in Oregon it was regarding the -- calculator. Yes sir those that Texas Instruments 119. At least that dollar calculators yes. Yeah I'll -- into my sister on the house last year there's actually an application online at our web it and -- and that the downloadable content uploaded it and keeping your -- But I teachers are gonna want it in the classroom for lessons. I get it back so what are apparently general. I don't go by names they go white substance yeah Iowa you know. Talked about -- that I think that as far as I know Peter the -- in our current. That are old -- -- the quote I. I set by the way if he'll try to simulate an email -- at WB EN dot com. Because I don't know if you're aware of is that just last night 5000 Venezuelan women decided they wanted me and I've got the email to prove it. -- it's it started out we Chinese women that it was Ukrainian women and it was Russian women mental -- Japanese Colombian out Venezuelan women. I think it could be a scam but I could be wrong. OK I dearly beloved thank you very much I'll see you in Nairobi. 803 on 930 start 93180616. WB and or this one -- that this always gives me too. Dear brother in Christ whenever you're invoking the name of the Christians savior to scam people out of money. If there is a god and if it is Jesus and -- seven holy ghost congratulations. You have just earned your spot. In eternal health plan how does it feel. All right let's go to Mark Douglas -- WB -- mark welcome to the program. Mark going once. On your mark. Get set go. All right mark apparently has ceased to exist actually there's a mathematical formula as to why mark ceased to exist. X equals acts minus Y plus Z to the -- power equaled frankly -- occurring in the thin air. As the victim of spontaneous human combustion I've got it all figured out. That's why -- -- host it's at 346 that news radio 930 WBE NQ -- -- -- this summer that's cool -- given an -- The minus -- an app I thought this summer -- I went to Jamaica I came back it was fall. That believes that started to fall the squirrels were gathering -- Seriously the squirrel started to go nuts in the first week of August guys that's well ahead of schedule attract these things to it. God the creator whatever you wanna call whoever put us here. Gave and in doubt the squirrel. With a special kind of intelligence to know when winter was really coming and isn't it great finding a hidden black walnut. Under your foot sending you falling on your driveway -- suffering a severe concussion or skull fracture. Yup I love damaging might see one great all right stand by a news radio 930 WB EM. The way if you're a teacher. Do you pet peeves about parents -- at least a great show today on those have you worked in restaurants and your pet peeves about patrons. I'm gonna try to steal what he did except I'm gonna apply that education because usually when I do my shell most of time you teachers are in school -- So how do parents (%expletive) you off teachers come on you don't have to give your real name. But I I look have a great respect for teachers please understand that. But I also -- our folks are teachers not a brain surgeon and should not be paid is such that we agree on that. I should not be paid what -- brain. Government here is that traffic without Harris. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll see any other major problem getting out of town is still doing -- on the 19 becoming out of downtown area. In -- -- insulin much have a command and Eleanor stoically. I should not make what do brain surgeon makes or should make far more is what percent. -- like -- partly cloudy and cool tonight the overnight low 52 tomorrow partly sunny comfortable in the afternoon 77. -- at seven degrees at news radio 930 WBM OK gang it's back to school time. And many of you have your list and some of these teachers -- all due respect and I've got a lot of friends who work in the teaching industry. Profession. And I -- have no shame whatsoever. In saying that some of the greatest influences on my life. Word teachers in the -- -- to out of town a lot of public school system and you know who they are -- them before. So I -- not the guy with a high hard one -- -- teachers. I do however have an issue with those teachers who believe. That they are better than they really are and then they whit about the -- we had earned a master's degree thing because I must tell you. There have been times where I've been in a room with people with master's degrees and Ph.D.s. And I don't mean to brag but I have been so out ahead of them it'll actually it just a neighbor close. In some cases even medical doctors. In fact the average IQ of a medical doctors noticed 250. Seriously. Have held land that radio RA let's go to. I'm because that's what I meant that -- thank you see that's the obvious answer. Doesn't matter what your IQ is are you happy doing what you're doing thank Josh you are. Our young Bauerle convert. To start male religion hello Ron Hubbard did all right there is -- in ransom bill I'm WB Ian hi. All talk to you well let me illusion through. How about Brett Ratner yes sure. Mountains Goliath she ball on our mind our friend his artistry used to buy one in the school -- it up by one or. He has a lot of paperwork out on for three -- that all college. Well the -- him by -- taxpayers bought it for him. But they gave him the calculator they did not take it back at the end of the year that that does not seem Kosher because that was district property. Now they actually joked that he used that -- but state is actually an agent. About -- thank -- not into that got her very. Well on the other hand on the other hand think about it this way okay. And -- vet that young man with his math degree has probably through his property tax dollars and other taxes more than paid back the cost of the calculator. We're getting move on an interstate because the Texas. And I always felt that there yeah most likely that they get back. Well okay good because I was subsidized by taxpayers you don't think that I paid ridiculous amount of money UB. Because it wasn't subsidized by taxpayers of course it was but I more than pay back taxpayers for my subsidized education at SUNY buffalo. Now nobody got appointed actually did not use that you know afterward an -- -- itself. You have very good. Well god bless you sir I'm glad you called at all. A quick -- for summer. I was working most of assignments well. You know you didn't miss much. You didn't miss much I feel like somebody had a party and I didn't column. That's not how I feel. -- thank you very much they care. I yelled thank you have very much and thanks for liking my show its good to get some positive feedback once in awhile because -- -- on the Internet and a real bastard. It's 356 -- news radio 930 WBE and it's -- hourly jobs sure that is master control -- -- great job and -- comes -- actually started out isn't it turned down the hall at the sports station. And now he's training with us and he realizes how much -- essential for the both -- news radio 930 WB yeah.

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