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8-28 Beach and Company Hour 3

Aug 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Realignment. A Volkswagen -- -- -- nine days of summer sale eleventh that was born right off the -- might be Olson's pastries available for the Mumbai and check out. -- I have a question what we've picked up -- -- homer. Said he was Tuesday. Is an experienced guy. And that I hear mark also said it Tuesday's ten to fifteen for 89 people out there. I mean is that an experienced guide fifteen pass. It's not experienced if you watch NFL regular season game action but he is thirty years old he's been in the league I think for six years he was drafted in 2007. So we had a lot of clip for is that he's been a part of a lot of offenses and he's got a lot of pre season action which. It is kind of nothing but at least he's got out there and was very good in college so. It's an experienced guy in terms of -- -- Emanuel asked him a question about certain coverages he'll be able to give you an answer sort of looking to hear right and seeing Jeff tool was gonna league one year exactly as long as you have. Yeah when you made that point to me off the air a couple of days ago are really sunk in. That when a quarterback comes off the field it's nice if making get some assistance from the guy with a clipboard and I don't backwards so that you might be helpful about -- it. Yeah and you should be Palmer he's the younger brother are simple alana I don't know how many people no matter if it's even common now hundred Jordan Palmer is Carson -- younger brother Carson. Is the starter with Arizona and our cars bomber. Analog or success in the NFL but you're talking about. You know kind of a family pedigree so -- -- in their blood so they they know a lot a lot of these guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick is a good example he started out here's a back up. He was a very Smart player and I also think says. Some of the smartest guys just don't have the talent to be -- like right dispatcher was a brilliant quarterback in terms of mental capacity he's -- of the arm strength to get the ball or needed to go he knew were needed ago and he would try to put it there but it would get picked opryland delete an interception. At least -- wants when -- was with us so Palmer could be a guy like -- I don't know are taught about them aside from everything we just talked about what. From what he's being written about being described as he supposedly really Smart guys so hopefully that'll I'll talk to Amanda wanted. Anyhow we get -- this -- things don't look good and it was the pre season reduced. Well that explains Jim Kelly. Who has the athletic ability and the brains are -- that that's the reason these superstar golf same guy yeah I think that mean you you you look down the line. I how many guys can you think gov or I mean just look at them first round boss they weren't drafted in the first round because they -- have any talent or physical ability. All those guys have physical ability I think the -- you guys are the ones that have the brains and the ability and -- together and and -- -- all of -- I hear -- loud and clear now got to get your opinion the city of this is they will see move. As you know right after the -- -- -- basically I'm going to -- the LS ice cube challenge now. -- -- And I mean it is cola I'm telling you and there's a breeze. Now we're -- videotape. Well digitally -- and then put on our FaceBook page. Would it look really cheesy if I wore raincoats. I don't think so or maybe you could have like you to Billy James Brown you can go and normally on an after his visit further over -- Oprah or maybe -- them grow would be good. I've made it's that you know it's over your head but the rain coat tightly around your neck maybe you don't have to go. But you know what the law I don't think it's against the rules image that everybody didn't floating -- I think this special by the type of policy and if you say about the -- -- -- surprisingly -- I think that's the reason it. Is as well yes that there's a Schwarzenegger. Beat that record these masks. Rumor has it that's why Joseph beamer did it as American flags -- Just because he wanted everybody to know everybody is -- it and I'm going the opposite room -- -- -- that interest. -- where we're going about an article here. That was yesterday's phones in urgent problem which most of us -- -- it from time to time somebody who I feel a lot. Did Texas it would go out to eat. We we have to be cognizant of the other diners around us. Are they polite are the treating and are you treating your server properly. Was the quote acceptable what about the price of the plant produces a lot of things that we -- In a restaurant so we're where little -- and I think it was just my theory. That's the eyes of the book while -- eat. They bring you know -- -- with a lower you know obnoxious and leave a mess and whatever that the audience. That if I have to put up with -- home you have to put up with it now because something for the -- which is totally. It's unconscionable as far as I'm concerned. But the ones who have -- it. Of the ones who have good children those -- the ones that I I've I've walked up to be able to say. I -- just congratulate you and the behavior of your child that it's remarkable and and their parents appreciate that -- you know a lot of work. Goes into that sort of thing that we've been giving you examples of from this article by Laura Riley. From a Tampa Bay times. In on hopeful stories about customers. This is one of the worst ones I'm telling you well not a time -- before the break. I will tell you bit. Out of all of them. This is the worst one but it's probably the one that I would like to have seen in the malls. And so get into that we come back meanwhile where where the town of course Toyota Volkswagen in the united days -- -- -- 1130 about -- work that way right opportunity and do you have goodies for you opens pastries Obama and picks up. Am done I'm wearing this -- be Alaska which says there. Picked me because it does get back from Alaska and one of the one of the persons with a surrogate and the way I wanted to know where it today to say hello to -- -- drivers men started this business. And they got it right dealership going on here and have been for a long time northbound Toyota. Volkswagen. I'd examples earlier. Things. That have gone wrong at restaurants. Things that we're not acceptable restaurants that kind of stuff. And I among them people making love at the bar actually made him Bobby I'm not a good idea. But this one thing to extricate. Years ago at a restaurant. In -- Clearwater. This person's feelings -- years ago I worked at this restaurant. There was some people cutting through the bush is in the entrance. And a man hole cover on the race track. Lifted out they didn't see it there because it was between the -- it lifted -- and a woman. Lived up to her waist. Now you can imagine this she is not going to be a happy person if she fell into agrees bit. -- -- ways she went into the restaurant furious. I don't know -- she got that agrees that she was tearing off her clothes. So busy she was covered angry staring Robert Moses eventually -- come down. And people gave her clothes of people in the restaurant actually contributed close. Now I don't know if they were wearing them at the time it doesn't say in this article but she was in the bathroom cleaning up for quite awhile so that's the kind of thing where. I bet they offered big ever free beverage or some of its. I desserts here may we get to a dessert or a towel a towel would be nice and on guard about. Eight Altria on -- 3018060692. Through six and star -- -- interview -- her but you're. Your stories. Let's go to -- this would be Johnston in buffalo just that here on WB he had. -- -- -- -- -- I have been in the food service business for about 20/20 five years we have a lot of crazy things. Number what I wanted to comment it was. I it was dated a girl who was also away with a server restaurants for a number of years. And I would read the happy to take her out to dinner because she was like the worst -- where you could ever met. Yeah. What my favorite example is we were at a local Italian restaurant a bit of a landmark. And she ordered the chicken a couple of and when it comes she looked at it and then she looked up at the server with a 100% period where she says. So I'll let mother makes -- wall well. Waitress replied -- hope that your mother working her kitchen. Keep that note she she doesn't put an era era. Well if you want the -- your mother may -- big hole. -- -- -- Why -- and you know this happens every time we would go out to dinner -- just an absolute nightmare takers -- a great girl but not Iraq after. -- sometimes there's some guys maybe she's gonna make up for the back customer she's had by being of our customers by area. Yet yet -- like that and let myself be your waiter for over twenty years. One of my pet peeve is. Customers that want to know too much information about you it's almost like they're stalker with certain extent. You know they wanna know where you live. What kind of car -- drive. What your family situation is your single. I've had customers that meet some of the most bizarre questions ever you know we had I worked in a tour -- for a number of years and I would have. Single traveling businessman and asked me where to find. You know ladies of the evening oh really wow. Where's the where's the best eight corporate. -- being gay I wouldn't know. We'll we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll well. Other -- other things like I hit it over either regular customer -- fine dining restaurant for a number of years. Never knew what he did for a living until. -- -- at the end of the evening if I wanna run or pass like that. Oh man wow you're vastly what I want I want I if that happens to a lot of female servers if they get hit on by male patrons. Did any females ever hit on you. I'm actually recently -- -- Burt diamond in all the years I -- -- the first and about two weeks ago I had a woman give -- your business cards. And tell me to give her call to help her celebrate your birthday it. Wanna see that's nice for the most he has a business card that's that's a step in the right direction -- -- my new album or did you did you do it -- a follow up. I didn't it didn't work out we. Paul I'm sorry arms are -- thank you. I really appreciate it good thing so thank you for very much Halo 3 on my 301806169. Through the sixth and I thirty. Horror stories of things and have -- restaurants. I usually. It's about you know kids scream and run around out of control and people feel hey I gotta put up -- Vista home. Now I'm picking up the judge here so you have to put up with -- now let's go to Debbie of Lancaster going to be here on WBBM. I'm Andy that well my husband on and I earn a mile and we want me sit down the left to us -- Just this -- dinner and people about the paper and she pulled out got -- block. Get out and how do we -- I was so I couldn't see. She was like. As it was at the table in a restaurant. Yeah like -- -- -- away from the weight room what she did it right there we college while the numbers in. You know what's funny is we we see people and our men's room brushing their teeth it just doesn't seem right you know a good amount we -- that they. Exactly well thank you but I great watch -- story behind you very much -- when I when I see I mean it's nice certainly. Who have good oral hygiene we're not against that but what I am saying is that it had them. Maybe not appropriate at the table here -- some in some suggestions. From various people in this article above being a good customer that you want a -- customer. -- a great costs while they live as I said in all the times -- -- now. By that I -- you know I've always said the food back one time just one night it was just. In digestible demean or is that I'm just so it wasn't able to beat Justin -- unsafe. That's it. And I mean I think -- a generous tipper -- alive I ask questions. I think -- -- pretty good customer but a lot of people aren't so that's why we're doing this warrior. A better customer. When your needs it now if you're going to request a separate check for everybody if -- able. Especially big parties let them know ahead of time as I said I've seen this one time. I was that I was actually. Samuels brand -- user Mel wasn't. It was another place like sentinels transit road and they're there was a party of like twelve of fourteen people. Equipment tables -- very large seated table. And they went through -- ordering in food and all that stuff we're about on the same time table. They came time they said separate checks the waiters check out -- nearly dropped to the floor. Because it's it's so rude to do it that way and then he has a reconfigure everything is just -- if you -- passport in front. And that's very important you know it's amazing you -- people up. They -- approximately the same thing there's two or three of them and then they'll go well that you had this golden. And I admit you know maybe get nit picky instead of just dividing by three getting over with but that's one thing you can remember as the first thing to remember. Is it you know you're gonna do it be sure to ask I had to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Florida highway right opportunity. Go by and join us we have some delicious Olson's goodies to Columbine -- Now we're back -- engine company went live in north sounds almost like him. 1135 dollars for a while you've been by this -- a million times today the good news -- As though we're involved with a 99 days of summer sale or an opportunity. Also lots and lots of -- goodies a right here on the table we also have prices on the apprised table. A lot of reasons to be here including Volkswagen and Toyota and -- etc. etc. etc. How to be a better customer I wanna ask about tipping by the way. Tip to me. If if -- person does big an acceptable job to me I I -- when he percent. I almost never go less than that. Point 8% and there have been times. When I got exceptional service and the friendly server was very personable and denies that we are good conversation. Whatever our -- lot more than that. But basically. 20% minimum. And I would like to hear we heard earlier. From. -- Ryan about the 48 dollar. -- you know like to go -- -- -- man. Yeah me getting me so we wanted to know but also wanna know -- good manners and how to be a better customer we've told you about some of the worst customers. And it is some of the suggestions would be be short -- mentions a project right at the beginning we would mention that already also on your reservations. If you have a reservation. A moderate now that's what it says here but that's the one area and -- should NASA assured. But this is one area. That I might have a problem okay. If you make a reservation. It should be honored if at all possible by the restaurant to. Sometimes they over book. And what they do is they say you know what wait in the bar and that will guard your name I hate that. I absolutely hate that that's the reason. That I have a reservation of first place and secondly. Is I don't drink. And I don't wanna sit there and pay eight dollars for an ounce of Pepsi. A disorder that I'm sorry I'm not cheap. I -- generous tipper. And I'm not tight with the -- but that gets me so if the -- once you. To be. You'll be honorable regarding the reservations they should be honorable to and that's the whole point. Now I know there are times when they get caught from behind. I mean they -- -- and they can they get behind. And and they can't do it but. A lot of times it is a routinely. Wait in the bar and there will clog your name and I told you before that. When I was a married I used to do something shameful. Regarding restaurants and I don't anymore but I use. I never like to make reservations. Right so what I would do. Is I would I would show and especially crowded restaurant. And they call a name like they might say Anderson. Well obviously my name is an Anderson I would raise my hand. Anderson right there. Because Anderson and the real Anderson is probably. Are having a drink. Or paying a 58 dollars for -- okay. So we I'd get my wife needed that. It was a good thing to do it's it's not an honorable thing to do I don't take great pride in having done it but I had a plan that it doesn't happen to be standing right next to me. And there. Then I was -- -- coincidence. And James Anderson -- -- we have the same reservations. I -- -- and his -- whispering go quick moment. So I don't do it anymore but I used to. Because I just don't like to -- all the way bark all right so they say you know honor that also. Dishes components have been carefully orchestrated by the -- you wanna change something it should be for good reason you should -- with humility. Addition the composition like a song with a beginning a middle and end. The most I ever do is ask if there's something in the in the nomination that I really just don't like. Sometimes I'll ask -- -- substitute for. And if we can have I'll be happy to pay for something else on the -- -- what can do to get out of Majid but I just don't want to waste it you are going to -- -- Also if you have food allergies or stronger versions the onus is on you could convey this to your server. Always do that because I'm allergic to moments. And there's a lot of things that you don't know have momentum or -- oil. Or -- extracts and that the last thing you want to be carried out of the restaurant by the emergency squad. So I always tell them. If if there's any nothing at all like I probably don't order any ads but I'm especially worked almost but that's what you should do. So you don't surprised somebody I remember one time. There was -- on the menu in the head by wife and I tried -- we are. On our way to doing movie premiere I was gonna MC a movie premiere. And I said to the waitress. Are there any moments in this and she said no. Okay so the vote comes back and I -- like three bytes and that's all book. We called her over my tong was already swallowing. And already needed them Benadryl stuff like that. And my wife explained -- that maybe she should she should -- with a kitchen that indeed there were moments in there so I mean a lot of people average also wanna be alive. So it's up to you Tuesday. I'm allergic to it similar to a lot of people are allergic to peanuts -- -- that. I'm allergic to all omens and good to get out front. Because if you if you die before paying the -- Then they're stuck with the -- through. Obviously. You would care well. On 30106169. Entries and exits on I thirty. We want to ask you. How to be a better customer. And what you know what you've seen what -- served -- Customers behaving badly you heard somebody say that they were -- they observed somebody flossing -- it. Able and guys that in our -- -- better. We people brush their teeth in there. Somehow I'm thinking -- should be done at home in the privacy of your own bathroom. -- that will be back with more we'll take your calls to 8030930180616. -- I do -- star 930 live at north town Toyota looks -- So we've got so whether. Everybody's here the if they want to. It's going to be warmer today I'm doing as ice cube dousing. It will be in the early -- after you go the -- has actually will be posted on our FaceBook page later in the afternoon. And I called three people -- a good part. And some of the people you may know by name so the -- -- made. But it's a bit and LS will be the beneficiary so that that's terrific. We're talking about customers behaving badly restaurants and we've got some really nightmarish. -- -- base good Frontline. Now here. Let's go to -- -- that they would be. -- and Clarence Terry Iran WB yeah. I don't hit the good news about a -- what's in your mind. -- edit -- -- -- very heroic work outward and are all achievement reports. But. I ordered. Six. They'd -- that Google's. -- where it's six. You did say there are real. Or at. Rod chickened out and out of that -- I've no idea but it. Where Terry is that it was probably are never -- -- all. Well obviously she sent it back what is basic I think if I mean that's what are your way out of when you don't put the vote. Suck it up to -- corporate and more. This day at least -- -- so that the bathers were -- Well I've ever I've never seen that they offer to pick up the check for the meal or do something nice and that's. Communicate better. It's and they were water repeal the act which you or something for the -- So -- it is hit it. Anymore are also that editors. Good to see more. Or don't and so the belt the other -- are right where. While those who only have books -- that's what it's hard. Did you ever go back Federer. I don't. -- right. And are right well it's a good way to lose a customer says seven raw meat thank you very much. Wow -- rod -- -- some things well not big on any now my full book. Basically. Chris we have some FaceBook postings let's get to a couple of those that -- -- involved. Aaron this is from a Christa sees as a used to work at a gas company in Seattle man called the league in his garage. After he called left for work so I told we send somebody up to shut off the gas and they can make implement -- fix it when he was home but he went crazy swore me hung up the phone. His house could've blown up at any moment but he was just worried about the inconvenience of being home for an appointment of fixes week. All ma'am would natural gas than we ever see guess -- get a little it's like a bomb hitting it not that good -- another -- This is from polish she says -- a small business and great customer service as a mosque. Most small business owners go out of their way to make customers happy Soviet you have a complaint is people I talked to a manager about it complaining publicly doesn't do anybody any good. Well that's true I mean unless a systemic. Where it happens and they just don't care I think that anybody can make a mistake. Anybody in the -- something wrong way or give me order wrong or whatever I think you have to have a little bit of patience. Just like this. What it's like when you're having a family dinners they have Thanksgiving or whatever you have to have everything colored -- a perfectly good. Ready at the same time. In the in in the serving area it takes I mean it's it's a great -- skill to do that now multiply that times a hundred. For a restaurant and -- got to give -- little little leeway if things don't go exactly right obviously you. The objective -- the book at all something else -- that was probably the -- So I I don't think you -- leeway there but in most cases given the benefit of the doubt. Bring it to you frank here on W via. Do. All four. All I'm sorry. That's what it a rest both wary of more right that's me OK I don't know what my family. At -- dinner did you know my wife. I waited a year ago -- I don't know like this. And so. But I. Didn't -- -- water. I'll fall. Pol. Away and they show people having lunch -- I I brag. -- show all -- terrible. -- he ordered the water with lemon and you have -- -- -- And there's one. Oh man that image is gonna stay with me for a long time boards -- -- different it reminds. Yeah ice dancers in the water. Actually -- to do well to do. Is the latest selling a book. From Stephen King dangers in the water. The -- -- -- few -- I'm getting ready my body is very as you know I have the body of a -- And -- going to be drenched with water ice cube today Grail last item I'm involved -- this -- -- Romeo. And it'll be on my FaceBook page later this afternoon. Meanwhile you know somebody asked -- to do what you wanna do it I think it's -- cause Lou Gehrig's disease. And and it's amazing how this has taken the country by storm. I was them not even aware of it and then all of a sudden everybody was doing and it just seem like a fun thing to do. And so will be doing it today I remember one time. When idea I was out to dinner with to my neighbors who just myself -- them. And we're talking. I had ordered a mistake and I don't say that much but I had black and blue state office. And my neighbor this was thought would tell my daddy never. -- neighbor. Set some thing at the -- it's time that I was swallowing a piece of -- about never that was funny. And I didn't think -- I didn't think that oh well I'd better swallow this before laughing. Why don't laugh and try and swallow it the same time. Which trust me it doesn't work. I actually for the first time in my life I was joking obviously -- stake in my throat and it and it felt like and sounded like. Nothing I'd ever encountered before I think and I thought it's amazing how fast your mind there's something I'm dying. Laughing over Dan never if he's going to kill me with a -- -- in my mode and that's all people remember about me is that I -- with a piece of -- in my in my just like mama -- Dying on ham sandwich and so luckily. It didn't happen and I looked two in the other day but I want never to know that he was nearly responsible for my demise. About -- about this the good time to come here. Duke north town Toyota Volkswagen 1135 that was poured it right up to two and I think they look at the deals going on right now is there. They do everything to the nth degree of course it's that I -- nine days of summer sale it is getting warmer feeling a little bit more like summer. I'll be off tomorrow and obviously the week. And then -- this Labor Day so we'll see you on Tuesday. Chris a -- -- Tony returns thanks to all the guys back there thanks to all of you on news radio I'm -- W via.

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