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Bills Color Analyst Mark Kelso-Lions Tonight

Aug 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Final pre season tuneup for the bills tonight when they face the lions at the Ralph. Mark Kelso is with us on the WB in my mind bills radio color analyst mark in morning. The morning as numbers go up. Belichick a great day for -- -- the -- tonight he of the team has been shaky in the pre season. What would you like to see mark from some of the offensive starters we're going to play tonight. You know the problem we'll put tonight admitted that they don't want it in -- particularly. Key component two it's within -- -- his seat and so I mean you won't see a glut and not get. And played pretty much you can imagine that starting unit was -- although they really haven't developed an accountability on the offense supplies and opened the cigarette out yet particularly with Chris williams' injury so that that's the concern because you have guys in different. A position certainly very capable guy that. I play that position that that like their -- move into guarded. Positions she's not accustomed to an end in their different little nuances that it did some work with different positions as Anheuser attack. He -- tackle or defensive end and and the other that takes some time and some experts tubular handle those situations you learned a little bit last week as the -- The whole lot -- let's let like if you look continuity there. I think that I would imagine you'd -- -- and get the start. I feel weak side linebacker. And because together together and he'll be looked at it and and in places like to Brad out of management. It was not a predator is unable to the Chicago. Opening day so that Ramirez in the Seattle line backing core. Matches to get the right you want if you place typical -- soccer player very much like. In the I think who. Again like this as you go and you you watch a couple of players that. You're uncertain whether again make -- 53 man roster and just watch the energy that they spent the night trying to put together some good place so that. They can that they can reinforce coach's decision maybe to include democracy -- regret. And marginally. -- some of sparks during training camp have you noticed any progress will discuss. Thank. I agree quite SS well I mean. You know there are certainly -- supported an electric game particularly a game there some place immediately step back and there were some. Incompletion. I think he was probably. Largely responsible for the -- other completions that there's receivers hurt Hillary's -- well for the offensive line. The blocking schemes and their we're going guys blocked a wrong way or running that step that is the same direction the Lima slide and -- left. And -- that rusher unprotected from the other side and there are some things that he did really well like a Troy Williams and silent when he. It's it was like -- a certain -- that a little -- Chandler which was a beautiful girl in an email that -- on the Mike Williams was. Policy -- that -- like -- so let's say he wouldn't advocate that actually there are some. Some things that he did very well practiced really well the time that they extend it'll -- -- training -- so. I think he's made progress what you like that or think he's doing and hopefully -- validate me here on the regular seat of equity really to list. It's trying to really execute corporate or an imperfect. Working perfect arm slot and that you really don't have the opportunity to -- this season but in the -- he technical work on those things and try to execute them. The leader -- to be executed. No problem from a technical standpoint look -- coach Dunning it's expecting him to do it. And that because that's gonna what could ultimately make it successful on the wall look at that on the regular season political little. More and improvise and use his athleticism. They. Think that's what's gonna happen I think you look over focused on doing everything exactly right here -- preceded it and the and that's partly what appreciate the sport so you know you're. I'm I'm certainly guardedly optimistic. Put them at the running game goes in the central -- can find that it its completely the other I think. It's very it all has to he'll sit tremendous leadership qualities so. I mean I would think it that he's able to. And he'll continue to progress Etsy progression. -- -- but not to a level where you you might water at a place exactly as as you want at the success that preceded -- But has moved forward progress from from where you launch the start its pre season. -- -- in new quarterback tonight to Jordan Palmer he's only had one practice how much can we expect from him tonight. Well not a whole lot you know nobody understands that very intelligent you know instinctive -- -- there's a lot of football intelligence to the end but he. I mean in his career as restricting -- on your soul. I mean that you need to have a lot with the territory I think like camps that are reluctant quarterback so I'm not sure that that that situation as a result. As yet I mean I don't walk Tbilisi a little tricky to quarterback's record that's available at the number two quarterback is on the roster right now in the end the opportunity to pick up the Jordan. All of our tech guy who gives users currently while other routes and some successful quarterbacks and and that a lot of electric coaches in interest. I think that they had a real feel for the game and Maltby if he goes in that situation at that they'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because he's. Well directly to their report because you don't have much real game action but he sellout pre season action against them. Jeb or for quite sometime -- how much -- sure I think they may have picked them up right now because. They wanna see what he can do they like is well documented this football intelligence and and so that's what he will be -- and see what happens here with a waiver wire and and other quarterbacks -- become available here the next week and then that you may exceed human you may be some. Other movement here here in the next seven days. OK mark thanks for joining us this morning will be listening tonight. There are great local stadium -- yeah well he can't watch me no match. Because we're real world group atmosphere so it's okay so it sounds good that's mark Kelso bills radio color analyst.

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